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“Respect – For ‘WOMEN’? – 101” …Blog.

“Respect – For ‘WOMEN’? – 101” …Blog.

“Disclaimer: I neither “Accuse” nor “Excuse”… ‘Anything’… discussed in this Blog!” God’s Holy Word… is what we will “All”… Be Judged… “BY!”

*** (Proverbs 28:13) They that = cover their sins = shall ‘not’ be blessed; = but = whoever = confesses = and = ‘leaves’ them = shall have mercy.

“Wow”…! As I couldn’t believe my Eyes, when I read the ‘comment’; about ‘MEN’… Not respecting Women! Why do you think that IS…? Could it be that Women… Truly don’t Respect themselves…? Do women today, Yes, even those that ‘Say’–they are “Christian”… do they Respect Themselves…? IF a woman does not respect herself… why then… would or could… she expect… ‘Respect from Others’…? Do you see ‘where’ I am coming from…?

*** (1Peter 3:3-4) Your beauty = should ‘not’ be an external one, = consisting of braided hair = or the wearing of gold ornaments = and dresses.
(1Pet 3:4) Instead, = it should be the ‘inner disposition’ of the heart, = consisting in the imperishable quality = of a gentle and quiet spirit, = which is of ‘great value’ = in the sight of God.

*** (Proverbs 31:10-11-12) Who can find a woman of virtue? = For her value = is far above rubies.
(Pro 31:11) The heart of her husband = trusts safely in her, = so that he shall have no need of plunder.
(Pro 31:12) She will do him = good = and = not evil = ‘all’ = the days of her life.

*** (Proverbs 30:20) Such is the way = of an ‘adulterous’ woman; = she eats, = and wipes her mouth, = and says, = I have done ‘no’ evil.

*** (Ezekiel 16:44) Behold, = all who use proverbs = shall use this proverb ‘against’ you, = saying, = As the mother, = so is = her daughter.

Let’s get ‘one’ thing “Straight”…? “Many” today, who ‘Say’ they are Christian… do ‘not’ practice what the Bible teaches! “IF” you don’t believe me… simply ‘go’ into any Church on any Sunday morning… and see ‘HOW’… the Women are Dressed! Christian Mothers allowing their Christian Daughters… to dress like… “Whores”… showing off their Breasts and having Short Skirts! Say it isn’t So…? Instead of Holiness and Modesty and Class… the Women are Flouting their Sexuality! Yes the Single… as well as the Married Ones!

*** (1Thessalonians 4:3) For it is = God's will = that you be sanctified: = You ‘must’ abstain = from = sexual ‘immorality’;

*** (Ephesians 5:3-4-5) Do not let sexual sin, = impurity of any kind, = or greed = even be mentioned among you, = as is proper for saints.
(Eph 5:4) Obscene, = flippant, = or vulgar talk = is ‘totally’ inappropriate. = Instead, = let there be thanksgiving.
(Eph 5:5) For you know = very well = that ‘no’ immoral = or impure person, = or anyone = who is greedy (that is, an idolater), = has an inheritance = in the kingdom of Christ and of God.

*** (1Corinthians 6:18-19-20) Keep on running away from = sexual immorality. = Any other sin that a person commits = is outside his body, = but the person who = sins sexually = sins against his own body.
(1Cor 6:19) You know = that your body = is a ‘sanctuary’ of the Holy Spirit = Who is in you, = Whom you have received from God, = don't you? = You ‘do not’ belong = to yourselves,
(1Cor 6:20) because = you were bought for a price. = Therefore, = glorify God = with your bodies.

“Human ‘Sexuality’ – 101”…Blog. [1/3]

‘Need’ I or ‘Dare’ I… Speak of the ‘Over’… “Fifty Five Million = 55,000,000 = “Innocent Babes”… that have been “Murdered”… By “ABORTION”… in their Mother’s Wombs…? Yes the Mother’s signed the Consent for Medical Procedure… Not the Fathers…!

*** (Exodus 20:13) You = shall ‘not’ = murder = innocent life.

*** (Genesis 4:10) And He [God] said, = What have ‘you’ done? = The ‘voice’ of your brother's blood = cries to Me [God] = from the ground.

*** (Isaiah 26:21) For behold, = Jehovah comes out of His place = to punish the people of the earth = for their iniquity; = the earth ‘also’ = shall ‘reveal’ her blood, = and = shall no more ‘cover’ her dead.

The “Women” – ‘Keep’ the Morality… of ‘Any’ Nation! Before you women say anything; as ‘women’ often do, when I post on this subject; Women have the most to ‘Lose’ and the most to ‘Gain!’ They are the primary teachers of our “Next Generation!” They choose to raise their children, both sons and daughters. “OR”… they allow their; ‘Care Giver’… “To raise their Children!” Yes, the men have the Greater Responsibility in the Leadership and Spiritual Oversight and Training of their children. But often times… that has been ‘Short Circuited’… by the Women!

*** (Ephesians 5:33) Nevertheless = let every one of you = in particular = so love his wife = even as himself; = and = the wife see that = she ‘reverence’ = her husband.

*** (1Peter 3:7) In a similar way, = you husbands ‘must’ live with your wives = in an understanding manner, = as with a ‘most delicate’ vessel. = Honor them = as heirs with you = of the gracious gift of life, = so that ‘nothing’ = may ‘interfere’ = with your ‘prayers’.

*** (Genesis 3:6) And = when the woman = ‘saw’ that the tree = was good for food, = and = that it was ‘pleasing’ to the eyes, = and = a tree to be ‘desired’ = to make ‘wise’, = she ‘took’ of its fruit, = and ate. = She ‘also’ gave = to her husband with her, = and he ate.

*** (1Timothy 2:11-to-15) A woman ‘must’ learn = quietly = with ‘full’ submission.
(1Tim 2:12) Moreover, = I ‘do not’ allow = a woman to teach = or = to have ‘authority’ = over a man. = Instead, = she is to be quiet.
(1Tim 2:13) For Adam = was formed ‘first’, = then Eve.
(1Tim 2:14) And = it was ‘not’ Adam = who was ‘deceived’. = It was the woman = who was ‘deceived’ = and = became a ‘lawbreaker’.
(1Tim 2:15) However, = women will be saved = by having children, = if = they ‘continue’ to have faith, = love, = and = holiness, = along with good judgment.

Remember ‘You’ are “NOT”… disagreeing with me… but what God says; in His Holy Word! Yes women do not get Respect… because they “Do Not” respect themselves! Nor do they… “Require Respect”… from Men! I would Never speak to a Woman or Lady… the way I see posting on the Internet or even on the TV and in the Videos! Surely Hollywood… can ‘Pedal Flesh & Sexuality’… to make another dollar! When you continually… ‘Diet on that Garbage’… it affects your “Thinking Processes!” Say it isn’t SO…? Just how will ‘You’… “Dress”… after reading this Blog…?

*** (Titus 2:3-4-5) Likewise, = mature women = are to show their ‘reverence’ for God = by their behavior. = They are ‘not’ to be gossips = or = addicted to alcohol, = but to be = ‘examples’ of goodness.
(Tit 2:4) They should = ‘encourage’ the younger women = to be ‘lovers’ of their husbands, = ‘lovers’ of their children,
(Tit 2:5) sensible, = pure, = managers of their households, = and kind, = and to ‘submit’ themselves = to their ‘husbands’, = lest the Word of God = be ‘discredited’.

*** (1Timothy 2:9-10) Women, = for their part, = should ‘display’ their beauty by dressing = modestly = and decently = in appropriate clothes, = not by braiding their hair = or = by wearing gold, = pearls, = or = expensive clothes,
(1Ti 2:10) but = through good works. = This is ‘proper’ for women = who ‘claim’ = to have ‘reverence’ = for God.

*** (Hosea 10:12) Sow to yourselves = in righteousness, = reap in mercy; = break up your fallow ground. = For it is ‘time’ = to seek Jehovah, = until He comes = and = rains righteousness on you.

*** (1John 1:5-to-10) This is the message that we have heard from Him = and declare to you: God is light, = and in Him = there is no darkness = none at all!
(1Jn 1:6) If we ‘claim’ = that we have fellowship with Him = but = keep living in the darkness, = we are ‘Lying’ = and = the Truth = is ‘not’ in us.
(1Jn 1:7) But if = we keep living in the light = as He Himself = is in the light, = we have fellowship with one another, = and = the blood of Jesus = His Son = cleanses us = from ‘all’ sin.
(1Jn 1:8) If we say = that = we ‘do not’ have any sin, = we are ‘deceiving’ ourselves = and = the Truth = is ‘not’ in us.
(1Jn 1:9) If we = make it our habit = to ‘confess’ (And Forsake) [Proverbs 28:12] = our sins, = He is faithful and righteous = to forgive us those sins = and = cleanse us from ‘all’ unrighteousness.
(1Jn 1:10) If we say = that we have ‘never’ sinned, = we make Him [God] = a Liar = and = His Word = is ‘not’ in us.

*** (James 1:22) Keep on ‘being’ = Doers of the Word, = and = ‘not’ merely Hearers = who ‘Deceive’ themselves.

*** (Galatians 4:16) So = have I ‘now’ = become your ‘enemy’ = for telling you = the Truth?

Thanks, In Christ, Roger / Jeremiah 20:9.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Resolutions - 101 Blog.

“New Year’s ‘Resolutions’? – 101” …Blog.
*** (Luke 16:11-12) “IF” therefore = you have ‘not’ been faithful = in the unrighteous mammon, = who will commit = to your trust = The True Riches?
(Luke 16:12) And “IF” = you have ‘not’ been faithful = in that which is another man's, = who shall give you = that which is your own?
How many make ‘NY Resolutions’…? I am already making plans for the New Year. Sitting on my bookshelf… are Language Courses for… Russian, French, Italian, Chinese and of course Spanish! Some have been there over… “Two years!” …LOL! Well, there are ‘no’ excuses that I can make. But this year… by the Grace of God; I hope to be different. One
thing I will ‘not change’… is my ‘meeting’ with Christ Jesus… in His Holy Word… each and every = “Morning!”
*** (Mark 1:35) And in the morning, = rising up a ‘great’ while before day, = He [Jesus] = went out, = and = departed into a solitary place, = and = there prayed.
*** (2Corinthians 4:16-17-18) For which cause we faint not; = but though our outward man perish, = yet the inward man = is renewed = day by day.
(2Cor 4:17) For our light affliction, = which is but for a moment, = works for us = a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory;
(2Cor 4:18) While we look not at the things = which are seen, = but at the things = which are not seen: = for the things which are seen = are temporal; = but = the things which are not seen = are eternal.
*** (John 15:3) Now = you are clean = through the Word = which I [Jesus] = have spoken to you.
*** (Ephesians 5:26-27) that He [Jesus] = might sanctify and cleanse it = with the washing of water = by the Word [of God],
(Eph 5:27) that He = might present it = to Himself = as the ‘glorious church’, = without
spot or wrinkle = or any such things, = but that it = should be holy = and
without blemish.

How about “YOU”…? Have you made ‘any plans’ to help yourself to… “Grow Spiritually?” God, the God of the Bible gives His ‘real’ children His Grace… for each & every situation! But it is “Our Responsibility”… to be good Stewart’s of His Grace. Oh yes… the Bible does not say, “God helps those… that help themselves!” But it does say… He provides His Grace… and we
are to use it for “His Purposes”…! Are you His Disciple…?  Many say they Love JESUS… but ‘Never’… ‘Read & Study’… His Holy Word…!
*** (1Corinthians 9:27) No, I keep on = ‘beating’ my body = and = making it my ‘slave’ = so that, = after I have ‘preached’ to others, = I myself = will ‘not’ somehow = be disqualified.
*** (Ephesians 2:10) For = we are His ‘workmanship’, = created in Christ Jesus = to good works, = which God = has ‘before’ ordained = that we ‘should’ = ‘walk in them’.
*** (Titus 3:3-to-7) For we ourselves = ‘also’ were once foolish, = disobedient, = deceived, = slaving for various lusts and pleasures, = living in malice = and envy, = hateful, = hating one another.
(Tit 3:4) But when = the kindness and love = of God our Savior = toward
man appeared,
(Tit 3:5) ‘not’ by works of righteousness = which we have done, = but = according to His mercy = He saved us, = through the washing of regeneration = and renewal of the Holy Spirit,
(Tit 3:6) Whom = He poured out = on us ‘abundantly’ = through Jesus Christ our Savior,
(Tit 3:7) that being justified = by His grace, = we should become heirs = according to the hope of eternal life.
May I make a suggestion…? “IF”; you have never read ‘completely’ through the Bible… “Please”… do so this next year…? Simply alternate books, both OT and NT. Start out in Genesis and in Matthew. Read and take your time. One important thing to do first… is to “Prepare your Heart”… to hear & know God… through His Word. God’s Real Children… have been given His Holy Spirit… to teach them… His Truth! There will always be things that you do not understand... ‘right away.’ Simply move on… and then ‘meditate’ on the Word. It will come according to your heart and mind and understanding.
*** (2Chronicles 12:14) And he did = the evil = because = he ‘did not’ = prepare his heart = to seek Jehovah [God].
*** (Ezra 7:10) For Ezra = ‘had prepared’ his heart = to seek the Law of Jehovah, = and = to do it, = and = to teach statutes = and judgments = in Israel.
*** (Psalms 119:17-18) GIMEL: Deal bountifully with Your servant, = that I may live = and keep Your Word.
(Psa 119:18) Open my eyes, = so that I ‘may behold’ = wonderful things = out of Your Law [Word].
*** (John 16:13-14-15) However, when He, = the [Holy] Spirit of Truth, has come, = He will ‘guide’ you = into ‘all’ Truth. = For He = shall not speak of Himself, = but whatever He hears, = He shall speak. = And He will reveal to you = things to come.
(Joh 16:14) He will glorify Me [Jesus], = for He will receive of Mine = and will announce it to you.
(Joh 16:15) All things = that the Father [God] has = are Mine [Jesus’]. = Therefore I said that = He [The Holy Spirit] = will take of Mine = and will reveal it to you.
Being Teachable – 101 Blog [1/2]
Being Teachable – 201 Blog [2/2]
Without a ‘Plan’… and a ‘Goal’; one will often ‘wander’ from their Resolution. If you have ever dieted… you know of what I speak. Actually I am on a “Sea Food Diet!” I ‘see’ food and eat it! …LOL! In reality anything in life is worth Planning for. Some things cannot be helped… and are ‘Bona fide Happenstance”. Have you ever had a flat tire…? That is of what I am speaking. But if you want to go on Vacation… don’t you PLAN… Plan & plan…?
*** (Luke 14:28-29-30) For which of you, = intending to build a tower, = does not sit down = first = and count the cost, = whether he may have enough = to finish it;
(Luke 14:29) lest perhaps, = after he has laid the foundation = and is not able to finish, = all those seeing = begin to mock him,
(Luke 14:30) saying, = This man began to build = and = was not able to finish.
*** (1Corinthians 14:40) Let =  ‘all’ things = be done ‘decently’ = and = in ‘order’.
*** (Proverbs 27:23) You be diligent = to know the state of your flocks, = and = look well to your herds.
*** (Luke 4:4) And = Jesus answered him, saying, = It is written that = “man shall not live by bread alone, = but by every Word of God.”
“How do I know that the Bible”…? – 101 Blog
Do you have a “Note Book”…? I keep one near where I have my “Quiet Time”. I get my ‘coffee’, my Bible, notebook, pens and highlighter and sit down in my recliner. The Bible is not just another Book… it is a Living… Revealing… Truth! God never intended it to be ‘Static’… but “Dynamic” and “Life Changing!” IF the Holy Word of God… is not ‘changing’ your life… ‘Day by Day’… then something is “Wrong?” It is up to you… to yield yourself… just as Jesus… yielded Himself… to the Will of God! Seems though… we living Christians… want
to come down off the “Cross Given to US”…?
*** (Romans 12:1-2) I therefore urge you, = brothers, = in view of God's mercies, = to offer your bodies as living sacrifices = that are holy and pleasing to God, = for this isthe‘reasonable’ way for you = to worship.
(Rom 12:2) Do ‘not’ = be conformed = to this world, = but ‘continually’ be transformed = by = the ‘renewing’ of your minds = so that you may be able = to determine = what God's will is = what is proper, = pleasing, = and perfect.
*** (James 1:22) Keep on = being ‘Doers’ of the Word, = and = ‘Not’ merely hearers = who = ‘Deceive’ themselves.
*** (Luke 5:37-38) And = no one pours new wine = into old wineskins. = If he does, = the new wine will make the skins burst, = the wine will be spilled, = and the skins will be ruined.
(Luke 5:38) Rather, = new wine = is to be poured into = fresh wineskins.
*** (Ephesians 4:24-to-32) And you ‘should’ = put on the new man, = who according to God = was created in ‘righteousness’ = and = ‘true holiness’.
(Eph 4:25) Therefore = ‘putting away’ lying, = let each man speak Truth = with his neighbor, = for we are members of one another.
(Eph 4:26) Be angry, = and do not sin. = Do not let the sun go down = upon your wrath,
(Eph 4:27) Neither give ‘place’ = to the Devil.
(Eph 4:28) Let him who ‘stole’ = steal ‘no more’, = but rather let himlabor, = working with his hands = the thing which is good, = so that he may have something = ‘to give’ to him = who needs.
(Eph 4:29) Let ‘not any’ filthy word = go out of your mouth, = but = if any is good to building up = in respect of need, = that it may give ‘grace’ = to the ones hearing.
(Eph 4:30) And ‘do not’ grieve = the Holy Spirit of God, = by Whom = you are ‘sealed’ until = the day of redemption.
(Eph 4:31) Let ‘all’ bitterness = and wrath = and anger = and tumult = and evil speaking = be ‘put away’ from you, = with ‘all’ malice.
(Eph 4:32) And be kind to one another, = tenderhearted, = forgiving one another, = even as God = for Christ's sake = has ‘forgiven’ you.

How about IT…? Are you ready to allow God’s Holy Spirit… Transform your Heart… Mind and Soul…? God’s Holy Word and His Abundant Grace is Available… IF you will only Avail yourself… “To IT”… For the Glory of God!
Thanks, In Christ, Roger / Jeremiah 20:9.

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“Praying for Revival – 301” …Blog. [3/?]

“Praying for Revival – 301” …Blog. [3/?]

*** (Psalms 66:18) If = I = regard iniquity = in my heart, = Jehovah [God] = will ‘not’ hear;

*** (Act 17:11) These people = were more receptive than those in Thessalonica. = They were ‘very willing’ to receive the Word, = and = ‘every day’ = they ‘carefully’ examined = the “Scriptures” = to see = ‘IF’ = those things were so [or not].

Once Again… “Why” are ‘You’; “Praying for Revival”…? We are given the Scriptures… to show us the “Heart & Mind & Will of GOD!” He reveals Himself… ‘by and through’… “His Holy Word!” In the essence of Truth… “God’s Truth”… He used His Word; to communicate “His Will”… which ‘Always’ is in “Complete Agreement”… with His Word! “Never”… will God… ‘Violate His Holy Word!’ Never, has He failed to keep it; unlike we humans; who often have our ‘own’ agenda!

*** (John 17:17-18-19) Sanctify them = by the Truth. = Your Word = is Truth.
(Joh 17:18) Just as You [God] = sent Me [Jesus] into the world, = so I have sent them = into the world.
(Joh 17:19) It is for their sakes = that I sanctify myself, = so that they, = too, = may be sanctified = by the Truth.

*** (Numbers 23:19) God is not a man = that He should lie, = neither the son of man = that He should repent. = Has He said, = and shall He not do it? = Or has He spoken, = and = shall He not make it good?

*** (Hebrews 13:8) Jesus Christ = the “SAME” = yesterday = and today = and = forever.

*** (Matthew 4:4) But He [Jesus] = answered and said, = It is written, = "Man shall ‘not’ live by bread alone, = but by ‘every’ Word = that proceeds out of the mouth of God."

How well do ‘You’… “Know God’s Holy Word?” Sorry No, I am not speaking about ‘Christianity’… But… “His Holy Word?” Many can share about their Church; their favorite Songs; and even about what they ‘think’… they know about “Prophecy”. They read what is posted and shared from their Christian friends… “Without Ever”… “Validating It”… from the Scriptures! They often use… “God Speak”… which is “NOT” Scriptural…! Do you ‘Not Know’… that “Satan comes as an Angel of Light”; and… so do his ‘disciples!’

*** (Ephesians 5:-9-10-11) For the fruit of the Spirit = consists of every form of = goodness, = righteousness, = and = Truth.
(Eph 5:10) Proving = what pleases = the Lord,
(Eph 5:11) and = have ‘nothing’ to do = with the unfruitful works of darkness. = Instead, = ‘expose’ them = for ‘what’ they are.

*** (2Corinthians 11:13-14-15) For such ones = are false apostles, = deceitful workers, = transforming themselves = into the apostles of Christ.
(2Co 11:14) Did not = even Satan = marvelously transform himself = into an angel of light?
(2Co 11:15) Therefore it is no great thing = if his ministers = also transform themselves = as ministers of righteousness, = whose end shall be according to their works.

*** (Matthew 24:23-24-25) Then = if any man shall say to you, = Lo, = here is Christ! = Or, There! = Do not believe it.
(Mat 24:24) For false Christ’s = and = false prophets will arise = and = show great signs = and wonders; = so much so that, = if it were possible, = they would ‘deceive’ = even the elect.
(Mat 24:25) Behold, = I [Jesus] = have told you = beforehand.

*** (2Peter 2:1-2) But = there were also = ‘false prophets’ = among the people, = even as there will be = ‘false teachers’ among you, = who ‘secretly’ will bring in = destructive heresies, = even denying the Master = Who bought them, = bringing on themselves = swift destruction.
(2Pet 2:2) And “Many” = will follow their pernicious ways, = and = because of them = the way of Truth [The Scriptures] = will be evil spoken of.

Dreams & Visions – 101 [1/6]

In order to “Pray for Revival”… ‘One’ must know ‘what’ the Scriptures… “Say!” Repeatedly posted in these blogs was this… “Question”

*** (Jeremiah 7:16) Therefore do not pray = for this people, = nor = lift up cry = nor prayer for them, = nor = make intercession to Me [God]; = for I will ‘not’ hear you.

Please Answer… “Why”… did God… ‘Command’ this… of Jeremiah…? ? ?

If you have studied… the OT Prophets… “Over and Over Again”; God ‘commanded’ them to… “Return from your Sins.” “Repent!” Christ Jesus… ‘Commanded’ to Preach; “Repentance!” God Himself has Commanded… “All Men–Everywhere–To Repent!” And yet… ‘Many’ simply say… “Just ‘Believe’ in Jesus!” Someone has… “NOT”… been telling the “Complete TRUTH!” Surely you know… “John 7:38-39: As the ‘Scriptures’… have Said?” And yet… many continue to say… “Simply believe in Jesus!”

*** (Ezekiel 33:11) Say to them: = As I live, = says the Lord Jehovah, = I have ‘no delight’ = in the death of the wicked, = except in the turning of the wicked = from his way, = and so to live. = Turn, = turn = from your ‘evil’ ways; for why = will you die, O house of Israel?

*** (Luke 24:46-47-48) And He [Jesus] = said to them, = So it is written, = and = so it behooved Christ = to suffer = and = to rise from the dead = the third day,
(Luke 24:47) and = that ‘Repentance’ = and remission of sins = should be ‘proclaimed’ = in His name = among ‘All’ nations, = beginning at Jerusalem.
(Luke 24:48) And = you are witnesses = of these things.

*** (Acts 17:30-31) Though God = has overlooked those times of ignorance, = He now commands = ‘everyone’ = ‘everywhere’ = to “Repent”,
(Act 17:31) for He = has set ‘a day’ = when He is going to = judge the world = with justice = through a Man [Jesus] = He [God] has appointed, = and He [God] = has given proof of this = to everyone = by raising Him [Jesus] =from the dead."

Do ‘YOU’ Present an “Unbalanced Gospel”…?
Unbalanced – 101 Blog.

*** (1Corinthians 16:22) If ‘anyone’ = does not love = the Lord Jesus Christ, = let him [her] = be Accursed [Damned]. = The Lord comes [Again]!

Heaven & Hell – 101 Blog [1/2]

How ‘Many’ share “Damnation”… for those “Rejecting”; Christ Jesus and the Scriptures…? If you are ‘Not’… then you are sharing… “Something Different”… than the Hear & Mind… of God; found in His Holy Word! Our nation and many others… are so concerned about; ‘Not Offending Anyone’… they Simply “DISOBEY”… what God has spoken in His Holy Word…! IF you do that… then “HOW” do You… “Pray for Revival”…? If revival does come… will you then… “Share a Corrupted”… ‘Watered Down’… “Idea of God and His Holy Requirements”…?

*** (1Corinthians 14:40) Let ‘All’ things = be done ‘decently’ = and = ‘in order’.

*** (1Corinthians 14:32) And the spirits of the prophets = are subject to the prophets. [True of False]. Also see… 1Kings 22:20-to-23!

*** (Hebrews 5:11-14) We have much to say = about this, = but it is difficult to explain = because = you have become = too lazy = to understand.
(Heb 5:12) In fact, = though by now you should be teachers, = you still need someone = to teach you the basic truths = of God's Word. = You have become people = who need milk = instead of solid food.
(Heb 5:13) For everyone = who lives on milk = is still a baby = and = is inexperienced = in the message of righteousness.
(Heb 5:14) But solid food = is for mature people, = whose minds = are trained by practice = to distinguish good from evil.

*** (Hebrews 10:28-to-31) Anyone who violates the law of Moses = dies ‘without’ mercy = on the testimony of two or three witnesses.
(Heb 10:29) How much = more severe a punishment = do you think = that person ‘deserves’ = who tramples on God's Son, = treats as common the blood of the covenant = by which it was sanctified, = and = blasphemes the Spirit of grace?
(Heb 10:30) For we know = the One = Who said, = "Vengeance belongs to Me; = I will pay them back," = and again, = "The Lord = will ‘judge’ = His people."
(Heb 10:31) It is a terrifying thing = to fall into the hands = of the living God!

*** (1Corinthians 5:4-5-6) When you are gathered together = in the name of our Lord Jesus = and my spirit = and the power of our Lord Jesus are present,
(1Co 5:5) hand this man = over to Satan = for the ‘destruction’ of his flesh, = so that his spirit may be saved = on the Day of the Lord.
(1Co 5:6) Your boasting is not good. = You know that a little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough, don't you?

This “Cross Contamination” of ‘SIN’… has caused the Modern Church; to present a “Watered Down” Gospel; “Acceptable to All”… even to those that ‘Continue to SIN!’ Today… “Many”… Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists and ‘whatever’ they ‘Call Themselves”; purposely do Not… ‘Preach & Teach’… the “Truth of the Scriptures!” Seldom, if ever… does one ‘hear’ about Damnation and Judgment of Christ… “Who will Judge All Mankind”… according to His Holy Word! “Many” make Christ Jesus… to be an impotent… ‘get along with everyone’… ‘take it or leave it’… “Man and NOT GOD”… as “He Is GOD”…! The Church… “Graces Away SIN/SINS”… and simply ‘says’… “We are All… under God’s Grace!” Sorry NO… Only His… and HE spanks His Own; when they need it!

*** (1Peter 4:17-18) For the time has come = for the judgment = to begin = from the house of God. = And = if it first begins from us, = what will be the end = of those disobeying = the gospel of God?
(1Pet 4:18) And if = the righteous one is scarcely saved, = where shall the ungodly = and the sinner appear?

Entrapment - 101

Continued next Blog…

In Christ Jesus, Roger / “Ezekiel 33:31”.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

“Praying for Revival – 201” …Blog [2/?]

“Praying for Revival – 201” …Blog [2/?]

*** (Isaiah 1:18-20) Come now, and let us reason together, = says Jehovah [God]; = though your sins are as scarlet, = they shall be as white as snow; = though they are red like crimson, = they shall be like wool.
(Isa 1:19) If = you are willing and obedient, = you shall eat the good of the land;
(Isa 1:20) but if = you refuse and rebel, = you shall be devoured with the sword; = for the mouth of Jehovah has spoken.

*** (Malachi 3:6) For = I am Jehovah [God], = I change not. = Because of this = you sons of Jacob = are not destroyed.

Did you read the ‘First’ blog… in this series; “Praying for Revival?” Did you ‘also’, check out those blog links; provided for the ‘additional’ resource information…? “If Not… why Not?” May I share an experience? When I was a ‘brand new’ Christian; I thought “All” one had to do… was to speak the Word; and sinners would… “Automatically come to Christ!” Since then and after much study; the Scriptures ‘do not’ portray an instantaneous… ‘Coming to Christ!’ Perhaps spend some time and “Examine”… what “Evangelism”… Really Means? What does the above… “Isaiah 1:18-20” … mean, in the way one comes to Christ?

*** (1Corinthians 3:6) I [Paul] have planted, = Apollos watered; = but God = gave the increase.

*** (Acts 2:47) praising God = and having favor = with ‘all’ the people. = And = the Lord added = to the church = ‘daily’ = those ‘who’ were being saved.

*** (John 6:44) No one can come to Me [Jesus] = unless = the Father [God] = Who has sent Me = draw him, = and = I will raise him up = at the last day.

*** (Luke 24:44-48) Then He [Jesus] said to them, = "These are my words = that I spoke to you = while I was still with you = that ‘everything’ = written about Me = in the law of Moses, = the Prophets, = and the Psalms = had to be fulfilled."
(Luke 24:45) Then He opened their ‘minds’ = so that they might = come to understand = the Scriptures.
(Luke 24:46) He said to them, = "Thus it is written, = that the ‘Christ’ [Messiah] = was to suffer = and to rise from the dead = on the third day,
(Luke 24:47) and = that ‘Repentance’ = and ‘forgiveness’ of sins = is to be proclaimed = in His Name = to “All” = the nations, = beginning at Jerusalem.
(Luke 24:48) You are = ‘witnesses’ = of these things.

Eleven Part ‘Blog’… “Evangelism – 101”

Are you a “Soldier” of Christ…? If you are; ‘You’ first had to be a ‘Convert’… and then a ‘Disciple’… and then a ‘Soldier’…! If you believe on Jesus… as He said… “John 7:38-39”… and “Truly Believe” [Acts 15:8-9]… then You are given God’s Holy Spirit… to teach you His Holy Word [John 16:13-15]! Without the Holy Spirit… you may only have someone else’s… “Opinions about Jesus!” Many ‘talk’ about Him… but even ‘fewer’… have diligently “Read & Studied”… His Holy Word. No Soldier goes out to Spiritual Battle… without Spiritual Weapons!

*** (Ephesians 6:17) And take the helmet of salvation, = and = the sword of the Spirit, = which is = the Word of God,

*** (2Timothy 2:3-4-5) Therefore = endure hardness, = as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.
(2Tim 2:4) No one who = wars entangles himself = with the affairs of this life, = that he may please Him [Christ] = Who chose him = to be a soldier.
(2Tim 2:5) And also = if anyone competes, = he is not crowned = unless = he competes lawfully.

*** (1John 2:12-13-14) I write to you, = little children, = because your sins are forgiven you = for His Name's sake.
(1Jn 2:13) I write to you, = fathers, = because you have known Him = Who is from the beginning. = I write to you, = young men, = because = you have overcome the evil one. = I write to you, = little children, = because you = have known the Father.
(1Jn 2:14) I write to you, = fathers, = because = you have known Him = Who is from the beginning. = I have written to you, = young men, = because you are strong, = and = the Word of God abides in you, = and = you have overcome the evil one.

*** (2Chronicles 32:8) With him is an arm of flesh, = but with us = is Jehovah our God = to help us = and to fight our battles. = And the people rested themselves on the words of Hezekiah king of Judah.

*** (Zechariah 4:6) Then he answered and spoke to me, saying, = This is the Word of Jehovah = to Zerubbabel, saying, = Not by might, = nor by power, = but by My Spirit, = says Jehovah of Hosts.

Each ‘one’ of us… Who is Born Again by God’s Holy Spirit; is part of the Body of Christ, the True Church! We do “NOT”… make up some “Denomination”; for denominations are ‘Man Made!’ We are ‘all’… at differing levels of “Spiritual Maturity”; and growing at ‘different’ rates. Some ‘still’ remain babies after some time. Some have ‘backslidden’ and are ready to be ‘Chastened’ [Spanked] by God! And some have been taken ‘home’, because of their sin. Simply read about the “Seven Churches” of Revelation ‘2&3’… and see their “Characteristics?”

*** (Romans 12:3-4) For I say, through the grace given unto me, = to every man that is among you, = ‘not’ to think of himself = more highly than he ought to think; = but to think ‘soberly’, = according as God = has dealt to every man = the ‘measure’ of faith.
(Rom 12:4) For as we have = ‘many’ members in one body, = and = ‘all’ members = have ‘not’ = the same ‘office’ [Calling or Position]:

*** (Hebrews 12:6-7-8) For the Lord ‘disciplines’ = the one he loves, = and He ‘punishes’ = every son = He accepts."
(Heb 12:7) What you endure = is for the sake of ‘discipline’. = God is treating you = as sons. = Is there a son = whom his father = does not discipline?
(Heb 12:8) Now if you = are without any discipline, = in which ‘all’ sons share, = then you are illegitimate [Bastards] = and = ‘not’ His sons.

*** (1Corinthians 11:30-31-32) That's why = so ‘many’ of you = are weak = and sick = and a ‘considerable’ number = are dying.
(1Cor 11:31) But if = we judged ourselves = correctly, = we would ‘not’ be judged.
(1Cor 11:32) Now, = while we are being = ‘judged’ by the Lord, = we are being ‘disciplined’ = lest we be ‘condemned’ = along with the world.

Are You ‘praying’ for Revival… ‘without’ knowing these things? How then… are you going to “Correctly Communicate”… the Truth of God’s Holy Word! Are you a Disciple of Christ… who is willing to Suffer for Christ… should the need arise? Many have had things in their life as only as they have desired. Many have not sought to be “Disciples” of and for… “Christ Jesus”, the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings…! Without that “Agenda”… can you really pray for ‘Revival’…?

*** (Matthew 10:34-39) "Do not think = that I [Jesus] = came to bring ‘peace’ = on earth. = I did ‘not’ come = to bring peace = but a sword!
(Mat 10:35) For I came = to turn 'a man = against his father, = a daughter against her mother, = and a daughter-in-law = against her mother-in-law.
(Mat 10:36) A person's ‘enemies’ = will be members = of his ‘own’ family.'
(Mat 10:37) "The ‘one’ = who loves his father or mother = more than Me [Jesus] = isn't worthy of Me, = and the one = who loves = a son or daughter = more than Me = isn't worthy of Me.
(Mat 10:38) The one = who doesn't = take up his cross = and follow Me = isn't worthy of Me.
(Mat 10:39) The one = who finds his life = will lose it, = and = the one who loses his life = because of Me = will find it."

*** (2Peter 3:15-16) And think = of the long-suffering of our Lord = as salvation = as our beloved brother Paul = also has written = to you = according to the wisdom = given to him
(2Pet 3:16) as also in all his letters, = speaking in them of these things; = in which are some things hard to be understood, = which the unlearned and unstable = pervert, = as also they do the rest of the Scriptures, = to their own destruction.

*** (Matthew 7:21-22-23) Not everyone = who says to Me [Jesus], = Lord! = Lord! = Shall enter the kingdom of Heaven, = but he who ‘does’ = the will [Word] of My Father [God] in Heaven.
(Matt 7:22) “Many” = will say to Me [Jesus] = in that day, = Lord! = Lord! = Did we not ‘prophesy’ = in Your Name, = and = through Your Name = ‘throw out demons’, = and through Your Name = do ‘many’ wonderful works?
(Matt 7:23) And = then I [Jesus] = will ‘say’ to them = I [Jesus] = ‘never’ knew you! = Depart from Me, = you practicing = ‘lawlessness!’

False Christians – 101 [1/4]

*** (Jeremiah 12:5) If you have run with footmen, and they wore you out, then how can you compete with horses? And if you feel secure in the land of peace, then how will you do in the swelling of the Jordan?

Continued ‘next’ Blog.

*** (Jeremiah 7:16) Therefore do not pray = for this people, = nor = lift up cry = nor prayer for them, = nor = make intercession to Me [God]; = for I will ‘not’ hear you.

Please Answer… “Why”… did God command this of Jeremiah…? ? ?

In Christ Jesus, Roger / “2Corinthians 5:18-to-21”.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

“Praying for Revival – 101” …Blog. [1/?]

“Praying for Revival – 101” …Blog. [1/?]

*** (Psalms 66:18) If I regard iniquity = in my heart, = Jehovah = will ‘not’ hear;

*** (James 4:4-to-10) You adulterers! Don't you know = that friendship with the world = means war with God? = So whoever wants to be a friend of this world = is an ‘enemy’ of God.
(Jas 4:5) Or do you think the Scripture means nothing = when it says that the Spirit that God caused to live = in us jealously = yearns for us?
(Jas 4:6) But He [God] = gives all the more grace. = And so He says, = "God opposes the arrogant = but gives grace to the humble."
(Jas 4:7) Therefore, = submit yourselves to God. = Resist the devil, = and he will run away from you.
(Jas 4:8) Come close to God, = and He will come close to you. = Cleanse your hands, = you sinners, = and = purify your hearts, = you double-minded [Believers].
(Jas 4:9) Be miserable, = mourn, = and cry. = Let your laughter = be turned into mourning, = and your joy into gloom.
(Jas 4:10) Humble yourselves = before the Lord, = and He will exalt you.

Why do ‘You’… “Pray for Revival”…? That is an ‘honest’ question… that requires an ‘honest’ answer; from “You!” Are their ‘conditions’ which cause God… “Not to hear your Prayers?” Surely, you do not want to be, as the Pharisees; “Who worship God with their lips… but their hearts were far from them [Mark 7:6]?” Surely it is not so you can have an ‘easy life’ and ‘financial security’… or… “Is It?” There is ‘only’ one reason… to pray for Revival: “It is so that God would be Glorified!”

*** (John 14:13) And whatever you may ask = in My name, = that I [Jesus] will do, = so that the Father [God] may be glorified in the Son [Jesus].

*** (James 4:3) You ask for something = but do not get it = because = you ask for it for the wrong reason = for your own pleasure.

*** (Matthew 5:23-24) Therefore if you = offer your gift on the altar, = and = there remember that your brother = has ‘anything’ against you,
(Mat 5:24) leave your gift there before the altar and go. = First = be reconciled to your brother, = and = then come and offer your gift.

All Prayer is Conditional...!

“IF” you will spend the ‘Time’… and study this blog on prayer; you will see that God, the God of the Bible; has ‘conditions’ for hearing… “Prayers to Him!” Why should God hear your prayers Anyway…? Many who claim to be Christians are… “NOT Truly Born Again!” They have a Church and play [Pseudo] Christian Music and speak that ‘God Talk’… but never ‘Read & Study’… His Holy Word! They know “Nothing”… about Obedience to His Holy Word… and don’t care to. They are deceived by “Grace Thoughts”… and excuse away SIN/SINS… in themselves and in others. Never ‘once’ do they think about… “Obeying the Holy Word of God!”

*** (Luke 6:46) "Why do you keep calling Me [Jesus] = 'Lord, = Lord,' = but = don't ‘do’ = what I [Jesus] = tell you?

*** (James 1:22) Keep on being = Doers of the Word, = and Not = merely hearers = who Deceive themselves.

*** (1Corinthians 2:10-to-16) But God has revealed them to us = by His [Holy] Spirit; = for the Spirit searches all things, = yea, the deep things of God.
(1Co 2:11) For who among men = knows the things of a man = except the spirit of man = within him? So also = no one knows = the things of God = except = the Spirit of God. [Romans 8:9]
(1Co 2:12) But we have not received = the spirit of the world, = but the [Holy] Spirit from God, = so that we might ‘know’ = the things that are ‘freely given’ = to us by God. [John 16:13-15]
(1Co 2:13) These things we also speak, = not in words which man's wisdom teaches, = but = which the Holy Spirit teaches, = comparing spiritual things = with spiritual.
(1Co 2:14) But the natural man = ‘does not’ receive = the things of the Spirit of God, = for they are ‘foolishness’ to him; = neither can he know them, = because they are spiritually discerned.
(1Co 2:15) But he who is spiritual = judges all things, = yet he himself is judged by no one.
(1Co 2:16) For who has known the mind of the Lord, = that he may instruct Him? = But we have the mind of Christ.

“Many” today… especially here in America; think that God ‘owes’ them a good life and prosperity; because it has mostly been so. Europe and Asia have been ravaged again and again… by world wars and military conflicts. “When”… I had thought about ‘Revival’ in America; surely it would have happened after “9-11”! But it did “NOT”… because the hearts of those Many Unbelievers… were “NOT”… Truly Seeking God and His Glory! All they wanted… was an escape from Terrorism!

*** (Romans 2:4-5-6) Or do you despise the riches of His kindness, = and the forbearance and long-suffering, = not knowing that the kindness of God = leads you to repentance?
(Rom 2:5) But according to your hardness = and your impenitent heart, = do you treasure up wrath for yourself = in a day of wrath and revelation = of the righteous judgment of God,
(Rom 2:6) Who will render to each according to his works;

*** (Amos 4:6-to-11) And I [God] also = have given you cleanness of teeth in all your cities, = and lack of bread in ‘all’ your places, = and you have ‘not’ returned to Me, says Jehovah.
(Amos 4:7) And I have also = withheld the rain from you, = when there were yet three months to the harvest. = And I caused rain to fall on one city = and caused it not to rain on another city; = one piece was rained on, = and the piece on which it did not rain = dried up.
(Amos 4:8) So two or three cities = wandered to one city to drink water, = but they were not satisfied; = yet you have not returned to Me, = says Jehovah.
(Amos 4:9) I have stricken you with blasting and mildew. = When your gardens and your vineyards, = and your fig trees = and your olive trees increased, = the creeping locust ‘devoured’ them; = yet you have not returned to Me, = says Jehovah.
(Amos 4:10) I have sent the plague among you in the way of Egypt; = I have slain your young men with the sword, = and have taken away your horses. = And I have made the stench of your camps = to come up into your nostrils; = yet you have not returned to Me, = says Jehovah.
(Amos 4:11) I have overthrown some among you, = as God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah, = and you were like a firebrand plucked out of the burning; = yet you have not returned to Me, = says Jehovah.

“IF” the tragedies of Life… ‘Do Not’ drive you to God and to His Holy Word… “OR”... the Goodness of God and His past favor… “Will NOT”… Drive you to Repent; then don’t expect a Revival to! Many of the OT Prophets and ‘men of God’ [1Kings 13:All]… came time and again and again… to God’s chosen people… “Israel!” Time and again… from the times of the Judges through Malachi… “Israel Refused”… to Obey God; and His Holy Word. Many ‘today’… simply do not see God’s hand… in the Judgment of our nation; how ‘then’ will they … ‘Pray for Revival?’

*** (Ecclesiastes 8:11) Because = sentence against an evil work = is ‘not’ executed speedily, = therefore = the heart of the sons of men = is fully set = in them = to do evil.

*** (2Peter 2:21-22) It would have been better for them = not to have known = the way of righteousness = than to know it = and turn their backs on the holy commandment that was committed to them.
(2Pet 2:22) The proverb is true = that describes what has happened to them: = “As dog returns to its vomit,” and “A pig that is washed = goes back = to wallow in the mud.”

*** (Amos 8:11) Behold, the days come, = says the Lord Jehovah, = that I will send a famine in the land; = not a famine of bread = nor a thirst for water, = but of hearing the Words of Jehovah.

*** (Isaiah 5:20) Woe to those = who call evil good = and = good evil; = who put darkness for light = and light for darkness; = who put bitter for sweet = and sweet for bitter!

*** (Isaiah 28:13) But the Word of Jehovah [God] = was to them = precept on precept, = precept on precept; = line on line, = line on line; = here a little, = there a little; = that they might go, = and fall backward, = and be broken = and snared = and taken.

About now… you can see that there… ‘Conditions’ for God… to answer prayers about Revival. He is calling out His… “Other Sheep–John 10:16– John 6:44”… out ‘from’, among the populations of this world. If you are expecting a “National Revival”… in this country or yours… without “Repentance” = then it is my belief that you ‘do not’ meet the… “Biblical Criteria… for Revival!”

*** (Proverbs 14:34) Righteousness exalts a nation: = but sin = is a reproach to any people.

*** (Genesis 4:10) And He [God] said, What have you done? The voice of your brother's blood cries to Me from the ground.

*** (Exodus 20:13) You shall not = murder = ‘innocent’ life.

This… "CHRISTMAS"... Will “NOT”; be Celebrated by the Over “55,000,000-million”… “INNOCENT BABIES”... “Killed”… by their American Mothers… by “Abortion!”

Have you prayed… “Against” the “Horror” of Abortion…? If you ‘have not’… here in America; which is the worlds’ “Largest Exporter” of this Abomination… ‘How’ then can you pray for Revival… for ‘us’… or for anyone Else…?

*** (2Timothy 2:25-26) in meekness = instructing those who oppose, = if perhaps = God will give them = repentance = to the acknowledging of the Truth,
(2Tim 2:26) and = that they awake = out of the snare of the Devil, = having been taken captive = by him, = so as to do = the will of that [evil] one.

Repentance – 101 Blog = [1/6]

*** (Luke 14:26-to-30) If anyone comes to Me [Jesus] and does not hate his father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, = he cannot be My disciple.
(Luke 14:27) And whoever = does not bear his cross = and come after Me, = he cannot be My disciple.
(Luke 14:28) For which of you, = intending to build a tower, = does not sit down ‘first’ = and count the cost, = whether he may have enough = to finish it;
(Luke 14:29) lest perhaps, = after he has laid the foundation = and is not able to finish, = all those seeing = begin to mock him,
(Luke 14:30) saying, = This man began to build = and was not able to finish.

“IF” you have a Heart for Revival… “Only for the Glory of God”… “THEN”… perhaps; apply some of these Principles about “Prayer and Repentance”…? Remember… “All Prayer to and before God… Is Conditional!”

*** (Jeremiah 7:16) Therefore do not pray = for this people, = nor = lift up cry nor prayer for them, = nor make intercession to Me [God]; = for I will not hear you.

Please Answer… Why did God command this of Jeremiah…? ? ?

In Christ Jesus, Roger / “2Corinthians 5:18-to-21”.
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Friday, December 24, 2010

“The ‘Christmas’ Message – 101” …Blog.

“The ‘Christmas’ Message – 101” …Blog.

*** (1Corinthians 16:22) If anyone = doesn't love the Lord [Jesus], = let him = be condemned [Damned]! May our Lord come!

*** (Revelation 20:15) And if ‘anyone’ = was ‘not’ found = having been ‘written’ = in the Book of Life, = he was ‘cast’ = into the Lake of Fire.

Tomorrow, December 25th Christmas Day… “Many” will celebrate the Day ‘Christmas’… but ‘few’, know Him as… “Savior & Lord!” How can that be…? In the Pagan nation of China; it is their ‘Second’ largest Holiday. How do pagans… celebrate Christmas and not ‘Jesus’…? All around the world… ‘Gifts’ and ‘Gift Giving’… have replaced the… Lordship of Christ, His Glory and His Majesty! “Many” believe they are… “Worshiping Jesus”… by ‘celebrating’ His birthday. That is not so! Drug Dealers, Pornographers, Politicians and many other “Godless People”… celebrate Christmas… ‘Don’t They’…? Are they… “Worshiping Jesus”… in their ‘Celebrations’…?

*** (John 4:23) But the hour is coming, and now is, = when the true worshipers = shall worship the Father = in Spirit and Truth, = for the Father seeks such to worship Him.

*** (Psalms 66:18) If I = regard ‘iniquity’ = in my heart, = Jehovah [God] = will not hear;

*** (Matthew 5:23-24) Therefore if you = offer your gift on the altar, = and = there remember that your brother = has ‘anything’ against you,
(Mat 5:24) leave your gift there before the altar and go. = First = be reconciled to your brother, = and = then come and offer your gift.

No one is ‘Afraid’ of the “Baby Jesus”… and so consequently ‘Reject’… “His Lordship!” Does All Crime… ‘Stop’ on Christmas day; throughout the World…? Absolutely Not…! Again… Most ‘do not’ know Jesus as “Lord & Savior”… so this is a “Spending & Giving Holiday”… instead of Celebrating… “Christ Jesus the Messiah”… The Savior of All Mankind! Knowing ‘About Jesus… is not the same as… “Worshiping Him as Savior & Lord!”

*** Either… “He” is “Lord of All”… “In ‘Your’ Life”… ‘OR’… He is… “NOT”… “Lord at All”… “In ‘Your’ Life”!

*** (John 1:29) The next day = John sees Jesus coming to him and says, = Behold the Lamb of God = Who takes away the sin of the world!

*** (John 12:27) And My soul is troubled, and what shall I [Jesus] say? Father, save Me from this hour? But for this cause I [Jesus] came to this hour.

*** (1Corinthians 5:7) Therefore purge out the old leaven so that you may be a new lump, as you are unleavened. For also “Christ our Passover” is sacrificed for us.

*** (Hebrews 9:15) And for this cause = He [Jesus] is the Mediator of the new covenant, = so that by means of death, = for the redemption of the transgressions = that were under the first covenant, = those who are called = might receive the promise of eternal inheritance.

*** (John 3:19-20-21) And this is the condemnation, = that the Light has come into the world, = and = men loved darkness = rather than the Light, = because their deeds were evil.
(John 3:20) For everyone = who does evil = hates the Light, = and = does not come to the Light, = lest his deeds should be exposed.
(John 3:21) But he who = practices Truth = comes to the Light = so that his works may be revealed, = that they exist, having been worked in God.

Why exactly did “Christ Jesus”… take on ‘humanity’… to live His life; and then allow Himself to be Crucified to Death…? All the OT celebrations of the Passover… were simply ‘portraits of Jesus’… being the “Passover Lamb of God”… Who takes away… “Only The Sins of His Own!” Does that seem a little ‘radical’… when most think that; Christ died for All…? The “KEY”… He Truly Died for All… “BUT”… All will “NOT” come to Him… “On His Terms!” Most of mankind wants nothing to do with Jesus; and consequently… “Wrongly Believe”… ‘About’ Him… ‘Instead’ of… “On HIM!”

*** (John 7:38-39) The ‘one’ = who believes in Me [Jesus], = as the Scripture has said, = will have rivers of living water flowing from his heart."
(Joh 7:39) Now he said this about the [Holy] Spirit, = Whom those who were believing in Him = were to receive. = For the Spirit was not yet present, = because Jesus had not yet been glorified.

*** (John 3:5-6-7) Jesus answered, Truly, truly, I say to you, = Unless a man is born of water = and the [Holy] Spirit, = he ‘cannot’ enter = into the kingdom of God.
(Joh 3:6) That which is born of the flesh is flesh, = and = that which is born of the [Holy] Spirit is spirit.
(Joh 3:7) Do not marvel = that I [Jesus] said to you, = You ‘must’ = be born again [from above].

*** (1Corinthians 12:13) For also by one [Holy] Spirit = we are ‘all’ baptized into one body, = whether Jews or Greeks [Gentiles], = whether bond or free, = even ‘all’ were made to drink into one [Holy] Spirit.

*** (Acts 15:8-9) And God, = Who ‘knows’ the hearts, = bore them witness, = [by] giving them = the Holy Spirit = even as to us.
(Acts 15:9) And He put no difference between us = and them, = purifying their hearts by faith.

Limited atonement

Many say; they ‘Believe in Jesus’… “But”… believe “What?” Many say they are Christian… when they have “NOT”… been ‘Born Again’… by God’s Holy Spirit. Here in America… many wrongly believe that we are a “Christian Nation?” How do I prove we are “Not”…? May I simply ask you… “This "CHRISTMAS"... will NOT be Celebrated by the Over "55,000,000-million" “INNOCENT BABIES”... Killed by their ‘American Mothers’… by Abortion! Would a “Truly Christian” nation… allow that…? Absolutely NOT!

*** (Matthew 7:21-22-23) Not everyone who says to Me [Jesus], = Lord! = Lord! = Shall enter the kingdom of Heaven, = but = he who does the will [Word] = of My Father [God] in Heaven.
(Mat 7:22) Many will say to Me [Jesus] = in that day, = Lord! = Lord! = Did we ‘not’ prophesy = in Your Name, = and = through Your Name = ‘throw out’ demons, = and = through Your Name = do ‘many’ wonderful works?
(Mat 7:23) And then I [Jesus] = will say to them = I never knew you! = Depart from Me, = those working lawlessness!

*** (Matthew 7:13-14) You enter in = at the strait gate: = for wide is the gate, = and broad is the way, = that leads to destruction, = and = ‘Many’ there be which go in = there at:
(Mat 7:14) Because = strait is the gate, = and = narrow is the way, = which leads unto [eternal] life, = and = “Few” there be = that find it.

*** (Proverbs 16:25) There is a way = that seems right to a man, = but = the end of it = is = the ways of death.

So OK… are you going to ‘Celebrate Christmas’… without really knowing… “IF”… Your Name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life [Revelation 20:15]? Suppose you believe; that you ‘do not’ need to know, what the Bible says… to believe in Jesus…? Why then did Jesus say… “He that believes on ‘Me’… as the Scripture has Said”…? Many believe in Another Jesus… and He looks a lot like “Santa Clause”… to them. That ‘Santa Jesus’… allows them to live ‘anyway’ they want… and then just say… “I believe in Jesus.” … Not So!

*** (2Corinthians 11:4) For if someone comes along = and preaches ‘another’ Jesus = than the ‘one’ we preached, = or should you receive a ‘different spirit’ = from the ‘one’ you received = or a ‘different gospel’ = from the ‘one’ you accepted, = you are ‘all too willing’ = to listen.

“Which ‘JESUS’ – 101”…Blog.  

What is the Gospel…? Which Jesus do you believe in…?

“What is the Gospel – 101” …Blog.  

*** (Luke 18:10-to-14) "Two men went up to the temple = to pray. = One was a Pharisee, = and the other was a tax collector.
(Luke 18:11) The Pharisee = stood by himself and prayed, = 'O God, I thank You = that I'm not like other people = thieves, = dishonest people, = sexually immoral, = or even this tax collector.
(Luke 18:12) I fast twice a week, = and = I give a tenth of my entire income.'
(Luke 18:13) "But the tax collector = stood at a distance = and would not ‘even’ look up to heaven. = Instead, = he continued to beat his chest = and said, = 'O God, be merciful to me, = the sinner that I am!'
(Luke 18:14) I [Jesus] = tell you, = this man, = rather than the other, = went down to his home justified. = For everyone who exalts himself = will be humbled, = but the person who humbles himself = will be exalted."

Father God, I have believe in Jesus… but not as the Scriptures have said. I know that your Holy Word is True… and that in Your Love… You have allowed me to come this far, on my own. Lord Jesus, I trust in your Finished Work of Redemption as the Passover Lamb of God… Who died and rose again… for the justification of all who would come to you on Your Terms. Just as I am… I come to you and ask you to save me from myself and my sin. I thank you for purchasing me… with your Precious Blood. I pray this… the best I know how… in Jesus Precious Name… and for the Glory of the Father! Amen & Amen…!

IF you… prayed this Prayer to God, in Jesus Name… then get started in His Holy Word… so that you may feed yourself ‘Spiritually’; with His Word. Start in the Gospel of Luke or John.

Have a Blessed Christmas Season…!

In Christ Jesus, Roger / “2Corinthians 5:18-to-21”.