Wednesday, September 19, 2012

“Will GOD hear the ‘Serenity Prayer’? – 101” …Blog.

“Will GOD hear the ‘Serenity Prayer’? – 101” …Blog.

God, give us grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other.

*** (Acts 17:11) And these were more noble = than those of Thessalonica, = in that they received = the Word = with all readiness of mind = and = searched the Scriptures = “DAILY” = to see if those things were so [or Not].

*** (1Thessaloninans 5:21) Prove all things: hold fast to the good.

*** (Isaiah 5:20) Woe to those who call evil good and good evil; who put darkness for light and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

*** (2Peter 3:15-16) And think of the long-suffering of our Lord as salvation as our beloved brother Paul also has written to you according to the wisdom given to him
(2Pet 3:16) as also in all his letters, = speaking in them of these things; = in which are some things hard to be understood, = which the unlearned and unstable = pervert, = as also they do the rest of the = SCRIPTURES, = to their own Destruction [Damnation].

“Yes or NO”…? Please answer before reading this…? Yesterday on Face Book, there was a discussion about this issue. Somehow many think that God hears… ‘All Prayers!’ Sorry, the Bible says very “Different!” Have ‘You’ taken your Bible… and examined its texts… what it says about “Prayer”…? If ‘You’ haven’t then… ‘How & Why’… would ‘You’ think that God would answer a prayer… that does ‘Not’ conform to His Holy Word…? Surely our American money says, “In God we Trust”…! But in reality, we do ‘Not’ really believe that! … American’s buy Over FOUR $ Trillion dollars in Illegal Drugs Including MARIJUANA! American Mothers have MURDERED Over 55,000,000 Million “INNOCENT” Babies by Abortion. American is the World's Largest EXPORTER of PORN & Abortion Technology! More “Innocent American Unborn Babies” have been ‘Murdered’ in Abortion Clinics… than ALL the US Soldiers KILLED in any wars, Anywhere! And then ‘You’ believe that God… will hear the ‘Serenity Prayer”… prayed by Someone: “Who is ‘Not’ His Child”…?

*** (Matthew 7:21-22-23) NOT Everyone = who says to Me [Jesus], Lord! Lord! Shall enter the kingdom of Heaven; but he who does the will [Word] of My Father in Heaven.
(Matt 7:22) MANY = will say to Me [Jesus] in that day, Lord! Lord! Did we not prophesy in Your name, and through Your name throw out demons, and through Your name do many wonderful works?
(Matt 7:23) And then I [Jesus] will say to them = I never knew you! = Depart from Me [Jesus], those working lawlessness!

*** (Jeremiah 11:14) And you, do ‘Not’ pray for this people; ‘Nor’ lift up a cry or prayer for them. For I [God] will not hear them in the time they cry to Me [God] for their trouble.

*** (Ezekiel 14:14) And though these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it; they should deliver “Only” their own souls by their righteousness; says the Lord Jehovah.

*** (Proverbs 17:15) He that justifies the wicked; and he that condemns the just; even they both are ‘abomination’ to the LORD.

*** (Psalms 66:18) If I regard iniquity in my heart; the Lord will ‘Not’ hear me:

*** (Proverbs 28:9) He that turns away his ear from hearing the Law; even his ‘prayer’ shall be ‘Abomination’.

“What do ‘You’ know about ‘Prayer?” – 101” …Blog.
*** (2Chronicles 12:14) And he did the EVIL: –>because he did ‘NOT’: –> Prepare his Heart; to seek the LORD.

*** (Ezra 7:10) For Ezra had “Prepared his Heart” –> to seek the Law of the LORD Jehovah; –> and to do it; –> and to teach statutes and judgments: in Israel.

Are ‘You’ a… “Theologian”…? “Yes or NO”…? Please answer before reading this…? “If Not, Why Not”…? The word “Theologian” is simply a “50 cent word”… for someone who KNOWS what they ‘Believe’… and can ‘Defend’ it with their Bible! If what ‘You’ -> “Personally Believe” about God… is not “100% Bible”… then it is simply a “False Religion!” A Truly Born Again Child of God… is called a “Soldier” in the Bible! If ‘You’… do ‘Not’ know what the Bible teaches about any particular subject… How then can ‘You’ share the “TRUE KNOWLEDGDE”… about “Christ JESUS”… with “OTHERS?” Or do ‘You’ just share your “Personal Opinion”…? We have been in the “Last Days” for the past… “2,000+ years”! Remember the Messiah was promised in the “Last Days!” Perhaps we should all take a lesson from Christ Jesus, and is “Conflict with the Devil”…? “Matthew 4 & Luke 4”…?

*** (John 12:48) He who rejects Me [Jesus] and does not receive My Words; has One who judges him; the Word that I [Jesus] have spoken; the same shall ‘Judge’ him in the “Last Day”.

“It is Written – 101” …Blog.

*** (John 15:22-23-24) If I [Jesus] had not come and spoken to them, they would not have had sin; but now they have no excuse for their sin.
(John 15:23) He who hates Me [Jesus] hates My Father [God] also.

*** (1Jn 2:21) I have not written to you because you do not know the Truth; but because you know it; and know that –> no Lie –> is of the Truth.

*** (2Timothy 2:3) Join me in suffering like a good soldier = of Christ Jesus.
(2Tim 2:4) No one serving in the military = gets mixed up in civilian matters = for his aim is to please his commanding officer. [Christ Jesus]
(2Tim 2:5) Moreover, no one who is an athlete wins a prize = unless he competes according to the rules. [Isaiah 28:13 & John 7:38-39]

*** (Jude 1:3-4) Having made all haste to write to you about the common salvation; beloved, I had need to write to you; to exhort you to ‘contend earnestly’ for the [True] Faith; once delivered to the saints.
(Jude 1:4) For some people have slipped in; among you unnoticed. They were written about long ago as being deserving of this condemnation; because they are ungodly. They turn the grace of our God into uncontrollable lust and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.

“Earnestly ‘Contending’ for the: ‘True Faith’ – 101”…Blog [1/5]

*** (2Corinthians 11:13-14-15) For such ones are False Apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves - into the Apostles of Christ.
(2Cor 11:14) Did not even Satan marvelously transform himself into an –> ANGEL of LIGHT?
(2Cor 11:15) Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves as ministers of righteousness, whose end shall be according to their works.

*** (2Peter 2:1-2) But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who secretly will bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing on themselves swift destruction.
(2Pet 2:2) And -> Many <- will follow their pernicious ways; and because of them the way of Truth: will be evil spoken of.

*** (2Timothy 3:5-6-7) They will hold to an outward form of godliness but deny its power. Stay away from such people.
(2Ti 3:6) For some of these men [Trolls] go into homes and deceive foolish women who are burdened with sins and swayed by all kinds of desires.
(2Ti 3:7) These WOMEN are always studying -> but are NEVER able to arrive at a full knowledge of the Truth.

*** (Mark 7:6-7-8) He [Jesus] told them, "Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you hypocrites. As it is written, 'These people honor me with their lips: –> but their hearts are far from Me [God].
(Mark 7:7) Their worship of Me is empty: –> because they teach human rules as doctrines.'
(Mark 7:8) You ‘abandon’ the commandment of God: –> and hold to ‘human’ tradition."

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About now, ‘You’ may be wondering about… WHAT ‘You’ really believe about God; and His Holy Word…? Perhaps, now would be a good time to… “Confess & Forsake”… your willful ignorance…? Have ‘You’ aloud… “Other Things”… to take away from your ‘Dedication & Commitment’ to Christ Jesus…? And too “His Holy Word”…? NO, I do ‘Not’ accuse nor excuse anyone, not even myself. Shouldn’t a “Child of God”… Know their Fathers’ Holy Word… and what it teaches…? Isn’t about time… we ALL commit ourselves to be… “Fishers of Men”…? Isn’t that what Christ Jesus COMMANDED… in “Luke 24:44-to-48”…?

*** (Matthew 13:12) For whoever has, to him shall be given; and he shall have more abundance. But whoever does not have; from him shall be taken away; even that which he has.

“Losing ‘what’ you have – 101”…Blog.

*** (Job 9:20) If I justify myself; my ‘own’ mouth shall condemn me; though I am perfect; He [God] shall declare me perverse.

*** (Mark 1:35) And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, HE [Jesus] went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed.

*** (1Samuel 3:21) And the LORD appeared again in Shiloh: for the LORD revealed Himself to Samuel in Shiloh by the word of the LORD.

*** (Hebrews 5:11-to-14) We have much to say about this; but it is difficult to explain; ‘because’ you have become, too lazy to understand.
(Heb 5:12) In fact, though by now you should be teachers; you still need someone to teach you; the basic truths of God's Word. You have become people who need milk; instead of solid food.
(Heb 5:13) For everyone who lives on milk; is still a baby; and is inexperienced in the message of righteousness.
(Heb 5:14) But solid food is for mature people; whose minds are ‘trained’ by practice; to ‘distinguish’: good from evil.

Isn’t it about Time – 101 ?

*** (1Corinthians 9:27) No, I keep on beating my body and making it my slave so that, after I have preached to others, I myself will not somehow be disqualified.

*** (2Timothy 2:15) Do your best to present yourself to God as an approved worker who has nothing to be ashamed of, handling the word of truth with precision.
(2Tim 2:16) However, avoid pointless discussions. For people will become more and more ungodly,

Love; in Christ, Roger // “Psalms 138:2”…!