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“Human ‘Sexuality’ – 101”…Blog. [1/?]

“Human ‘Sexuality’ – 101”…Blog. [1/?]

*** (Luke 16:13) No ‘servant’ = can serve = ‘two’ masters. = For ‘either’ = he will ‘hate’ the one = and = ‘love’ the other, = or else = he will ‘hold’ to the one = and = ‘despise’ the other. = You ‘cannot’ = serve God = and = mammon.

*** (Romans 1:25) They = ‘exchanged’ = “God's Truth” = for a “Lie” = and = ‘worshipped’ and ‘served’ = the creation [mankind] = ‘rather’ than the “Creator” [God], = Who = is blessed forever. Amen.

Recently a good friend… asked me some questions about; what the Bible says; about this topic. I simply provided what God has revealed in His Holy Word and then what “Is” the… “Responsibility of Obedience [James 1:22 & Luke 3:46]”… for those that ‘say’… they are His! Often times ‘Many’ are so involved with the worldly mindset; that they forget… to “Whom”, they are bough for and to “Whom”… they are to… “Serve with Love!” Many ‘only’ say they… Love Jesus… but seldom Obey His Holy Word!

*** (1Corinthians 6:18-19-20) Keep on ‘running away’ from = sexual immorality. = Any other sin = that a person commits = is outside his body, = but the person = who sins sexually = sins against his own body.
(1Cor 6:19) You know = that your body = is a sanctuary of the Holy Spirit = Who is in you, = Whom you have received = from God, = don't you? = You = do not = belong to yourselves,
(1Cor 6:20) because = you were bought for a price. = Therefore, = glorify God = with your bodies.

*** (1Thessalonians 5:22-24) Abstain = from ‘every’ = appearance of evil.
(1Thes 5:23-24) And = may the God of peace = Himself = sanctify you, = and = may your whole spirit = and soul = and body = be preserved = blamelessly = at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
(1Thes 5:24) Faithful is He = Who called you, = Who also will do it.

*** (Philippians 2:13) For = it is God = Who works in you = both to will = and = to do = of His good pleasure.

Today in America… and in other nations, throughout the Word; there are those that ‘Claim’… that they belong to Christ Jesus. “Most” of these are ‘only’ religious and… “Never–Read & Study & Obey”… His Holy Word, the Bible! They ‘only’ have their religion and hardly ever, if at all… Obey what God; the God of the Bible; says in His Holy Word! They are so ‘contaminated’… in and by this worldly system, that they cannot even, ‘blush!’ God, ‘never’ intended for His creation to know… both “Good & Evil!” Simply read… “Genesis 2:16-17.”

*** (Acts 17:11) And these = were more noble = than those of Thessalonica, = in that = they ‘received’ the Word = with ‘all’ readiness of mind = and = ‘searched’ the Scriptures = ‘daily’ = to see if those things = were so [or not].

*** (2Timothy 2:15) Study earnestly = to ‘present’ yourself = ‘approved’ to God, = a workman that = does ‘not need’ to be ashamed, = rightly dividing = the Word of [God] Truth [John 17:17].

*** (1John 2:15-17) Do ‘not’ = love the world, = nor = the things in the world. = If = anyone loves the world, = the love of the Father [God] = is ‘not’ in him,
(1Jn 2:16) because = ‘all’ that is in the world, = the ‘lust’ of the flesh, = and = the ‘lust’ of the eyes, = and = the ‘pride of life], = is ‘not’ of the Father [God], = but is = of the world.
(1Jn 2:17) And = the world passes away, = and = the lust of it, = but = he who ‘does’ = the will [Word] of God = abides forever.

*** (James 4:4) Adulterers = and = adulteresses! = Do you = ‘not’ know = that the friendship of the world = is enmity [war] with God? = Therefore = whoever desires = to be a friend of the world = is = the ‘enemy’ of God.

Human Sexuality is ‘Perverted’… and thus outside of its Biblical Use… is at war with God! Say it isn’t ‘So’…? Surely anyone can see ‘how’ it is; so ‘rampant’ in Advertizing…? What does a half naked man or woman… have to do with selling ‘Anything?’ The following of the Hollywood Icons, both men & women… is part & parcel… of this Marketing of Human Sexuality. In a short ‘40’ years of Television and Movies… we have seen a ‘derogation’ of God’s Biblical Standard; for Human Sexuality! Cougars’… a TV program about older women, having Unmarried Sex, with younger men! And ‘all’ those other Programs, ‘promoting’… their “Homosexual [Perverted] Agenda!” Need I say anything about those ‘Victoria Secret’ commercials…?

“Sex – 801”…Blog.

*** (Hebrews 13:4) Let marriage = be kept ‘honorable’ = in ‘every’ way, = and = the marriage bed = ‘undefiled’. = For God = will judge = those who commit = ‘sexual sins’, = especially those = who commit adultery.

*** (Proverbs 30:20) Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eats, and wipes her mouth, and says, I have done no evil.

*** (Romans 1:25-28) They exchanged = “God's Truth” = for a ‘Lie’ = and = worshipped and served = the creation [mankind] = rather than the Creator [God], = Who is blessed forever. Amen.
(Rom 1:26) For this reason, = God = gave them over = to degrading passions. = Even their ‘females’ = exchanged their natural sexual function = for one = that is ‘unnatural’.
(Rom 1:27) In the same way, = their males also = ‘abandoned’ = the natural sexual function of females = and = burned with lust for one another. = Males committed = indecent acts with males, = and received in themselves = the appropriate penalty = for their ‘perversion’.
(Rom 1:28) Furthermore, = because = they did not think it worthwhile = to retain the full knowledge of God, = God gave them over = to degraded minds = to perform acts = that should not be done.

Now ‘Please Don't’ tell me… that “Most”… of what you see on the TV and Videos; “IS NOT”… ‘Truly’ in… the “Direct, ‘Rebellion’ and ‘Disobedience’ ”… to the Holy Word of God! Of course it is… everyone knows… “Sex Sells!” That is the world’s system; to glorify ‘Mankind’ and their ‘Human Sexuality!’ Most are so deadened to any type of Morality… that they see “Nothing Wrong”… with “Casual Sexuality!” The World… will ‘always’ refute… God’s Word and God’s Standard of Holiness… and Marriage Human Sexuality…! Yes Sex is for Marriage… “Only!”

*** (1John 4:4) You are of God, = little children, = and = you have ‘overcome’ them, = because = He [Romans 8:9] = Who is in you = is ‘greater’ = than he [Satan] = who is in the world.

*** (1John 5:18-19) We know = that the person who has been = born again from God = does not go on sinning. = Rather, = the Son of God protects them, = and = the evil one = cannot harm them.
(1Jn 5:19) We know = that we are from God = and = that the ‘whole world’ = lies ‘under’ the control = of the evil one [Satan].

*** (Luke 4:5-8) The devil also took Him [Jesus] = to a high place = and showed Him = all the kingdoms of the world = in an instant.
(Luke 4:6) He said to Jesus, = "I [Satan] = will give you = ‘all’ this authority = and = the ‘glory’ of these kingdoms. = For = it has = been ‘given’ to me [Satan], = and = I [Satan] = give it to ‘anyone’ = I please.
(Luke 4:7) So if You [Jesus] = will worship me, = ‘all’ this = will be yours."
(Luke 4:8) But Jesus answered him [Satan], = "It is written, = 'You must worship = the Lord your God = and = serve = ‘only’ Him.'"

“Most” do not know this… that the ‘control’ of this world’s systems… is ‘driven’ by Satan and to those, to whom… he gives it! Why does one see so ‘very many’ wrongs… that ‘never’ appear to be righted…? Here in America, there is an over… “Four Trillion Dollar”–“Illegal Drug Trade!”… ‘each’ year and it is ‘growing!’ Are moral or immoral… people purchasing those “Illegal Drugs?” Remember about the Baseball scandals and those Champion players using Illegal Drugs…?

*** (Exodus 20:13-16) You = shall not = kill [murder innocent life].
(Exodus 20:14) You = shall not = commit adultery [sexual sins].
(Exodus 20:15) You = shall not = steal.
(Exodus 20:16) You = shall not = bear false witness [Lie] = against your neighbor.

*** (Genesis 4:9-10) And Jehovah [God] said unto Cain, = Where is your brother Abel? = And he said, = I do not know [Lie!] . = Am I my brother's keeper?
(Gen 4:10) And He [God] said, = What have you done? = The voice = of your brother's blood = cries to Me = from the ground.

“Perverted Human Sexuality”… here in America; has caused the Murder of… “Innocent Babies”… in the Mother’s Wombs! Children, conceived out of Correct Human Sexuality… are born and raised into adults… to be made functioning members of a society and nation. But instead… American “Human Sexuality”… has been turned into… The Murder of Over “55,000,000–Million”… Innocent Babies! And hardly anyone… speaks out against it…! “IF” you do… then you are classified… “A Religious Zealot!” What is wrong with that picture…?

*** (Romans 1:25) They ‘exchanged’ = “God's Truth” = for a ‘Lie’ = and = worshipped and served = the creation [mankind] = rather than the Creator [God], = Who is blessed forever. Amen.

*** (Exodus 20:13) You = ‘shall not’ = kill [murder innocent life].

*** (Gen 4:10) And He [God] said, = What have you done? = The voice = of your “brother's blood” = cries to Me [God] = from the ground.

“Today’s Human Sexuality”… has simply ignored those birth control measures and ‘opted out’ of–using them. Human Sexuality has degraded from… “Marriage”… to ‘Friends with Benefits!’ That ‘sexuality’ mindset that allows… ‘sex with no attachments’… as casual as sharing cold germs! Did you ever wonder why… there are so ‘very many’… ‘Prescription’ and ‘over the counter’ products… for those “Sexually Transmitted Diseases” [STD’s] …? Chlamydia, Herpes and other ‘Viral’ infections are for… “Life/with no Cures! The Aids Virus… is a death sentence; and yet, the Human Sexuality… has not even slowed down!

*** (Galatians 6:7-8-9) Do not be deceived, = God is not mocked. = For whatever a man ‘sows’, = that = he also will ‘reap’.
(Gal 6:8) For he = sowing to his flesh = will reap = ‘corruption’ from the flesh. = But = he sowing to the Spirit = will reap = life everlasting = from the Spirit.
(Gal 6:9) But = we should not lose heart in well-doing, = for in due season = we ‘shall’ reap, = ‘if’ = we do not faint.

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