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“How Much is ‘Enough?’ – 101” …Blog.

“How Much is ‘Enough?’ – 101” …Blog.

*** (Rom 1:20) For the unseen things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen; being realized by the things that are made; even His eternal power and Godhead: –> for them to be “Without Excuse.”
(Rom 1:21) Because, knowing God; they did not glorify Him as God; “Neither were Thankful.” But they became vain in their imaginations; and their foolish heart was darkened.
(Rom 1:22)  Professing to be wise: -> they became Fools

*** (2Timothy 3:5-6-7) They will hold to an outward form of godliness; but deny its power. Stay away from such people.
(2Tim 3:6) For some of these men go into homes; and deceive foolish women: who are burdened with sins: and swayed by all kinds of desires.
(2Tim 3:7) These women are always studying: –> but are never able to arrive at a full knowledge of the Truth.

*** (Psalms 106:15) And He [God] gave them what they asked; –> but sent leanness into their soul.

*** (Romans 15:4) For everything that was written long ago; was written for our instruction; so that we might have hope: –> through the ‘endurance’ and ‘encouragement –> that the Scriptures give us.

Recently, someone said to me… “IF I won the Lottery… I would use the ‘Money’ for the Lord’s Work”…! Is there a lesson from the Scriptures… about this…? Yes, there surely is! Who was the wealthiest & most famous person of all time? May I suggest, “Solomon”…? He started out with a “Heart for the LORD”… and ended up… “Aiding the Spiritual Destruction” & “Entrapment of Israel.”  The Jews were given the “Knowledge of God”… but failed to fulfill that witness mandate from God. The promise to Abraham was… “… in your seed, shall “ALL” the nations of the earth; be blessed” Throughout the OT in the Bible; there were ‘Few’ who really came to God… through their witness. So today, many of the NT Christians… talk about Jesus; but fail to give Him… “His Proper Title”: “Christ Jesus”…! They simply refer to Him… as ‘Jesus.’ The miss the “Most Important Title”… “Christ –> Messiah!” In doing this… they delete the knowledge of His… “Fulfilled Promised History”… in the Bible! “The Holy Word of God”… tells it All! Most talk about ‘Jesus’… as if everyone knew the Bible. Most NT Christians are “Ignorant [Un-Informed]”… about where exactly to… find the Promises: of His First or Second Return. Can ‘You’ open your Bible… and provide an unbeliever with such “Proof”…? Can ‘You’ open your Bible and speak about the “Damnation for all those that ‘Reject’ Him”… “Christ Jesus”…?

*** (1Corinthians 16:22) If ‘anyone’ does not love the Lord Jesus Christ; let him be accursed [Damned]. The Lord comes! [Again]

*** (Numbers 23:19) God is not a man that He should lie; neither the son of man that He should repent. Has He said, and shall He not do it? Or has He spoken, and shall He not make it good?

*** (John 17:17) Sanctify them through Your Truth. Your Word is Truth.

*** (2Chronicles 6:32-33) And also to the stranger [Gentile] who is ‘not’ of Your people Israel; but has come from a far country for Your great name's sake; and Your mighty hand; and Your stretched out arm; if they come and ‘pray’ in this house;
(2Chron 6:33) then hear from Heaven; from Your dwelling-place; and do according to ‘All’ that the stranger [Gentile] calls to You for; -> so that “ALL” people of the earth: may ‘know’ Your name; and ‘fear’ You; as Your people Israel; and may know that this house which I [Solomon] have built is called by Your name.

*** (Acts 20:27) For I did ‘Not’ keep back; from declaring to you; “ALL” the counsel of God.

… Do “YOU”… Present an “Unbalanced Gospel”…?

Unbalanced – 101 Blog.

Have ‘You’ read completely though your Bible… “Ever?” Do ‘You’ daily feed yourself with “His Spiritual Truth”…? Surely ‘You’ speak about Christ Jesus to “Others”… don’t ‘You?’ ‘You’ should Know His Holy Word… shouldn’t ‘You’…? Where do ‘You’ get that information about Him… “From”…? Is it… “Hear-say”… or can ‘You’ accurately quote the Scriptures…? Surely ‘You’ would “Not want your Doctor”… “Guessing about Medical Advice”… or would ‘You’…? When ‘You’ share… “Spiritual Truth”… isn’t it important to give the… “Completely Accurate Information”…? Perhaps if ‘You’ read… through your Bible… “Completely –> Yearly”… ‘You’ would know the “Wealth” that Solomon “Squandered”…? His… “Direct Violation”… of the mandates for a King of Israel in “Deuteronomy 17: caused all these problems. He was “Thankful for Nothing”… and his wealth “Wrongly Built”… heathen idol temples in Israel.

*** (1Kings 11:1-to-10) And King Solomon loved many foreign women; even the daughter of Pharaoh, Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Sidonians, Hittites;
(1Ki 11:2) of the nations which the LORD Jehovah had said to the sons of Israel: –> You shall “Not” go in to them; and they shall “Not: go in to you: –> surely they will ‘turn away’ your heart after their gods. Solomon clung to these in love.
(1Ki 11:3) And he had seven hundred wives, princesses [700]; and three hundred concubines [300]. And his wives turned away his heart.
(1Ki 11:4) For it happened when Solomon was old; his wives turned away his heart after other gods. And his heart was not perfect with Jehovah his God, as was the heart of David his father.
(1Ki 11:5) For Solomon went after Ashtoreth, the goddess of the Sidonians; and after Milcom, the abomination of the Ammonites;
(1Ki 11:6) and Solomon did “Evil” in the sight of the LORD Jehovah; and did “Not” go fully after the LORD Jehovah like his father David.
(1Ki 11:7) Then Solomon built a high place [heathen temples] for Chemosh, the abomination of Moab; in the hill which is before Jerusalem; and for Molech, the abomination of the sons of Ammon.
(1Ki 11:8) And likewise he did for “ALL” his foreign wives; and burned incense and sacrificed to their gods.
(1Ki 11:9) And the LORD Jehovah was angry with Solomon; because his heart was turned from the LORD Jehovah; the God of Israel –> Who had appeared to him twice
(1Ki 11:10) and had “Commanded” him concerning this thing; that he should “Not” go after other gods; and he did not keep that –> which the LORD Jehovah commanded.

“Christian or: Born Again ‘Disciple’ – 101” …Blog
Sounds a ‘Lot Like’… “Christians” today; here in America. Many applaud Hollywood, with their ‘Movies and Fashion statements’. Instead of calling them what God calls them… they allow them into their Homes… to share with their ‘Children & Family’ members. Open Sexuality, Homosexuality and the like… come into our Homes… as easily as those “Heathen Practices” of Solomon’s day! Those Heathen Temples were in Israel for over 350 years… constantly polluting Israel. Instead of the commanded worship: in Jerusalem… Israel built various groves & alters… everywhere! And departed from the Holy Word of God! Today’s Christians… worship however they want… “Discarding the Scriptures. Do they ever think about a… “Clear Conscience or a Pure Heart!” The readily “Accept Anyone or Methodology”… because we “All Love Jesus!” …“Not!” But the ‘Reality’… ‘Most’ love the “Other Jesus’s”… found in “Matthew 24:24”…! Todays’ Christians… allow anything that is called… “Worship” no matter how far away it is… from what the “Bible calls Worship!”

*** (Leviticus 10:1-2) And Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron; took either of them his censer, and put fire therein; and put incense thereon; and offered strange fire before the LORD: which He commanded them “Not!”
(Lev 10:2) And there went out fire from the LORD; and ‘devoured’ them; and they ‘died’ before the LORD.
“TRUE = ‘Worship & Praise’ – 101”…Blog.
*** (2Corinthains 11:4) For if someone comes along and preaches another Jesus: than the one we preached; or should you receive a different spirit: from the one you received; or a different gospel: from the one you accepted; –> you are all too willing to listen.

*** (Matthew 24:23-24-25) "At that time, if anyone says to you, 'Look! Here is the Christ!' or 'There he is!', don't believe it.
(Matt 24:24) For “False Christ’s” and “False Prophets” will appear; and display great signs and wonders to deceive; –> if possible, even the elect.
(Matt 24:25) Remember, I [Jesus] have told you this beforehand.

*** (Isaiah 28:13) But the word of the LORD was unto them: precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; –> that they might go –> and fall backward: –> and be broken: –> and snared: –>  and taken.

*** (1Jn 2:21) I have not written to you because you do not know the Truth; but because you do know it; and because ‘No Lie’: –> comes from the Truth.

“Clarification – 101”…Blog.
Where do ‘You’ go from here…? Do ‘You’ wait for the Judgment Seat of Christ… and “Lose your Rewards”…? Or are ‘You’… Going: “To Repent”… and turn back to Christ Jesus and His Holy Word…? Do ‘You’ know about the… “Siamese Twins”… in the Bible…? ‘You’ cannot exercise ‘One’ without the ‘Other!’ They are “Co–Joined” with their Siblings! “1John 1:5-to-10” & “Proverbs 28:13” Their Siblings are… “Romans 6:1-2” & “Romans 6:16” & “James 1:13-to-16”…! Look these up for yourself. There are also… “Other Siblings”… but ‘You’ will have to find them on your “Own?”

*** (1Peter 4:17-18) For the time has come for ‘the judgment’ to begin from the house of God. And if it first begins from us; what will be the end of those ‘disobeying’ the gospel of God?
(1Pet 4:18) And if the righteous one is scarcely saved; where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?

*** (2John 1:8-to-11) Look to yourselves, so that we may not lose those things which we worked out; –> but that we may receive a ‘Full Reward.’
(2Jn 1:9) Everyone –> transgressing and ‘Not’ abiding in the doctrine of Christ: –> does not have God. He who abides in the doctrine of Christ; he has both the Father and the Son.
(2Jn 1:10) If anyone comes to you; –> and does not bring this doctrine: do not receive him into your house: –> nor speak a greeting to him.
(2Jn 1:11) For he who speaks a greeting to him: –> is partaker of his Evil deeds.

*** (1Corinthains 3:11-to-15) After all, no one can lay any other foundation than the one that is already laid; and that is Jesus Christ.
(1Cor 3:12) Whether a person builds on this foundation with: –> gold, silver, expensive stones: -> wood, hay, or straw,
(1Cor 3:13) the workmanship of each person will become evident; for the [Last] day will show what it is; because it will be revealed with fire; and the fire will test the quality of each person's work.
(1Cor 3:14) If what a person has built on the foundation survives; he will receive -> a reward.
(1Cor 3:15) If his work is burned up; -> he will suffer loss. However, he himself will be saved, but it will be like going through fire.

Repentance – 101 Blog  [1/6]     
*** (Luke 3:8) Therefore bring forth fruits worthy of repentance; and do not begin to say within yourselves; We have Abraham for our father. For I [Jesus] say to you; that God is able to raise up children to Abraham: from these stones.

Love; in Christ, Roger / “Psalms 138:2”…!