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“Manna – 101”…Blog.

“Manna – 101”…Blog.

Happy New Year… is the greeting I got today from a store I visited. Many are planning to turn over a new leaf and change some things in their lives. This morning as I was reading my Bible, I was asking Christ Jesus, for a topic to write about this time. This was the subject that He impressed on my mind. But why Manna…? On the FB Bible site, there are many postings, by people wanting a new walk with Him, this year. This new year, with new possibilities and challenges will invade our lives… ‘Without warning’. Will you be ready for ‘it’…?

(Psalms 75:6-7) For = ‘promotion’ = comes neither = from the east, = nor from the west, = nor from the south.
(Psalms 75:7) But God = is the judge: = He puts down one, = and sets up another.

This word Promotion… is explained in the next verse with an ‘Upward’ or ‘Downward’ movement. Those that were unemployed before the holidays, know what this means. Even thought government unemployment compensation was extended… many still cannot find gainful employment. Perhaps a time of reflection and reevaluation is in order? What you ‘need’ and what you ‘really need’, can be sorted out by one’s income. Many have stopped making mortgage payments… for their “Now Limited” income, to buy “Food & Necessities!”

(1Timothy 6:6-7-8) But = “godliness” = with = ‘contentment’ = is great gain.
(1Tim 6:7) For = we brought = nothing = into the world, = and it is clear = that we can = carry nothing = out.
(1Tim 6:8) But having = food and covering, = we will be “content”.

After God had delivered… His people Israel, from Egypt, with the “10-Plagues”, He then fed them with “Manna.” This ‘Angels Food [Psalms 78:25]’… was given to sustain their physical food needs. They were given specific instructions… “How & when & how much”… to gather this ‘Manna’. Can you just imagine the perfect food…? The Trillion Dollar “Diet Industry” would make a bonanza with a product like that. And still people would ‘not’ be satisfied. Still, how many follow the instructions, that God gives in His Word, The Bible…? Few, Some or Many…?

(Exodus 16:19-20-21) And Moses said, = Let = no man = leave of it = until = the morning.
(Exodus 16:20) But they = did ‘not’ listen = to Moses, = but = some of them = left of it until the morning. = And it became “rotten” = with maggots, = and ‘stank’. = And Moses was angry = with them.
(Exodus 16:21) And they = gathered it = “every morning”, = each man = according to his eating. = And when = the sun became hot, = [the remainder of] it melted.

In the New Testament… Christ Jesus is referred to as… the “Bread of Life”. He is also the Living Word, which is considered ‘food’ for our souls. We need to feed our Spiritual Bodies… with the ‘Manna’ of the Word of God. The ‘Manna’ is simply a “Word Picture” of that which we need for our spiritual sustenance to maintain our ‘Spiritual Life’. What else would we feed ourselves with…? That junk on the TV and Videos…? How about that ‘Christian’ music… which may or not be… “Scriptural”.

(John 6:35-36) And = Jesus = said to them, = I am = the bread of life. = He who = comes to Me = shall never hunger, = and he who = believes on Me = shall never thirst.
(John 6:36) But = I = said to you = that ‘you’ also = have seen Me = and = do not believe.

(2Corinthians 4:16) For this cause = we do not faint; = but though = our outward [human] man perishes, = yet = the inward [Spiritual] man = is being renewed = “day by day”.

This ‘Manna’ of God… is that only food that will and can, satisfy the ‘Human Soul’. Human temporal things, cannot feed our ‘inner man.’ These ‘word pictures’ are replete throughout the Scriptures and constantly reinforce this Truth. Did you notice, that the inward man needs… Spiritual Food… “Day by Day?” So too the ‘Manna’ given to Israel during the Exodus needed to be gathered… “Daily?” The exception, was the Sabbath. Twice as much was gathered the day before, and did not spoil.

(Luke 4:4) And = Jesus = answered him [Satan], = saying, = It is written that = "man shall ‘not’ live = by bread alone, = but by = “every” = Word of God."

(Revelation 2:17) He who = has an ear, = let him hear = what the [Holy] Spirit = says to the churches. = To him who overcomes = I will give = to eat of the = “hidden manna”, = and = will give to him a white stone, = and in the stone a new name written, = which no man knows = except he who receives it.

“Hidden Manna”…! Did you know that that “Hidden Manna” can only be revealed by the ‘Holy Spirit’ indwelling those that are “Born Again” by Him…? That is why religious people do not understand the Bible, the Word of God, the God of the Word. Spiritual food is only for spiritual people, not for dead people. All of us, who ‘now’… are born from above, by God’s Holy Spirit… were ‘once dead’ to Gods Spiritual Truth in His Word.

(Titus 3:4-to-7) But when = the kindness = and love of God = our Savior = toward man = appeared,
(Tit 3:5) not by works = of righteousness = which we have done, = but = according to = His mercy = He saved us, = through the washing of regeneration = and = renewal of the Holy Spirit,
(Tit 3:6) Whom He poured out = on us = abundantly = through Jesus Christ = our Savior,
(Tit 3:7) that = being justified = by His grace, = we should become = heirs according to = the hope of eternal life.

(Romans 8:9) But you = are not in the flesh, = but in the Spirit, = “if” = the Spirit of God = dwells in you. = But = “if” = anyone = has ‘not’ = the Spirit of Christ, = he is = ‘none’ = of His.

Many times… I read those ‘ditties’ that people post, supposing them to be food for the soul. “God helps them, that help themselves. That is not Scriptural nor is it true. ?” Simply test that with… “2Corinthians 4:7”. Many times people substitute their ‘own opinion’ for what God says in His Word, the Bible. “God loves everyone?” Sorry that is not in the Bible and is not true. Simply test that with… “Romans 9:13 & 2Peter 2:1”. Why do you think that Christ Jesus told Satan… “It is Written” [Matt 4:4 & Luke 4:4]…? The Authority of the Word, the Truth of God… is what is …the real issue.

Ok, so where do I get started…? Recently someone post a read through the Bible in one year schedule. Perhaps you need to get started there? But may I suggest an alternative? New Christians need to get started in the Book of Luke. It is a systematic logical presentation of the Gospel. Perhaps even better than that, is simply to “Ask Jesus”… ‘Lord, where should I start to read the Bible?’ May I even suggest that you dedicate a specific time and place to meet with Him in His Word…?

(1Samuel 3:21) And = Jehovah appeared = again in Shiloh. = For Jehovah = revealed Himself = to Samuel = in Shiloh = “by” =the Word of Jehovah.

(Mark 1:35) And = in the morning, = rising up = a great while = before day, He [Jesus] = went out, = and departed = into a solitary place, = and there = prayed.

Just as the Children of Israel… had to get the ‘Manna’ in the morning before the sun rose, ‘Exodus 16:21’, so too we need the ‘first’ part of our day… to find the ‘Manna’ of the Word of God. I have found that when I dedicate the “Tithe [first part]” of my day, to The Lord, to learn from His Word and feed my inner man, that the day goes much better. Surely we cannot continue to… “Grow in God’s Grace and the Knowledge of Him”… ‘Without’… knowing His Word..? IF Christ Jesus could get up early and spend time with His Heavenly Father… so can… “YOU!”

(Romans 10:17) So then = faith = comes by hearing, = and = hearing = by = the Word of God.

(John 17:17) Sanctify them = through = Your Truth. = Your Word = is Truth.

(John 15:3) Now = you are clean = ‘through’ = the Word = which I [Jesus] = have spoken to you.

How important is the “Word” to You…? Do you spend time in His Word, to learn about Him? How else can you possibly know about God, except from His Word…? Many times I read posting that have opinions, “Well I feel like God wants me to… ‘XYZ’!” But how do you know, IF you do not know, what His Word says about that? Many times I have heard the excuse… “How can it be wrong, when it feels so right?” Simply put… “Because God says So!”

(Numbers 23:19) God = is ‘not’ = a man = that He = should lie, = neither = the son of man = that He = should repent. = Has He said, = and shall He not do it? = Or has He spoken, = and = shall He = not make it good?

(Hebrews 13:8) Jesus Christ = the same = yesterday = and = today = and = forever.

(Malachi 3:6) For = I am = Jehovah, = I change = ‘not’. = Because of this = you sons of Jacob = are not destroyed.

Perhaps this year… you will dedicate and spend time in His Word, like you have never done before in your Life? Perhaps this will be a year of spiritual growth, that will draw you closer to Him, because you know Him… in and from… His Word…? The choice is yours to make. So what, if you miss a day, simply get back on track. This pattern that you develop, of spending dedicated time with Him, in His Word… will be the very best time you spend on this earth…!

(Heb 4:14-15-16) Since then = we have = a great High Priest = Who has passed into the heavens, = Jesus the Son of God, = let us hold fast = our profession.
(Heb 4:15) For we = do not have a high priest = who cannot be touched = with the feelings = of our infirmities, = but was = in all points tested = just as we are, = yet without sin.
(Heb 4:16) Therefore = let us = come boldly = to the Throne of Grace, = that we may obtain = mercy = and find grace = to help = in time of need.

(1Corinthians 9:25-26-27) And everyone who strives for the mastery = is temperate in all things. = Then those truly = that they may receive = a corruptible crown, = but we = an incorruptible.
(1Cor 9:26) So then = I run, = not as if = I were uncertain. = And so I fight, = not as one = who beats the air.
(1Cor 9:27) But I = discipline my body, = and = lead it captive, = lest proclaiming to others = I myself = might be disqualified.

Thank you for Your EAR! [Job 12:11] Roger //Email//

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