Monday, January 17, 2011

“Have ‘TO’/Want ‘TO’ – 101” … Blog.

“Have ‘TO’/Want ‘TO’ – 101” … Blog.

*** (Psalms 119:11) I have hidden = Your Word = in my heart, = so that I = might ‘not’ sin against You [Lord].

*** (Matthew 11:28) Come to Me [Jesus] = ‘all’ you who labor = and are heavy laden, = and I will give you rest.
(Mat 11:29) Take My yoke on you = and learn of Me, = for I am meek = and lowly in heart, = and you shall find rest = to your souls.
(Mat 11:30) For My yoke is easy, = and = My burden is light.

*** (1Cointhians 9:27) No, = I keep on beating my body = and = making it my slave = so that, = after I have preached to others, = I myself will ‘not’ somehow = be disqualified.

Recently a good friend… asked me; “Do I have to Memorize Bible Verses?” Isn’t all of life a mixture of… “Have TO/Want TO?” I would rather take the money for the ‘Electric Bill’… and buy something else; but I like the ‘convenience’ of having Electricity. I would rather take the money for my vehicle, license plate and drivers license… and buy something else; but I like the ‘convenience’ of going where and when I please! All of life falls into those ‘Choices’… “Have TO / Want TO!”

*** (2Thessalonians 3:10) For even when we were with you, = we commanded you this, = that if ‘anyone’ = would ‘not’ work, = ‘neither’ = should he eat [Ecclesiastes 8:11].

*** (John 15:10) If you keep My [Jesus’] commandments, = you shall abide in My love, = even as I have kept = My Father's [God’] commandments = and = abide in His love.

*** (Luke 6:46) "Why do you = keep calling Me [Jesus] = 'Lord [Savior], = Lord [Boss],' = but don't do = what I tell you?

“IF” you Love Jesus… “THEN”… you will also; ‘Love His Holy Word!’ If you have a mate or a ‘Special Friend’… don’t you “Memorize” their birthday; their special likes & dislikes; their wants & desires…? How much more so… with our Lord & Savior… “Christ Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of Kings! What we do out of Love for Him… is so that we might ‘know’ Him more! Why would one… ‘Not’ Want to Learn & Memorize… His Holy Word…? If you Love Jesus… you will want to Know More… and More and More… “About HIM!”

*** (Philippians 2:5) For ‘let’ = this ‘mind’ be in you = which was ‘also’ = in Christ Jesus,

*** (John 6:38) For I [Jesus] = came down from Heaven, = ‘not’ = to do My own will = but the will of Him [God] = Who sent Me [Jesus].

*** (John 8:29-to-32) And He [God] = Who sent Me [Jesus] =is with Me. = The Father = has ‘not’ = left Me alone, = for I ‘always’ = Do those ‘things’ = which ‘please’ Him.
(Joh 8:30) As He spoke these words, = many believed upon Him.
(Joh 8:31) Then Jesus said = to the Jews who believed on Him, = If = you continue in My Word, = you are My disciples indeed.
(Joh 8:32) And you = shall know = the Truth, = and = the Truth = shall make you free.

*** (John 17:17) Sanctify them = through Your Truth. = Your Word = is Truth.

How does one… get more ‘faith’ and know more about; “God” and “Jesus” and the “Holy Spirit”…? Simply by knowing more of His Holy Word… “In your Heart!” But those that are “Not”… Truly Born Again… ‘Do Not’; want to ‘know or obey’… His Word! Like being… ‘Dead or alive’; being pregnant or not; like walking in ‘death or life’. This is an “Either/Or” proposition. You have either or neither. You cannot be physically ‘alive and dead’… at the same time! All of life… fits into these and many other… either/or… categories.

*** (1Corinthians 2:14) But the ‘natural’ man = does ‘not’ receive the things = of the Spirit of God, = for they are ‘foolishness’ to him; = neither can he ‘know’ them, = because they are spiritually discerned.

*** (2Corinthians 13:5) examine yourselves, = whether you are in ‘the faith’, = ‘prove’ your own selves. = Do you ‘not’ know your own selves, = that Jesus Christ is in you, = unless you are reprobates?

*** (Romans 10:17) Consequently, = Faith comes from listening [hearing], = and = listening comes through = the Word of God.

*** (1Sa 3:21) And Jehovah [God] = appeared again in Shiloh. = For Jehovah = ‘revealed’ Himself = to Samuel = in Shiloh = by = the Word of Jehovah.

How did “God”… reveal Himself… to Samuel? By His Holy Word! That is the very same way… God reveals Himself today! Many say they… “Love Jesus”… and yet… “Do NOT” Love His Holy Word! “Something is… Wrong!” Christ Jesus is the “Living Word!” How then can someone ‘Love Jesus’… and “NOT Love His Holy Word”…? You ‘dedicate’ an amount of your ‘time’… to what you are interested in. No one can know ‘More about God’… without ‘knowing’ His Holy Word! Many are led astray… simply ‘because’ they… “Choose ‘Not’ to Read & Study”… His Holy Word!

*** (James 1:22) Keep on being = Doers of the Word, = and = Not merely hearers = who Deceive themselves.

*** (John 1:1-2) In the beginning was = the Word [Jesus], = and = the Word was with God, = and = the Word was God.
(Joh 1:2) He was in the beginning = with God.

*** (Revelation 20:4) And He [Jesus] had been clothed in a garment dipped in blood, = and = His name is called = The Word of God.

*** (Ephesians 6:17) And take the helmet of salvation, = and the sword of the Spirit, = which is the Word of God,

*** (John 1:14) And the Word [Jesus] became flesh, = and = tabernacled among us. = And we beheld His glory, = the glory as of the only begotten of the Father [God], = full of grace and of truth.

My ‘Question’ is… “Why would you “Not” want to Memorize; and “Read & Study”… and… “Obey–God’s Holy Word”…? Here in America, we have ‘more’ Bibles than any other country. Yet I believe it is read and studied ‘Less’… than any other. When I was a new Christian some 30 years ago, I remember hearing a ‘Missionary from Russia’… speak about the lack of Bibles there, for the common people. The Christians would take a Bible apart and share the pages! They took it a ‘privilege’… to know and memorize; the Bible! Persecution has a way of… “Purify Believers!”

*** (1Peter 4:17-18-19) For the time has come = for the judgment to begin = from the house of God. = And if it ‘first’ begins from us, = what will be the end of those = ‘disobeying’ the gospel of God?
(1Pe 4:18) And = if the righteous one is scarcely saved, = where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?
(1Pe 4:19) Therefore let those = who ‘suffer’ = according to the will of God = commit their souls in well-doing, = as to a faithful Creator.

*** (2Timothy 2:3) Therefore ‘endure’ hardness, = as a good soldier = of Jesus Christ.
(2Tim 2:4)  No one who wars = tangles with the affairs of this life, = that he may please Him [Jesus] = Who chose him = to be a soldier.
(2Tim 2:5)  And also = if anyone competes, = he is not crowned = unless he competes lawfully.

Where do you go… from Here? “Just Do… IT!” Set aside some of your time… before you start your day… to spend some time in His Holy Word! As you meet with Him there… the Holy Spirit will open your Spiritual understanding… to what He has to say to “You!” Our lives, behaviors, thinking and responses of life… will do a turn around. We will have our lives conforming to His Holy Word! We will become less and less… like those of this world… and more Like Christ!

*** (Mark 1:35) And in the morning, = rising up a great while before day, = He [Jesus] went out, = and = departed into a solitary place, = and there prayed [worshiped].

*** (John 6:32) Then Jesus said to them, = Truly, truly, I say to you, = Moses did not give you that bread [manna] from Heaven, = but My Father [God] = gives you the ‘true’ bread from Heaven.
(Joh 6:33) For the bread of God = is He [Jesus] = Who comes down from Heaven = and gives life to the world.
(Joh 6:34) Then they said to Him [Jesus], = Lord, = evermore give us this bread.
(Joh 6:35) And Jesus said to them, = I am = the bread of life. = He who comes to Me = shall never hunger, = and = he who believes on Me = shall never thirst.

*** (John 15:3) Now you are clean = through the Word = which I [Jesus] = have spoken to you.

*** (2Corithians 10:3-to-6) For though walking about in flesh, = we do not war = according to flesh.
(2Co 10:4) For the weapons of our warfare = are not fleshly, = but mighty through God = to the pulling down of strongholds,
(2Co 10:5) pulling away imaginations [fantasies] = and = every high thing = that exalts itself = ‘against’ = the knowledge of God, = and = bringing into captivity = ‘every’ thought = into the ‘obedience’ of Christ;
(2Co 10:6) and having readiness = to avenge all disobedience [Proverbs 28:13 & 1John 1:5-to-10], = when your ‘obedience’ is fulfilled.

*** (John 3:30)  He [Jesus] = must increase, = but I [You] = must decrease.

Thanks, In Christ, Roger / Jeremiah 20:9.