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“New Wine in Old Wineskins? – 101” …Blog.

“New Wine in Old Wineskins? – 101” …Blog.

*** (Romans 8:9) You, however, are not of the flesh but under the control of the Spirit, since God's Spirit lives in you. And if anyone does “NOT”… have the Spirit of Christ: he does “NOT”… belong to Him [Christ].

*** (Jude 1:17-18-19) But you, dear friends, must remember the statements and predictions of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ.
(Jude 1:18) They kept telling you, "In the last times mockers will appear, following their own ungodly desires."
(Jude 1:19) These are the people who cause divisions. They are worldly, devoid of the Spirit.
*** (Luke 5:37) And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the new wine will make the skins burst, the wine will be spilled, and the skins will be ruined.
(Luke 5:38) Rather, new wine is to be poured into fresh wineskins.
(Luke 5:39) No one who has been drinking old wine wants new wine, for he says, 'The old is excellent!'"

*** (Matthew 9:17) Nor do people pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst, the wine will spill out, and the skins will be ruined. Instead, they pour new wine into fresh wineskins, and both are preserved."

Have ‘You’ seen “Wineskins full of wine”… at your local grocery store? Probably not! Our modern manufacturing processes & technology; has now even marketed wine in ‘Boxes!’ In Biblical days, animal skins were used as containers. Wine is made by a simple fermentation process. Obviously one would not use an old wineskin for new wine. They do not have the physical consistency or ability as glass wine bottles. Those “One Time Use” wineskins, was well known, were used through the Middle East & Europe. So what is inferred by these scriptures? Or have ‘You’ just read over them; without thinking or knowing; what the Scriptures were referring to? The Bible is replete with “Word Pictures” to convey God’s Truth, in a practical every day way. For example, “Psalms 19:1-to-6”: describes the work of God throughout creation, in a visible way. There are many such other Bible passages for anyone who will… “Read & Study”… His Holy Word, the Bible, the Truth of God.

Traditional wine skin making.

*** (Genesis 9:18-to-21) And the sons of Noah that went out of the ark were Shem, Ham, and Japheth. And Ham is the father of Canaan.
(Gen 9:19) These are the three sons of Noah, and the whole earth was overspread from them.
(Gen 9:20) And Noah began to be a husbandman. And he planted a vineyard.
(Gen 9:21) And he drank of the wine; and was drunk. And he was uncovered inside his tent.

*** (1Timothy 5:23) Stop drinking only water, but use a little wine; for your stomach because of your frequent illnesses.

*** (Proverbs 20:1) Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging; and whoever goes astray by it is not wise. [but Foolish]

*** (Acts 2:13-to-17) But others kept saying in derision, "They're full of new wine!"
(Acts 2:14) Then Peter stood up with the eleven, raised his voice, and addressed them, "Men of Judea and everyone living in Jerusalem! You must understand something, so pay close attention to my words.
(Acts 2:15) These men are not drunk as you suppose; for it's only nine o'clock in the morning.
(Acts 2:16)  Rather, this is what was spoken through the prophet Joel:
(Acts 2:17) 'In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on everyone. Your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.

*** (Ephesians 5:17-18) Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord's will is.
(Eph 5:18) Stop getting drunk with wine; which leads to wild living, but keep on being filled with the Spirit.

*** (John 3:3) Jesus answered and said unto him; Verily, verily, I say unto you: Except a man be born again; he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.
“Christian or ‘Born Again’ – 101”…Blog.

From these few Scriptures… we can see that mankind has been using wine; before God’s worldwide flood in Noah’s day. The medicinal purpose of wine and the drunken excess of wine; is warned about in the Scriptures. Humans with free will… simply choose… as we do today. But for those, Truly Born Again; we are warned to have ‘Controlled Obedience’ to the Holy Spirit in accordance with the Holy Word of God. An unbeliever is controlled with wine and its excesses. The Child of God is not only led by the Holy Spirit… but a controlled response: is mandated. But what does… “New Wine in Old Wineskins”… have to do with those Truly Born Again? Simply put: as a ‘True Believer’… does “One? continue in their Old Lifestyle?  “Yes or No”…? Or is New Wine… a life in Christ lives out in a… “New Lifestyle?” What do the Scriptures say?

*** (1Peter 4:3-4-5) For you spent enough time in the past doing what the gentiles like to do, living in sensuality, sinful desires, drunkenness, wild celebrations, drinking parties, and detestable idolatry.
(1Pe 4:4) They insult you now because they are surprised that you are no longer joining them in the same excesses of wild living.
(1Pe 4:5) They will give an account to the One, Who is ready to judge the living and the dead. [John 12:48]

*** (Ephesians 4:28-to-32) The thief must no longer steal: but must work hard and do what is good with his own hands; so that he might have something to give to the needy.
(Eph 4:29) Let no filthy talk come out of your mouths, but only what is good for building up as the need may be. This way you will give grace to those who hear you.
(Eph 4:30) Do not grieve the Holy Spirit, by whom you were marked with a seal for the day of redemption.
(Eph 4:31) Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, quarreling, and slander be put away from you, along with all hatred.
(Eph 4:32) And be kind to one another, compassionate, forgiving one another just as God has forgiven you in Christ.

*** (Titus 1:15-16) Everything is clean to those who are clean; but nothing is clean to those who are corrupt and unbelieving. Indeed, their very way of thinking and their consciences have been corrupted.
(Tit 1:16) They claim to know God, but they deny him by their actions. They are detestable, disobedient, and disqualified to do anything good.

*** (1Corinthains 6:18-19-20) Keep on running away from sexual immorality. Any other sin that a person commits is outside his body; but the person who sins sexually sins against his own body.
(1Cor 6:19) You know that your body is a sanctuary of the Holy Spirit who is in you; Whom you have received from God, don't you? You do not belong to yourselves, [Romans 8:9]
(1Cor 6:20) Because you were bought for a price. Therefore, glorify God with your bodies.

*** (James 1:22) Keep on being ‘Doers’ of the Word: and “NOT” merely hearers: who “DECEIVE” themselves. [Luke 6:46]

Simply Put: If ‘You’ have “NOT” had a Changed Lifestyle… ‘You’ probably have ‘Not’ been Born Again! A friend of mine, who lives in California, worked in a Topless Bar. I knew him when he lived in Florida: and always claimed to be Born Again? He even attended Bible College. Speaking to him on the phone, I asked him what he was doing working there. He said he was ‘Witnessing to the Strippers!’ After leaving his ‘wife & child’… he moved in with his girlfriend. Obviously he was “Never” truly Born Again; by the Holy Spirit of God. God, the God of the Bible… “Spanks” [chastens] His disobedient children! Rick was never spanked by God! Some 10 years later he phoned me and wanted to visit while he was here in Florida. I simply told him… Your Ex-Wife spoke with me and told me… ‘You’ have “Never” sent her any of the Court Ordered Child Support. He told me he was busy in the “Lord’s Work?” And besides his wife and his two children were to be supported first! How does one claim to know Christ Jesus… and then do what you have done? He promptly hung up and I have not heard from him again. Was he ever truly Born Again…? Or was he just… “Playing Christian?”

*** (2John 1:9-10-11) Everyone transgressing and ‘Not’ abiding in the doctrine of Christ; does ‘Not’ have God. He who abides in the doctrine of Christ; he has ‘Both’ the Father and the Son.
(2Jn 1:10) If ANYONE comes to you and does ‘Not’ bring this doctrine; “Do NOT” receive him into your house; ‘Nor’ speak a greeting to him.
(2Jn 1:11) For he who Speaks a greeting to him; Is Partaker of his “EVIL” deeds.

Did “Christ JESUS”… Say… “Some”… “Few”… or… “MANY”… ? ? ?

He Christ, said… “MANY”…!

*** (Matthew 7:21-22-23) NOT Everyone = who says to Me [Jesus], Lord! Lord! shall enter the kingdom of Heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in Heaven.
(Matt 7:22) MANY = will say to Me [Jesus] in that day, Lord! Lord! Did we not prophesy in Your name; and through Your name throw out demons; and through Your name do many wonderful works?
(Matt 7:23) And then I [Jesus] will say to them = I never knew you! = Depart from Me, those working lawlessness!

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*** (Hebrews 12:6-7-8) For the Lord disciplines the one He loves; and He punishes every son He accepts."
(Heb 12:7) What you endure is for the sake of discipline. God is treating you as sons. Is there a son whom his father does not discipline? [John 15:1-2-3]
(Heb 12:8) Now if you are ‘without’ any discipline; in which all [say they are] sons share, then you are “Illegitimate” [Bastards] and not his sons.

*** (1Corinthains 11:30) That's why so many of you are Weak; and Sick; and a considerable number are Dying.

*** (1Corinthains 5:11-12-13) But now I am writing to you to stop associating with any so-called brother if he is sexually immoral, greedy, an idolater, a slanderer, a drunk, or a robber. With such a person you must even stop eating.
(1Cor 5:12) After all, is it my business to judge outsiders? You are to judge those who are inside, aren't you?
(1Cor 5:13) God will judge outsiders. "Put that wicked man away from you."

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*** (Jeremiah 48:10) Cursed is he who does the work of Jehovah the LORD deceitfully; and cursed is he who keeps back his sword from blood. [1Timothy 5:20]

*** (2Corinthains 13:5) examine yourselves; whether you are in the faith; prove your own selves. Do you not know your own selves; that Jesus Christ is in you [Romans 8:9]; unless you are reprobates?

Love; in Christ, Roger // “Psalms 138:2”…!