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“Growing in God’s Grace – 101”… Blog [1 of ?]

“Growing in God’s Grace – 101”… Blog [1 of ?]

(2Peter 3:18) But = grow in grace = and = in knowledge = of our = Lord and Savior = Jesus Christ. = To Him = be the glory, = both now = and = to the day of eternity. Amen & Amen!

Recently someone asked me… for some help to grow spiritually as a Christian. While praying about what to say… I thought about discussing, what the Word of God, the Bible says and ‘NOT’ my own opinion. You can ask many and they will tell you what they Believe or what they Practice and a “Plethora of Opinions” based on their Experience. Please understand, that I am not trying to make disciples of myself… but to point you to the “ONE”… to ‘Whom’ we owe our salvation, “Christ Jesus!” It is Him alone that is worthy or our praise and our undying dedication and service. Please read out loud… “Luke 24:44-to-48”

(1Samuel 3:21) And Jehovah = appeared again = in Shiloh. = For Jehovah = Revealed Himself = to Samuel = in Shiloh = “BY” = the Word of Jehovah.

(John 17:17-18-17) Sanctify them [you] = through = Your [God’s] Truth. = Your Word = is Truth.
(John 17:18) As You [God] = have sent Me [Jesus] = into the world, = even so = I have sent = them = into the world.
(John 17:19) And = I [Jesus] = sanctify Myself = for their [your] sakes, = so that they [you] also = might be sanctified = in Truth [by the Word of God].

Only the “Word of God”… is the Truth that we need. It is ‘Not’ what some Church or Denomination teaches. It is ‘Not’ what some Preacher or Bible teacher says it is! “Alone” it is what the Word of God teaches therein, by the Holy Spirit of God. Without the Word of God and the Truth found in ‘The Word’, we will be tossed to and fro by the ever changing ‘religious’ winds of change. “IF” you are truly Born Again, born from above, by the Holy Spirit of God… “THEN”… the Bible will come alive to you. He, the Holy Spirit is the teacher of Truth, God’s Truth found in God’s Word.

(1Corinthians 2:12-to-16) But we = have ‘not’ = received the spirit = of the world, = but = the Spirit from God, = so that we = might know = the things = that are freely = given to us = by God.
(1Cor 2:13) These things = we also speak, = ‘not’ in words = which man's wisdom teaches, = but which = the Holy Spirit teaches, = comparing spiritual things = with spiritual.
(1Cor 2:14) But = the natural man [Not Born Again] = “Does NOT” = receive the things = of the Spirit of God, = for they are = “FOOLISHNESS” to him; = Neither can he KNOW them, = Because = they are Spiritually discerned [Encoded].
(1Cor 2:15) But he who = is spiritual [Born Again] = judges [1Cor 2:13] = all things, = yet he himself = is judged by no one.
(1Cor 2:16) For who = has known = the mind of the Lord, = that he may instruct Him? [No One] = But we have = the mind of Christ.

The Mindset of Christ Jesus… is and always was… the “Word of God”, nothing more, nothing less. We too, have to change our thinking from that of the World… to that of God. Again it is the ‘comparison & contrast’ of the “worldly thinking”… we had before being ‘Born Again’… with the Word of God. Each and every worldly system is steeped in the “Anti-God Philosophy and Agenda” that has been going on since Eden. Satan has not changed his strategy and continues to use it with success… among all mankind. Yes, even in the Churches as you can read in “1 & 2 Corinthians”.

(Genesis 3:1) Now = the serpent [Satan] = was more cunning = than any beast of the field = which Jehovah God had made. = And he = “said” = to the woman, = Is it so that = God has said, = You shall not eat = of every tree = of the garden?

His tricks work today Too…! Just share any of the Bible with any “Un – Saved” person and you will see their response against it. “Has God really said… you shall NOT…?” Satan also misquoted God as Satan’s workers [disciples] often do. God said… ‘only one tree’… you shall not eat of… But all the ‘Others’… you may “FREELY”… Eat thereof. The only one restriction was the tree of… “The knowledge of good and evil.” God never intended mankind to know about evil and all its perversions. Satan today is still constantly trying… to discredit the Word of God. Some church denominations will also do that, saying that their Church holds all authority. The “Catholics” are a prime example of this principle… as were the “Jews”… of Jesus’ day.

(Mark 7:7-8-9) However, = they worship = Me [God] = in vain, = teaching for doctrines = the commandments of men."
(Mark 7:8) For = laying aside = “the commandment of God”, = you hold = ‘the tradition of men’, = the drippings’ of pots and cups. = And = ‘many’ other = such things you do.
(Mark 7:9) And He [Jesus] = said to them, = Do you do well = to set aside = “the commandment of God”, = so that you = may keep = your own ‘tradition?’
(Isaiah 29:13) And = Jehovah [God] said, = Because this people = draw near Me = with their mouth, = and = with their lips = honor Me, = but = have removed = their ‘heart’ = far from Me, = and = their fear toward Me [Fear of God] = is taught by = the command of men;

The God of the Bible… is “NOT” = Politically Correct! There is no internal standard… but His Word. He is not a ‘chameleon’, that changes with the need… “He is the Same… Yesterday, Today and Forever”. Mankind often ‘bends’ the rules and makes ‘provisions’ for “Defrauding”. How many lawyers keep the Man’s Law… to both the Spirit & the Letter of the Law? Very few! Do you remember the Supreme court nomination of Judge Robert Bork? He was lambasted by Senator Kennedy, for his strict stand. Those that want an “Escape Clause”… will often look to the “Liberal Thinking”… as do many of the ‘Religious Pastors and Ministers’. They do not want the Word of God… to have any authority over them. So too is the “Pseudo [False] Christian”… that will “Not”… submit ‘himself or herself’, to the Word of God.


(Malachi 3:6) For = I am = Jehovah, = I = change = not. = Because of this = you sons of Jacob = are not destroyed.

(Hebrews 13:8) Jesus Christ = the same = yesterday = and = today = and = forever.
Only YOU… can make that mental decision, to accept the Word of God as your Absolute Truth. Your church or denomination cannot make it for you. When we all stand before God, when Christ Jesus… “Judges us with His Word” [John 12:44-to-48]… He will ‘Not’ use anything but the Word of God. Many times I do not immediately understand a particular scripture verses. I simply have to realize that God, by His Holy Spirit… needs to open my understanding. Praying and a continual searching for the Truth contained in His Word… He will eventually lead to my understanding. And NO… I do ‘not’… understand the entire Bible.
(Deuteronomy 29:29) The = ‘secret’ things = belong to = Jehovah our God, = but = the ‘revealed’ things = belong to us = and = to our sons forever, = so that = we = may do = all the words = of this Law.

(John 16:13-14) However, = when He, = the Spirit of Truth, = has come, = He will = guide you = into All Truth. = For He = shall not = speak of Himself, = but whatever = He hears, = He shall speak. = And He = will announce [reveal] to you = things to come.
(John 16:14) He [The Holy Spirit] = will glorify Me [Jesus], = for He will = receive of Mine = and = will announce [reveal] it = to you.

A Bible School or Seminary degree… will give one a lot of “Head Knowledge”. So too, remember the “Pharisees, Scribes and Lawyers”… knew the “Letter of the Word”… but completely missed the… “Spirit of the Word!” For some years, I worked as a Field Service Engineer [non-degreed] in a high tech field of Silicon Technology. The problem I had in training the plant engineering personal on the use of our particular equipment! My job was to get them to… “Think outside the Box!” They always looked for a… ‘Single Problem’. No ‘One’ problem in process engineering was ever the answer. There were always multiple problems… that appeared as single ones. So too, the Word of God… will reveal those multiple problems with our lives.

“Sin... is the Root”… “Sins... are the Fruit!”

(Matthew 4:4) But = He [Jesus] = answered = and said, = It is written, = "Man shall not = live by bread alone, = but by every= Word = that proceeds = out of the mouth of God."

(Luke 4:4) And Jesus = answered him [Satan], = saying, = It is written that = "man shall not = live by bread alone, = but = by every Word of God."

Again the Contrast…! Satan is always there to question… “Has God Really Said…?” Even Christ Jesus… did not argue with him, but simply said… “IT Is Written…!” Those that do not accept the Word of God… as their Only Authority… simply… “Do Not Know God!” In discussions people often say… “You are Judging me”… or… that is “Your Opinion!” Sorry… “NO!” That is … God’s Opinion from His Word, ‘Nothing More’… ‘Nothing Less’. You ‘Must’ settle this issue in your mind when studying the Bible, the Word of God. Satan will often use his same tactic… “Has God Really Said…?” You answer has to be… “It is Written..!”


(Psalms 19:7-to-11) The Law of Jehovah = is perfect, = converting the soul; = the testimony of Jehovah = is sure, = making the simple wise.
(Psalms 19:8) The Precepts of Jehovah = are right, = rejoicing the heart; = the Commandments of Jehovah = are pure, = giving light to the eyes.
(Psalms 19:9) The fear of Jehovah = is clean, = enduring forever; = the judgments of Jehovah = are true and righteous = altogether,
(Psalms 19:10) more = to be desired = than gold, = even much fine gold; = sweeter also than honey = and the honeycomb.
(Psalms 19:11) And = Your servant = is warned by them; = in keeping them = there is great reward.

Again settle the Question in Your Mind… First! Will you believe God and what He has said in His Word…? Once you have settled that question, you have started on knowing and understanding God and His Word! May I suggest that you get a note book and keep a record of the things that the Holy Spirit teaches you from The Word…? I use a ‘Giant Print Bible’ without footnotes. It leave me plenty of room to write what the Holy Spirit teaches me right on the page. Often times I have multiple notes there as I am taught different aspects and applications of the Word. Above I have posted a link to… “Which Bible”… that will help you choose a particular ‘English Translation’ Choose it only after you have prayed to God… as to the version He would have you start in. And be open to Him… changing your versions as you grow Spiritually.

(Psalms 119:97-to-104) MEM: = Oh = how I love = Your Law! = It is my meditation = all the day.
(Psalms 119:98) Through = Your Commandments = You make me = wiser than my enemies, = for they are ever with me.
(Psalms 119:99) I have = more understanding = than all my teachers; = for Your testimonies = are my prayer.
(Psalms 119:100) I understand = more than = the old [wise] men, = because = I keep = Your Commandments.
(Psalms 119:101) I have kept = my feet = from every evil way, = so that I might = keep Your Word
(Psalms 119:102) I have not = departed from = Your judgments; = for You = have taught me.
(Psalms 119:103) How sweet are = Your Words = to my taste! = More than honey = to my mouth!
(Psalms 119:104) Through = Your Commandments = I get understanding; = therefore = I hate = every false way.

Before you study the Word of God… You must First… Prepare Your Heart! See “2Chronicles 12:14”. Perhaps start in the Gospel of Luke… as your beginning point?

(Psalms 119:18) Open my eyes, = so that I = may behold = wonderful things = out of = Your Law [Word].

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