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“Free Will – 101”…Blog.

“Free Will – 101”…Blog.

*** (Matthew 22:29) Jesus answered and said to them; You “ERR”: ‘NOT’ knowing the Scriptures; ‘NOR’ the power of God.

*** (Amos 8:11) Behold, the days come, says the Lord Jehovah; that I will send a famine in the land; not a famine of bread nor a thirst for water; but of hearing the Words of Jehovah.

*** (Romans 6:16) Do you not know: that to whom you yield yourselves; as slaves for obedience; = you are slaves to him whom you obey; = whether it is of sin to death; = or of obedience to righteousness.

Let’s test all teaching… with the Holy Word of God… “First!” Recently there have been several groups… “Preaching Calvinism”… which teaches that Mankind… does not have a… “Free Will - in regards to Salvation!” In other words… some are born to be ‘Damned’… and some are ‘Not!’ This problem arises... Because ‘Some’ follow the teachings of John Calvin… Instead of the Holy Word of God! Even to the youngest Bible Student… one would realize that… “Not All That Calvin taught was 100% Biblical”…! Men following the teachings of Men… Instead of… following God and His Holy Word! Perhaps read again the Bible verses; at the ‘Beginning’ of this blog…?

*** (1Thessaloninans 5:21) Prove all things, hold fast to the good.

*** (Acts 17:11) And these were more noble = than those of Thessalonica, = in that they received = the Word = with all readiness of mind = and = searched the Scriptures daily to see if those things were so [or Not].

*** (Isaiah 8:20) To the Law = and to the testimony! = If = they do NOT speak according TO this Word, = it is because “NO” light = is in them.

*** (Luke 16:31) And he said to him, If they = do NOT = hear Moses and the Prophets, = they will NOT = be persuaded, = even though one rose from the dead.

*** (Isaiah 5:20) Woe to those who call evil good and good evil; who put darkness for light and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

*** (2Peter 3:15-16) And think of the long-suffering of our Lord as salvation as our beloved brother Paul also has written to you according to the wisdom given to him
(2Pet 3:16) as also in all his letters, = speaking in them of these things; = in which are some things hard to be understood, = which the unlearned and unstable = pervert, = as also they do the rest of the = SCRIPTURES, = to their own destruction.

“Calvinism Vs Arminianism – 101”…Blog.

Do ‘YOU’ have Free Will…? But of course ‘You’ do…! To think that… “Finite Mankind”… could know more than the… “Holy Infinite God”… is sheer foolishness! God; the God of the Bible gave us… His Holy Word… as our “Only Point of Reference!” To think that ‘some’ are born to damnation; and some are born to salvation is a… “LIE right from Satan”…! If mankind does not have a choice in his response… why then are we commanded to… “Preach the Word?” Could it be that ‘MORE’… study the teachings of MEN… than they do; the Holy Scriptures…? “Absolutely Yes”…! It is surely a lot easier: to tickle the mind… than to Hide Gods’ Word… in one’s heart…!

*** (Psalms 119:11) I have hidden Your Word in my heart; so that I might not sin against You [Lord].

*** (2Timothy 4:2-3-4) Preach the Word; be instant in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke; exhort; with all long-suffering and doctrine.
(2Tim 4:3) For a time will be when they will not endure sound doctrine; but they will heap up teachers to themselves; according to their own lusts; tickling the ear.
(2Tim 4:4) And they will turn away their ears; from the Truth; and will be turned to myths.

*** (Luke 24:44-to-48) And He [Jesus] said to them; These are the words which I spoke to you while I was still with you; that ‘all’ things must be fulfilled; which were written in the Law of Moses and in the Prophets and in the Psalms about Me [Jesus].
(Luke 24:45) And He ‘opened’ their mind to understand the Scriptures.
(Luke 24:46) And He said to them; So it is written, and so it behooved Christ; to suffer and to rise from the dead; the third day,
(Luke 24:47) and that repentance; and remission of sins; should be proclaimed in His name; among ‘all’ nations; beginning at Jerusalem.
(Luke 24:48) And you are witnesses of these things.

“Don’t Believe Me – 101”…Blog. [1/2]

“Disinformation – A ‘Tool’ of Satan – 101”…Blog.

How well do ‘You’ know the “Scriptures”… “The Bible?” Most Christians do not… ‘Read & Study’… them for themselves! They are content to listen to a Preacher… or a recorded sermon! Most will substitute pseudo Christian music… for the in depth study of the Holy Word of God! No wonder why there are so very many… “False Preachers & Teachers…! Did You even know… about the… “Warning from the Scriptures”… about these “Liars”…? Just how much… “Poison”… will you allow to be in the food you eat…? How about those Prescriptions’ you get from your Pharmacy…? Or the foodstuffs You purchase at your “Local Grocery Store”…? Just how much… will you allow…? “NONE” You Say…? Why then do ‘You’… not know the Holy Word of God… better than ‘You’ do…?

*** (2Corinthains 11:13-14-15) For such ones are false apostles; deceitful workers; transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
(2Cor 11:14) Did not even Satan marvelously transform himself into an angel of light?
(2Cor 11:15) Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves as ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

*** (2Peter 2:1-2) But there were also false prophets among the people; even as there will be false teachers among you; who secretly will bring in destructive heresies; even denying the Master who bought them, bringing on themselves swift destruction.
(2Pet 2:2) And “MANY” will follow their pernicious ways; and because of them; the way of Truth will be evil spoken of.

*** (Matthew 24:23-24-25) Then if any man shall say to you, Lo, here is Christ! Or, There! Do not believe it.
(Matt 24:24) For false Christs’ and false prophets will arise; and show great signs and wonders; so much so that; if it were possible; they would deceive even the elect.
(Matt 24:25) Behold; I [Jesus] have told you beforehand.

*** (Jude 1:3-4) Having made all haste to write to you about the common salvation; beloved, I had need to write to you; to exhort you; to contend earnestly for the faith; once delivered to the saints.
(Jude 1:4) For certain men crept in secretly; those having been of old previously written into this condemnation; ungodly ones perverting the grace of our God for unbridled lust; and denying the only Master, God, even our Lord Jesus Christ.

Now the Question: Does God ‘Reveal’ Himself… to Everyone…? “Yes–or–No”…?

*** (Psalms 19:1-to-4) To the Chief Musician. A Psalm of David. The heavens declare the glory of God; and the expanse proclaims His handiwork.
(Psa 19:2) Day to day pours forth speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.
(Psa 19:3) There is no speech nor are there words; their voice is not heard.
(Psa 19:4) Their line has gone out through all the earth and their words to the end of the world. In them He has set a tabernacle for the sun,

*** (Psalms 98:2-3) Jehovah [God] has made known His salvation; His righteousness He has unveiled to the eyes of the nations.
(Psa 98:3) He has remembered His mercy and His truth toward the house of Israel; all the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of Jehovah.

*** (2Corinthians 5:14-15) For the love of Christ constrains us; judging this; that if one died for all, then all died;
(2Cor 5:15) and He [Jesus] died for all; that the living ones may live no more to themselves, but to Him who died for them and having been raised.

*** (Acts 17:30-31-32) Truly, then; God overlooking the times of ignorance; now He strictly commands = ALL MEN = Everywhere = To Repent,
(Acts 17:31) because He has appointed a day in which; He is going to judge the world in righteousness by a Man [Jesus]; Whom He appointed; having given proof to all by raising Him from the dead.
(Acts 17:32) And hearing of a resurrection of the dead; some indeed mocked; and others said; We will hear you again concerning this.

*** (John 1:9-to-12) He [Jesus] was the true Light; He enlightens = every man coming = into the world.
(Joh 1:10)  He was in the world; and the world came into being through Him; and the world did not know Him.
(Joh 1:11) He came to His own; and His own received Him not.
(Joh 1:12) But as many as received Him; He gave to them authority to become the children of God; to those who believe on His name,

“Once Saved = Always Saved – 101”…Blog.

The Anointing – 101  Blog about the Holy Spirit

There are ‘Thousands’ of Scriptures… that teach that mankind… does have a Free Will…! Once again… ‘Each One’… that is Truly Born Again by the Holy Spirit of God… has the Indwelling Holy Spirit = Within Themselves = “Rom 8:9 & 1Cor 2:10-to-14”! He was given to ‘Us’… so that He might… “MAKE ALIVE–the Holy Word of God…! When we get on that… “Earthly Merry-Go-Round”… and follow ONLY human teaching: We then ‘Exclude’ the Teaching from God… by His Holy Spirit…! Stop Following… the teachings of Mankind… and “Follow What”… the Holy Word of God… “Teaches”…! “Christ Jesus died for… ‘All’ Mankind!” But Most of Mankind… will ‘Reject’ Him… just as Many of His chosen People: Israel did! Many do not present a ‘Clear Gospel’… but One = “Tainted by their own Denomination”…! Consequently, they themselves; are often taken by the… “Error of their Own Teaching”…!

*** (John 3:16-to-21) For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son; that whoever believes in Him should not perish; but have everlasting life.
(John 3:17) For God did not send His Son into the world [the First time] to condemn the world; but so that the world might be saved; through Him.
(John 3:18) He who believes on Him is not condemned; but he who ‘does not’ believe is condemned already; because he has not believed in the name of the only-begotten Son of God.
(John 3:19) And this is the condemnation, that the Light [Jesus]; has come into the world; and men loved darkness rather than the Light, because their deeds were evil.
(John 3:20) For everyone who does evil hates the Light; and does not come to the Light, lest his deeds should be exposed.
(John 3:21) But he who practices truth comes to the Light so that his works may be revealed; that they exist, having been worked in God.

Do YOU Present an Unbalanced Gospel…?
Unbalanced – 101 Blog.

*** (1Corinthains 16:22) If anyone; does not love the Lord Jesus Christ; let him be accursed [Damned]. The Lord comes [Again]!

*** (John 17:17) Sanctify them through Your Truth. Your Word is Truth.

Love; in Christ, Roger / Ezekiel 3:18-to-21.