Saturday, December 11, 2010

“Simple ‘Computer’ Maintenance – 101”…Blog.

“Simple ‘Computer’ Maintenance – 101”…Blog.

*** (1Corinthains 14:40) Let = ‘all’ things = be done ‘decently’ = and = in ‘order’.

If your ‘Computer’… were a ‘living’ animal; would you take better care of it; than you do now…? But of course, ‘most’ would! So how about it; how long have you ‘had’ your computer…? What kind of ‘maintenance’ do you do with it…? “None” you say…? How long do you ‘expect’, it to last then…? It is only a tool… and “IF” you do not take proper care of it… you can expect problems! Have you ever removed the cover and taken a can of that computer ‘air’ and blown to all the micro-dust that has attached itself… ‘electrostaticlly’… to the components…?

*** (Proverbs 27:23) Know well = the face of your flocks; = set your heart = on your herds.

“Defrag”… is probably the most important program on your computer. You can find it in your programs Menu… under ASCESSORIES… under TOOLS. Programs Menu… Accessories … Tools… and then open the program called… “DEFRAG!” Each time you use your computer and open a file, this defragments your hard drive. This data may or may not… return to its ‘Original’ same place on your hard drive. IF you do not have this “DEFRAG” program set to ‘Automatic’… Please do so. “IF” not… ‘first’ run the DEFRAG program… and ‘then’ set it to automatic. I have mine set on… once a month.

*** (Matthew 9:12) But when Jesus heard, = He said to them, = The ones = who are ‘whole’ = do not need a physician, = but the ones = who are sick.

After running… the DEFRAG program, you need to look at your INTERNET Browser program. Open the… drop down menu… “TOOLS”… and then “INTERNET OPTIONS”. This will open a box with option tabs. On the first TAB, there is a box = “EMPTY browsing history on exit”. You should have a “check” in that BOX. If you do not… Please do so now! Confirm with hitting the APPLY box at the bottom… and then the OK box also at the bottom. Your computer stores each web site you visit… and keeping this history will “SLOW” your computer down.

*** (Isaiah 28:10) For precept = must be on precept, = precept on precept; = line on line, = line on line; = here a little, = there a little;

Anti-Virus Programs…! Many of these use much memory and ‘slow’ down your computer. I do not have one of the Commercial Ones… but a “Free” one, which has worked well; without any problems for years. Each day it updates to the latest data, and if you wish, you may purchase at a minimal cost, their upgrade. You should have these setting set to “AUTOMATIC” updates… and run scan at least… “DAILY”

These other programs… are “Free” ones also… and protect your computer… from Viruses, Trojans [Trojan Horse Virus Programs], Worms and other malicious intrusive programs that would take over your computer. Oh yes, each time you use your computer… ‘Disconnect’ your internet connection, and “POWER OFF”, your Computer…! Many leave their computers on Hibernate or Sleep. This will add to the wearing out of components.

*** (Luke 12:5) But I [Jesus] = will warn you of Whom = you shall fear: = Fear Him [God] = Who, = after He [God] = has killed, = has authority = to cast into hell. = Yea, = I say to you, = fear Him [God].

Oh “YES!”… Just a word of “Warning?” Some… “Trojans–Worms–Viruses”… are resident in “Screen Savers”… or those “Dancing Icons”… or other “Free” stuff… that will remain hidden resident on your hard drive… for 30 days or more; and ‘then’… “Self Activate!” They can leave off your monitor but connect to the internet… and download your information to another computer. NEVER… NEVER… NEVER… save any of your Banking… or Credit Card… “PASSWORDS”… to your computer. Each time you connect… enter it.

*** (2Timothy 3:13) But = evil men = and = seducers = will go forward = to worse, = deceiving = and = being deceived.

About Now… you may be “Overwhelmed”… with this information. You may think… Why didn’t someone tell me all this… when I first got my computer…? Remember part of the “Adult Maturation Process”… is that we… “NEVER”… “Stop Learning”…! Remember so long as you do not change any of your setting… you MAY explore what is running on your computer… without harming it. Most Microsoft Operating Systems… have a “RESTORE POINT”… option. IF something happens… you may go back to that point and Restore Everything… before you changed it.

“UPDATES”…? If you are using any Microsoft programs… you should have your computer set on “AUTOMATIC UPDATES!” You computer will automatically update the “SECURITY” FIXES… for those Microsoft Programs. I use them exclusively… and do not care what others say about MS. Oh yes… make sure your… “FIRE WALL”… is turned ON!

Oh yes… if you have “NEVER”… ‘Defragmented’ your Hard Drive… it may take up to… 4 hours… to do SO…! But you will find that your computer will run much faster after doing SO…!

*** (Revelation 21:5) And He = sitting on the throne said, = Behold, = I make all things new. = And He said to me, = Write, = for these words are = True and Faithful.

How “OLD”… is your Computer…? If it is over 3/to/5-years old… you may need a New One! My desktop is 5, but I keep on top of it and have upgraded the RAM. This… Random Access Memory… is the best “Low Cost Investment”… you can make for your computer. Installation I simple and it is the Best Lost Cost investment, for having your computer RUN faster & better. I have “FOUR GIGS” on my Desktop and the ‘same’ on my Laptop. Oh yes, I… “Saved and Shopped”… for Over Four Years… before I bought my Laptop. Yes, and it is a SONY with a 17.4 inch Super Bright, with a 500 Gig HD and all the bells and whistles that Sony has.

*** (Luke 14:28) For which of you, = intending to build a tower, = does not sit down first = and = count the cost, = whether he may have enough = to finish it;

Remember the ‘worst case’ Scenario…? IF… your computer “DIES”… you can always go to the LIBRARY… for there they have… Free Internet Computers! When and IF… you decide to buy a new computer… “SHOP”… “SHOP”… and… “SHOP!” This desktop I am using… was purchased at the end January… and was a… “Returned Christmas Present!” It came with the Full Warranty… and I saved… Over $350 over the current NEW Price of the Same UNIT! You may do some internet shopping… without sales tax and free or nominal shipping costs. Here is one of the sites I have purchased several computers from… and have never had any problems.

Hope… these tips will get you through the Holidays…? Oh Yes… one more thing…? “PC or Mac”… when you look for a new computer…? Look at the Prices of the Mac based software… it is Twice that of the PC based software. Both of my computers; my Desktop and my Laptop… can do everything that a Mac can do… For Thousands Less…! Besides Mac people… only want to Brag about their PC… Anyway…! … LOL!

*** (Luke 18:1) And = He [Jesus] = spoke a parable unto them = to this end, = that men ‘ought’ = ‘always’ to pray, = and = not to faint;

*** (James 1:5-7) Now = if = any of you = lacks wisdom, = he should ask God, = Who gives to everyone generously = without a rebuke, = and = it will be given to him.
(Jas 1:6) But he = ‘must’ = ask in faith, = without ‘any’ doubts, = for the one who has doubts = is like a wave of the sea = that is driven = and = tossed by the wind.
(Jas 1:7) Such a person = should ‘not’ expect = to receive anything = from the Lord.

Have a “Blessed” Christmas Season…!

In Christ Jesus, Roger / Jeremiah 33:3.