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Never be Ashamed of Christ Jesus - 101 Blog

“Never be ‘Ashamed’ of Christ Jesus – 101” …Blog.

*** (Matthew 10:32) Then everyone who shall confess Me [Christ Jesus] before men; I will confess him before My Father [God] Who is in Heaven.

*** (Matthew 26:63-64) But Jesus was silent. And the high priest answered and said to Him, I adjure you by the living God [Genesis 18:25] that you tell us whether you are the Christ, the Son of God. [John 8:58-59 –> Exodus 3:14]
(Mat 26:64) Jesus said to him, You said it. I tell you more. From this time you shall see the Son of Man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming on the clouds of the heavens.

*** (Zechariah 12:8-9-10) In that day the LORD Jehovah shall defend around the people of Jerusalem. And it will be, he who is feeble among them at that day shall be like David; and the house of David shall be like God, like the Angel of Jehovah before them.
(Zech 12:9) And it shall be in that day I [God] will seek to destroy –> all the nations that come against Jerusalem.
(Zech 12:10) And I [God] will pour on the house of David, and on the people of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of prayers. And they shall look on Me [Christ Jesus] :–> Whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for Him, as one mourns for his only son, and shall be bitter over Him, as the bitterness over the first-born.

*** (Hebrews 1:5-to-8) For to ‘which’ of the angels [None!] = did He [God] = say at ‘any’ time, = “You are My Son, = this day I [God] = have ‘begotten’ You [Jesus]?” = And again, = “I will be to Him [Jesus] a Father [God], = and = He [Jesus] = shall be to Me [God] = a Son?"
(Heb 1:6) And again, = when He [God] = brings in the First-born [Jesus] = into the world, = He [God] says, = “And let ‘all’ the angels of God = “WORSHIP” = Him [Jesus].”
(Heb 1:7) And of ‘the angels’ = He [God] says, = “Who makes His angels spirits and His ministers a flame of fire.”
(Heb 1:8) But to the Son [Jesus] = He [God] says, = “Your throne, = O God [Jesus], = is forever and ever. = A scepter of ‘righteousness’ = is the scepter of = Your [Jesus] kingdom.

*** (John 7:38-39) The one who believes in me, as the Scripture has said, will have rivers of living water flowing from his heart."
(John 7:39) Now He [Christ Jesus] said this about the [Holy] Spirit; Whom those who were believing in him were to receive. For the [Holy] Spirit was not yet present; because Jesus had not yet been glorified. [Luke 24:49 & Acts 2:1-to-4]

“Offending ‘Unbelievers?’ – 101”…Blog.

May I confess something…? Have ‘You’ ever had a thought… “Don’t Share ‘that’ about Jesus”…? Well I have… and I know that is “NOT” of God…! His Holy Word of God; the Scriptures say… “Just the Opposite”…! Have ‘You’ memorized… “Ezekiel 2:7 & Jeremiah 1:8”…? Please stop and read those Bible verses, “Out Loud!” Can ‘You’ say anything… “Scriptural: to Turn Off”… anyone to Christ Jesus…? Many think that all they have to do is; ‘Share the Gospel’… and people will come to Christ Jesus! Do ‘You’… “Know & Understand”… what “John 7:38-39” –> really means? How then do ‘You’ know that… ‘You’ are really sharing is the ‘Gospel’…? Most ‘only’ know what they are taught in Church or see in a You Tube Video. They do not know for themselves… really what the Gospel means…?

*** (Ephesians 6:16) In addition to all of these, having taken up the shield of faith, with which you will be able to put out –> all the flaming arrows –> of the evil one, [1Jn 5:19]

*** (Ezekiel 2:7) And you shall speak My Words to them, whether they will hear or whether they will forbear, for they are [most] rebellious.

*** (Jeremiah 1:8) Do not be afraid of their faces; for I [God] am with you to deliver you; says the LORD Jehovah.

*** (Acts 17:30-31) Truly, then, God overlooking the times of ignorance; now He [God] strictly commands –> all men –> everywhere –> To Repent,
(Acts 17:31) because He [God] has appointed a day in which He [God] is going to judge the world in righteousness by a Man [Christ Jesus]; Whom He [God] appointed, having given proof to all by raising Him [Christ Jesus] from the dead. [John 12:48]

*** (Luk 24:44-to-48) Then He [Christ Jesus] said to them, "These are My Words that I spoke to you while I was still with you-that everything –> written about Me [Christ Jesus] in the law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms had to be fulfilled."
(Luk 24:45) Then He [Christ Jesus] opened their minds –> so that they might come to understand the Scriptures.
(Luk 24:46) He said to them, "Thus it is written, that the Christ was to suffer and to rise from the dead on the third day,
(Luk 24:47) and that repentance and forgiveness of sins is to be proclaimed in his name to all the nations, beginning at Jerusalem.
(Luk 24:48) You are witnesses of these things.

*** (Amos 8:11) Behold, the days come; says the Lord Jehovah, that I will send a famine in the land; not a famine of bread nor a thirst for water; but of = hearing = the Words of the LORD Jehovah [The Holy Word of GOD].

“Is the Gospel = Magic? – 101” …Blog.
Our ‘Minds’ are the gateway to our Hearts…! We can be led by our ‘Flesh’ which can easily create “Lust!” Why do ‘You’ think “Advertising” is so effective? It motivates our baser nature with “LUST”… for just about ‘Anything!’ Do ‘You’ really need that… “5,500 sq. ft. house”… or that ‘Boat’ or even that ‘New Vehicle’…? Are they really necessary… for your Happiness? Remember, what ‘You Own’… “Owns You!” But remember, the Holy Spirit of GOD… “Absolutely Never”… goes against His Holy Word….! Simply PUT: “How can it be Wrong… when IT feels so Right”…? Factually Because –> “God said So!” Even the mature believer can be tempted with thoughts that are… “Not His or Hers!” Remember your “Battleground” is your ‘Mind’… which leads to your Heart! Do ‘You’ know what “John 15:1-2-3” really means…?

*** (2Corinthains 10:3-to-6) Of course, we are living in the flesh, but we do not fight in a fleshly way.
(2Cor 10:4) For the weapons of our warfare are not those of the flesh. Instead, they have the power of God to demolish fortresses. We tear down arguments
(2Cor 10:5) and every proud obstacle that is raised against the knowledge of God, taking every thought captive –> in order to ‘obey’ Christ. [Luke 6:46 & James 1:22]
(2Cor 10:6) We are ready to punish every act of disobedience when your obedience is complete. [Proverbs 28:13 & 1Jn 1:5-to-10]

*** (Philippians 2:5) For let this mind be in you -> which was also in Christ Jesus,

*** (Psalms 119:11) I have hidden Your Word in my heart; so that I might not sin against You [Lord].

*** (1Corinthains 16:22) If anyone does not love the Lord Jesus Christ; let him be accursed [Damned]. The Lord comes! [Again]

Do ‘YOU’ Present an Unbalanced Gospel…? “Check & See”…?

Unbalanced – 101 Blog.

*** (Acts 20:27) For I did ‘Not’ keep back; from declaring to you; “ALL” the counsel of God.

Satan is somewhat effective by getting one to think… “There are things wrong in your life… which ‘You’ will not give up!” Keep your mouth SHUT: and enjoy your SIN…! If, there are, then… “Confess & Forsake” [Proverbs 28:13 & 1Jn 1:5-to-10] them! Or the opposite, he can even get ‘You’ too busy in supposed things of God… yet that are “Not of Christ Jesus!” Really, are all those Christian Songs… ‘You listen To’… “Really Christian?” Have ‘You’ even compared “One” of them to the Psalms; Israel’s Hymn Book…? Does your Christian Music… “Directly” teach Scripture TRUTH…? “Yes or No”…? Just because a song says He or Him… does NOT mean God or Christ Jesus…! Or if we are truly Born Again by the Holy Spirit of God… we can be led by His Holy Spirit [Romans 8:14]. The Holy Spirit… always uses the Scripture…! “Not” what the Scripture is … “Supposedly to Say?” Remember, Satan comes as an “Angel of Light”…!

*** (2Corinthians 11:13-14-15) For such ones are False Apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves - into the Apostles of Christ.
(2Cor 11:14) Did not even Satan marvelously transform himself into an –> ANGEL of LIGHT?
(2Cor 11:15) Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves as ministers of righteousness, whose end shall be according to their works.

*** (2Peter 2:1-2) But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who secretly will bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing on themselves swift destruction.
(2Pet 2:2) And -> Many <- will follow their pernicious ways; and because of them the way of Truth: will be evil spoken of.

*** (Acts 17:11) These people were more receptive than those in Thessalonica. They were very willing to receive the message, and every day they carefully examined the Scriptures to see if those things were so. [Or NOT!]

“Satan said, ‘You’ are “Not” doing ‘Enough for JESUS’ – 101” …Blog.
*** (John 8:44) You belong to your father the devil; and ‘You’ want to carry out the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning; and has never stood by the Truth; since there is “No Truth” in him. Whenever he tells a Lie, he speaks in character; for he is a Liar and the “Father of LIES!”

Do ‘You’ know “WHAT & WHY”… ‘You Truly Believe’…? Can ‘You’ validate it with Scripture Verses… or just… “Hearsay” [Church-Say]…? If ‘You’ cannot “Prove what ‘You’ –> “Believe with Scriptures”… how then do ‘You’ know –> What it is… “Bible” or “Lies” or “Not”…?

What HAPPENS when One is Raised a Christian... “WITHOUT”… being “Born Again”… by God's Holy Spirit...?
“The Christian ‘Parrot’ – 201”… Blog.
*** (2Timothy 3:5-6-7) They will hold to an outward form of godliness but deny its power. Stay away from such people.
(2Ti 3:6) For some of these men go into homes and deceive foolish women who are burdened with sins and swayed by all kinds of desires.
(2Ti 3:7) These WOMEN are always studying -> but are NEVER able to arrive at a full knowledge of the Truth.

*** (2Corinthains 13:5) examine yourselves; whether you are in the faith; prove your own selves. Do you not know your own selves; that Jesus Christ is in you [Romans 8:9]; unless you are reprobates?

Love; in Christ, Roger // “Psalms 138:2”…!