Thursday, September 9, 2010

“Repentance – 606”…Blog [6/6 - End]

“Repentance – 606”…Blog [6/6 - End]

Continuing on with “Repentance”… one may readily see from the “Scriptures”… that there is “No Middle Ground!” IF… you love Jesus, you will “Serve & Obey”… “His Holy Word”. IF ‘Not’… then you will ‘replace it’… with ‘platitudes’ and ‘religious jargon’’… that has ‘Nothing’ to do with Him! The ‘seriousness’ of this issue is tantamount to ‘your’ salvation in Christ. Believing ‘about’ Jesus is different than… “Believing Jesus and the ‘complete authority’ of His Word”. You are either responsible to His Word… or to your ‘religion’… they are “Not” the Same Thing!

*** (James 4:7-to-10) Therefore ‘submit’ yourselves = to God. = Resist the devil, = and he will flee from you.
(Jas 4:8) Draw near to God, = and He will draw near to you. = Cleanse your hands, sinners; = and purify your hearts, = double-minded ones.
(Jas 4:9) Be afflicted, = and mourn = and weep. = Let your laughter be turned to mourning = and your joy to heaviness.
(Jas 4:10) Be humbled = before the Lord, = and He will lift you up.

*** (1Kings 18:21) And Elijah came to all the people and said, = How long are you limping over two opinions? = If Jehovah is God, = follow Him. = But if Baal is God, = then follow him. = And the people = did not answer him a word.

*** (James 1:27) Pure religion = and undefiled = before God and the Father is this, = to visit orphans and widows in their afflictions, = and to keep oneself = unspotted from the world.

As previously discussed… “True Biblical Repentance”… comes from God [2Timothy 2:25-26]. He has already commanded [Acts 17:30-31]… all mankind everywhere… “To Repent!” [Luke 13:1-to-5] The problem is “NOT”, on God’s Part… but on that of we humans [Luke 6:46]. We choose to ‘Prepare’ [Ezra 7:10] or ‘Not to Prepare’ [2Choronicles 12:14] our hearts… and we ‘often’ harden [Hebrews 3:13-14] our hearts… against His Word [John 15:22]. Say it isn’t SO…? ‘Only’ our money says… “One Nation under God!” Our nation, like all others ‘only’ gives… “Lip Service” to God, the God of the Bible.  

*** (Hosea 10:12) Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground. For it is time to seek Jehovah, until He comes and rains righteousness on you.

*** (Micah 2:7) House of Jacob, it is said, The Spirit of Jehovah is limited, if these are His doings. Do not My words do good to him who walks uprightly?

*** (Ezekiel 2:7) And you shall speak My Words to them, whether they will hear or whether they will forbear, for they are rebellious.

*** (1Corinthians 2:14) But the = natural man = does NOT receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are = “FOOLISHNESS” = to him; neither can he = know = them, because they are spiritually discerned.

WHO… are you responsible to? Just “WHO”… do you Love with your Heart, Mind, Soul and all your being…? If you say it is Jesus, then Serve Him! Remember HE is the “Living Word”. That ‘same love’ you say you have for Him… should ‘also be’ for His Holy Word! One cannot truly Love Jesus… and then ‘Not Love’… His Holy Word, the Bible. Truly, isn’t that what… “Confession & Repentance”… is all about? When we come to the knowledge that our hearts are not right in a certain area… we “Confess” [1John 1:5-to-10]… and “Forsake” [Proverbs 28:13]… and “Change” our actions [James 1:22].

*** (John 12:44-to-50) But Jesus cried out and said, = He who believes on Me = does not believe on Me = but on Him [God] = Who sent Me.
(John 12:45) And he who sees Me [Jesus] = sees Him [God] = Who sent Me.
(John 12:46) I have come as a Light into the world, = so that whoever believes on Me = should not remain in darkness.
(John 12:47) And if any one = hears My Words = and does ‘not’ believe, = I do not judge him, [at this time] = for I do not come to judge the world [this time], = but to save the world [as Savior].
(John 12:48) He who rejects Me = and does not receive = My Words = has one who judges him; = the Word = that I have spoken, = the same shall judge him = in the last day [next time].
(John 12:49) For I have not spoken = of Myself, = but the Father [God] = Who sent Me [Jesus] = gave Me a command, = what I should say, = and = what I should speak.
(John 12:50) And I know that His command = is life everlasting. = Therefore whatever I speak, = even as the Father [God] = said to Me [Jesus], = so I speak [to you].

*** (John 6:44) No one = can come to Me [Jesus] = unless the Father [God] = Who has sent Me = draw him, = and I will raise him up = at the last day.

*** (1Timothy 2:5) For God is one, = and there is one Mediator = of God and of men, = the Man Christ Jesus,

Perhaps IF you… have read all these blogs, you have ‘only some’ idea of what True Biblical Repentance is about. This discussion has only scratched the surface of this topic. In your study of the Word… simply ask God, by His Holy Spirit… to teach you and show you… His Truth! A heart that Loves Jesus… will Love His Word! It is by His Word… that we can begin to ‘know and understand’… how very much He truly loves US!

Only when “YOU”… ‘know’ His Word… and are ‘obedient’ to the Word of God, can you effectively share His Word and His Truth with Others! Isn’t that what Salvation in Christ is all about? One ‘sheep’ telling ‘other sheep’… where there is ‘pasture’ and ‘rest’… for our souls! Their unbelief will have no effect on your belief… “IF”… you are ‘founded & grounded’… in His Holy Word. It will become your “Sword & Shield” against all those other thoughts, that we are exposed to in this world each and every day. Remember Jesus told Satan… It is Written…!

*** (John 10:16) And I [Jesus] have other sheep who are not of this fold. I must also lead those, and they shall hear My voice, and there shall be one flock, one Shepherd.

*** (Luke 24:44-to-48) And He [Jesus] said to them, = These are the words which I spoke to you = while I was still with you, = that all things = must be fulfilled = which were written = in the Law of Moses = and in the Prophets = and in the Psalms = about Me [Jesus].
(Luke 24:45) And He [Jesus] = opened their mind = to understand = the Scriptures.
(Luke 24:46) And He said to them, = So it is written, = and so it behooved Christ = to suffer = and to rise from the dead = the third day,
(Luke 24:47) and that = REPENTANCE = and remission of sins = should be proclaimed = in His name = among = all nations, = beginning at Jerusalem.
(Luke 24:48) And you are witnesses of these things.

Remember… The ‘Grace of God’ that brings Salvation is the same ‘Grace of God’… that gives ‘Repentance’… to both the “Believer”, to regain [Titus 3:5] fellowship with Him… and to the Non-Believer for Salvation. This is an ongoing process in the hearts, minds and souls of the True Believer. Those that have ‘only’ religion… hardly ever “Believe & Study”… God and His Word, the Bible. Such abundance “Grace and the Knowledge” of Him… is found ‘in’ His Word… and ‘through’ His Word!

*** (Luke 24:45) And He [Jesus] = opened their mind = to understand = the Scriptures.

*** (Deuteronomy 29:29) The secret things = belong to Jehovah our God, = but the revealed things belong to us and to our sons forever, = so that we may do = all the words of this Law.

*** (Psalms 25:14) The secret of Jehovah = is with those = who fear Him; = and He will show them His covenant.

*** (Psalms 119:11) I have hidden Your Word in my heart, so that I might not sin against You.

End of this… discussion on “Repentance”. Perhaps as you are reading through the Scriptures you can add to this. God reveals to us… “Himself = through His Word”… and the “Truths” that we need to ‘learn & apply’… to enhance our obedience to Him. Thank you for your ear.

Truly… “Biblical Repentance”… is an ‘on-going’ process of maturing… in those “Born Again”… by His Holy Spirit… ‘Sealed’ until the day of redemption!

*** (Matthew 3:8-9) Bring forth therefore = fruits worthy of = “Repentance”;
(Matt 3:9) and do not think to say within yourselves, = We have Abraham as our father. = For I say to you = that God is able = to raise up children = to Abraham = from these “Stones”.

*** (Luke 19:40) And He [Jesus] = answered and said to them, = I tell you = that if these = should be silent, = the “Stones” = would cry out.

*** (Luke 17:10) So likewise you, = when you shall have done = all the things commanded you, = say, = We are unprofitable servants, = for we have done what we = ought to do [duty].

Thanks, In Christ, Roger