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“The Responsibility of Grace – 101” …Blog.

Many times… those that are Christians forget about the Law of God because they are… ‘Graced Out’. Contained in the Law of God, are His Statues, Precepts, Ordinances and The Wisdom of God, for those that Know God. They have missed what God has for them in His Word, simply by… “Gracing Away… their ‘Responsibility’… to Christ Jesus.”

Truly no one… can be Saved by keeping the Law of God. That is why ‘each and every’ one us need a Savior. The Law of God cannot be kept by the unregenerate man. But it can be kept, in Obedience to the promptings of the Holy Spirit of God. [Romans 8:9 = Galatians 5:16-17-18]

Now before you… say that I am mixing “Law & Grace”, which I am not, I need to share with you some verses from the Word of God. The “Law of God”, makes No One perfect. Salvation is by ‘Grace Alone’, not of Works, i.e. Keeping the Law of God. Our justification is Only… by the Blood of Jesus.

· (Romans 8:3-4) For what the law could not do, = in that it was weak through the flesh, = God = sending his own Son = in the likeness of sinful flesh, = and for sin, = condemned sin in the flesh;
· (Rom 8:4) So that = the righteousness of the Law = might be fulfilled in us, = who = walk not according to the flesh = but according to the Spirit.

· (Ephesians 2:8-9-10) For by grace = you are saved = through faith, = and that not of yourselves, = it is the gift of God,
· (Eph 2:9) Not of works, = lest anyone = should boast.
· (Eph 2:10) For we are = His workmanship, = created in Christ Jesus = to good works, = which God = has before ordained = that we should walk in them.

· (Titus 3:4-5-6) But when = the kindness = and love of = God our Savior = toward man = appeared,
· (Tit 3:5) Not by = works of righteousness = which we have done, = but according to = His mercy = He saved us, = through the washing of regeneration = and = renewal of the Holy Spirit,
· (Tit 3:6) Whom = He = poured out on us = abundantly = through Jesus Christ = our Savior,

· (Romans 11:6) But if = by grace, = then it is no more = of works; = otherwise grace = is no more grace. = But if = it is of works, = then it is no more = of grace; = otherwise work = is no more work.

Now at this… point Many who say they are Christians, are simply confused. Why? Because Many that call the Name of Christ Jesus… “Are ignorant of the Word of God”. “They just… believe in Jesus!” They just… say they… “Trust in Jesus and that is all… they need to know”. How can someone who has trusted Christ Jesus for their Salvation… be satisfied with… “Just trusting in Jesus and Not Know His Word?”

Now some would… falsely accuse me of… meddling in affaires that are not my concern. Some even have gotten mad at me, because they believe that I am… ‘calling into question’… their Faith and their Salvation. If an unbeliever asked you about your… “Faith in God”… could you explain to them… what that really means? Most cannot… nor do they care to.

It goes something… like this. What do you, believe? I believe what my Church Believes. Well, what does your Church Believe? I believe what my Pastor Believes. What does your Pastor, Believe? Well… We All… Believe the “Same Thing!”

Just Imagine that… you go to a doctor and he gives you that same line, but instead substitutes a particular, Hospital. We all believe the same thing, without telling you about what and how they… Practice Medicine! Would you go there for your… ‘Medical Care?’

How many of… us that call the Blessed Name of Christ Jesus… ‘Are Daily’… “Reading and Studying”… His Word? How many of us… are allowing His Holy Spirit to Teach us… from His Word? More Important than that… “Do we Obey… what we read in His Word?”

· (Mark 1:35) And in the morning, = rising up = a great while before day, = He went out, = and departed into a solitary place, = and there prayed.

· (2Corinthians 4:16) For this cause = we do not faint; = but though = our outward man perishes, = yet = the inward man = is being renewed = day by day.

· (1Peter 2:2) Desire = the sincere milk of the Word, = as newborn babies, = so that you = may grow = by it;

· (John 15:3) Now = you = are clean = through = the Word = which I [Jesus] = have spoken = to you.

· (John 5:39) You = search the Scriptures, = for in them = you think = you have = eternal life. = And they are the ones = witnessing of Me,

· (2Timothy 2:15) Study = earnestly = to present yourself = approved to God, = a workman = that does not need = to be ashamed, = rightly dividing = the Word of Truth.

· (John 16:13-14-15) Yet when = the Spirit of Truth = comes, = He = will guide you = into all Truth. = For He = will not speak = on His own accord, = but will speak = whatever He hears = and = will declare = to you = the things that are to come.
· (John 16:14) He = will glorify = Me, = for He = will take = what is Mine = and declare it to you.
· (John 16:15) All = that the Father has = is Mine. = That is why = I said, = 'He will take = what is mine = and declare it to you.'

Now about this time… those that do not know the Word of God, may be confused. Simply they will say, “I believe in Jesus and that is all I need!” Sorry, but these above verses say something different. In addition did you know that the Devils… ‘Believe in Jesus?’

· (James 2:19) You believe = that there is one God, = you do well; = even the demons = believe and tremble.

· (Matthew 8:29) And behold, = they [demons] cried out, saying, = What have we to do with You, = Jesus, Son of God? = Have You come here = to torment us = = before the time?

Even the demons… believe in God, but the difference is that they Also… “Know what the Word says”. Like most of the cults, those Pseudo Christian groups that… knock on your door. They, yes, even they, “Know the Word of God”… better than most that call the ‘Name of Jesus’. Say it isn’t so? Why then, do you Not take… the Word of God… and Show then ‘Their Error’?

Many just don’t… ‘Read & Study’… “The Holy Word of God!” They just… ‘Believe in Jesus’. How can that be? IF… Christ Jesus… is your “Lord and Savior”, THEN… do you = have a Responsibility to Him = and to His Word? Obedience to His Word… is the Key!

· (Luke 4:3-4) And the Devil = said to Him [Jesus], = If = You are the Son of God, = speak to this stone = that it might become bread.
· (Luke 4:4) And Jesus = answered him, = saying, = It is written that = "man shall not live = by bread alone, = but by = Every = Word of God."

How about the… “10-Commandments”? Do you even know about them? Surely you know about some of them. = You shall Not Steal! = You shall not Commit Adultery! = You shall not Lie, and on and on. Yet… let someone ‘violate’ any of these to you and, “What will you say?” “I only Believe in Jesus?” Or do you make application… of The Word of God to the situation?

· (Matthew 24:35) The heaven and the earth = shall pass away, = but = My Words = shall not pass away.

The Bible is Not… A ‘Pick & Choose’… Book of the Word of God! It is an… “All or None Covenant”… between God and Mankind. Before you go off on a tangent, the dietary laws were given to God’s chosen people, the Jews, under the Laws of God. [Acts 10:14-15 & Acts 15:19-20] We are ‘Not Bound’ by them And… Yes God will judge ‘All’… by the Word of God.

Why did… Christ Jesus speak in parables to the people of Jerusalem in His day? It was because only those really seeking Him, ‘would find Him’. The people ‘only’ wanted a deliverer to free them from ‘Roman Oppression’. So you today… do not really want to Know what Christ Jesus has for your to do, “Because YOU… =Do Not=… ‘Read & Study’… His Word… Daily!”

You Would Never… miss a ‘meal’, or your favorite ‘TV Program’ or even your ‘Church’ meetings! Yet you neglect… your daily study of… “The Word of God!” You choose… “Not to Meet with Christ Jesus, your ‘Savior & Lord’… In… “His Word”… ‘Daily!’ “I just know Jesus…?”

(1Samuel 3:21) And Jehovah appeared again in Shiloh. = For Jehovah = revealed Himself = to Samuel = in Shiloh = = by the Word of Jehovah.

· (Deuteronomy 29:29) The secret things = belong to Jehovah our God, = but the revealed things = belong to us and to our sons forever, = so that we may do = all the words of this Law.

· (Philippians 2:5) For let = this mind = be in you = which was also = in Christ Jesus,

· (Philippians 3:15) Let us therefore, = as many as are perfect, = be of this mind. = And if in anything = you are otherwise minded, = God shall reveal even this to you. [Through His Word]

IF you do not… ‘Read & Study’… the Word of God… THEN… How shall God reveal it to You? It is the ‘Word of God’… that is the… ‘Life to Your Soul’… of the Redeemed in Christ Jesus! What are you feeding your soul with? …“I just believe in Jesus”? Or are you spending time… “Alone with God”… in His Word?

· (Hebrews 4:12-13) For the Word of God = is living = and powerful = and sharper = than any two-edged sword, = piercing even to = the dividing apart = of soul and spirit, = and of the joints and marrow, = and is = a discerner of = the thoughts = and intents = of the heart.
· (Heb 4:13) Neither is there = any creature = that is not manifest = in His sight, = but all things are = naked and opened = to the eyes of Him = with Whom we have to do.

· (John 15:3) Now = you = are clean = through = the Word = which I [Jesus] = have spoken = to you.

· (2Timoty 3:14-to-17) But continue = in the things = that you have learned = and = have been assured of, = knowing from Whom = you have learned them,
· (2Tim 3:15) And that = from a babe = you have known = the Holy Scriptures, = which are able = to make you wise = to salvation = through faith = in Christ Jesus.
· (2Tim 3:16) All Scripture = is God-breathed, = and = is profitable for doctrine, = for reproof, = for correction, = for instruction in righteousness,
· (2Tim 3:17) That = the man of God = may be perfected, = thoroughly furnished = to every good work.

How about it…? Is believing in ‘Jesus’ Enough? How do you know about Him? Did you hear it from some Preacher or some friend? Is what they told you… about Jesus… what He says about Himself… In His Word? How would you even know that… IF… you do not Know His Word?

· (Romans 10:17) So then = faith = comes by hearing, = and = hearing = by = the Word of God.

· (John 17:17) Sanctify them = through Your Truth. = Your Word = is Truth.

· (Galatians 3:1-2-3) O foolish Galatians, = who bewitched you = not to Obey = The Truth, = to Whom before your eyes = Jesus Christ = was written among you crucified?
· (Gal 3:2) This only = I would learn from you: = Did you receive = the Spirit = by works of the law, = or = by hearing of faith?
· (Gal 3:3) Are you so foolish? = Having begun = in the Spirit, = do you now = perfect yourself = in the flesh?

How Important… do you now think the… ‘Word of God’… is, after reading these verses? Do you now see that… ‘Believing in Jesus’… is Not Enough? Strictly because of your jaded knowledge of Who… Christ Jesus is and what the “Total Authority of the Word of God”… is for those… That Know Jesus! Did you get your information about Christ Jesus… From His Word?

Let me just say… that those Mormons, those Jehovah Witnesses and even those of Islam, that ‘Believe in Jesus’, it is not enough! They believe in… ‘Another Jesus’… and ‘Not’… “The Christ Jesus… of the Word of God!” What do you now say to those that… “Just believe in Jesus?”

Ok you say… you may have identified a possible problem of my faith in Jesus. ‘How & Where’… do I get started in the Word of God? I have never read the Word of God before or I have just a little.

May I… simply suggest, the Gospel of Luke, in the New Testament? Purpose a ‘time & place’ to meet with Christ Jesus in His Word. Turn off your Cell and then open your Bible.

I must tell you… that when you purpose to meet with God in His Word, you will experience satanic opposition. I start my time early in the morning, as the Children of Israel had to get the Manna before the sun rose. [Exodus 16:21 & Mark 1:35] You have to select a time and discipline yourself… to meet with God in His Word. If you miss your goal, Simply Start Again!

First Prepare your Heart…! It is in your… heart, mind and soul… that the Word of God will take root and transform… ‘the fruit’… of your life. Often I simply pray, “Lord God, as I meet with you in Your Word, prepare my heart, my mind and my soul… Not only to read and study Your Word… But to Obey Your Word, in Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen & Amen.”

· (2Chronicles 12:14) And he = did evil, = because = he = prepared not = his heart = to seek the LORD.

· (Psalms 119:15-to-20) I will think = on Your Commandments = and have respect = to Your ways.
· (Ps 119:16) I will delight myself = in Your Precepts; = I will not forget = Your Word.
· (Ps 119:17) GIMEL: Deal bountifully with Your servant, = that I may live = and = keep Your Word.
· (Ps 119:18) Open my eyes, = so that I may behold = wonderful things = out of Your Law.
· (Ps 119:19) I am a stranger in the earth; = do not hide = Your Commandments = from me.
· (Ps 119:20) My soul breaks = for the longing that it has = to Your judgments at all times.

How Important… is the Word of God… to those that… Believe in Christ Jesus? You will ‘Only Know’… After you spend Time… ‘Daily… in His Word’. How about it… “Will you commit to ‘Read & Study’… the Word of God… “Daily?” It is more important… than the meals you eat or the phone call you miss.

· (2Samuel 24:24) And the king said unto Araunah, Nay; but I will surely buy it of thee at a price: = neither will I = offer burnt offerings = unto the LORD my God = of that which doth cost me nothing. = So David bought the threshing floor and the oxen for fifty shekels of silver.

· (1Samuel 15:22) And Samuel said, = Does Jehovah = delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices = as in Obeying = the voice of Jehovah? = Behold, = To Obey = is better than sacrifice! = To Listen = is better than the fat of rams!

· (Luke 6:46) And why = do you = call Me [Jesus] Lord [Master], Lord [Boss], = and do not = do what = I [Jesus] say?

· (James 1:22) But become = Doers = of the Word, = and = not hearers = Only, = Deceiving = your own selves.

How about the… “Responsibility of Grace?” IF… you say you Know Jesus… THEN… You Should, … Know His Word! ‘Your Obedience’ to the Word of God… is the Key to your walk with ‘Christ Jesus’. A Simple Question… “Are you responsible… ‘To Obey’… the Word of God?”

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