Wednesday, November 6, 2013

“The Killing of Jesus, Bill O’Rielly: RESPONSE – 101” …Blog.

“The Killing of Jesus, Bill O’Rielly: RESPONSE – 101” …Blog.

*** (Luke 11:23) The person who isn't with Me [Jesus] is against Me, and the person who doesn't gather with Me [Jesus] Scatters."

*** (2Timothy 3:15-16-17) And that from a CHILD you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.
(2Tim 3:16) All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for Doctrine, for Reproof, for Correction, for Instruction in righteousness:
(2Tim 3:17) That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

*** (Psalms 119:89) LAMED: Forever, O LORD Jehovah, Your Word is settled in the heavens.

*** (Matthew 24:35) The heaven and the earth shall pass away, but My Words shall Not pass away.

*** (John 12:48) He who ‘Rejects’ Me [Jesus]; and does ‘Not’ receive My Words; has One who judges him; the WORD -> that I [Jesus] have spoken; the same shall ‘Judge’ him in the “Last Day”.

*** (Psalms 138:2) I will worship toward Your holy temple, and praise Your name for Your loving-kindness and for Your truth's sake; for You have magnified Your Word above all Your name.

Some time ago, while watching Fox News… a program came on. Bill O’Rielly was speaking about “His Latest Book!” Supposedly on the Best Seller list, it was getting “Rave Reviews!” He personally spoke about it with such authority… “Mocking the Bible”… I wondered WHY: he totes himself as a “Political Conservative?” Imagine that, a “Human Finite Person” “Supposedly” knowing: “More than the ONLY Infinite GOD”... and here alive today on National TV…! Those Pseudo American Christians [?] who… “Hold TO Politics”… as the savior of America: are MUTE about Bills “Mockery of the Holy Word of GOD!” Google him and his “Book Responses” and his “Divorce Problems”: and it is Evident: that He has gone off the “Deep End!” I know longer watch Him anymore. May I suggest, that You do the “Same”…?

*** (2Corinthians 11:4) For IF someone comes along and preaches Another Jesus than the one we preached, or should you receive a Different Spirit from the one you received or a Different Gospel from the one you accepted; you are All Too willing to Listen.

*** (2Peter 1:20-21) First of all, you must understand this: No prophecy in Scripture is a matter of one's own interpretation,
(2Pet 1:21) because no prophecy ever originated through a human decision. Instead, men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.

Those who are NOT: BORN AGAIN by the Holy Spirit of GOD... Cannot Understand the BIBLE...! Consequently they PULL... Bible Verses... “OUT of Context”… and then: “MOCK God and His Holy Word”...!

*** (1Corinthians 2:14) But the = natural man = does “NOT”… receive the things [WORD] of the Spirit of God; for they are = “FOOLISHNESS” = to him; Neither can he = Know = them; because they are spiritually discerned.

“Mockers & Unbelief: Without ‘EXCUSE’ – 101” …Blog.

It is the Responsibility of ‘Each & Every’ ONE… who is Truly Born Again, to DEFEND: the Holy Word of GOD! Remember during the last Presidential election, that the Republican Party: tried to Pass Off: Mitt Romney as a “Conservative Christian [?] Candidate”…? Sorry, He is a Mormon, which is NOT a True Biblical Faith. Joseph Smith who started the Mormon Religion, was Supposedly given the “Book of Mormon”, by the Angle Maroni. Mormons believe in Water Baptism for Salvation! Simply GOOGLE… “Mormon Magic Under ware”… to your ‘Surprise?’ Oh yes, Lucifer is NOT the Brother of Jesus… “Either!” Question, how many wives is ONE allowed as a Mormon? Did You know that NO Black was a Mormon Elder, before 1970…? Simple Answer…?

*** (Galatians 1:8-9) But even if we or an angel from Heaven preach a gospel to you beside what we preached to you, let him be Accursed. [Damned]
(Gal 1:9)  As we said before, and now I say again, If anyone preaches a gospel to you beside what you have received, let him be Accursed. [Damned]

Oh yes, LOOK Who endorsed Him…? ‘Billy Graham’…?
Billy endorses Romney

MITT is an Anti-Christ MORMON...!

“Dear Governor Romney – 101” …Blog.

Romney Releases New Television Ad Underscoring Support for Abortion, Contraception

*** (2Peter 3:15-16) And think of the long-suffering of our Lord as salvation; as our beloved brother Paul also has written to you; according to the wisdom given to him.
(2Pet 3:16) as also in all his letters, = speaking in them of these things; = in which are some things ‘hard’ to be understood, = which the ‘Unlearned’ and ‘Unstable’ = “Pervert”; = as also they do the rest of the = “SCRIPTURES”; = to their own destruction. [1Corinthains 16:22]

*** (Ephesians 5:11) and have Nothing to do; with the unfruitful works of darkness. Instead; EXPOSE them for ‘what’ they Are.

*** (Jeremiah 1:8) Do Not be afraid of their Faces; for I am with you to deliver you, says the LORD Jehovah.

*** (Ezekiel 2:7) And you shall speak My Words to them, whether they will hear or whether they will forbear, for they are [most] rebellious.

*** (Jude 1:3-4) Having made all haste to write to you about the common salvation; beloved, I had need to write to you; to exhort you to ‘Contend Earnestly’ for the [True] Faith; once delivered to the saints.
(Jude 1:4) For some people have slipped in; among you unnoticed. They were written about long ago as being deserving of this condemnation; because they are ungodly. They turn the grace of our God into uncontrollable lust and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.

“Earnestly ‘Contending’ for the: ‘True Faith’ – 101”…Blog [1/5]

*** (1Jn 2:21) I have not written to you because you do not know the Truth; but because you know it; and know that –> no Lie –> is of the Truth.

*** (2Timothy 2:3) Join me in suffering like a good soldier = of Christ Jesus.
(2Tim 2:4) No one serving in the military = gets mixed up in civilian matters = for his aim is to please his commanding officer. [Christ Jesus]
(2Tim 2:5) Moreover, no one who is an athlete wins a prize = unless he competes according to the Rules.

*** (Ephesians 6:12-13) For we do Not wrestle against flesh and blood, BUT against Principalities, against Powers, against the world's Rulers, of the Darkness of this age, against Spiritual Wickedness in high places.
(Eph 6:13) Therefore take to yourselves the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

*** (1Jn 5:19) We know that we are from God and that the whole world lies under the control of the evil one. [Satan]

‘Each & Every’: Morning, Afternoon & Evening… we are Bombarded with Dis-Information, by BOTH… the “Liberal & Conservative” MEDIAS… to keep us from the TRUTH! Each day, I start my day OUT… “First”… alone with Christ Jesus, in His Holy Word! He, the Holy Spirit, takes the Holy Word of GOD, and Orders my Mindset: to be “On Guard!” Even when I was working, “8-10-12+” hour days, I got up… “One Hour Early”… to meet with HIM, in His Holy Word! This is HOW the Child of God, is able to… “Discern Good from Evil!” When your mind is “Cluttered with ONLY: with the Minutia of this World”, how are You going to discern? The Cares of this world, Choke out your focus on the “Things of God!” Start OUT… your day with HIM in His Holy Word! Ask the Holy Spirit… to Teach You… from His Holy Word! [John 16:7-to-15]

“Daily: Spiritual ‘Decisions’ – 101”…Blog.

*** (Mark 1:35) And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, HE [Jesus] went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed. [Worshiped]

*** (2Corinthians 4:7) But we have this Treasure [Romans 8:9] in earthen [our human bodies] vessels; that the excellency of the [His Holy Spirit] Power; may be of God; and –> ‘NOT’ of us.

*** (2Corinthains 4:16) For this cause we do Not faint; but though our outward man Perishes, yet the inward man is Being Renewed = Day by Day. [John 15:1-2-3].

*** (1Corinthains 4:2) And the rest, it is sought among Stewards, that one be found “FAITHFUL”.

*** (Psalms 119:11) I have hidden Your Word in my heart; so that I might Not sin against You [Lord].

“Not by Bread ‘Alone’ – 101” …Blog.

*** (Luke 4:4) Jesus answered him, "It is written, 'One must Not live on bread alone; but on every word of God." [Matt 4:4 & Deut. 8:1-2-3]

“It is Written – 101” …Blog.
*** (2Corinthains 10:3-to-6) Of course, we are living in the flesh, but we do not fight in a fleshly way.
(2Cor 10:4) For the weapons of our warfare are not those of the flesh. Instead, they have the power of God to demolish fortresses. We tear down arguments
(2Cor 10:5) and every proud obstacle that is raised against the knowledge of God, taking every thought captive in order to obey Christ.
(2Cor 10:6) We are Ready to punish every act of disobedience [Romans 6:1-2 & Proverbs 28:13] when your obedience is complete. [1John 1:5-to-10]

Love [Agape]; in Christ, Roger // “Psalms 138:2”…!