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Today I received… an email from a friend who has been witnessing to a ‘religious’ person. They are always the hardest to witness to. Simply put, they want a validation of their… ‘Beliefs!’ If they can… “Out think & Out argue You”… they have… “Validated their Beliefs”. It is… just that simple. I often speak with Cults, Pseudo Christian Sects and even those of Islam. That… ‘identical’ problem exists there also!

Their religious validation… is the basis for their belief in their Religion. Most times when confronted with… “The Holy Scriptures = The Bible”… their Religious beliefs fall apart. The often resort to either Bible Verses that have a hard explanation or directly to their denomination and its teachings.

· (John 12:43) For they loved = the praise of men = more than = the praise of God.

They will often… quote the Founder of their religion, as having more or identical authority… to the Bible. Even though that source is in conflict with the Bible, they still hold to it. When Jesus confronted the Devil in… “Matthew 4:4 & Luke 4:4” … He, Jesus, simply said, “It is Written!” That is… Jesus said… “The Scriptures have Already Spoken about That!” [i.e.] …“It is Written!”

· (Hebrews 3:14-to-19) For we are made = partakers of Christ, = if we hold the beginning of our confidence = steadfast to the end,
· (Heb 3:15) while it is said, = "Today = if you will hear His voice, = harden not your hearts, = as in the provocation."
· (Heb 3:16) For some, = when they had heard, = did provoke; = however, = not all who came out of Egypt by Moses.
· (Heb 3:17) But with whom = was He [God] grieved forty years? = Was it not with those who had sinned, = whose carcasses fell in the wilderness?
· (Heb 3:18) And to whom = did He [God] swear = that they should not = enter into His rest, = but to those who did not believe?
· (Heb 3:19) So we see = that they could not enter in = because of unbelief.

By rejecting the… Word of God, they have… ‘Hardened their heart’… exactly as the Jews did in the above verses. This is the story of the Exodus. After the “10-miraculous Plagues” on Egypt and their False Gods, Moses led the… ‘Children of Israel’… into the wilderness.

Over and Over… again did they “Rebel” against Moses and what God have given them. Their… “Disobedience & Hardness of Heart”… caused them to… All ‘Perish’ in the Wilderness, during their 40-yeart trek. Only… “Joshua & Caleb”… were permitted to enter the Promised Land! Even Moses… disobeyed God and Struck the Rock… [Numbers 20:12]… and was not permitted to enter into… the Promised Land!

If you will… study Exodus, you will see that God dealt with them, His Chosen People… “10-Times”. Their disobedience to… Enter In… after the “12-spies” had returned and reported… caused God’s Judgment to come upon them. All died in the Wilderness of Wandering for 40-years, again except Joshua & Caleb who gave a good report. “10-Bad reports= 2-Good ones!”

These religious people… will have an answer ‘to protect’ their belief. Yet, when confronted with… “It is Written”… they will almost always bring up some… ‘Hard to Understand’… verses. They will again harden their heart… against The Scripture Verses… you share with them.

Once again… without referencing… “The Hebrew OT or the Greek NT”… they will use their particular… English Translation… to validate their ‘Wrong Point’. In reality, they… do not want… the “Truth of the Scriptures”. They only want… their ‘Belief’. What happens to people like this?

· (2Timothy 3:7) Ever learning = and never able = to come to = the full knowledge of = The Truth. [John 17:17]

Often times… their ‘Church Doctrine and Church Teaching’, will take “Total Precedence” in their Discussions with you. They will often… ‘Cut and Paste’… their teachings into their response. Like the ‘Christian Science People’… “Who are neither Christian nor Science”…they have their… own dictionary of terms to explain away The Scriptures.

Another trick… they will often use, is to say, “I cannot believe what I do not Understand!” I simply respond, So tell me, you understand Computer Chip Architecture and Electronic Circuits? They respond with, No! Well, you… “Believe”… your Computer will take you to the Internet and you can use photographic software or word processing, don’t you? Then Silence!

They soon realize… that their ‘trick’ will not work. You can substitute any of the modern technologies we use. The Automatic Transmission, the Cell Phone and even the Microwave Oven! They will then try and sidestep… The Complete Authority of The Scriptures, The Bible!

Once Again… They… ‘Only’ want to validate their “Religious Belief”… “Nothing More, Nothing Less!” Some verses that I have often seen used are these. I list them in a group of… ‘hard to understand’. Really, with prayer and the Wisdom of God… [James 1:5-to-8]… God will reveal His Word and His Understanding to you… [Deuteronomy 29:29].

· (Hebrews 6:4-5-6) For it is impossible = for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Spirit,
· (Heb 6:5) and have tasted the good Word of God and the powers of the world to come,
· (Heb 6:6) and who have fallen away; it is impossible, I say, to renew them again to repentance, since they crucify the Son of God afresh to themselves and put Him to an open shame.

Recently, I had… a preacher tell me that the Christian could lose his Salvation. It told him, he was mistaken. He immediately pulled out the above verses. I simply told him, “Your understanding of these verses is flawed.” What is Impossible? “To renew them again to repentance! IF they cannot do it themselves… who then can? The text says they Cannot?

· (2Timothy 2:25-26) in meekness = instructing those who oppose, = if perhaps = = God will give them repentance = = to the acknowledging = of The Truth,
· (2Tim 2:26) and that they awake = out of the snare = of the Devil, = having been = taken captive = by him, = so as to do = the will of that one.

Most when confronted… with The Scriptures again will make ‘excuses’ to… “Validate their Religious Beliefs!” You know, their claim of being a Christian may have been going on for many years. And now to say they were… mistaken… is too much for their… Ego… To Take!

One Key… I often tell myself, “You must Unlearn to Learn!” This has proven true over the years and as I have matured in my Faith. So long as we will learn… Our Lord… will teach Us! It is when we have that… “Hardened Heart & Grieve the Holy Spirit… [Ephesians 4:30]… that we are Unable to Learn… Of God and His Word!

Salvation is a… as permanent as the Holy Spirit. Salvation… [Romans 8:9 & Ephesians 1:7-to-14]… is the Holy Spirit, Nothing More, Nothing Less! Simply put… “Who do you Believe, God or your Church?”

· (Numbers 23:19) God = is not a man = that He should lie, = neither the son of man = that He should repent. = Has He said, = and shall He not do it? = Or has He spoken, = and shall He = not make it good?

Their Agenda… of their own… ‘personal belief and religion’… is their “Driving Factor”. They will… Not Hear = God’s Word… because of their… “Hardened Heart!” Their rejection of the Scripture Verses YOU… Share with them… will often fall on… ‘Deaf Ears’. Hardened Hearts… cause endless arguments and… The rejection of the… Word of God! … “It Is Written…!”

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