Monday, June 15, 2009

“Brainwashing – 101”…Blog.

“Brainwashing – 101”…Blog.

Have you been… ‘Brainwashed’ lately? If you have watched any ‘TV or Videos’ lately, your answer has to be… ‘Yes!’ I keep my remote handy and have the quick view set to… ‘Escape the Advertisements!’ Somehow it doesn’t work… because they now, “All” advertize at the Same Time! …LOL! That is why I like the… “TMC”… Turner classic movie channel and go there.

Here in Florida… they have just raised the Cigarette Tax to… “One Dollar per Pack!” I am sure glad that I never smoked! But Hollywood has been… “Brainwashing”… the public with ‘Smokers’ in their Movies… ‘Forever!’ Second hand smoke affects over 40-million people a year. Most states have moved smoking… ‘Outside’… the workplace and restaurants.

How about that… ‘new car’ you are planning to purchase? You have been “Brainwashed” into thinking that you will get that… ‘31-Miles-per-gallon?” That is the EPA… “Estimated Highway” value and “MOST” of us drive… ‘90% City Miles’. In addition that value can be up to… “25% Less”… than that, as stated by the “Disclaimer” on the paperwork. … “Brainwashed Yet?”

Have you noticed… how all the stores are having more and more… ‘Sales?’ This failing economy and the ‘Job Losses’ have simply compounded the… “Brainwashing”… you voted for. You were simply fed a line, if you will a… ‘Brainwashing’… for ‘A Change’. But what… “Kind of Change”… did you vote for? Did you get what… You thought, you were getting?

We all live with… ‘The Decisions’… we have made either for good or for the worse. We cannot change things now, so we live “in and with” the results of that choice. Perhaps… “Brainwashing”… has inadvertently led you to make that, ‘bad decision’. “The Grass is Always Greener… on the other Side”. But No One told you it was… “Astroturf”… that ‘Imitation’ grass used in some arenas’.

Each and every day… we are all ‘Brainwashed’ by the Media. How about your favorite song, what is it really saying? If you read ‘the words’ on paper; would you still agree with them? Songs market a “Tune & Style” and the words are just slipped in to… ‘Brainwash’… You! Say it isn’t so? Simply try watching… ‘American Idol’… without the Picture! Listen to it in another room. Would you still be attracted to the ‘Singer and the Song’… without watching their “Modality?”…Not!

Your ‘Brain’… records all your, sensory input. It is often tied to… ‘emotion’… as the medium for your ‘ease of acceptance.’ No so, you say? We have been so inundated with the… “Visual, Audible and Emotional Input”… so that we are unable to… ‘turn on’… our brains; to stop that… “Brainwashing!” One must purposely ‘mentally reject’ that input… to nullify it. Just Say [and Think]… “NO!”

You Choose… “What” you ‘Keep’ in your Cognitive Processes. You also choose what to… “Reject”… in your Mind. Something as simple as… ‘That is Nothing but BS!” works quite well. You can see what I mean when the White House speaks out… [in violation of Free Speech]… ‘About and Out’… against “Rush Limbaugh”. They cannot stand that he will not allow them to Lie! There are many others that also speak out... with The Truth!

So what can you do… about this situation called… ‘Brainwashing?’ You have to choose, what to keep and what to reject. Remember that old TV program called the… “Outer Limits?” They control the horizontal, they control the vertical. They control what you see, hear and… “Learn!”

Now it is… up to you! You alone, allow them to ‘Brainwash’ and control your thought processes. You will have to… ‘Retrain Yourself!’ Up to now, you have blindly accepted ‘all’ that they said. You will need to… ‘Unlearn’… what you have unwillingly been taught. Unless you simply give up… and then they have… ‘Complete Control!’

· (Philippians 4:6-to-9) Never worry = about anything, = but in every situation = let your petitions = be made known to God = in prayers and requests, = with thanksgiving.
· (Phil 4:7) Then God's peace, = which goes far beyond = anything = we can imagine, = will guard = your hearts and minds = in Christ Jesus.
· (Phil 4:8) Finally, brothers, = whatever is true, = whatever is honorable, = whatever is fair, = whatever is pure, = whatever is acceptable, = whatever is commendable, = if there is anything of excellence = and = if there is anything praiseworthy = keep thinking = about these things.
· (Phil 4:9) Likewise, = keep practicing these things: = what you have learned, = received, = heard, = and seen in me. = Then = the God of peace = will be with you.

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