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“The ‘Rapture’ – 301”…Blog. [3/?]

“The ‘Rapture’ – 301”…Blog. [3/?]

*** (1Thessalonians 4:13-to-18) But we do not want you to be ignorant, brothers; about those who have died; so that you may ‘not’ grieve like other people; who have no hope.
(1Thes 4:14) For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again; even so it is through Jesus; that God will bring back with Him; those who have died.
(1Thes 4:15) For this we declare to you; by the word of the Lord; that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord; will by no means; precede those who have died.
(1Thes 4:16) With a shout of command; with the archangel's call; and with the sound of God's trumpet; the Lord Himself will come down from heaven; and the dead in Christ will rise first.
(1Thes 4:17) Then we who are alive and remain; will be caught up in the clouds; together with them; to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.
(1Thes 4:18) So then; encourage one another with these words.

Why are ‘YOU’… looking for the “Rapture”...? If you are Truly Born Again; by the Holy Spirit of God… shouldn’t You be concerned about ‘Doing’ your Father’s Will…? Or are you just concerned about missing all the… “Trials & Tribulations”… ‘Other’s’ have endured; in defense of their “Faith in God”…? Many of the early church Christians have suffered… ‘Death & Torture’… for their Faith. Today, many in the Muslim countries who come to Christ… are threatened with death and ‘Expelled’ from their families… as Infidels; some are even Killed! Here in America… we really do not know what it costs; to follow Christ Jesus…! How about those… “Other’s”… spoken about in… “Hebrews 11:36-to-40”…? When was the last time… You… read those Bible verses…? So very many Christians… will ‘Only’ listen to: the Positive Bible topics! “Never” do they want to… ‘Read & Know’… the “TRUE ‘Cost’ of Following Christ”…!

*** (1Thessaloninas 4:3) For it is God's will that you be sanctified: You ‘must’ abstain from sexual immorality;
(1Th 4:4) each of you must know how to control his own body; in holiness and honor,
(1Th 4:5) not with passion and lust; like the gentiles; who do not know God;
(1Th 4:6) and you must ‘never’ take advantage of or exploit a brother in this regard. For the Lord is an ‘avenger’ in all these things; just as we already ‘told’ you and ‘warned’ you.
(1Th 4:7) For God ‘did not’ call us to impurity; but to [His] Holiness.
(1Th 4:8) Therefore; whoever rejects this instruction; is not rejecting human authority; but God; Who gives ‘you’ His Holy Spirit. [Romans 8:9]

*** (1Peter 2:18-to-21) Servants [slaves], be subject to your masters with all fear; not only to those good and forbearing; but also to the ‘perverse’ ones.
(1Pet 2:19) For this is a grace; if for conscience toward God; anyone ‘endures’ grief; suffering wrongfully.
(1Pe 2:20)  What credit is it if you sin and patiently receive a beating for it? But if you suffer for doing good; and take it patiently; you have God's approval.
(1Pe 2:21)  This is, in fact, what you were called to do; because Christ also suffered for you and left an example; for you to follow; in His steps.

*** (1Thessalonians 3:4) For truly, when we were with you; we ‘told’ you before; that we were going to suffer affliction; as it also happened; even you know.

*** (John 15:18-to-23) If the world hates you; you know that it hated Me [Jesus] before it hated you.
(Joh 15:19) If you were of the world; the world would love its own. But because you are not of the world; but I [Jesus] have chosen you out of the world; therefore the world hates you.
(Joh 15:20) Remember the word that I [Jesus] said to you’ The servant is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted Me; they will also persecute you. If they have kept My saying; they will also keep yours.
(Joh 15:21) But all these things they will do to you for My name's sake; because they do not know Him [God]; Who sent Me [Jesus].
(Joh 15:22) If I [Jesus] had not come and spoken to them; they would not have had sin; but now they have ‘no excuse’ for their sin.
(Joh 15:23) He who hates Me [Jesus] hates My Father [God] also.

*** (Hebrews 11:36-to-40) Still “OTHERS”… endured taunts and floggings, and even chains and imprisonment.
(Heb 11:37) They were stoned to death; sawed in half; and killed with swords. They went around in sheepskins and goatskins. They were needy; oppressed; and mistreated.
(Heb 11:38) The world wasn't worthy of them. They wandered in deserts, mountains, caves, and holes in the ground.
(Heb 11:39) All these people won approval for their faith; but did not ‘receive’ what was promised,
(Heb 11:40) since God: had planned [Isaiah 55:8-9] something better for us; so that they; would not become perfect [complete] ‘without’ us.

Foxe’s Book of Martyrs

What is the “Key”… for Christ’s Return…? Many who study Prophecy miss… “Israel”…! God; the God of the Bible… called out a “People for Himself”…! The decedents of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob [Israel]… spend over 400 years in Egypt. God delivered from their ‘Slavery & Bondage’… and called them for Himself… to be His people…! With His ‘Miracles’ of Judgment on the “False Gods of Egypt”… He mightily ‘delivered’ them from their Bondage of Slavery! He led them for 40 years in the desert… till ‘All’ those who: “Continually Disobeyed HIM”… were Dead! He gave them His… “Law & Statutes & Precepts & Ordinances… and most of all: the “Fear of God”… which would keep them from “SIN/SINS”…! He even warned them with the… “Blessings & Cursings of Obedience!” Many times they ‘served’ other Gods: and received their just… “Judgment from God!” Even the 70 year captivity in Babylon… did not change their ‘National Mindset!’ Even when their Messiah Christ Jesus came on the scene… He was Rejected by the Nation…! He had to set them ‘Aside’… and chose to “Use the Church”… to be His “Instrument of Witness”…! Have You ever read this History: recited in… “Acts 7:1-to-60”…? If you don’t know ‘How God’… dealt with “Israel”… why then do ‘You’ think… the Church will escape… “God’s Judgment”…? And “NO”… I am “Not Saying”… the Church will go through… “The Great Tribulation”…!

*** (Deuteronomy 30:19) I [Moses] call Heaven and earth ‘to record’ today against you. I have set before you: ‘life and death’: ‘blessing and cursing’. Therefore, choose life; so that both you and your seed may live,

*** (Malachi 3:6) For I am Jehovah the Lord; I change Not. Because of this; you sons of Jacob are not destroyed.

*** (Proverbs 16:6) By mercy and truth; iniquity is purged; and by the fear of the Lord; men turn away from evil.

*** (2Corinthians 7:1) Then having these promises, dearly beloved; let us ‘cleanse’ ourselves from all defilements of flesh and spirit; perfecting Holiness; in the fear of God.

*** (Ephesians 1:2-3-4) Grace be to you, and peace from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.
(Eph 1:3) Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ; Who blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies in Christ;
(Eph 1:4) according as He chose us in Him; before the foundation of the world; that we should be Holy and without blame; before Him in love,

*** (1Peter 1:13-to-16) Therefore girding up the loins of your mind; being sober; perfectly hope for the ‘grace’ being brought to you; at the revelation of Jesus Christ,
(1Pe 1:14) as obedient children; not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance,
(1Pe 1:15) but according to the Holy One; Who has called you; you also become holy in all conduct,
(1Pe 1:16) because it is written; “Be holy: for I [God] am holy.”

The Fear of God – 101 Blog [1/3]

“IF”… You do not have the Fear of God… “Nor” the desire to be HOLY as God is Holy… why are ‘You’ concerned about… The Rapture…? ‘Please’ tell me… “Why”…?

I cried because I had no ‘Shoes’… until I saw am man… who had no ‘Feet’…!

IF ‘You’ are concerned about the “Rapture”… but ‘Not’ interested in the “Other Spiritual Things”… found in God’s Holy Word… “Your ‘thinking’ is: Out of Balance”…! Do ‘You’ spend time with Your ‘Heavenly Father’… “In His Holy Word… Daily”…? “If ‘Not’… ‘Why’ Not”…? Christ Jesus gave us an example… do ‘You’ follow His example…? Do You understand ‘Who’ Christ is… and His High Priestly ministry…? Can you ‘accurately’ communicate: not ‘Only’ the Love & Mercy & Grace of GOD… but… “His Judgment”… both the ‘Present & Future’… for ‘Both’ believers and non–believers…? Do you ‘actively’ share both the Good News… and the Bad News… with ‘All’…? “If ‘Not’… ‘Why’ Not”…? And ‘You’ are concerned about… “The Rapture?” … “Why”…?

*** (Acts 20:27) For I did ‘Not’ keep back; from declaring to you; “ALL” the counsel of God.

Do ‘YOU’… Present an ‘Unbalanced’ Gospel…? ‘All’ Love and “None” of God’s Judgment…?

Unbalanced – 101 Blog.

*** (John 17:17) Sanctify them through Your Truth. Your Word is Truth.

*** (2Corinthains 4:16) For this cause we do not faint; but though our outward man perishes; yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. [John 15:1-2-3]

*** (Mark 1:35) And in the morning; rising up a great while before day; He [Jesus] went out; and departed into a solitary place; and there prayed [Worshiped].

*** (1Sa 3:21) And the LORD appeared again in Shiloh: for the LORD revealed himself to Samuel in Shiloh by the word of the LORD.

*** (Luke 11:42) But woe to you, Pharisees! For you tithe mint and rue and every herb; and = pass over ‘judgment’ = and the ‘love’ of God. = You ought to have done these; and NOT to leave the other: undone.

*** (2Peter 1:2-to-10) May grace and peace be yours in abundance; through the ‘full knowledge’ of God and of Jesus our Lord!
(2Pet 1:3) His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness; through the ‘full knowledge’ of the One; Who called us by His own: glory and excellence.
(2Pet 1:4) Through these He has given us His precious and wonderful promises; so that through them you may participate in the divine nature; seeing that you have escaped the corruption that is in the world: caused by evil desires.
(2Pet 1:5) For this very reason: you must make ‘every’ effort to supplement your faith with moral character; your moral character; with knowledge,
(2Pet 1:6) your knowledge with self-control; your self-control with endurance; your endurance with Godliness,
(2Pet 1:7) your godliness with brotherly kindness; and your brotherly kindness with love [Agape].
(2Pet 1:8) For if you possess these qualities: and if they continue to increase among you; they will ‘keep you’ from being ineffective; and unproductive; in attaining a ‘full knowledge’ of our Lord Jesus Christ.
(2Pet 1:9) For the person who lacks these qualities is blind; and shortsighted; and has ‘forgotten’ the cleansing; that he has received from his past sins.
(2Pet 1:10) So then, my brothers; be all the ‘more eager’ to make your calling; and election certain; for if you = keep on doing this; = you will ‘never’ fail.

Continued next blog…

Love; in Christ, Roger / Ezekiel 3:18-to-21.