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“Just Say ‘NO!’ – 101”…Blog.

“Just Say ‘NO!’ – 101”…Blog.

*** (Ecclesiastes 8:11) Because = ‘sentence’ against an evil work = is ‘not’ = executed ‘speedily’, = therefore the ‘heart’ = of the sons of men = is ‘fully’ set in them = to do ‘evil’.

*** (1Corinthians 14:40) Let = ‘all’ things = be done ‘decently’ = and = in ‘order’.

Today, I received this question…I am not too sure about me… trying to help lost addicted souls… and them… ending up robbing my home. And me; finding the strength to still do it in faith; that I will not be harmed. How do I expect God to protect my home?”

First… there are Two Distinct Issues here and several more. One… what is our mandate from God… about the Gospel…? Second… do we put ourselves in Harm’s Way… to preach the Gospel…? Third… are we to minister to ‘everyone’…? What is my ‘exact’ responsibility… to the Gospel… because I am serving Jesus…?

*** (Matthew 4:7) Jesus said to him, = It is written again, = "You ‘shall not’ = tempt the Lord your God."

“IF”… I go to a… skyscraper and jump off; can I expect God to take care of ‘Me’…? How about “IF”… I jump out of a plane with someone else… and expect to use their Parachute; can I expect God to take care of ‘Me’…? These sound like ‘silly questions’… don’ they? Obviously I am “NOT” going to put myself in “Harm’s Way”… or endanger my life… ‘Unless’ I have a direct leading by His Holy Spirit! As is the case of some Missionaries… who are in lands with; ‘War’ and ‘Civil Unrest!’ Some are led to ‘Stay’… and some are led to… ‘Leave!’ Isn’t that what… “James 1:5-to-8”… is all about?

*** (Romans 8:14) For as many = as are ‘led’ = by the Spirit of God, = they are the sons of God.

Some ‘Christians’… live in some ‘nice’ residential areas… and have ‘Burglar Bars’ and ‘Home Alarm Systems.’ Some have homes in not so nice areas… without ‘either’… but they “DO”… ‘Lock their doors; before going to sleep at night! I traveled for about 5 years for business. In certain large cities… the car rental agent… advised me… ‘Not’ to go into certain areas. Other times I had to go there for business… and simply trusted Christ; to protect me. ‘Never’ did I go there… just to see the sights!

*** (Proverbs 4:7) ‘Wisdom’ is the main thing; = get wisdom; = and with ‘all’ your getting = get ‘understanding’.

“All that is necessary = for the triumph of evil = is that good people = do nothing.” British Statesman, Edmund Burke.

This issue of the Gospel… has some confused. Are we to share Christ and the Gospel with “Everyone”…? Please answer this question to yourself… “Yes or No”… before reading more? Many wrongly believe that All must here the Gospel… before the End! Many have been taught a wrong understanding of… “Matthew 24”. Some have the idea… to share Christ and the Gospel… with everyone. Others do as they are ‘led’ by the Holy Spirit… and have the ‘Opportunity!’ Some make the opportunity with each and every one. Perhaps it is because some = have “Zeal; without Knowledge”… of the Holy Word of God…?

*** (1Corinthians 3:6) I [Paul] have planted, = Apollos watered, = but God = ‘gave’ the increase.

*** (Acts 2:47) praising God = and having favor with all the people. = And the Lord = ‘added’ = to the church = ‘daily’ = those who were being saved.

*** (Titus 1:15) To the pure = all things are pure. = But to those who are = ‘defiled’ and ‘unbelieving’ = ‘nothing’ is pure, = but even their = ‘mind’ and ‘conscience’ = is ‘defiled’.

*** (Matthew 7:6) Do ‘not’ give = that which is holy to the dogs; = nor cast your pearls = before swine, = lest they trample them under their feet = and = turn again = and tear you.

*** (Titus 3:10) A man = that is a heretic = after the first and second admonition = ‘reject’;

… Do YOU = Present = an ‘Unbalanced Gospel’…?

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About NOW… you may begin ‘questioning’ yourself… ‘What do I really Believe?’ When I was a brand new Christian… I thought it was my responsibility… to share “Christ with Everyone!” The more time I spent studying the Scriptures… the more I realized; that is “NOT” the Mandate we have; from God’s Holy Word! I believe the Scriptures call that… ‘Zeal without Knowledge = Romans 10:2!’ These blog links above… will give you only an ‘overview’… of what The Scriptures Teach… about Evangelism… and reaching the ‘Lost’… for Christ!

*** (Matthew 22:29) Jesus = ‘answered’ them, = You are ‘mistaken’ = “Because” = you don't ‘know’ the Scriptures = or = God's ‘power’.

*** (2Timothy 2:3-to-7) Join me [Paul] in suffering = like = a good soldier of Christ Jesus.
(2Tim 2:4) No one serving in the military = gets mixed up in civilian matters, = for his aim is to ‘please’ = his commanding officer.
(2Tim 2:5) Moreover, = no one who is an athlete = wins a prize = ‘unless’ he competes = according to the rules.
(2Tim 2:6) Furthermore, = it is the hard working farmer = who ‘should’ have = the first share of the crops.
(2Tim 2:7) ‘Think’ about what I am saying. = The Lord = will help you = to ‘understand’ = all these things.

*** (Luke 24:44) And He [Jesus] said to them, = These are the ‘words’ = which I ‘spoke’ to you = while I was still with you, = that ‘all’ things = ‘must’ be fulfilled = which were ‘written’ = in the Law of Moses = and = in the Prophets = and = in the Psalms = about Me [Jesus].
(Luke 24:45) And He [Jesus] = opened their mind = ‘to understand’ = the Scriptures.
(Luke 24:46) And He said to them, = So it is written, = and = so it behooved Christ = to suffer = and to rise from the dead = the third day, [John 2:18-to-22 -&- John 10:17-18]
(Luke 24:47) and = that repentance = and = remission of sins = should be ‘proclaimed’ = in His name = among ‘all’ nations, = beginning at Jerusalem.
(Luke 24:48)  And = ‘you’ = are ‘witnesses’ = of these things.

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Oh yes… one more thing about Drug Addicts or other addicts. Sin, any sin and their destructive behaviors… is simply a Choice! Human Psychology… always tries to “Explain Away SIN/SINS!” They call it an Addiction and… “Excuse Away = The Personal Responsibility!” We all, will stand before Christ Jesus… to be “Judged or Rewarded”… for our “Choices!” The ‘Blame Game’… will ‘Not’ work with Him; Who knows the hearts and minds of All! You will ‘not’ be able to Blame Anyone… but Yourself!

*** (Romans 6:16-17-18) Don't you ‘know’ = that when you ‘offer’ yourselves = to someone as obedient slaves, = you are ‘slaves; = of the ‘one’ you obey = either of ‘sin’, = which leads to ‘death’, = or = of ‘obedience’, = which leads to ‘righteousness’?
(Rom 6:17)  But thanks be to our God = that you ‘were’ = the ‘slaves’ of sin, = but you have ‘obeyed’ from the heart = that form of doctrine [teaching] = to which you were delivered.
(Rom 6:18)  Then = being made ‘free’ from sin, = you ‘became’ = the ‘slaves’ of righteousness.

*** (James 1:13) When someone is tempted, = he should ‘not’ say, = "I am being tempted by God," = because = God ‘cannot’ be tempted by evil, = nor = does He ‘tempt’ anyone.
(Jas 1:14) Instead, = each person is ‘tempted’ = by his ‘own’ desire, = being ‘lured’ and ‘trapped’ by it.
(Jas 1:15) When that ‘desire’ = becomes pregnant, = it gives ‘birth’ to sin; = and = when that sin grows up, = it gives birth = to ‘death’.
(Jas 1:16) Do ‘not’ be deceived, = my dear brothers.

*** (John 3:19) And = this is the ‘condemnation’, = that the Light [Jesus] = has come into the world, = and = men ‘loved’ darkness = rather than the Light, = ‘because’ = their deeds were ‘evil’.
(John 3:20) For ‘everyone’ = who ‘does’ evil = ‘hates’ the Light, = and = does ‘not’ come to the Light, = lest his ‘deeds’ = should be ‘exposed’.
(John 3:21) But = he who ‘practices’ Truth = comes to the Light = so that his works = may be revealed, = that they exist, = having been ‘worked’ in God.

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Love in Christ, Roger / Jeremiah 9:20.