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“Earnestly ‘Contending’ for the: ‘True Faith’ – 201”…Blog [2/?]

“Earnestly ‘Contending’ for the: ‘True Faith’ – 201”…Blog [2/?]

*** (2Timothy 2:3-4-5) Therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.
(2Tim 2:4) No one who wars tangles with the affairs of this life; that he may please Him [Jesus]; Who chose him [you] to be a soldier.
(2Tim 2:5) And also if anyone competes; he is ‘not’ crowned “Unless he competes Lawfully”.

*** (Jude 1:3-4) Having made all haste to write to you about the common salvation; beloved, I had need to write to you; to exhort you to = ‘contend earnestly’ for the [True] Faith; once delivered to the saints.
(Jude 1:4) For some people have slipped in; among you unnoticed. They were written about long ago as being deserving of this condemnation; because they are ungodly. They turn the grace of our God into uncontrollable lust and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.

*** (1Corinthians 2:14) But the = natural man = does “NOT”… receive the things [WORD] of the Spirit of God; for they are = “FOOLISHNESS” = to him; ‘Neither’ can he = “Know” = them, because they are spiritually discerned.

Did ‘You’ awake today… as a “Soldier for Christ”…? Did ‘You’ meet with Him; in His Holy Word…? Did ‘You’ ever wonder… “IF”… ‘You’ are prepared by His Holy Spirit; to face those Spiritual Battles that ‘ultimately’ come… “Daily”…? “IF”… you do not believe that such things are happening… does that make it so… “Or NOT”…? Remember, knowing ‘about’ Jesus and knowing ‘about’ the Bible is… “Not the Same”… as; Being Born Again by His Holy Spirit…! Are ‘You’ willing to give your Life today… for the Truth of God’s Holy Word…? The just perhaps… ‘You’… “Really Do Not know HIM”…? What ‘You’ are willing to Die For… is “What ‘You’ Really Believe”…!

Foxes Book of Martyrs.
*** (Amos 8:11) Behold, the days come; says the Lord Jehovah; that I will send a famine in the land; not a famine of bread nor a thirst for water; but of = hearing = the Words of Jehovah [The Holy Word of GOD].

*** (Ezekiel 14:12-13-14) The Word of the LORD Jehovah; came again to me, saying,
(Eze 14:13) Son of man, when a ‘land’ sins against Me by traitorous betraying; then I will stretch out My hand on it [in judgment]; and will break the staff of its bread; and will send famine on it; and will cut off man and beast from it.
(Eze 14:14) And though these three men; Noah, Daniel, and Job; were in it; they should deliver ‘Only’ their own souls by their righteousness; says the Lord Jehovah.

*** (Numbers 14:21-to-24) But truly, as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD Jehovah.
(Num 14:22) Because all those men who have ‘seen’ My glory; and My miracles which I did in Egypt and in the wilderness; and have ‘tempted’ Me now these ten times; and ‘have not’ listened to My voice,
(Num 14:23) surely they ‘shall not’ see the land which I swore to their fathers; neither shall ‘any’ of them that provoked Me see it.
(Num 14:24) But My servant Caleb; because he had another spirit with him; and has followed Me fully; I will bring him into the land into which he went. And his seed shall possess it.

*** (Jeremiah 11:14) And you; do not pray for this people; nor lift up a cry or prayer for them. For I [God] will not hear them; in the time they cry to Me [God] for their trouble.

Did ‘You’ know about these Bible Verses…? God had repeatedly forgiven the ‘stubbornness & rebellion’ of His chosen people, “Israel!” He, ‘over & over’ again had sent prophets and men of God… to tell them to Turn from the Evil… back to God! They did not listen… and soon had “Graced Away their Days of Mercy! “Most Christians”… do not… ‘Read & Study’ their Bibles… leave alone their Bible OT. They somehow… “Wrongly Believe”… because Christ Jesus came… “God no longer Judges!” Just when did He… stop judging evil…? Just when did He… “Allow SIN/SINS”… to continue among ‘any’ or even those that are His…? “Absolutely Never”…! The Law of God… is still in Effect… for Judgment! Because so very many do NOT ‘Read & Study’ their Bibles… “Evil”… has been ‘permitted’ in the Churches… and it is Renamed: “Under Grace!” “Say it isn’t So”…? When was the last time You read… 1Corinthians 5:1-to-6…? Are things better or worse… “Today?” That Corinthian Church “Permitted”… Sexual Sins… and called it “Grace”…! Sounds a “LOT” like Churches ‘Today’…! Does GOD; still Judge… SIN/SINS… Today…? Please answer: “Yes”–or–“No”…?

*** (Matthew 13:19) When anyone hears the Word about the kingdom yet doesn't understand it; the evil one [Satan] comes and ‘Snatches’ away; what was sown in his heart. This is what was sown along the path.

*** (Acts 5:7-to-11) After an interval of about three hours; his wife came in; not knowing what had happened.
(Acts 5:8) So Peter asked her, “Tell me, did you sell the land for that price?” She answered, “Yes, that was the price.”
(Acts 5:9) Then Peter said to her, “How could you have agreed together to tempt the Spirit of the Lord? Listen! The feet of the men who buried your husband are at the door, and they will carry you outside [dead] as well.”
(Acts 5:10) She instantly fell down at his feet and ‘Died’. When the young men came in, they found her Dead. So they carried her out and buried her next to her husband.
(Acts 5:11) And great fear [of God]; ‘seized’ the whole church and ‘everyone’ else who ‘heard’ about this.

*** (1Corinthians 11:30) That's why so ‘many’ of You are; ‘WEAK’ and ‘SICK’ and a considerable number are ‘DYING’.

*** (Luke 17:3) Watch yourselves! If your brother sins; rebuke him; and if he repents; forgive him.

*** (1Timothy 5:20) Those who keep on sinning; ‘rebuke’ before all; so that the rest ‘also’ may fear [God].

*** (Matthew 18:15-to-18) If your brother sins against you; go and confront him while the two of you are alone. If he listens to you; you have won back your brother.
(Matt 18:16) But if he doesn't listen; take one or two others with you; so that 'every word may be confirmed by the testimony of two or three witnesses. [Deuteronomy 17:2-to-7]
(Matt 18:17) If, however, he ignores them, tell it to the congregation. If he also ignores the congregation, regard him as a gentile and a tax collector.
(Matt 18:18)  "Truly I tell you, whatever you prohibit on earth will have been prohibited in heaven; and whatever you permit on earth will have been permitted in heaven.

*** (1Corinthains 5:4-5-6) When you are gathered together in the name of our Lord Jesus and my spirit and the power of our Lord Jesus are present,
(1Cor 5:5) bind this man over to Satan; for the destruction of his flesh; so that his spirit may be saved on the Day of the Lord.
(1Cor 5:6) Your boasting is not good. You know that a little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough; don't you?

“How do I know that the Bible”…? – 101 Blog.

*** (Matthew 24:35) The heaven and the earth shall pass away, but My Words shall not pass away.

Do ‘You’ believe the Holy Word of GOD…? “IF”… ‘You’ truly do; “Then” ‘You’… “Will Obey It”…! Those who ‘do not’ believe the Holy Word of GOD… “Do ‘NOT’ Obey IT”…! This is the “First and Foremost”… “Battle for the TRUTH!” Does the Holy Word of God have… “Complete & Total Authority”… over those ‘Who’ say they… “Belong to Jesus”…? Please answer: “Yes”–or–“No”…? One cannot… ‘Earnestly Contend’ for the “TRUE FAITH”… If they are not willing to; Completely Obey the Holy Word of God…! Being Born Again by God’s Holy Spirit… is “NOT” a ‘Pick & Choose’… “Covenant Relationship with GOD!” Many talk about Jesus or even about GOD…! But FEW, yes Very FEW… PUT His Holy Word… “First & Foremost!” Did ‘You’ know that GOD DOES…? Yes, He puts His Holy Word… ‘Above’… His Holy Name…! Did ‘You’ not know that…? Please answer: “Yes”–or–“No”…?

*** (Psalms 138:2) I will worship toward Your holy temple; and praise Your Name; for Your loving-kindness’ and for Your Truth's sake; for YOU–GOD = have ‘magnified’ Your WORD = Above All = Your Name.

*** (Numbers 23:19) God is not a man that He should lie; neither the son of man that He should repent. Has He said; and shall He not do it? Or has He spoken; and shall He not make it good?

*** (Hebrews 13:8) Jesus Christ the SAME; Yesterday; and Today; and Forever.

*** (John 17:17) Sanctify them through Your TRUTH. Your Word is TRUTH.

*** (Luke 6:46) Why do you keep calling Me [Jesus]; ‘Lord’, ‘Lord], but “Don't Do” what I [Jesus] tell you?

*** (James 1:22) Keep on being Doers of the WORD; and ‘not’ merely hearers; Who Deceive Themselves.

*** (Jer 23:29) Is not My Word like a FIRE? Says the LORD Jehovah; and like a Hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?
(Jer 23:30) So the LORD Jehovah says; Behold, I am ‘Against’ the prophets [pastors] who steal My WORDS; each one from his neighbor.
(Jer 23:31) the LORD says; Behold, I am ‘against’ the prophets who use their tongues and say, He says. [when God did not say so]
(Jer 23:32) The LORD says; Behold, I am against those who prophesy false dreams and tell them; and cause My people to go ‘astray’ by their Lies; and by their frivolity. Yet I did ‘Not’ send them ‘nor’ command them; therefore they shall not profit this people at all, says the LORD.

*** (Hebrews 4:12-13) For the Word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword [scalpel]; piercing even to the dividing apart of soul and spirit; and of the joints and marrow; and is a “Discerner” of the ‘thoughts’ and ‘intents’ of the heart.
(Heb 4:13) Neither is there any creature; that is ‘not’ manifest in His sight; but ‘all’ things are naked and opened to the eyes of Him; with Whom we have to do.

“Who is = The Word – 101?”…Blog.
Where does this leave… ‘You’…? Do ‘You’ hold the Holy Word of God… in the same esteem as “GOD Does”…? If ‘You’ don’t… just perhaps ‘You’… “Don’t Really Know Him”…? Just Tell HIM… your doubts; because He ‘knows’ already…!

*** (2Corinthians 13:5) examine yourselves; whether you are in the faith; prove your own selves. Do you not know your own selves; that Jesus Christ is in you; unless you are reprobates?

*** (Luke 18:10) Two men went up to the temple to pray. One was a Pharisee and the other was a tax collector.
(Luke 18:11) The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed, ‘O God, I thank you that I'm not like other people-thieves, dishonest people, adulterers, or even this tax collector.
(Luke 18:12) I fast twice a week, and I give a tenth of my entire income.’
(Luke 18:13) But the tax collector stood at a distance and would not even look up to heaven. Instead, he continued to beat his chest and said; “O God, be merciful to me, the sinner that I am!
(Luke 18:14) I [Jesus] tell you; this man, rather than the other; went down to his home justified. For everyone who exalts himself; will be humbled; but the person who humbles himself; will be exalted.

Which… ‘ONE’… Are… “YOU”…?

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Love; in Christ, Roger / “Psalms 138:2”…!