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“Dryness – 101”…Blog.

"Dryness – 101”…Blog.

Has the press of life… caused a ‘dryness’ in your soul. Perhaps if you will see it as… common to mankind… even that will not help. It is too soon to give up. To many, the press of life, has left them lifeless, without purpose or hope or even the… ‘love of life.’ All is not lost as we can see some of the issues that may have entered into your life. Has the busyness of life with all its things… left a ‘dryness’ in your mind, heart and soul…?

Have you ever had a really long, ‘dry spell’…? Most of us have life pressures, that sometimes cause us to have ‘Dry Spells’. Occasionally professional authors suffer from this malady. They often have to take a break and do something else… to get themselves recharged. Mothers with a toddler and a newborn often have the same kind of dry spells. Recently I read a post where one stated that the … ‘Word of God’… did not seem fresh anymore. So too, the frequent traveler has this also… and simply needs, to take a break, from traveling.

When I used to travel extensively… I always kept my watch on ‘Home Time’… and adjusted my ‘mental processes’… to accommodate the time shift domestically. When I traveled overseas I switched my automatic watch to the local time and slept on ‘the plane’ to that country. It seemed to help and I did ‘not’ have to change my diet… nor refrain from coffee and other caffeine containing beverages. Some tolerate it better than others and some are worse off for the traveling. It is all a state of mind, sometimes complicated by the body.

(Colossians 3:23) And = whatever = you do, = do it heartily, = as to the Lord = and = not = to men;

A lot of our dryness… comes from our lifestyle. Is your position at work, no longer enjoyable? Do you, have work place stresses, caused by the company downsizing? How about sports and entertainment… do you still find them as entertaining as once you did? Even your ‘favorite vehicle’ seems to not bring you, the enjoyment it once did. To test this… when was the last time you… washed and waxed your vehicle…? Does that special dinner you enjoyed, at that special restaurant, with that someone special… still bring you, pleasure?

(Proverbs 4:23) Keep = your heart = with = all diligence; = for = out of it = are = the issues of life.

If you answered honestly… you may now realize, that you are having a period of ‘dryness.’ Most ‘relationships’ go through this ‘dryness’. Do you love your wife or your husband with that ‘fresh love’ you once had? Do your children, bring you enjoyment as they did when they were young children? Or have they, as adolescents, bringing a battlefield into your home and life? How about your grandchildren, do you see them as much as you like to, or because they live in another state or country, seldom see them at all? Do those happenings… bring a ‘dryness’, into your emotional makeup and your well being?

What used to thrill… you, as a child, bring you ‘no enjoyment’ as an adult. I remember loving with all my heart, mind and soul… “Chocolate Pudding!” That was when the pudding was made with whole milk and cooked on the stove. My parents once provided me with… my own 2-quart bowl of chocolate pudding… to try and cure my cravings. Nope, it did not work… for as an adult, I still love chocolate pudding, but Not… that ‘Instant Pudding!’ …LOL!

There are more than… half of the marriages, end in divorce. There are several reasons and many not good. The laws in most states provide for a… “A No-Fault Divorce.” This has “Destroyed” the ‘Family Unit’… and the forthcoming generations. Our nation… “One Nation Under God”… as it says on our money, “No longer”… believes God and His Word, the Bible. The marriage enjoyment, that has gone through a… ‘dryness’ period… is often, dissolved in divorce.

(Matthew 19:6) Therefore = they = are no longer two, = but one flesh. = Therefore what = God = has joined together, = let = not = man = separate.

This is due in part… to ether ‘one or both’… of the ‘Committed Partners’, purposely denying their Wedding Vows… before God and Witnesses. When one gets sick, one goes to the doctor. Yet when marriages are ‘sick’… they will ‘not’ go for spiritual counseling. One becomes a “Quitter”… and excuses away ‘their’ responsibility and commitment before God. This kind of Mindset… “The Intent to Defraud”… can readily be seen… in the “Massive Debt” of the “Credit Card and House Loans”. People used to be… willing to ‘tough it out’… and… ‘do what is right’… and… ‘pay off the balance’! Now a bail out through a… ‘Bankruptcy Filing’… and then… the “Cycle of Debt”… begins again.

Perhaps ‘one’ thinks… that there is no other option? Well if you watch any TV, read any Magazines… you will hear the drug companies… Pushing their “Drug” products… to fix ‘most any situation’. The right medication, will simply take you out of the doldrums… “That time of ‘dryness’… and somehow Magically Restore… Your zest for life and enjoyment. “Not So!” You sell out your mental and emotional processes… to the ‘bondage of medication’.

Is there a “Magic Something”… that I can do or take, to eliminate this… ‘Dryness’… that I am experiencing in a few, some or many areas of life…? Well would you want me… “To Lie”… to you and tell you… ‘Yes?’ Ok, if you do… please send me a check for… “$49.95”… and I will send you some… ‘Phony Magic!’ And if you order now… I will send you a second one… ‘Free’… just pay shipping and handling. Does that sound familiar? That is where the problem is… you and I and millions of Americans… have been Duped into… “A False Sense of Entitlement!”

Nothing comes easy…! ‘They’, would have you believe that it does! ‘They’ couldn’t sell lotto ticket to the public, if you didn’t believe that… You are the ONE… entitled to win those millions. ‘They’ get you to believe… that you need that new car… for only $299 a month [Lease]… not a purchase. You lease that car and have nothing to show for that money… at the end of that lease. ‘They’ tell you to ‘invest’ with them and they will get you to believe… that you will get a 10% return on your investments. Suppose tomorrow there is another “9-11”… what would happen to our Economy and that of the entire world…?

(1John 2:15-16-17) Do not = love the world, = nor = the things in the world. = If = anyone = loves the world, = the love = of the Father = is not in him,

(1John 2:16) Because = ALL = that is in the world, = the lust of the flesh, = and = the lust of the eyes, = and = the pride of life, = is not = of the Father, = but is of = the world.

(1John 2:17) And = the world = passes away, = and = the lust of it, = but = he who = does = the will [Word] of God = abides forever.

May I simply suggest… “More is Less?” Cash out your investments now… “pay the penalty”… “And Pay Off”… all your debt… keep the cash! You will not have that psychological weight of debt… in your psyche. Yes, stop spending ‘all you spend’… so that ‘You’ have bragging rights… about what you have… and where you go… and what you do.

(James 1:27) Pure religion = and = undefiled = before God = and = the Father = is this, = = to visit orphans = and = widows = in their afflictions, = and = to keep oneself = unspotted = from the world.

Spend some of that… and help someone out. Do some good for someone ‘else’… who is unable to help themselves. How about that… “Widow”… who cannot help herself. Have you helped her in her house and chores that she cannot do? How about the girl… that wants to keep her baby, and not abort the child? Have you had one in your home… and helped her, through her trials of life…?

(Philippians 2:14-15) Do everything = without = complaining = or = arguing.

(Philippians 2:15) so that = you = may be blameless = and = innocent, = God's children = without = any faults = among = a crooked = and = perverse generation, = among whom = you = shine like lights = in the world

Perhaps you have… put your life… before God and His Word? You have made… “Self”… your priority and your wants and your desires… ‘The driving force of your life’… only to realize the ‘dryness’ that has come upon you. “Things”… can never satisfy! Solomon had all the riches and possessions and wisdom that anyone could want… and still, he was ‘not’ satisfied. His heathen wives… caused him… to leave the Lord and His Word… and ruin Israel and its people.

(Mark 1:35) And = in the morning, = rising up = a great while = before day, = He [Jesus] = went out, = and = departed into = a solitary place, = and = there prayed [Worshipped].

“Begin Again”… is the Key…! Perhaps when you ‘first’ came to Christ, you were deeply in love with Him and His Word. The press of life and… all its self imposed requirements… have caused your Love for Him… to become ‘dryness’…? Even in my life, through times of… ‘dryness’ and trials… I have to… ‘begin to begin again’. Maturation is a process… it does not happen overnight. That so called …‘mid life crisis’… can simply be a… “Begin Again!”

(Colossians 1:27) to whom = God = wanted = to make known = the glorious riches = of this secret = among the gentiles = which is = Christ in you [Romans 8:9], = the hope of glory.

… AND…

(Jude 1:20-to-25) But you, = beloved, = building yourselves = up = in your most holy faith, = praying in the Holy Spirit,

(Jude 1:21) keep yourselves = in the love of God, = eagerly awaiting = the mercy = of our Lord Jesus Christ = to everlasting life.

(Jude 1:22) But = pity some, = making distinction.

(Jude 1:23) But = save others = with fear [of God], = snatching them = out of the fire [of judgment]; = hating even = the garment [soul] = having been stained = from the flesh.

(Jude 1:24) Now = to Him = being able = to keep you = without stumbling, = and = to set you = before = His glory = without blemish, = with = unspeakable joy;

(Jude 1:25) to = the only = wise God, = our Savior, = be glory = and = majesty = and might = and = authority, = even now = and = forever. = Amen.

Thank you for Your EAR! Roger //Email//

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

“Halloween – 101” …Blog.

“Halloween – 101” …Blog.

Perhaps ‘now’ is the time… for me to address this issue? First, I would like to address, those of you, who do not believe that you know God or even call yourself a Christian. Then I would address those of you… who say you are Christians and… “Celebrate Halloween.” Many want and will take ‘any’ reason to party and celebrate. But what exactly are you celebrating when you… participate in Halloween activities and celebrations…?

This celebration of Halloween… is a mixture of “Celtic Samhain philosophy” and that of a ‘Pseudo’- Christian holiday, ‘all saints day’. In the Bible there is “No Celebration” called, ‘all saints day.’ It was made up by a Pseudo Christian ‘Pagan’ Church. Today in America and in other countries this has become ‘Big Business’. “Kids”… from toddlers to ‘grown’ adults, dress up and are… ‘Lured by Candy’… into silliness. Those that are… “Child Predators”… take advantage of this celebration to the fullest extent. It is often… ‘kept quiet’… by the news media.;jsessionid=DvHlKpyFh1N5JFQDYMBZG4KMHqmBgSFvTn4fDYRZKlp5KWdvL3sy!1610633738

Most states have… ‘On Line’ resources, where you can go and see where the… “Child Predators”… have their residences and in ‘what’ neighborhoods. How many ‘reside’ in your area… that you “do not” know about…? Sending your children out, without checking these facts first… is allowing your child to ‘Possibly be molested’. “Fun for Candy”… has taken on a new meaning. ‘Really’… do you want your children going into ‘these kinds’ of neighborhood…?

There are those too… who as I have said will use ‘any’ excuse to party. Do you celebrate Halloween… “not knowing”… what you are ‘really’ celebrating? As adults, most take on a persona, with which they ‘validate’ themselves. They learn this as children, ‘dressing up’ and ‘roll playing’. Perhaps a ‘secure home situation’ would relieve most of this negative, social pressure. Of course, you know that ‘some’ still use… “Make-up and hair dyes”… to go out into daily life. Could that be called… “Daily Halloween”… too…? …LOL! …LOL!

Of course you all know… Hollywood has for a long time, has taken advantage of Halloween for their profit. TV programs as early as ‘Bewitched’ titillated the American public. Other programs such as “The Adams Family” were ‘spoofs’… making fun of those who believe in “Monsters and Goblins”… that go bump in the night. Programs that made fun of the Occult practices, are no longer seen, as they have been ‘replaced with’ a more serious and detrimental subterfuge of our thinking processes. They are forced into main stream cultural programs on the TV and in Videos.

Even more serious… are those “Disney” programs that have brainwashed ‘your’ children into readily accepting… any kind of supernatural magic and spells. Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rosemary’s Baby, the Omen and on and on and on. The Occult is more accepted than “any” Christian Teaching in our decadent society. So many, take the attitude… “It’s just a movie and entertainment.” What they do not realize is that this kind of thinking… is a gateway… to the Occult. “Ouija boards” and other practices are so common that they can be found at… ‘Garage sales.’

Today ‘many’ make fun… ‘with’ the occult, thinking nothing of it. It is as serious as the “Illegal Drugs” sold everywhere in American towns and cities. It is as harmful to the ‘soul’… as illegal drugs… are to the body. I can remember my grandmother, knocking over the salt shaker and getting a pinch of the spill and throwing it over her shoulder. As a child I asked her why? Many cultures have such… ‘Superstitions’… that are really part of the Occult. Even saying… “Good Luck”… is an Occult practice. “Las Vegas” has made itself rich… getting people to wrongly believe in… “Lady Luck!”

How about the Horoscope…? Do you really believe that the stars and planets… influence your daily life? I remember reading the ‘New York Times’… “retraction” about putting the wrong horoscope inserts with the wrong days. Do you suppose… anyone’s life… was better or worse… with the wrong data…? How about… “Fortune Cookies?” Someone in advertizing even put the Lottery Numbers… in those fortunes. I have never heard of anyone… using a Fortune Cookie… to win the Lottery… have you…?

(1Kings 18:21) And Elijah = came to all = the people = and said, = How long = are you = limping over = two opinions? = If = Jehovah is God, = follow Him. = But = if Baal is God, = then follow him. = And = the people = did not = answer him = a word.

Now, ‘How about’… hearing what God has to say in “His Word”, The Bible about the Occult? I will share with you examples from both “the OT & the NT”. Seriously, Christ Jesus cast out demons, that afflicted both… ‘adults and children’. Do you really want to dabble with the Occult and it unseen power “to corrupt” those that ‘invite in’… the black arts? Many do not believe in … “God and His Authority”… yet they will entrap themselves… in the Occult and demons.

(Deuteronomy 18:9-to-14) When you come = to the land which = Jehovah your God = gives you, = you shall “NOT” = learn to do = according to = the abominations of those nations.
(Deut 18:10) There shall “NOT” = be found among you = anyone = who makes his son or his daughter = to pass through the fire, = or = that uses divination, = an observer of times, = or = a fortune-teller, = or = a witch,
(Deut 18:11) = or = a charmer, = or = a consulter with familiar [demon] spirits, = or = a wizard, = or = one who calls = to the dead.
(Deut 18:12) For “ALL” = that do = these things = are an abomination = to Jehovah [God]. = And = because of these = abominations = Jehovah your God = drives them out = from before you.
(Deut 18:13) You shall = be perfect = with = Jehovah your God.
(Deut 18:14) For these nations = whom you shall possess = listened to = observers of times = and = to diviners. = But = as for you, = Jehovah your God = has “NOT” = allowed you = to do so.

Can it be made… any more ‘Clear’… what “NOT” to do…? But of course, most of those that say they are Christians do not… ‘Read & Study’… the Word of God. How then would they know ‘what’ or ‘what not’… to do…? IF you say that you… ‘Know Jesus’… and have never done so… how about starting… “Now?” It is never too late to start… ‘Obeying the Word of God.’ Maybe even in something as simple as… ‘Not celebrating Halloween?’

There have been Churches… who openly ‘do not’ celebrate Halloween, but have changed its name to ‘Harvest Party.’ They even allow their children to dress up as Bible characters… but they still allow pumpkins and make sure their kids… ‘get candy and goodies.’ Just “Who”… are they trying to Fool? “Surely… not God?” Changing the name and keeping all the same activities… is still Celebrating Halloween! About now, there are some that will stop reading. They will call me ‘legalistic’ and tell me that I am trying to ruin their… “fun?” Since when is… calling one… to obedience to God and… His Word… ‘Wrong?’ ‘Absolutely’… “Never!”

(Act 19:13-to-18) And = certain from the strolling Jews, = exorcists, = undertook = to name = the name of the Lord Jesus = over those = having evil spirits, = saying, = We adjure you = by Jesus = whom Paul preaches.
(Acts 19:14) And there were = seven sons of Sceva, = a Jewish chief priest, = who did so.
(Acts 19:15) But answering = the evil spirit said, = Jesus I know, = and I comprehend Paul, = but who are you?
(Acts 19:16) And the man = in whom = the evil spirit resided = leaped on them, = and = overcoming them = he was strong against them, = so that they fled = out of the house = naked and wounded.
(Acts 19:17) And this = was known = to all the Jews and Greeks = who lived at Ephesus, = and = fear fell on all of them, = and = the name of the Lord Jesus = was magnified.
(Acts 19:18) And many = who believed = came and confessed = and = showed their deeds.

This Example is here… as a ‘warning’ for all those that play with the Occult and then think that they can simply, have ‘power and authority’ over the demons. No one… that is “Not” Born Again… by “God’s Holy Spirit”… has “any authority”… over the forces of darkness. Perhaps you have dabbled with the Occult in a fun way, thinking that it is no big deal. Suppose you want to try it… just as Sceva’s seven sons did…? Perhaps you should read those verses… ‘Again?’ Really, how about ‘you’ stopping… your wrong occult practices… “Confess and forsake them!”

(Acts 19:18-19-20) And many = who believed = came and confessed = and showed their deeds.
(Acts 19:19) Also = many of those = practicing the curious arts, = bringing together the books, = burned them = before all. = And = they counted the prices of them = and = found it to be = fifty thousand pieces of silver.
(Acts 19:20) So = the Word of God = grew mightily = and = prevailed.

(Proverbs 28:13) They = who covers = their sins = shall not be blessed; = but = whoever = confesses = and = leaves them = shall = have mercy.

About now… someone is saying… But we have already been to ‘Wal-Mart’… and bought the candy and costumes for our children. And besides… you know they are only children… and we don’t want to spoil… their fun! May I please… ‘ask’ you? Is what you call… “Fun”… worth disobeying God and what He has said in His Word…? I hear someone saying… that is just OT and not really for the Church. Oh is that so? The “10-Commandments”… are OT and so are the Psalms and… you use them! Just for “You”… once again… this is what “GOD” said…!

(Deut 18:13) You shall = be perfect = with = Jehovah your God.

(Matthew 5:48) Therefore = you be perfect, = even as = your Father in Heaven = is perfect.

You may hear… very little from ‘the pulpit’ of your church against Halloween and “What God has said in His Word”… the Bible... about it. It is up to ‘You’…! “IF”… Jehovah is God… Follow HIM…? But if Halloween is your “god [small-g]… then follow the demons.

One more thing… “The ‘practice’ of Halloween is to Satanists”… “Is as the ‘practice’ of Christmas to Christians!

(Joshua 24:15) And = if it seems evil = to you = to serve = Jehovah [God], = choose = this day = whom = you = will serve, = whether the gods = which your fathers served = beyond the river, = or = the gods = of the Amorites = in = whose land = you live. = But = as for me = and = my house, = we will serve = Jehovah.

Thank you for Your EAR! Roger //Email//

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

“Veganism – 101”…Blog.

“Veganism – 101”…Blog.

Recently someone asked… me about… being their belief as a “Vegetarian.” They were asking me for any ‘Bible’ reference about that particular practice. I did some research in the Word of God, The Bible and came up with these facts. God intended for mankind ‘to ear meat’. It is “Not Forbidden”… in the Word of God. There are some… “Amino Acid Complexes and Enzymes”… that the body uses for repairing itself… “Which are… ‘Not’… found in Vegetables!”

(Genesis 3:21) And = for Adam = and = his wife = Jehovah God = made = coats of skins, = and = clothed them.

(Genesis 4:4) And = Abel = also brought = of the firstlings of = his flock = and = of the fat of it. = And = Jehovah had respect = to Abel = and = to his offering,

When Adam & Eve… “Disobeyed God’s Command”… and ate of the tree of… ‘The Knowledge of good and evil’… they were naked and realized what they had done. Do you suppose… “God”… wasted the flesh of those animals… when He clothed them with their skins? Absolutely Not! In addition, what was Able doing… raising a ‘Flock’ for food… if God did not intend for mankind to eat… ‘Meat?’ Simple questions answered by God’s Word.

What most here… do not realize about this… ‘Cult Belief’… is that it comes from the Philosophy of the ‘False middle eastern religions’. They believe that the spirit of the animal is contained in its flesh and that eating the same is wrong. Americans who preach ‘Vegan’ believe that it is not ok to eat animals… ‘but to respect them’. It is like… “Save the Whales… but Abort the Innocent Baby!” They are simply following their beliefs… and… ‘do not’ even know where they came from..!

Many people starve… in India because they will not kill… ‘Vermin.’ They believe the souls of the animals are eternal. Even one of their gods is even an elephant. There was an outbreak of ‘Bubonic Plague’ where over 15,000-humans died and yet they would ‘Not’ allow the WHO – “World Health Organization”… to eradicate the rats. The Virus was carried by Fleas… who were carried by the rats. Rats are… ‘more valuable’… than human life? … “Not!”

Sacred Cows… wander the streets and are fed. And yet, humans that live there in India, ‘starve to death’. Perhaps things are so ‘out of balance’ that they cannot see the real issues. Those same heathen believers… ‘sacrifice their children’… to their gods [small-g]. We do ‘almost’ the same thing here in America… with our “Abortion Clinics = where Innocent Children are Sacrificed = being Killed in their Mother’s womb”. On the one hand… respect for ‘lower’ than human life and on the other… “Murder of the ‘innocent’ children”… in the name of “Pleasure!”

(Genesis 7:8-9) Of the clean animals, = and = of the animals that were not clean, = and = of the fowls, = and = of everything = that creeps on the earth,
(Gen 7:9) two by two = they went in to Noah = into the ark, = male and female, = as God = had commanded Noah.

Had God intended… for us ‘not to eat meat’… this would have been a perfect opportunity… to clear the plate. The Flood destroyed both man and beast. To the nation Israel, God gave strict ‘Dietary Laws’ to keep them healthy. Perhaps an investigation of what to eat and what not to eat, would eliminate the… ‘Three Trillion Dollar a year – Diet Industry?” How many pieces of exercise equipment have you or do you… ‘Own?’ A correct diet will control most… overweight problems. Yes, vegetables are an important part of anyone’s diet… but it does not exclude …‘Meat!’

(Proverbs 11:1) A = false balance = is abomination = to the LORD: = but = a just weight = is = His delight.

Did you know… that there have been extensive studies on diets? Have you even known a pregnant woman… that had a particular craving… for some food. Her body almost, ‘automatically’ desired, what was needed for her health and that of the baby… growing inside of her. Children given a choice in a ‘controlled food study’… eventually left the sweets and ate healthy good food. Our bodies are self regulating… “IF – We”… would only let them… lead us!

Some year ago…
I was employed by “Krispy Kreme”. While going to classes on doughnut making at their headquarters in North Carolina, I was exposed to a plethora of the science of food. The instructor took a ‘raised doughnut’ right after it came out of the Fryer, before it was Glazed… and Squeeze out… “Two Teaspoons of Fat!” After seeing that, I seldom ate doughnuts, maybe only 6-a-month. My ‘knowledge’… regulated my… “Diet!”

(Romans 1:25) Who = changed = the Truth of God = into = A Lie, = and = worshipped = and = served the creature = more than = the Creator, = Who is blessed forever. Amen.

“Hollywood” has warped our thinking…! They often use the ‘Most Beautiful’, the ‘Best Looking’… ‘Men and Women’… and hold them forth as… “Roll Models”… for us to emulate. Even the… “Barbie Doll”… has changed… ‘Boy’s & Men’s Thinking”… as to what is beautiful. There are No ‘Pornography’ Women’, who are “Ugly”. Never Once… do they put forth ONE… either man or woman… that has Character and an “Inward Beauty of spirit!” How can that be that we… are so blinded… by their Lies…? Even our music is meant to brainwash us…! So too does… “MTV!”

What about All…
those diet plans that Americans buy and hardly used anymore? We are a “Quick Fix” – “Instant Potato” – “Microwave Popcorn” =… I Want It… “NOW”… ‘Society’. It took years to put on the weight… and it… “Will Not Come Off = So Easy!” Some spend hours to get that Special Look and Others, don’t care at all. No offense… but ‘Heavy Women’… Still Wear… “Make-UP and Perfume!” Most ‘Fat’ Men [notice I am not kind to my own kind]… rarely care about their weight, except for Health Problems.

(2Corinthains 4:16) For this cause = we do not = faint; = but though = our outward man perishes, = yet = the inward man = is being renewed = day by day.

(John 15:3) Now = you = are clean = through = the Word = which = I [Jesus] = have spoken = to you.

How does this discussion… picture what is ‘really’ of issue here? We… ‘Feed or Destroy’ our Human Bodies… with food just as We… ‘Feed or Destroy’… our Spirits. Junk food will surely destroy our bodies just as junk input… will destroy our souls. Often times I have turned off a program… because of what it… was trying to do to, my though process. Have you noticed… “How Many Homosexuals”… are integrated in the new programming? Since when is… ‘Sexual Preference’… a criteria for society? “Absolutely Never!” It is… ‘Poison’ to our thinking… to believe what God has said, is not True! Simply read… “Romans chapter one and see for yourself!”

(1Kings 13:18) And = he said to him, = I am a prophet = also = as you are. = And = an angel = spoke to me = by the Word of Jehovah, = saying, = Bring him back = with you = into your house, = so that he may = eat bread and drink water. = But he = “LIED” = to him.

But he “LIED” to him…! Do you not think that advertisers and Hollywood and most Politian’s… will Not Lie… to you, to get what ‘they’ want? You have to be able to discern, “Their Agenda”… of those you deal with. I sometimes listen to ‘Christian Radio’. I am ‘not’ surprised by the products… ‘hawked there’… to the unsuspecting listeners. Just because it is advertized there… does ‘Not’… make it a valid or good product. Remember… “But he Lied to Him…!”

(Genesis 4:10) And = He [God] said, = What have = you = done? = The voice = of your brother's = blood = cries to Me = from = the ground.

The next time… someone tries to get you to believe that… “Abortion” – the Killing of ‘Innocent Babies’ – in their mother’s womb – is ok – just remember this verse. So too… anything that goes against the “Word of God”…. Is ‘Not’ of God… Simply remember… “1Kings 13:18…“But he ‘Lied’ to him…!” When someone tell you the… “Vegan” is viable lifestyle… do not believe them. Simply check out… what God says in His Word…!

(Acts 17:11) And = these were = more noble = than those = of Thessalonica, = in that they = received = the Word = with = all readiness of mind = and = searched the Scriptures = daily = to see if = those things = were so.

(Luke 4:4) And = Jesus = answered him [Satan], = saying, = It is written = that "man = shall not live = by bread alone, = but = by every = Word of God."

Do you have…
your ‘Free Bible Software?’ This above link… will take you to their site. You can download it to your computer. I have used it to paste Scripture Verses… into my Blogs. I has many English translations of the Bible. It also contains Many foreign language translations. European, Asian, Middle Eastern Language and much more. There are Bible helps and maps, in addition to much more. They have the OT & NT in Hebrew and the NT in Greek, “Textus Receptus!” Includes is the Strong’s Concordance with word references to Greek and Hebrew. I often use ‘Word Studies’… to see the use of a particular Word, throughout Scripture.

(1Thessalonians 5:21) Prove = all = things, = hold fast = to the good.

Thank you for Your EAR! Roger //Email//

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Monday, October 26, 2009

“Leanness – 101”…Blog.

“Leanness – 101”…Blog.

(Psalms 106:15) And He [God] gave them their request;= but = sent leanness into their soul.

The children of Israel…
were delivered from over ‘400-years’ of bondage in Egypt and delivered from their Slavery… by the Miracles of God. The “10-Plagues” brought upon Egypt… were from God to judge those heathen practices. You can read about it in the book of Exodus in the Bible. Part of God’s judgment on His Own People… was for their disobedience. Perhaps read Psalms 106:All and you can see an overview…!

Recently someone asked… me about a Bible verse that I posted with the comment, “Be careful what You ask God for…!” How about the “Lottery”…? How many times have you said… “Oh Lord, I would really like to win this…!” Do you know that… ‘Most’ that win… end up worse off than before? IF you… ‘Cannot’… successfully handle “30K-a-year”… how will you ‘do’ with “$30-Million”…? Asking and getting what you want… is Not Always… a Blessing… from God.

(Luke 16:10-11-12) He who = is faithful = in the least = is also = faithful in much. = And = he who = is unjust = in the least = is also = unjust in much.
(Luke 16:11) Therefore = if = you = have not been faithful = in the unrighteous mammon, = who will entrust = the true riches = to you?
(Luke 16:12) And = if = you = have not = been faithful = in that = which is another's, = who = shall give you = that which is your own?

Perhaps this is… the “ultimate” pattern of Faithfulness. Being a good steward of what you have to do at work, at home, or at play… is an indication… of your inner character. Many times I have wanted something and could not afford it. Not having what I wanted… when I wanted it… taught me “Patience!” I have a saying… “All Good Things… come to them that can… Wait on God!” Even my cancer… some 9-years ago… worked out for my good.

Do you have any… ‘Mad Money’… in your wallet or hiding place? You know… the kind you squirrel away for that… ‘rainy day’… or for that ‘special’ something for your… someone special. My greatest joy is in giving. What I own is not really my own… but what God entrusts me to handle. On my birthday my sister always gets me a lottery ticket, as I do not buy them. Each year I pray… God… do not let me shame Your Name… if I should win. “I Never Do”… but I always say, … “I guess I am ‘not able’ to handle that much money! …LOL! …LOL!

(Ephesians 5:17) Therefore = do not be = unwise [Stupid], = but = understand = what = the will of the Lord = is.

Many want the Lord’s Will… until they find out that it is… “No You Can’t Have what you asked for!” Many that now, or at least say… they Know Jesus… “Seldom ‘Read & Study’… His Word!” They will eat three or more meals a day and even snack on, even more. But they “Do Not”… open the Word of God, The Bible… to see what God… has said about a particular subject. Did you know that there is a… “Spiritual Principle”… to cover… every aspect of Life and Death?

(Luke 4:4) And = Jesus = answered him [Satan], = saying, = It is written = that "man = shall not live = by bread alone, = but = by every = Word of God."

How about You…? Do you search for the… “Principle to Live By”… when you are confronted with a situation or a life changing decision. Many times we plan for a trip, a vacation or even a weekend getaway. And yet, do not even search ‘God’s Word’… to be prepared… for what will come or happen in our lives. We often see… ‘disasters and devastations’… caused by storms, earthquakes or other calamities. And yet if we are asked, by one of the survivors… “Why did this happen to me”… do we have an answer for them or even for… ‘Ourselves’…?

(Job 2:7-to-10) And Satan = went forth = from the presence = of Jehovah [God] = and = struck Job = with sore boils = from = the sole of his foot = to = the top of his head.
(Job 2:8) And = he [Job] = took a broken piece of pottery = to scrape himself with. = And = he sat down = among the ashes.
(Job 2:9) And = his wife = said to him, = Do you = still hold to your integrity? = Curse God = and = die!
(Job 2:10) But = he said = to her, = You = speak as one of the foolish ones speak. = What? = Shall we = receive good = at the hand of God, = and = shall we not = receive evil? = In all this = Job = did not sin = with his lips.

This man “JOB”… Lost all that he had, his five-sons and two-daughters. He also lost all his earthly possessions, all of it. And yet through all of this… “He – Job” – looked at it as… “All”… by the permission of the God, he served. Just how… would ‘You’ react… should all that, happen to you? Would you simply say… “Praise Jesus”… “OR”… would your response be… “Why Me… what did I do to… deserve this…?” See we have that mindset that we are…. “Owed”… wealth, happiness, good health and the everything ‘you’ just thought of.

(Philippians 1:29) For = to you = it is given = on behalf of Christ = not only = to believe = on Him, = but = also to suffer = for His sake,

(2Corinthans 1:2-3-4) Grace = be unto you, = and = peace = from = God our Father = and = from the Lord Jesus Christ.
(2Cor 1:3) Blessed be God, = even = the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, = the Father of mercies = and = the God of = all comfort,
(2Cor 1:4) He comforting us = in all our trouble, = so that we = may be able = to comfort those = who are = in every trouble, = through the comfort [Grace of God] = with which we ourselves = are comforted = by God.

So you don’t get… what you want… when you want it. Just perhaps God… knows that you are not ready? Many times I have others say to me… “You just don’t understand my situation!” And you know I probably don’t! But God does… and “HE”… will not allow His Real Children… to have more trouble… that they can handle. Could you handle… abundant blessings… the same way you handle… your trials & tribulations…? Remember… “Luke 16:10-11-12”… at the top of this blog?

Yesterday I saw this program…
on the discovery health program. Do you have… half a body… as this woman does…? Perhaps look at her situation and then tell me… how it is with ‘You?’ I know no one… that has it as tough as her, do you? This all has to do with, the Will of God. “His Will… Always Equals… His Word!” Nothing more… nothing less. But you know, I have been so single, so lonely and so “you know what”… that I cannot stand it.

(Luke 24:50-51) And = He [Jesus] = led them out = as far as Bethany. = And = lifting up His hands, = He blessed them.
(Luke 24:51) And = it happened = as = He blessed them, = He withdrew = from them = and = was carried up = into Heaven.

(Matthew 28:16-17) The eleven disciples = went into Galilee = to the hillside = to which = Jesus = had directed them.
(Matt 28:17) When = they saw Him, = they worshiped Him, = though = “some” = had doubts.

Though “some” had doubts…? Can you imagine that some… “Had Doubts?” They the eleven and others had seen the risen Christ = Messiah = and then…. “Doubted?” Do you ever doubt God’s Love and Care for you…? Do you wonder why ‘you’ have to wait so long… for ‘what’ you are waiting…? God does not give us what we want… when we want it. It may ‘not’ be good for us, now or even forever. How many have been in… “Bad Relationships”… only to find out that… He or She… was the wrong person…?

Did You make that… purchase… first. without asking ‘GOD’…? You know some are even getting smarter… knowing that… “Less is More!” Did you think of your pleasure… before that of others? Who are you here for… Yourself? How about God… and what He would have You to do for Him? “Me, Me, Me”… is often, the driving force of our national thinking. That is ‘What’ has gotten, our nation, into so much trouble and debt…!

(2Corinthains 4:16-17-18) For = this cause = we do not faint; = but though = our outward man = perishes, = yet = the inward man = is being renewed = day by day.
(2Cor 4:17) For the lightness = of our present affliction = works out for us = a far more excellent = eternal weight of glory,
(2Cor 4:18) we = not considering the things = which are seen, = but = the things = which are not seen; = for = the things which are seen = are not lasting, = but = the things which are = not seen = are everlasting.

“The Word of God”… ‘Equals’… “The Will of God”…! Do you even ‘dare’ ask God… for something He has forbidden in His Word…? How about giving GOD… thanks for what You now have… and… Not for what You… don’t Have…?

(1Thessalonians 5:18) In everything = give thanks, = for this is = the will of God = in Christ Jesus = concerning you.

Thank you for Your EAR! Roger //Email//

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

“The ‘Siblings’ of “Believing = Faith” – 101”…Blog.

“The ‘Siblings’ of “Believing = Faith” – 101”…Blog.

The flavor of what… is called “Christianity” here in America, seems to be a ‘morphing’… into ‘Liberalism’. I see this ‘drastic’ shift from the… “Truth of found in the Bible, The Word of God”… into that… “I know what ‘Right’, apart from the Word says!” Never have I heard that person[s]… say, “I know what is Wrong!” Could it be that “Christianity” has followed that of the Old Testament “Backslidden” Israel…? Absolutely… “Yes!”

(Judges 21:25) In those days = there was = no king = in Israel. = Every man = did that which was right = in = his own eyes.

Did you notice… the progression from ‘Authority’… “To None?” When Jehovah God delivered Israel from over 400-years of slavery and bondage, He provided their release with the “10-Plagues of Egypt.” He then took them to ‘Mount Sinai’, where He gave them the “10-Commandments” and the Law… by Moses. You can read God’s instructions in the books of ‘Exodus and Leviticus’. They were to be… “Under”… God’s Law, Precepts, Ordinances and Statutes. But they left them and… “Did what was right in their “Own”… ‘Eyes!’

(Proverbs 26:11) As a dog = returns to its vomit, = so = a fool = returns to his foolishness.

The book of Judges… chronicles their Backsliding, Spanking [by God], Confession of their “Sin/Sins” and Repentance back to God… but ‘only’ for a short period. They returned to their ‘Sin/Sins’… “OVER” & “Over” & ‘over’… Again! God sent deliverers… men to judge their enemies… to restore them to a nation… to whom God had called to be “His Special People”… as witness for Him. But, like a dog… they went back to their ‘Sin/Sins’…! Their “Lifestyle”… surely ‘did not’ show… that they belonged to God! They constantly continued, after the Heathen gods of the Land.

(Isaiah 43:10) You are = My witnesses, = says Jehovah [God], = and = My servant [Israel] = whom = I = have chosen; = that you = may know = and = believe Me, = and = understand = that I am He. = Before Me = no God = was formed, = nor = shall there be = after Me.

(Luke 24:48) And = you = are [My] witnesses = of these things.

May I simply say… I see the “Same Thing Happening”… among those that call the Blessed Name of Christ Jesus… and say He is… “Savior and Lord.” Yet they… “Do Not”… live out the “Word of God” in their Lives! About now, someone is saying… “We are ‘not’ to judge one another…!” Perhaps if you will simply turn to and read… “Isaiah 5:20” & “Isaiah 8:20”… and tell me what that Means…? Then tie these into… “Matthew 7:18-to-23”…? Tie these in together… and then “Look Again”… and tell my about… ‘the witness’ of… “The Many”… who say they are Christians…?

“IF”… You ‘Say’ that you are A Christian… “THEN”… is there “Enough Evidence”… ‘To Convict You’…?

What ‘exactly’ do I mean…? I post on several boards and always seem to have… Responses… from those that ‘Say’… that they are Christian… and Yet… “Do NOT”… hold to the Complete Authority of the Word of God. Did I miss something when Christ Jesus told the Devil… “Man does not live by bread alone… but by “Every Word” that comes from God… [Matthew 4:4 & Luke 4:4]…? Sorry “NO”, I know that I missed… ‘Nothing!’ God’s Word… contains the only, ‘spiritual’ and practical… principles for Life. Will you follow them… just the way you ‘say’… “You follow Jesus”… without… “Obedience to His Word”…?

(Ezekiel 2:7) And = you = shall speak = “My Words” = to them, = whether = they will hear = or = whether they will forbear, = for = they are [most] rebellious.

‘IF’ your house were “On Fire?… ‘Would You’… want me to “Tell You”…? I am often told… “You have no right to say ‘that’ to me!” My response mostly goes something like this. “IF God says something is wrong… ‘Who are You’… to say… it is Not?” Their response is usually like this. “You are just a [LP] “Legalistic Pharisee!” I then say to them, “Was John the Baptist an LP… for telling Herod = a non religious heathen… that he was an Adulterer”…? Usually there is… ‘No Reply!” How about theses… ‘Verses’…?

(Matthew 5:23-24) "So = IF = you are presenting = your gift [worship] = at the altar [Church] = and = remember [when] there = that your brother [sister] = has something = against you,
(Matt 5:24) = Leave = your gift there = before the altar = and = first go = and = be reconciled = to your brother. = Then come = and = offer your gift.

Well, I am in Christ and already ‘Forgiven’…! Or… ‘Didn’t you know that ‘THEY’… “Are Christians”… and already forgiven…? That is the “Liberalism” THAT I speak about! Real Christians… when they are… Confronted with God’s Word = and their ‘Sin/Sins’ = Not only ‘Confess it… but Also “Forsake that Sin”… And… “Make Restitution”…! This concept is revealed ‘Throughout the OT & NT’. How can ‘ONE’… ask forgiveness from God… and then… “NOT ASK IT”… from ‘the one’ that they have… “Sinned Against”…?

(Proverbs 28:13) He who covers his sins shall not be blessed; but whoever confesses and leaves them shall have mercy.

(Ezekiel 20:19) I am = Jehovah your God. = Walk in = My statutes, = and = keep My judgments, = and = “Do Them”,

(Hebrews 13:8) Jesus Christ = the same = yesterday, = and today, = and = forever.

How a ‘Hyperbole’ [exaggeration] …? I am a Christian and work in an accounting firm. I have control of the … ‘monies & securities’… for that ‘Firm’. I get tempted and “Steal” some ‘Barer Bonds [Ten Thousand ‘US’ Dollars– 10K].’ Because of the nature of such securities, I get away with it. I am ‘convicted about the Theft’ and… “Confess it to Jesus!” …I claim… “1John 1:9 – If we confess our sin, He is faithful to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Am I “Then” required to… “Give back the Monies or Securities”…? Please answer this question for yourself. …“Yes” = or = “No”…?

(Luke 19:8-9) Zacchaeus = stood up = and = said to = the Lord [Jesus], = "Lord, = I'll give half of my possessions = to the poor. = I'll pay = four times as much = as I owe = if = I have cheated = anyone = in = any way."
(Luke 19:9) Then Jesus = said to him, = "Today = salvation = has come = to this home, = because he, = too, = is a descendant = of Abraham.

This is an Biblical Example of “Real” Salvation…! Zacchaeus, at personal cost to himself… was willing to make… “Complete and Total Restitution” for what he had… “Cheated”… someone out of. Have ‘You’ cheated someone… using man’s law and thinking about it… then asked for… ‘Forgiveness from God’…? Did you make “Restitution”… or… did ‘You’ just… ‘Confess your Sin and then claim… “1John 1:9”…? If you did that… are you really Forgiven by God for your… “Cheating”…? Did you “Not Return”… those securities…?

(Deuteronomy 23:21-22) When you = shall = vow a vow = to Jehovah your God, = you = shall not wait = to pay it, = for = Jehovah your God = will surely = require it of you, = and = it would be = sin in you.
(Deut 23:22) But = if you = shall cease to vow, = it shall be = no = sin in you.

(1Timothy 5:24) Some men's = sins = are open = beforehand, = going before = to judgment. = And = some = they also = follow after.

Ok, do you get my ‘Point’…? “Confession” of ‘Sin/Sins’… without the “Repentance” that bears the… “Fruit of Restitution”… is “Not Forgiveness”…! No matter what “Anyone”… says or preaches! That is simply… “Liberal ‘Easy’ Believe-ism!” “No” responsibility, “No” Consequences, “No” Repentance, “No” sorrow for Sin and… “NO Responsibility” for that Sin…! Plain and Simple… that “IS NOT”… True Biblical Confession of… “Sin/Sins”…!

(Romans 6:1-2) What = shall we say = then? = Shall we = “Continue In Sin” = so that = [God’s] grace = may abound?
(Rom 6:2) “God Forbid!” = How shall = we who died = to sin [in & by Christ Jesus] = live = any longer = in it?

IF ‘One’ was… an Alcoholic before and comes to Christ for Salvation and… continues to “Drink, and Confess & Drink & Confess… is that one really… “Forgiven”…? How about if “One” was immoral and comes to Christ for Salvation and continues in that ‘Immorality’ [Adultery] … is that one really… “Forgiven”…? How about if one was a Thief before and comes to Christ for Salvation… continues to Steal … is that one really… “Forgiven”…? And I could go on and on and… ‘Plug In’… the entire list of Sin/Sins … is that one really… “Forgiven”…?

Do you understand… this point” I am trying to “Communicate to You”… about this “Symbiotic Link = Between”… “Forgiveness = Repentance & = Restitution”…? Just as there is One God… He chooses to ‘manifest or reveal’ Himself… in three distinct personages. The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Perhaps… just take some time and review these concepts. See how they tie together into “One ‘Separate’ but “Complete – Unit”…?

The Father = “Forgiveness”.

(Titus 3:5) Not = by works = of righteousness = which = we have done, = but = according to = His Mercy = He = saved us, = through the washing of regeneration = and = renewal of = the Holy Spirit,

The Holy Spirit = “Repentance”.

(John 16:7-to-11) But = I [Jesus] = tell you = the Truth, = it is expedient for you = that = I go away; = for =if I = do not go away, = the Comforter = will not come = to you. = But = if I = depart, = I will = send Him = to you.
(John 16:8) And = when that = One = comes, = He = will convict = the world = concerning sin, = and concerning righteousness, = and concerning judgment.
(John 16:9) Concerning sin, = because they = do not believe = on Me;
(John 16:10) Concerning righteousness, = because = I go = to My Father = and you = see Me = no more;
(John 16:11) Concerning judgment, = because = the ruler = of this world = is judged.

Christ Jesus = “Restitution”.

(1Corinthains 5:7-8) Therefore = purge out = the old leaven = so that = you = may be a new lump, = as you are = unleavened. = For also = Christ our Passover = is sacrificed = for us.
(1Cor 5:8) Therefore = let us = keep the feast; = not with old leaven, = nor with the leaven of malice = and = wickedness, = but with = the unleavened bread = of sincerity = and = truth.

(John 14:6) Jesus = said to him [Thomas], = I am = the Way, = the Truth, = and = the Life; = no one = comes to = the Father = but = by Me.

(Matthew 3:8) Produce “FRUIT” = that = is consistent = with = [True] Repentance!

No “Real” Christian… is Afraid of “The Word of God”… and OF: Confession = Repentance = & = Restitution…! “Only the ‘Pseudo’ Ones… ARE!”

(Luke 6:26) Woe unto you, = when = all men = shall speak = well of you! = For so did = their fathers = to = the false prophets.

(1Cointhians 2:14) But = the “Natural” man = does not = receive = the things = of the Spirit of God: = for = they are = “Foolishness” = unto him: = “Neither” = can he = Know [and understand] them, = because = they are = spiritually discerned.

Thank you for Your EAR! Roger //Email//

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

“Mind Control – 101”…Blog.

“Mind Control – 101”…Blog.

Someone asked a question… about ‘depression & fogginess in our minds’. Perhaps it is all up to us, because We have given over our… ‘Minds’… over to just ‘wrong’ thinking…? Could it really be that Easy? Absolutely… ‘Yes!’ How else does the… “Advertizing Media”… build a system of “Discontent”… so that we will go out and buy the “Latest & Greatest”… to fulfill some ‘Fantasy’ that they have created… in our minds.

How many have... gone out and bought a new… ‘Cell Phone with the G3 Network’… only to find in six months they are now… ‘Marketing the G-5!’ Video games too have made quantum leaps in the last six months. How about those ‘Green Vehicles’… which have a larger ‘Carbon Footprint’… than a conventional one? All of this is due to… “Mind Control!” You have simply given over your mind… ‘To be the prisoner of Advertizing’. Oh, had I only waited… for “X-Y-Z!”
Our “Brains” are… a lot like our “Stomachs”. What ‘we’ feed them… they will develop an “Appetite” for, either good or bad. How many clothes do you have in your closet…? How many have you… not worn… in the last six months? But, with the Thanksgiving Holidays and Christmas coming, you may need another ‘new one’ what? The Mind Control Question ‘is’… “Need or Want?” Who has your mind Now…?

During the World Wars… ‘Military Conflicts’ and other so called “Wars”… information was gathered. Nations on each side tried to… “Brainwash”… the captured prisoners in order to get… ‘Strategic Information’… about their enemies. Most of the procedures for captive prisoners are covered in the ‘Geneva Convention’. Not ‘all’ nations, that signed these rules… continue to abide by them. Of course the liberal press would do away with them or turn them against American Freedoms.

Our American economy… is based on the ‘buy and sell’ economics, of free trade, based on our extensive manufacturing history. Much that is done overseas has been based on the “American Model of Manufacturing”. This would not be possible… without some “Mind Control” …on the consumers of “Any” nation. Why are European food products… better than American Ones? In Japan, the American “Sake”… always wins top prize. But Japan has levied such a heavy ‘Import Tax’ that the USA can barely compete.

“Dissatisfaction” is the ‘Backbone’… of the Advertizing Media. That in itself is “Mind Control”. But the consumer… has allowed this ‘dissatisfaction’… to drive their ‘purchasing’ mentality. Why do you think that there are so many divorces? Wedding “Vows”… mean nothing… as do those Credit Card ‘agreements’… You signed. When hit with ‘usury’ or ‘special fees’… for Not making timely payments… one seems “To Forget”… that agreement that they signed. …“Credit Brainwashing”… has crippled the American Consumer.

“Entitlement” is another… form of ‘Mind Control’. Have you ever said or had someone say to you… “You Owe Me!” While shopping, I overheard one parent say to another, “Well all his friends in his grade… have cell phones!” Never mind that ‘most’ school boards have ruled against ‘Cells in School.’ Children, have been given the “Mentality of Entitlement”… by the media in ‘all’ areas. I bought and paid for my first car. Today’s kids… “Expect One”… as soon as they can drive! “Everybody has One”… “Why Not ME?”

(Philippians 2:5) For = let = this mind = be = in you = which = was also = in = Christ Jesus,

How about the “Christian”…?
Is their mind susceptible to this… “Worldly”… kind of brainwashing too? Absolutely, “Yes!” But they… “Do have, a different choice”… based on the Word of God! It is their choice “To… or Not To!” I have spent, for the past 30-years, the first hour of my day, in the Word of God. It is simply a ‘discipline’… that I have chosen based on… “Mark 1:35”. Even when I was working, “8-10-12-hour days”… I got up an hour early to hear …what God said… in His Word, The Bible.

(Romans 10:17) Then = Faith = is = of hearing, = and = hearing = by = the Word = of God.

(Luke 4:4) And = Jesus = answered him, = saying, = It is written = that = "man shall not = live = by bread alone, = but by = every = Word of God."

When a Christian… incorporates, “God’s ‘Living’ Word”… into their mind and soul… they are transformed. Our minds are… “Changed to God’s Standard”… and ‘not’ to that bondage of this world. It is changed from… ‘wants to needs’. Now don’t get me wrong… there is nothing wrong with something new and nice. But at what Price…? “Change… but to What?” Will I, put myself into ‘Financial Bondage’… to get a bigger house, a newer vehicle or even… “Just what ‘you’ now… thought about!”

(John 12:48-49) He = who = rejects Me [Jesus] = and = does Not = receive = My Words = has One = Who judges him; = “The Word” = that I = have spoken, = the same = shall = judge him = in = the last day.
(John 12:49) For = I = have not = spoken of = Myself, = But = the Father [God] = Who sent Me = gave Me = A Command, = what = I should say, = and = what = I = should speak.

This mind ‘change’… is not instantaneous! It comes from a heart, that is in tune with… the Word of God. It is one that flows out of “Obedience”… to the Written Word of God! Christ Jesus… Spoke ‘Nothing’ of Himself and… did ‘Nothing’ of Himself. As He was Obedient to The Father… so too… we need to be obedient to Him. The gateway… to ‘Your’ heart is through… “Your Mind!”

(Psalms 119:11) I = have hidden = “Your Word” = in = my heart, = so that = I = might Not sin = against You [Lord].

Some Christians ‘never’… Read & Study… “The Word!” They have questions about their “Faith”… or the ‘Lack Thereof’. They wonder Why… Others understand Spiritual Truth… and they remain ignorant [uninformed]. The ‘Reading & Study’… of the Word of God… gives us “More Faith”. We can see just how God worked in the Past… and what He has promised for the Future. Examples of “Obedience & Disobedience”… and the “Blessing & Consequences” can clearly be found… in the Word of God, “The Bible”.

(Romans 15:4) For = whatever things = were written = Before = were written for = our ‘Learning’, = so that = we = through patience = and = comfort of = the Scriptures = might have = Hope.

(2Corinthians 4:16) For this cause = we = do not faint; = but = though our outward man = is perishing, = yet = the inward man = is being renewed = “day by day”.

What, have ‘You’ been feeding “ON”…? About now you may simply ask… “But where do I start?” I go to Church… isn’t that enough? How come I have to read “The Word”… isn’t just knowing “Jesus”… just enough? It seems that those that ask a multitude of Questions… really do not want answers. In ‘sincerity’… Just open your Bible and ask GOD… “Where do I start… reading your Word? IF you do not hear ‘an answer’ in your spirit… when you quiet yourself… perhaps I may suggest… the “Gospel of Luke?”

(2Timothy 2:9) Wherein = I [Paul] = suffer trouble, = as an evil doer [from the Jews & the Romans], = even unto bonds [Jail]; = But = the “Word of God” = is = ‘Not’ bound [imprisoned].

(2Timothy 3:15-16-17) and = that from a child = you have known = the Holy Scriptures, = which are able = to make you wise = unto salvation = through faith = in Christ Jesus.
(2Tim 3:16) All Scripture = is God-breathed, = and = is profitable = for Doctrine [teaching], = for reproof [conviction evidence], for correction, = for instruction = in righteousness,
(2Tim 3:17) that the man [or woman] = of God = may be perfected, = thoroughly furnished = to = every good work.

(2Timothy 2:15) Study earnestly = to present = yourself = approved to God, = a workman = that does not need = to be ashamed, = rightly dividing [dissecting] = the “Word of Truth”.

Can you start a “New” Brainwashing Today? It will not happen overnight but will gradually replace some of that… “Stinking Thinking”… that you have been brainwashed with. Your thoughts will be ‘gradually’ replaced with… “The Mind of Christ = Philippians 2:5”. One more verse I would like to share with you, Please? I have used this verse and its principles… to retool my very ‘own’ thinking processes. It is simply based on the Holy Word of God… and the ‘Principles’ found therein…!

(2Corinthians 10:3-to-6) Of course, = we are living in the flesh, = But = we do not fight = in a fleshly way.
(2Cor 10:4) For = the weapons = of our warfare = are not those = of the flesh. = Instead, = they have = the power of God = to demolish [mental & spiritual] fortresses. = We demolish = arguments [against God’s Word]
(2Cor 10:5) and = every proud obstacle = that is raised = Against = the Knowledge of God, = taking = “Every Thought” = captive = in order = “To Obey Christ.
(2Cor 10:6) We are ready = to punish = every act of disobedience [1John 1:5-to-10] = when = your Obedience = is complete.

What will you do “Next”…? The choice of free will… is completely yours! You chose to… or not to… “Read & Study”… The Word of God! This is how… God Reveals… “Himself to You!” It is ‘not’ though song or even ‘Church’. It is ‘when’ His children… meet with Him… in “His Word”. Too simple… so that the world ‘cannot’ even understand it. Ask Him today… to meet with You… in His Word!

(1Samuel 3:21) And Jehovah [God] = appeared again = in Shiloh. = For Jehovah = revealed Himself = to Samuel = in Shiloh = by the Word = of Jehovah.

For Jehovah [God]…
Revealed Himself
To “___________” Insert your Name…!
In “___________” Insert your Town…!
By The Word… of Jehovah…!

Thank you for Your EAR! Roger //Email//

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Monday, October 19, 2009

“The ‘Dodecahedron’ – 101”…Blog.

“The ‘Dodecahedron’ – 101”…Blog.

Can you pass this ‘Test’…? Can you describe the math used in the concepts of the “Dodecahedron?” Have you had enough math courses in ‘Solid Geometry’ to understand this concept? Or do you even know what a… “Dodecahedron”… is and the variable concepts involving the ‘many variations’… of this object? Or are you ‘not’ even interested in… knowing about it… as a mental exercise?

As I thought about… writing a blog, I decided to share with you some concept… ‘To Challenge your Cognitive Processes!’ Did you know that ‘you’ may increase the workings of your brain… by mental exercises. Americans have the largest, ‘per-capita’ incidence of… “Alzheimer’s and Dementia”… probably caused by TV, Videos and those useless ‘non-mental’ activities. Physical exercise in moderation is to the body what… ‘Mental Challenges’… are to the “Brain”.

Multitasking has become… the backbone of our nation. Corporate and manufacturing downsizing have caused many ‘to wear more than one hat’. I remember in one position where I was working, before the plant closed, I was holding ‘five’ different positions and performing the work of ‘more’ than one person. My choice was to… ‘suck it up’… and continue to work… till they closed the doors. So it is with… ‘Many mothers with children’… who are daily required ‘to and do’… the Same!

Do you challenge ‘yourself’ daily…? Or are you just looking for ‘the easiest way’, to do what needs to be done? I often use the expression… “Work Smarter… Not Harder!” I am not speaking about that mentality… but the one that comes from within. It is… simply a discipline… for knowledge in not only one area… but in various ones. I love to travel overseas and domestically, as I had to do so for five years. It is a challenge in itself… to overcome… language and cultural barriers. So too… one can ‘Overcome’… “Mental Laziness!”

As the Brain… is exercised by thinking, we… so too is the spirit of mankind. I often shop for books at ‘garage sales’, to learn new things. So too… I like history and see how some trends… have repeated themselves. Fashion is much like that. The “Retro Clothing”… has come full circle. So have furniture and appliances, as people try to mentally re-capture the past.
Last night I watched… the History Channel. There were two stories in particular, the Kennedy assignation… and the Waco Texas “Fiasco”, run by our ‘Justice Department.’ Did I say ‘Justice?’ Well that is their… “Nomenclature Only”… and ‘Not” their practice. Often times, because the media is involved… bad decisions are made… in order to bring some assemblance of calm… to an intense situation. Someone in leadership… ‘did not’… think it through.

Some time ago… I was watching a History Program on the Secret Service. One of the retired officers was speaking and remarked that what he was to divulge… was no longer covered by… ‘SS’ regulations concerning information. He said that He was ‘on duty’ in Dallas, the evening before the ‘President Kennedy’ assignation. The Dallas, ‘Chief of Police’, brought “Two Prostitutes”… to Kennedy’s room; stayed about 15-minutes and then left. The women… stayed!

This ‘Secret Service’ Officer… stated because He had taken his… ‘Oath of office – to protect the president – even unto death… he did not leave his post. He spoke, that he could ‘not’ say or do anything, because of his protection assignment… for the President. He emphatically said… “Had I not sworn To Protect the President”, I would have… “Quit & Walked off the Job!” His disgust in the President’s Actions… brought a “Moral Outrage”… in his ‘heart and soul’. Some years later… “President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky”… did the same kind of travesty… without ‘any’ outcry, by the American public.

Why do I share ‘these’ facts…? First… Please allow me to ‘Quote the History Channel’. They by their own audit… said that… Their Facts… were ‘Only’ about “87% Accurate!” I often use… Multiple Sources… especially old books… because they are “Not” – ‘Politically Correct’.

It is to simply illustrate the… “Mental and Moral Degradation”… that has taken place in our society. Our mental faculties have been so poisoned by the “Politically Correct Thinking”… that we as a Sovereign nation… have left our “Founding Fathers” foundations… and have… “De-Evolved”… to that of a lesser nation… without Law equality, ‘Common Sense’ or ‘Morals’. Murders are not put to death, but many are paroled, some in less than 10-years!

Once ‘called’ a Christian Nation… where most of the people attended Church on Sundays, we have become ‘worse’ than that of our enemies. The Communists will not allow their people to “Believe in God Publically”… so too here, any “Born Again Christian”… who ‘Openly’ speaks… The Bible… is looked upon as a… ‘Religious fanatic.’ Speaking out Against… “Abortion – The Murder of Innocent Children – in their Mother’s Womb”… has come close to being a… ‘hate crime’.

Homosexuals are ‘Wrongly’… given a ‘minority status’… based on their ‘perverted sexual preference.’ IF you have studied History, then you will know that… “One of the Caesars – of Rome –had a ‘horse’… as his domestic partner!” Will those of ‘minority status’… be given American “for everybody’ health care”… via their “Veterinarian”… for their dog or horse or any other animal…?

(Isaiah 5:20) Woe = to those = who call evil good = and = good evil; = who put darkness for light = and = light for darkness; = who put bitter for sweet = and = sweet for bitter!

Has all ‘this’ information… motivated you “To Think”… or… have you, “like the Ostrich”… buried your… ‘Mental Capacities”…? The purpose of these varied thoughts were to simply… Open your mind to… “What has God, said about this in… ‘His’ Word – “The Bible?” Our nation or any other nation… cannot survive without a… “Moral Base of Right & Wrong”…! Situational Ethics are NOT what God had in mind when He gave the “10-Commandments”. Our society has changed it into… ‘The 10-suggestions’.

(Proverbs 14:34) Righteousness = lifts up a nation, = but = sin = is a shame = to any people.

(Psalms 33:12) Blessed is the nation = whose God is Jehovah; = the people = He has chosen = for His inheritance.

How about “YOU”…? What do you feed, your ‘Mind With’…? Do you each day… search the “Word of God”… for what He would speak to your soul… ‘About’…? You eat at least 3-times a day, some even more. But have you… “Fed your Soul”… with the Word that comes from God? Do you or can you… “Tell Good from Evil?” Do you speak out… without compromise… when you see a wrong? Or have you taken the… ‘back seat’… and are just along… for the ride of life…?

(2Corinthains 4:16) For this cause = we = do not faint; = but though = our outward man perishes, = yet = the inward man = is being renewed = day = by = day.

(James 1:21-22) Therefore = putting aside = all filthiness = and = overflowing of evil, = receive = in meekness = the implanted = Word [of God], = which is able = to save = your souls.
(James 1:22) But = become = doers of = the Word, = and = Not = hearers only, = deceiving = your own selves.

“Today” is the first day… of the rest of your Life! Now is what you have… not yesterday or tomorrow. You must make that ‘Cognitive Decision’… “To Decide to Obey God… and His Word!” But… how can you know what God expects of you and from you… “IF you do not read and study His Word… The Bible?” Do you even read your Bible… through once a year? Here is a simple plan…!

Ok, the Choice is Yours…!
Every sound decision ‘begins’ with a new beginning. Now is the time, begin where you are at… and forget the time and opportunities you have already missed. Make the most of your Bible… here and now… for Eternity.

Thank you for Your EAR! Roger //Email//

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

“The Virgin Mary – 101”…Blog.

“The Virgin Mary – 101”…Blog.

Are you “Open”… to a ‘discussion’ about this subject? Perhaps you have ‘just’ your religion and do not want to even examine this subject. On the other hand some… “You”… may be as I once was. I was raised in American, the third generation of a ‘Polish Catholic’ family. We attended Church every Sunday and there were a few statues and of course a ‘cross’… with Christ… still there. My grandmother’s house had quite a few more. I attended Catholic School… through the sixth grade where Catholic nuns taught us. Oh my knuckles were… sore from the ruler smacking! …LOL!

As a teenager… we attended Church most Sundays. When I left for service, in the “USAF”, I no longer attended Church. It was not until I was in my late ‘20’s’… till I looked for God. I once again looked for Him… in the Catholic Church and did not find Him there. Of course, all the trappings of the Catholic Church were still there, the Statutes, the Rosaries and Jesus… “Still on the Cross”. I went to search for Him… on my own.

(Jeremiah 29:11) For = I = know the purposes = which = I = am purposing for you, says = Jehovah [God]; = purposes of peace = and = not of evil, = to give you a future = and = a hope.
(Jer 29:12) Then = you = shall call = on Me, = and = you shall go = and = pray to = Me, = and = I = will listen = to you.
(Jer 29:13) And = you shall seek = Me = and find = Me, = when you = search = for Me = with all = your heart.

When one seriously… searches for “God”… ‘With their Heart’… they will find “Him” just as He has promised! It will be not in a religion… but in His Word. Each of us has a… ‘Point of Reference’. Without that we would just wander through life… ‘Aimlessly’. One cannot plan a trip, take a vacation or attend a family gathering without some… ‘definite plans.’ So to God, the God of the Bible… has some definite standards called… “His Word!” Perhaps I may share with you this example… from His Word?

(Romans 15:4) For = whatever things = were written before = were written for = our ‘learning’, = so that we = through patience and comfort = of the Scriptures = might have hope.

Up to that point… I had been searching for God… with my… “Former ‘Religious’ Training!” I was doing what I was taught. Was what I was taught… “Correctly = or ‘Not’?” Later on I realized that ‘ALL’ learning… includes… “Un-Learning!” This can be applied to almost every of ‘Life!’ Good financial decision… ‘Are’ often learned… by making bad ones… and suffering the consequences. Some adults learn from their mistakes… correcting them to make good ones. Still ‘others’ continue to make ‘the same bad ones’… “Over and Over again!” Still ‘Others’… learn from the mistakes of… ‘Others!’

(Leviticus 10:1-2) And Nadab and Abihu, = the sons of Aaron, = each = took his censer = and = put fire in it, = and = put incense on it, = and = offered ‘strange fire’ = before = Jehovah [God], = which = He = ‘had not’ = commanded = them.
(Lev 10:2) And = there went out = fire = from Jehovah = and = devoured them, = and = they died = before Jehovah.

God had given ‘Explicit Instructions”… in the previous “Ten Chapters”… on what exact procedure to follow in the worship of Him. This is one of those examples for… ‘Our Learning’… so that we would not… Make the same mistakes. Do you think the rest of ‘the worshipers’ there… learned a lesson of… “What to Do” and “What Not to Do?” But of course…! Only those of the priestly tribe of the Levites… were to be involved in such matters. So it is ‘not’ like that today, many pastors serve in churches… ‘Without the Heart knowledge of God’… and do not die.

(1Peter 1:22) Purifying your souls = in the obedience = of The Truth = through the [Holy] Spirit = to unfeigned love of the brothers, = love one another fervently = out of a pure heart,
(1Pe 1:23) having been = ‘born again’, = “not” of corruptible seed [religion], = but of ‘incorruptible’, = through = the living = Word of God, = and = abiding forever.

Not by ‘Religion’… but by the “Spirit of God”… is one ‘Born Again!’ When that happens, the Word of God… becomes alive only to those… in whom the Holy Spirit of God… ‘Dwells!’ He is the one that give us… “Understanding & Enlightenment”… of the Truth… found in God’s Holy Word… The Bible. Without “Him”… we ‘only’ have religion and a mental assent… towards the things of God. Without the Spirit of God… in our hearts… we have ‘only’ religion and “No Promise of Heaven!”

(John 17:17) Sanctify them = through = Your Truth. = Your Word = is Truth.

(Acts 17:11)
These people = were more receptive = than those in Thessalonica. = They were = very willing = to receive the message, = and = every day = they carefully = examined = the Scriptures = to see if those things = were so.

Perhaps now that… “The Truth”… has been established as “The Scriptures” we can go to them for Truth = “God’s Truth!” Sorry, No, I am not speaking about that ‘Religion’… that “Any” Churches teaches but… “Only” that Truth… from what God says in His Word. If you have come to this point and disagree… may I simply suggest that… “You are putting Your Thoughts and Your Learning”… above that of the ‘What’ God says in His… “Word of God = The Bible”…?

(Matthew 1:22-to-25) Now all this happened = so that might be fulfilled = that which was spoken = of the LORD = by the prophet, = saying,
(Matt 1:23) "Behold, = the virgin = shall conceive in her womb, = and = will bear a Son. = And they will call = His Name = “Emmanuel”, = " which being interpreted is, = God with us.
(Matt 1:24) And Joseph, = being roused from sleep, = did = as the angel of the Lord = commanded him = and = took his wife,
(Matt 1:25) and = did not = know her = until she bore her son, = the First-born. = And he [Joseph] = called = His Name = JESUS.

Who is “Mary”, the Mother of Jesus…? If you will read all four of the Gospels, you will find that Mary is the Mother of Jesus. She was conceived of the “Holy Spirit of God”… while yet being a ‘Virgin’. Yet in these verses… the Scripture says that… Joseph = ‘Knew’ = [Carnal Knowledge = Sexual Relations] = his wife = Mary = After she born her ‘Firstborn’… “Christ Jesus.” Those that preach and teach that… “Mary is still a Virgin”… are proved wrong… by the Scriptures.

(Mark 6:3-4) Is not this = the carpenter, = the son of Mary, = the brother of James = and = Joses = and = Judas = and = Simon? = And are not = His sisters = here with us? = And they were offended = at Him.
(Mark 6:4) But = Jesus = said to them, = A prophet is = not without honor, = except in his native-place, = and = among his own kin, = and = in his own house.

Did you ‘Notice’… “Jesus” had… “Four Brothers” and “Two Sisters”... mentioned in these Scriptures? How than can someone call… “Mary = A Virgin”… after having “Six Other Children?” Will you tell us… that all the other children, were ‘immaculately’ conceived? Absolutely Not! Joseph, her husband… fathered those brothers and sisters. Once a woman has had sexual relations, she is no longer a Virgin.

(1Timothy 2:5) For God = is One, = and = there is = “One” = Mediator of God = and = of men, = the Man Christ Jesus,

(Matthew 16:20) Then = He = warned = His disciples = that they should = tell no one = that He = was Jesus = the Christ [Messiah].

How about praying the “Rosary to Mary”…? Can she make any intercession to God, through her Son, Jesus… for any ‘that’ pray… ‘The Rosary?’ What does the above Scripture say…? “There is “ONLY One Mediator” = between Man = and GOD = ‘Christ’ Jesus!” When I was a child… I knew my heart was not right… and I prayed… ‘More Rosary’s’… than any of my Catholic classmates. It did me… absolutely no good. It only gave me a… ‘False sense of Religion’… because I prayed the Rosary.

(Matthew 12:47-to-50) Then one = said to Him [Jesus], = Behold, = Your “mother” = and = Your brothers = stand outside, = desiring = to speak with You.
(Matt 12:48) And = He = answered and said = to him who told Him, = Who is My “mother?” = And = who are = My brothers?
(Matt 12:49) And = He = stretched out = His hand = toward His disciples = and said, = Behold, = My mother = and = My brothers!
(Matt 12:50) For = “whoever” = shall do = the will of = My Father [God] in Heaven, = the “same” = is My brother = and = sister = and = mother.

1. Someone told Jesus that his mother and brothers were outside.
2. Jesus ‘did not’ tell them to make room and usher her to the front.
3. Jesus asked, ‘Who is my mother and my brothers?’
4. Jesus stretched out His hand and pointed it towards His other disciples.
5. He did not stretch out His hand… towards Mary, His mother or even His blood kin.
6. Jesus emphatically asked… ‘Who is “My Mother” and My brothers?’
7. Jesus emphatically Answered… “Those that do the will of =My Father God!’
8. Jesus emphatically Declared… the “Same” is My…. ‘Brother’ – First!
9. Jesus emphatically Declared… the “Same” is My…. ‘Sister’ – Second!
10. Jesus emphatically Declared… the “Same” is My…. ‘’ – “LAST!”

Let’s look at the ‘Order of Personage’… in these passages of Scripture? IF… “Mary”… was given any place of Honor as the Catholics Honor Her… wouldn’t Christ Jesus… “Have done the Same?” Absolutely Yes! But… He did “NOT”… give ‘Her’ any special ‘place of honor.’ If Christ Jesus didn’t… why do “You”… as I once did… in my ignorance. “Ignorance is only being Un-Informed!” It is not a sin. Yet when presented with the Truth… from the Word of God… we ‘must choose’… who we believe? “God and His Word?… or… ‘our religion’…?

You may open the "Word"… and search through all the ‘Four Gospels’ = Matthew, Mark, Luke and John… and you will see “No Special Place”… given to Mary the Mother of Christ Jesus as to her position of intercession and pray to Heaven. She was given a “Special Position and Place”… as the Human Mother of Christ Jesus. She was no longer a “Virgin” after the birth of her firstborn. Jesus’ brothers and sisters testify of those facts. Why then would any religion… call her… “The Virgin Mary”… when she is No Longer a Virgin…? ? ?

(Matthew 11:27-to-30) All things = are delivered to Me = by My Father. = And “no one” = knows the Son = except the Father. = Nor does = “anyone” = know the Father = except the Son, = and = “the one to whom” = the Son = will reveal =Him.
(Matt 11:28) Come to Me = “all you” = who labor = and = are heavy laden, = and = I = will give = you rest.
(Matt 11:29) Take = My yoke = on you = and “learn” = of Me, = for I am meek = and = lowly in heart, = and = “you” = shall find rest = to your souls.
(Matt 11:30) For = My = yoke is easy, = and = My = burden is light.

During this discussion… I made the statement that… “One has to ‘Un-Learn’ in order to Learn? Are you ready to… “Learn of GOD”… through “Christ Jesus”… and ‘to whom’.. He will reveal Him… through His Word…? How about now simply praying this simple prayer…?

Prayer: “Father God”… I have so much I do not understand… ‘Because I have had Religion… and not the “Truth of Your Word”. I am helpless to save myself from… My “Sin/Sins”. I know that YOU died on the Cross for me… and that YOU rose again on the third day. I do not understand it all, but as much as I understand… I now give up on my religion… and trust in Your Perfect Sacrifice for my salvation. The best that I know how… I trust You and Your Word. Thank You for giving me Your Truth from Your Word. Make me to behave as Your child as I obey Your Word… I ask this in Jesus Name and for Your Glory! Amen & Amen…!

(2Peter 3:18) But = grow in [God’s] grace = and = in knowledge of our Lord = and = Savior = Jesus Christ. = To Him = be the glory, = both now = and = to the day of eternity. = Amen.

(Romans 8:34) Who can condemn them? = Christ Jesus, = Who died = and = more importantly, = Who has been raised = and = is seated = at the right hand of God = is the One = Who is also = interceding for us!

IF you have prayed this prayer… please feel free to ‘email me’, for help in… “Growing in Grace and in the Knowledge of God”.

Thank you for Your EAR! Roger //Email//

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Friday, October 16, 2009

“Argumentum – 101” …Blog.

Argumentum – 101” …Blog.

Recently I saw this… as an asking for papers about a discussion of Abortion, from ‘Both Sides.’ Already there is about an equal number of responses from both perspectives. Perhaps if you will allow me to discuss this issue and examine your own… ‘Preferences’ = or = “Convictions”… on this subject. There seems to be a ‘National Confusion’ about this issue. The flavors of… ‘Political Correctness’ is Pushed by the Media to the… “Exclusion of the Other Side!”

As I hear the reasoning… it seems to be in the ‘Complete Favor’ of the woman’s body rights. This excludes that of the ‘Father’ and the “Unborn Innocent Child”. With the plethora of ‘Birth Control Products’ available, there seems to be… “No Excuse”… for an unwanted pregnancy. It does happen “Outside” of the choice of… ‘Responsibility & Common Sense’. When it rains, one wears a rain coat or takes an umbrella or both. One would commonly think that… ‘They’… do not even want such reasoning.

‘Women’s Rights’ have… ‘Excluded’… those of the “Unborn Innocent Child” and of those of the ‘Father’. Freedom from ‘Slavery’ is protected by the ‘14th Amendment of the Constitution’, but the “Unborn Innocent Child”… has no such protection. Even the “Father’s rights”… to have his ‘own child’ has been superseded by the US Supreme Court. Where is the “Equal Protection” under the Law, provided by the Constitution? It is ‘Non-Existent’… for the “Unborn Innocent Child and for the Father!”

The ‘Vocabulary’ has even… been ‘Changed’ to accommodate this ‘Travesty’ against the… “Unborn Innocent Child!” When a couple finds out about the pregnancy and want to keep the Child… it is called… “A Baby!” When the woman wants to Abort the… “Unborn Innocent Child”… it is called a “Fetus!” Latin for ‘Living thing’… it is now said to be… ‘Just tissue!’… and not a baby.’ Oh how you and many others have accepted their… “Lies as Truth?” That is just why you do not find… “Sonograms in an Abortion Mill!”

“All = that is necessary = for the triumph of evil = is that good people = do nothing.” …British statesman ‘Edmund Burke.’

When ‘Anyone’ speaks out…
for the “Life of the Innocent Unborn Child” they are called… “Religious Fanatics!” Strange in this land of ‘Supposed Freedoms’… those that would tell the ‘Truth’… are immediately… “Disparaged by words and innuendoes”. Bible Truth and Freedom of Speech… are both guaranteed by the US Constitution. Except in the minds of those that would allow harm to come to that… “Unborn Innocent Child!”

“You shall not kill”… Exodus 20:13.

Actually… in the Hebrew Old Testament, there are Five Hebrew Words translated into our English word ‘Kill’. In this verse, the word correctly translated would say… “You shall not take innocent life!” When a 9-year old girl is killed by a pedophile… there is an outrage by society and a call for his death. Yet the “Unborn Innocent Child”… has “No” such protection. All killing is not wrong. Had not the USA intervened in WW 2… we might all be speaking… “Nazi German or Japanese!”

(Genesis 4:8-9-10) And Cain = talked with his brother = Abel. = And it happened = when they were in the field, = Cain = rose up against his brother = Abel = and = killed him.
(Gen 4:9) And Jehovah God = said unto Cain, = Where is your brother Abel? = And = he said, = I do not know. = Am I = my brother's = keeper?
(Gen 4:10) And = He [God] said, = What have = you done? = The voice = of your brother's blood = cries to Me [God] = from the ground.

Here in America… since the “Roe-v-Wade Supreme Court decision”… we Americans have Killed… Over 50,000,000-Million… “Unborn Innocent Babies”… in the mother’s womb. They have been… “Sucked out in pieces” = “Poisoned with chemicals” and “Destroyed”… without even a tear being shed… by the staff of medical professionals! Those… “Clinics of Death”… the Non health care for the… “Innocent Unborn Children”… are like the Concentration camps of Nazi Germany!

Our USA Currency… has imprinted on it… “In God we Trust!” Most when asked, will reply that America is a ‘Christian Nation.’ Yet we, as a nation, claim to know ‘God’ and still say or do… ‘Nothing’… when it comes to the life of the… “Unborn Innocent Child!” We have even gone so far as to… Export our Abortion… to other countries. They too, have learned this “Killing of the Innocent Unborn Child” = Wrong’ = from our great nation? No nation is great that… Kills its future generations! No wonder there are so very many illegal aliens… here!

Perhaps I will give you… the benefit of the doubt… ‘You’… that have not had any children or not have known anyone that had any children? Perhaps you have held you peace… “Long Enough?” You really know what has been going on… and you have turned a deaf ear… to the silenced cries of those… “Innocent Unborn Children!” When will you speak out for them…? Here is a video of an abortion. I challenge you to simply watch what has really been going on.

What more can I say…? “Not to decide… is to Decide…! Perhaps speak out to God and tell Him that you have not taken the plight of those… “Innocent Unborn Babies?” Will you spend your day in your pleasures and in your life… and not remember those Babies…?

Thank you for Your EAR! Roger //Email//

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