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“Fear – 101”…Blog.

“Fear – 101”…Blog.

How do you deal with… “Fear?” Is there anyone that is not ‘Fearful’ of something? Do you know… How to deal with ‘Fear?’ Is there “Someone” to be ‘Fearful’ of and some ‘not’ to be ‘Fearful’ of…? Are you so bold… that you can say you have, “No Fear?” Suppose someone was to break into your house or vehicle… how would you then deal with that ‘Fear?’ All these questions are simply to get you to… “Know ‘WHO’ to Fear”… and who, “Not to Fear!”

*** (Hebrews 2:14-15) Since then = the children [humans] = have partaken of flesh and blood, = He [Christ Jesus] also Himself = likewise partook of the same [humanness]; = that through [His] death [and resurrection] = He might destroy = him = who had the power of death = (that is, the Devil),

(Heb 2:15) and = deliver those = who through = “fear of death” = were = “all” their lifetime = subject to bondage [of sin].

This release of “Fear”… is only for those that are the, “Real Children of God”, through being ‘Born Again’, by the Holy Spirit of God. All others… ‘Do Not’ have this assurance… from God through the Scriptures. Those that will not recognize this ‘fear’… have simply blocked it out, and substituted it with “Stupidity!” Have you ever hear this term… “Ignorance can be Fixed = Stupid is Forever!” The definition of ‘Ignorance’… is to be “Un-Informed”. We are all born ‘Ignorant’… and within two or three years, are communication in a ‘language’ we never new.

*** (Proverbs 9:9) Give instruction = to a wise man, = and = he will be = yet wiser: = teach a just man, = and = he will increase in learning.

So what is Stupidity…? How can ‘one’, be stupid and ‘not’ be Fixed? Simply put… “It is that Unwillingness ‘to be’ Taught!” “A common example”, is the person, who continually gets speeding violations, looses their license, and will lose, the privilege to drive. They just seem… “Not to Get”… the ‘cause and effect’ relationship. Many of our prisons are filled with… ‘Repeat Offender’… who continue to make ‘Bad Choices!’ They will ‘not change’, even though they are ‘Re-Incarcerated’, repeatedly.

*** (Proverbs 9:9) Give to = a wise one, = and = he will be = still wiser; = teach a just one, = and = he will increase = in learning.

Have you ever… touched a hot stove, when you were very young? I did at about three and can still remember the blisters that I had on my fingers… because I refused to listen to the wise instructions of my mother. Later on life I often applied that ‘lesson learned’ to many of the other lessons one is required, to learn. Have you done so… or… do you find ‘yourself’… making the same bad decisions…?

*** (Proverbs 27:23) You = be diligent = to know = the state of your flocks, = and = look well = to your herds.

This life lesson… can be applied to ‘any’ of your possessions. Your house needs constant maintenance, as well as your vehicle. Your career choice and your work skills, need constant attention, as well as your mate and children. Without that ‘constant concern’… things will degenerate into a… “State of Apathy!” Most of all, your Spiritual, Emotional and Physical… “YOU”… needs constant attention.

Many like to embrace ‘Fear’… just to test themselves. Such ‘rides’ are a kick to one’s ‘adrenaline rush’, to make sure they are still alive. These are all, in reality, a test of our mind, to see if one can handle real fear. Horror movies are produced ‘only’, to give one, such a rush. This will not hold up to the… ‘Real Fears’… that comes about in ‘real’ life. Our ‘Failing Economy’, Job Loss, Health Problems, No Medical Insurance, Spouse Death and a plethora of other scenarios and the list goes on and on. Even the ‘death’ of a child or that of a parent… seems to bring all these fears, to reality.

*** (1John 4:17-18-19) In this = is our love [Agape] = made perfect, = that we = may have boldness = in the ‘day of judgment’, = that as He is, = so also = we are = in this world.
(1John 4:18) There is = no fear = in love [Agape], = but = perfect love [Agape] = casts out fear, = because = fear has torment. = He who = ‘fears’ = “Has Not” = been perfected = in love [Agape].
(1John 4:19) We love [Agape] = Him [God] = because = He first = loved [Agape] us.

This “Perfect Love [Agape]”… is the 'Only Thing'… to keep us from “Fear!” What is that Love and How does One… get it? It comes from being a Child of God. Did you read the phrase… “In the Day of Judgment”…? That is speaking about our ‘Position’ or our ‘Non-Position’… as a Child of God. The Love we need to overcome ‘Fear’… is only brought about by the Holy Spirit… Who indwells… ‘each & every’… True Believer! If you are not Born Again, by the Holy Spirit of God… you cannot have such… ‘Assurance!’ This “Agape Love”… comes “ONLY”… from the Holy Spirit and it cannot be manufactured by… mental ascent or by the will of man.

*** (Romans 8:9) But you are = not in the flesh, = but in the Spirit, = “IF” = the Spirit of God = dwells in you. = But = “IF Anyone” = has ‘not’ = the Spirit of Christ, = he is = “none” of His.

*** (Proverbs 29:25) The fear of man = brings a snare, = but whoever = puts his trust = in Jehovah = shall be safe.

You have ‘two fears’… that one may be concerned about. The ‘Fear of Man’ can be healthy when we… Lock our doors and vehicles. So too in certain areas of this or other countries, we do not go. While in Miami on a work assignment and in Los Angeles, I was advised by the car rental agents… Not to go in certain areas. They took a map and drew a red circle around those areas. Because of the “High Crime Rates and Gang Activity”… visitors were ‘advised’… not to go to those areas.

*** (Luke 12:4-5) And = I [Jesus] = say to you, = My friends, = do ‘not’ be afraid = of those = who kill the body, = and after that = have ‘no more’ = that they = can do.
(Luke 12:5) But = I [Jesus] = will warn ‘you’ = of “Whom” = you shall = ‘fear’: = Fear “Him” = “Who”, = after He has killed, = ‘has authority’ = to cast into hell. = Yea, = I say to you, = ‘Fear’ Him [God]. = [Ecclesiastes 12:13-14]

Today there are ‘Many’… who “Do Not fear”, God, the God of the Bible. I constantly see their posts on the internet, mocking “God” and “True Christianity”. There are ‘Many’ that say they know God, and yet in ‘practice & lifestyle’… deny Him… by their Life. Some years ago, I had cancer surgery and radiation treatment. For some months during, I had ‘terrors & fears’… even though I was a Born Again Christian. “Only” after I stopping taking, “The Drugs”, they had prescribed… did I get my correct thinking back. Many times, we consume drugs, under doctors’ orders… ‘Without Knowing Completely’… what they will do to our psyche.

*** (Psalms 56:3) When = I am = ‘afraid’ = I will = trust in = You [Lord].

*** (Philippians 2:5) For = let this mind = be in you = which was also = in Christ Jesus,

What is this Mind… of which we are to have? It is the mindset that is ‘guided and led’, by the Holy Spirit… with the Word of God. It is that “Obedience” to His Word… that will give us the Peace of God, that Love of God [Agape], for ‘each & every’ situation. “God’s Peace”, is not ‘only’ for peace times… but for those of, ‘tribulation and trials’, that come upon ‘all’ mankind. We are ‘All’… put to the test… but it is “How we Respond”… that will reveal the real you.

*** (John 14:26-27) But = the Comforter, = the Holy Spirit = Whom the Father = will send = in My Name, = He = shall teach you = ‘all’ things = and = bring ‘all’ things = to your remembrance, = whatever = I [Jesus] = have said to you [in the Word of God].
(John 14:27) “Peace” = I [Jesus] = leave with you, = My “Peace” = I = give to you. = “Not” = as the world gives = do I give to you. = Let ‘not’ = your heart = be troubled, = neither = let it = be afraid [FEAR].

Again this Peace of God and this Love [Agape] of God… comes 'only' from the Holy Spirit. The world cannot give it to you, no matter what anyone says. It is the… Peace of the Soul… that only comes from God, by the Holy Spirit indwelling the True Believer. Not even winning the Lotto can give that kind of peace to your soul. Human goodness is only our goodness and not that of God’s Holy Spirit… indwelling the True Believer. His Peace comes from the ‘One’ that… “Knows & Obeys”… His Word, The Word of God, The Bible!

*** (Matthew 4:4) But He [Jesus] = answered and said, = It is written, = "Man shall ‘not’ = live by bread alone, = but by = ‘Every Word’ = that proceeds = out of the mouth of God."

*** (James 1:22) Keep on = Being = Doers of the Word, = and ‘not’ = merely hearers = who = ‘Deceive’ = themselves.

*** (John 15:9-10) As the Father [God] = has loved [Agape] = Me [Jesus], so = I have loved [Agape] = you; = continue in = My love [Agape].
(John 15:10) If you = ‘keep’ = My commandments, = you shall abide = in = My love [Agape], = even as = I have kept = My Father's commandments = and = abide in His love [Agape].

The Peace of God, that Agape Love… dispels ‘ALL’… Fear! It is that divine, supernatural Love, by the Holy Spirit of God… indwelling all real Believers. IT only comes from God. It is that … “Love [Agape] Positional Peace”… that give us Assurance of Him, indwelling us and keeping our minds and hearts… in Him. Both in the day of judgment and in… the here and now!

*** (Acts 5:8-to-11) And Peter answered her, = Tell me whether you sold the land for so much? = And she said, = Yes, for so much.
(Acts 5:9) Then Peter said to her, = How is it = that you have agreed together = ‘to tempt’ = the Spirit of the Lord? = Behold, = the feet of those who have buried your husband = are ‘at’ the door = and = they will carry ‘you’ out.
(Acts 5:10) Then at once = she fell down = at his feet = and expired [Died]. = And the younger ones = found her dead, = and, carrying her out, = buried her beside = her husband.
(Acts 5:11) And = Great Fear [of God] = came on ‘all’ the church = and = on as ‘many’ as = heard = these things.

*** (1Corinthians 11:28-29-30) A person = ‘must’ = examine himself = and = then eat the bread = and = drink from the cup [Communion].
(1Cor 11:29) For = the “one” = who eats and drinks = without recognizing = the body = eats and drinks = “judgment” = on himself.
(1Cor 11:30) That's why = so “many” = of you = are ‘weak’ = and ‘sick’ = and a considerable = number = are ‘Dying’. [God’s Chastening (Spanking) Hebrews 12:5-to-8]

*** (2Corinthians 5:10-11) For we = must ‘all’ = appear before = the judgment seat of Christ, = so that each one = may receive = the things done = through the body, = according to that which he has done, = whether = good or bad = [Ecclesiastes 12:13-14].
(2Cor 5:11) Therefore, knowing = the “FEAR of the LORD”, = we persuade men. = But we = are revealed to God, = and I trust also = that we are revealed = in your consciences.

PERHAPS… With a Correct Understanding of the Fear of the LORD, the Church of Christ Jesus… would be a Purer Church, without Spot or Wrinkle or Willful Sin…!

*** (Psalms 119:18) Open my eyes, = so that I = may behold = wonderful things = out of = Your Law [Word]. = [1Samuel 3:21 & Deuteronomy 29:29]

Thank you for Your EAR! [Job 12:11] Roger //Email//

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