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“The ‘Foreclosure’ – 101” …Blog.

“The ‘Foreclosure’ – 101” …Blog.

*** (Psalms 37:21) The wicked borrows, and never pays again; but the righteous shows mercy, and gives.

*** (1Corinthains 14:40) Let all things be done decently; and in order.

*** (James 1:5) Now if any of you lacks wisdom; he should ask God; Who gives to everyone generously without a rebuke; and it will be given to him.
(Jas 1:6) But he must ask in faith; without any doubts; for the one who has doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.
(Jas 1:7) Such a person should not expect; to receive anything from the Lord.

Do ‘You’ have a house in Foreclosure…? Many bought Houses; they could ‘Not’ afford… with Borrowed Monies… they could ‘Not’ possibly repay… to ‘Impress’ people; who did ‘Not’ care…! What is their ‘Excuse’ now…? Well, the lending institution… “Approved Me!” This “Financial Irresponsibility”… is indicative of their Spiritual Condition; before “God, the God of the Bible!” They did ‘Not’ ask “Him First”… “IF” they should purchase the Property! Instead “Vanity & the Pride of Life”… was their “Agenda!” Many in Foreclosure; have been duped by unscrupulous resale and con artists! This has made their financial condition… even worse! In reality… “GOD will Foreclosure” on the ‘Human Race’… and then… ‘Try All Mankind’… as to what they ‘Did’ with His Son… “Christ Jesus!” Did they ‘Obey’ Him… “Or Not”…?

*** (Acts 17:30-to-32) Though God has overlooked those times of ignorance; He now ‘commands’ everyone; everywhere; “To Repent”,
(Act 17:31) for He [God] has set a [Last] day; when He is going to judge the world with justice through a man; He has appointed; and He [God] has given proof of this to everyone; by raising Him [Christ Jesus] from the dead."
(Act 17:32) When they heard about a resurrection of the dead; some began joking about it; while others said, “We will hear you again about this.”

*** (Ecclesiastes 1:2)Vanity of vanities; says the preacher; vanity of vanities! All is vanity.

*** (Proverbs 30:7-8-9) I have asked two things from You [God]; do not deny them before I die;
(Pro 30:8) remove far from me vanity; and a lying word; give me neither poverty or riches; tear for me my portion of bread,
(Pro 30:9) lest I be full and deceive; and say, Who is the LORD Jehovah? Or lest I be poor, and steal; and violate the name of my God.

*** (1Timothy 6:6-to-9) Of course; godliness with contentment does bring a great profit.
(1Tim 6:7) For we did ‘not’ bring anything into the world; and surely we ‘cannot’ take anything out of it.
(1Tim 6:8) So as long as we have food and clothes; we will be satisfied with these.
(1Tim 6:9) But people who want to get rich; keep toppling into temptation; and are trapped by many stupid; and harmful desires; that plunge them into destruction and ruin.

“Do ‘YOU’ = Love ‘Jesus’ – 101” …Blog.

Do ‘You’ realize… that ‘Loving’ Christ Jesus… means ‘Obeying’: “His Holy Word”…? Somehow ‘American Christians’ give a sorted ‘Mental Assent’ to God… as many of the Jews’ of Jesus day ‘Did!’ Yet their “Hearts”… were ‘Not’ right with Him! Too many have an outward show of Holiness and carry their Bibles. But when it gets to where; the Tire Meets the Road; they are left wanting! GOD, will Foreclosure on the Human Race… on that “Last Day!” Christ Jesus will be “The JUDGE”… Who will use His Holy Word: to Judge All Mankind! If ‘You’ have failed to make your Mortgage Payments… there will come a Day… in which the Bank will go to Court and “Foreclosure ‘You’ on that Defaulted Loan [Promise]!” So too… God will Foreclose on the Human Race; and “Demand in Judgment”… “What did ‘You’ do with the “Payment for Your SIN/SINS”… that I [God] Provided… in My Passover Lamb of God… “Christ Jesus?”

*** (Proverbs 28:13) He who covers his sins shall not be blessed; but whoever confesses and [forsakes] leaves them; shall have mercy.

*** (John 12:48-to-50) He who rejects Me [Jesus]; and does Not receive My Words; has one who judges him; the Word that I have spoken; the same shall judge him in the last day.
(John 12:49) For I have not spoken of Myself; but the Father [God]; Who sent Me [Jesus]; gave Me a command; “WHAT”– I should Say; and “WHAT”– I should Speak.
(John 12:50) And I know that His [God’s] command is life everlasting. Therefore whatever I [Jesus] speak; even as the Father [God] said to Me; so I speak.

*** (Revelation 10:6) and swore by Him; [Revelation 1:17-19] Who lives forever and ever; Who created the heaven and the things in it [Colossians 1:12-to-21]; and the earth and the things in it; and the sea and the things in it; that there should no longer be: “Time.”

*** (Hebrews 12:6) For the Lord disciplines [Spanks] the one He loves; and he punishes every [real] son He accepts. [Romans 8:9]

“Christian or ‘Born Again’ – 101”…Blog.
Recently, I had someone… say to me, “What about those that ‘do not’ come to Christ; did Christ die for their sins also…? Is there a “Limited Atonement”… Only for those that come to Christ Jesus? Your “Belief in Christ JESUS… Must Be… according to His Holy Word: “John 7:38-39”…! Absolutely Yes! Perhaps I may share with you my understanding of this fact? In reality they have… “Rejected God’s Gift of Salvation”…! They have treated the Sacrifice of Christ Jesus and His Finished Work of Redemption for mankind… as common garbage!

1. I give you a check for… “10,000 dollars!”
2. You thank me and; ‘Never’ cash that check!
3. You think that it is charity; but I tell you it is ‘grace’ = with no strings attached.
4. Still… you want to succeed on your own; with the help of no one.
5. You die…!
6. Your heirs close your estate; and find my check to you for the money.
7. They go to the Bank… and try and cash my check; made out to you.
8. The bank informs them… sorry the person is dead; the funds are “Non-Transferable!”

That is a ‘word picture’… of “Salvation”. God calls “All” mankind to Himself. Most… “Refuse” His gift of Grace; in payment for their… “Sin / Sins.” Their ‘Refusal’ to cash their check; the… “Gift of God”… will leave one… without the ‘eternal’ payment for their… “Sin / Sins!” This… Atonement by Christ Jesus for: ‘YOU’… is paid for by the… “Death, Burial and Resurrection of Himself”… “But – Rejected by You!” Where then do you expect to spend eternity… after ‘spitting’ in the face of God; and refusing His gift of Grace to you? This is the Gospel… that we communicate as “Evangelism = You are Witnesses of these Things… “Luke 24:44-to-49”

*** (Hebrews 10:29) How much = more = severe a punishment = do you think = that person deserves = who tramples on = God's Son, = treats as common = the blood of the covenant = by which it was sanctified, = and = insults = the Spirit of grace?

Limited atonement – 101 Blog.

OK, suppose ‘You’ have your real estate… in Foreclosure; what do ‘You’ do? Worse than that; ‘You’ realize that; ‘You’ have continually have Rejected God’s… “Grace & Mercy & Love?” It is too late… for ‘You’: to Repent and turn to Christ Jesus…? Did ‘You’ know: there is a ‘Day’… when the “Grace & Mercy & Love of God”… “Runs ‘OUT’ toward You”…? His has in the Past; even with His Chosen People… “Israel!” Why do… the American Religious… somehow “Falsely Think”… They will somehow escape the “Judgment of God”…? That kind of “License Thinking [Jude 1:4]”… got ‘You’ into the position; ‘You’ are now in…!  Crown Financial Ministries.

*** (Jeremiah 11:14) And you; do Not pray for this people; Nor lift up a ‘cry or prayer’ for them. For I will ‘Not’ hear them; in the time they cry to Me [God] for their trouble.

*** (Numbers 14:21-to-24) But truly, as I [God] live; all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD Jehovah.
(Num 14:22) Because ‘all’ those men who have seen My glory; and My miracles; which I did in Egypt and in the wilderness; and have tempted Me [God] = now these ten times; = and have ‘Not’ listened to My voice [Word],
(Num 14:23) surely they shall ‘Not’ see the land which I [God] swore to their fathers; Neither shall ‘any’ of them that provoked Me; see it.
(Num 14:24) But My servant Caleb; because he had another spirit with him; and has followed Me fully; I will bring him into the land into which he went. And his seed shall possess it.

*** (Jude 1:17-18-19) But you, beloved; ‘Remember’ the words spoken before by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ,
(Jud 1:18) because they told you; that at the last time; there will be mockers according to their lusts; leading ungodly lives.
(Jud 1:19) These are those setting themselves apart; animal-like ones; ‘Not’ having the [Holy] Spirit. [Romans 8:9]

*** (Luke 3:8) Therefore bring forth fruits worthy of repentance; and do not begin to say within yourselves; We have Abraham for our father. For I say to you that God is able to raise up children to Abraham: from these stones.

“The ‘Stones’ Cry Out! – 101” …Blog.

*** (Luke 13:1-to-5) At that time, some people who were there told Jesus; about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mixed with their sacrifices.
(Luke 13:2) He [Jesus] asked them, “Do you think that these Galileans were more sinful than all the other Galileans because they suffered like this?
(Luke 13:3) Absolutely not, I [Jesus] tell you! But if you don't Repent; then you, too; will all die.
(Luke 13:4) What about those eighteen people; who were killed; when the tower at Siloam fell on them? Do you think they were worse offenders; than all the other people living in Jerusalem?
(Luke 13:5) Absolutely not, I [Jesus] tell you! But if you don't Repent; then you, too’ will all die.

*** (Luke 24:47-48) and that repentance and forgiveness of sins; is to be proclaimed in His [Jesus] name; to all the nations; beginning at Jerusalem.
(Luke 24:48) You are; witnesses of these things.

Repentance – 101 Blog  [1/6]      
*** (Amos 4:10) I have sent among you the pestilence after the manner of Egypt: = your young men have I slain with the sword, = and have taken away your horses; = and I have made the stink of your camps to come up unto your nostrils: = yet have you Not returned [Repented] unto Me; says the LORD.

Love; in Christ, Roger / “Psalms 138:2”…!