Sunday, April 19, 2009

“WYSIWYG – 101” Blog.

Do you know… what “WYSIWYG” means? It is an acronym for… What You See Is What You Get! Is that a ‘True statement’ or “Not?” It is not in most cases. You are really never told the Cost of your decisions, especially in Life. The Lie continues and you are not even aware of it.
This past week… I posted a new background photo and had varied responses. First let me say, that in this age of ‘Digital Photography’, you cannot trust what you see. One would falsely assume that there was $100,000 dollars USA there. Are those real $100 bills and is each stack banded with a ‘$10,000-wrapper’… Real? I will leave you guessing… “The Truth” is… I am Not Wealthy!

Many today look… only on the outside without any testing. I am just the opposite, as I question Everything. Simply… I am from… “Missouri – The Show Me State”… in all my dealing with situations. I believe Nothing on the surface... especially a Photograph.

Nor did I… believe the “Change” claims of our latest president. “Change for What?” Change for Who? As Adolph Hitler offered his people… I know that the Change that is offered is Harmful to This Nation and Our Prosperity. The incurred debt since his taking office is now in… ‘Interest Only’… Is… “One Trillion Dollars A Year!” How can ANY Nation hope to repay that?
You have all… heard the saying… ‘The Faster I go, the Behinder I Get!’
So it is… One Cannot borrow Oneself… “Out of Debt = Into Prosperity!” It will NOT work in your personal Life… Neither in that of A Nation! Just one more… “9-11 Terrorist Attack”… and where would our financial stability Be? “Down the Drain!”
“The Cancer of Debt”… has to be Removed. It cannot be ‘Borrowed Upon’ in hopes of… “Change!” National and Personal Debt will surely lead… to More of the Same! Simply ask yourself… Can I Borrow my way… out of Debt? How then can Any Nation? It can’t!
Well I am sorry… I cannot listen to any more of your ‘Rantings’, things are Not as Bad… as that! Well then just simply don’t listen to what I say! Don’t believe me! Do some checking for yourself. Go onto the Internet and Google… ‘Debt.’ Look at the Debt Clock.
Ok things are… really that Bad? So where does the FIX start? It starts with You & Me & Each and every one of US! Correct your spending! Do not buy any ‘Toys’ for yourself. What Toys? You know what I am speaking about. The… “I Owe It To Myself”… kind of purchases. Sure it is Not going to be Easy! You have spent a Lifetime of Indulgence. So have I!

It is Like… It took a long time to Gain but it comes of So Slowly. Finances are the Same. With a Plan… “You may be free of debt” in as little time of ‘3-Years.’ Ouch… that huts! Never did I promise YOU… that Anything in Life was… Easy!
In Addition Each… of us needs to write our perspective Government Officials Demanding a… “No-Debt-Nation!” Remember this is a Government Of the People, By the People and For the People! Not Of, By and For… “The Politian’s!” We may Change… Only with the Help from… “GOD!”

(2Chronicles 7:14) if My people, = who are called by My name, = shall humble themselves = and pray, = and seek My face, = and turn from their wicked ways, = then = I will hear from Heaven = and will forgive their sin = and = will heal their land.
Thank you for Your EAR! Roger //Email// ROGER459@GMAIL.COM