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Recently while post… on another ‘worldwide’ public friendship site; I was called on the spot with this verse below from the Gospel of John. Strange as it was, I simply commented on the verse posted onto this ‘Public Forum’ the previous day. Some there on that Site are Christian and some are Pseudo Christians, in a purely generic sense. Many do not even claim to be Christian.

· (John 7:24) Do not judge = according to sight, = but judge righteous judgment.

Strange as it seems… Some wrongly believe that… ‘Any’ Bible verse posted is OK… because it is the Word of God. How about IF… the Bible verse was written to ‘The Child of God’ and was “Conditional” on certain all its requirements? “Should I post that verse, or not?” I believe, Not! “Family Business is for Family” and Not for… Strangers! Was I wrong?

May I share… how this works? When one is called into question by another; they will either ask for ‘an explanation’, = or = will usually post some ‘Not Judging Verses’… and call into question, ‘your motives’. For you… Even to ‘Question’ them: as to the Reason for ‘their posting’ of that particular verse is harshly treated as… “Heresy”.

Their attitude is… “How Dare you… question me… about posting a Bible Verse!” The Bible is Not Magic! It is Not A Charm to ward off Evil! It is God’s communication to Mankind on how to honor Him, love him and how to live life… as God intended! The ‘Reason’ of the Word of God!

· (Isaiah 1:18) Come now, = and let us = reason together, = says Jehovah; though your sins are as scarlet, = they shall be as white as snow; = though they are red like crimson, = they shall be like wool.

The World uses… almost the Same Tactic: in an ‘Identical’ fashion. I disagree with most of the ‘Political Correct’ preaching measures used in today’s Media. When I post something in Opposition, I am always labeled… “A Racist!” Without any “intelligent or cognitive” response… from the author… I was simply labeled … “A Racist!”

This has happened… often times, as I posted Obama’s speeches from YouTube. Without knowing my… “Race” [Black or White]… I was called a ‘Racist’. Often times I responded with… Obama is… ‘Half white and Half black’. Which Half… of a Racist am I… “white or black”?

· (1Corinthians 2:15) But he = who is spiritual = judges all things, = yet he himself = is judged by no one.

Often times… “The ‘FLASE’ Judging Accusation”… is used without any Asking for… “More = Information or Clarification”. Most want their ‘Beliefs…’ without anyone even questioning them. You know, it is ‘Just Like’… “Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny!” Don’t you even dare… ask me about them… Or I will… “NOT”… consider you… A Friend! …LOL! …LOL!

“I will pray for you”… is a term that is spoken in most Churches. Even though MOST have no relationship with God, through the “Finished Work of Christ Jesus”! IF… they are NOT a child of God… THEN… How does GOD… Hear their Prayers? “God, the God of the Bible… Says… that HE… Does NOT!”

· (1John 5:12-13-14) He who has the Son = has life; = = he = who does not = have the Son of God = = does not have life.
· (1John 5:13) I have written = these things = to you = who believe on = the name of the Son of God, = that you may know = that you have everlasting life, = and that you = may believe = on the name of the Son of God.
· (1John 5:14) And = this is the confidence = that we have toward = Him, = = that if = we ask anything = according to = His will, = = He hears us.

How about that…? IF… you do not have the Son of God, Christ Jesus… THEN… you do not belong to Him. And God… will NOT… Hear your Prayers! Many people say empty words called prayers and they are Not Heard by God. Without Son-ship… One cannot be in any position for God to… Hear them!

· (1Timothy 2:5) For God is one, = and there is = one Mediator = of God and of men, = = the Man Christ Jesus,

Without an intercessor… That is a Go Between… God and Mankind… you have Absolutely NO Authority to Pray. Only if you are… In Christ Jesus… then has Jesus made your ability to go directly to the Father God… “Open!” That Mediator / Intercessor is Only Christ Jesus!

· (John 14:20) At that day = you shall know = that I am in My Father, = and you in Me, = and I in you. [Romans 8:9]

Before I became… A Born Again Christian, I was raised in a Catholic Home and attended Catholic Church on Sundays and Catholic Elementary School though grade 6. We said “prayers” and did all sorts of “Religious Activities”. None of them… or the Lack of them… had any favor with God, the God of the Bible. “Father God”… knows Only… His Children and… Not those of the Devil! Say, did you… not know that the ‘Devil has Children?’

· (John 8:44) You are = of the Devil = as father, = and the lusts of = your father = you will do. = He was a murderer from the beginning, = and = did not abide in the Truth = = because there is no Truth in him. = When he speaks a lie, = he speaks of his own, = for he is a liar = and the father of it.

How about Judging… “Truth & Lies?” IF someone tells you a “Lie”… “You Judge”… that it is… a Lie, or you believe it as Truth. Surely that is an… “Acceptable Judging”… as most will agree. How about you, will you agree with that statement? Did you ever have someone… “Lie to You?’ What did you do when you found Out? Or did you just let it Go?

· (John 17:17) Sanctify them = through Your Truth. = Your Word is Truth.

How do we know… ‘What is Truth’ and ‘What are Lies?’ Simply put…. “God’s Word is Truth”. It is what we are to use to… “JUDGE”… all things by. IF… God says it is wrong… THEN… it is wrong! Pointing out, the Wrong… “Is NOT Judging!” Is there an example in the Bible of a Believer pointing out to a Non-Believer… that Something is Wrong [Sin]… “According to God’s Word?”

· (Matthew 14:3) For Herod = had laid hold on John, = and had bound him, = and had put him in prison = because of Herodias his brother Philip's wife.
· (Matt 14:4) For John said to him, = It is not lawful for you = to have her.

Simply Put… John the Baptist told the Governor Herod that he was living in Adultery by having his brother Philips wife, for himself. Was John “Judging” Herod? Absolutely, “Yes and No!” What you say, you cannot have it… Both Ways! John lost his life… because he choose to Stand for what God… had said in His Word.

· (Exodus 20:14) You shall not commit adultery [Sexual Sins].

John had judged… the “Right & Wrong” of Herod’s acts of Adultery. There is nothing wrong with saying… “It is Wrong, because God said So!” So Yes… John judged the actions and lifestyle of Herod. But NO… because God will Completely Judge… All Mankind for “Sin/Sins” or for “Salvation”. The for Degrees of Punishment in the Eternal Lake of Fire for Sin and the Rejection of Christ Jesus’ finished work. For Rewards [works] for the Child of God in heaven. Those works for rewards will be… Tried by the Word of God and Fire. [1Corinthians 3:13-14-15]

· (Luke 4:4) And Jesus = answered him [Satan] , = saying, = It is written = that "man = shall not live by = bread alone, = = but by every Word of God."

When One comes… to God… then One accepts… “His Word for their Life”. The Word of God is what Jesus said… that which Man Lives By! That Child of God… Will ‘Always’ accept the Word of God, as their Only Point of Reference… to what is Truth and what are Lies. Judging ‘Acts & Words’… by the Word of God… Is Not Judging! “The Word of God… Judges All!”

· (John 12:47-48-49) And if any one hears = My Words = and does not believe, = I do not judge him, = for I do not come to judge the world, = but to save the world.
· (John 12:48) He = who rejects Me = and = does not receive = My Words = has one = who judges him; = = the Word = = that I have spoken, = the same shall judge him = in the last day.
· (John 12:49) For I = have not = spoken of Myself, = but = the Father = Who sent Me = gave Me a command, = = what I should say, = and = what I should speak.

How about “Judging”…? Do you know understand that… IF… God says it is Wrong [Sin/Sins] it is So! Saying what God says is Wrong… “Is Not Judging!” Remember… those that ‘do not want’ to Hear the Word of God… and what it… “Says & Means”… will Often Falsely Accuse You of Judging! Simply put, ‘An Excuse’… is a “Skin of a Reason… Stuffed… with A Lie!”

· (1Corinthians 2:15) But he = who is spiritual = judges all things, = yet he himself = is judged by no one.

Will YOU Judge… whatever is called Christian? Whatever is called ‘God’ and ‘Truth’? Whatever is ‘Phony’ and ‘Lies’? How about it? Or will you just continue to belong to the… “First Church of the Rodney King?” [Can’t we all… just Get Along?] NO!

· (Isaiah 8:20) To the law = and to the testimony: = if they speak not = according to = this Word, = it is because = there is no light = in them.

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