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“Substitution – 101”…Blog. [1 of 3]

“Substitution – 101”…Blog. [1 of 3]

*** (Amos 8:11) Behold, = the days come, = says the Lord Jehovah, = that I = will send a famine = in the land; = not a famine = of bread = nor a thirst for water, = but = of ‘hearing’ = the Words of Jehovah.

Recently I have received… many responses from my Blogs [6-part] about… “Dreams & Visions – 101” and Prophecy. The above blog was the last in the series. It was my purpose to point people back to the “Word of God”… as their “Only Point of Reference for the Truth of God!” The responses have been varied and still others believe that God, the God of the Bible, speaks to them… “Ex Parte!” That is outside of the ‘Completed’… “Word of God”. What have you… “Substituted”… for the Holy Word of God…?

*** (Isaiah 1:18) Come now, = and = let us ‘reason’ together, = says Jehovah; = though your sins = are as scarlet, = they shall be = as white as snow; = though they are = red like crimson, = they shall be like wool.

“Three Reasons”… for this line of thought, that I will discuss here and would like a “Scriptural Response” from you… so that you may see ‘your’ line of reasoning. Yes, God did [past tense] speak through Visions, Dreams and the like… throughout the Bible, to chosen people. But since the Holy Spirit has come = according to the promise of Christ Jesus… “John 7:38-39”… there is no need for God to use the same today. “The Word of God”; is completed! Perhaps an understanding of… 1Corinthians 13:9-10… and you will understand? Remember the Holy Spirit ‘did not’ seal a person in the OT. When one sinned, they could lose the Holy Spirit! Not so for the NT Believer!

*** (1Samuel 16:13-14) And Samuel = took the horn of oil = and anointed him [David] = in the midst of his brothers. = And = the Spirit of Jehovah [Holy Spirit] = came on David from that day forward. = And Samuel rose up = and went to Ramah.
(1Sam 16:14) But = the Spirit of Jehovah = ‘departed’ = from Saul, = and = an ‘evil spirit’ = from Jehovah = terrified him. [1Kings 22:20-to-23]

All ‘Truly’ – “Born Again”, believers… are sealed by the Holy Spirit. They are “Eternally Secure = Romans 8:9”… and have that Holy Spirit as the down payment [earnest] of their inheritance in Christ. The Holy Spirit is with our spirits and teaches us from the Word of God. But there is a requirement, and that is Obedience to the Word of God. If we are disobeying the Word, and are really His Children, then the Father has promised to “Spank Us!” IF the Father does not spank His children, then perhaps that one is… “Not: ‘His’ Child!”

*** (Hebrews 12:8) Now = ‘if’ = you are ‘without’ = ‘any’ discipline, = in which all sons share, = then you are = “Illegitimate” [bastards] = and = ‘not’ = His sons.

*** (1Corinthians 11:30) That's why = so ‘many’ of you = are ‘weak’ = and = ‘sick’ = and = a ‘considerable number’ = are “Dying!”

*** (John 15:1-2-3) I [Jesus] = am the True Vine, = and = My Father is the Vinedresser.
(John 15:2) Every branch in Me = that does ‘not’ = bear fruit, = He takes away. = And every one = that bears fruit, = He ‘prunes’ it = so that it ‘may’ = bring forth = ‘more’ fruit.
(John 15:3) Now you are = clean = through the “Word” = which I = have spoken to you.

*** (1John 2:19) They = went ‘out’ = from us, = but = they were = ‘not’ of us; = for = if they were of us, = they would have = continued with us. = But = they went out = so that it = ‘might be revealed’ = that they were = ‘not’ all = of us.

The Holy Spirit… is the Key for the NT believers’… understanding the Truth of the Holy Word of God! He seals us, reveals to us, teaches us, gives us peace, gives us understanding and all the other blessings of being a True… Child of God… ‘sons & heirs’; of the Most High, Only God! When was the last time you read through… “Romans chapter – Eight”… and discovered your position in Christ…? How about; “John chapter – Seventeen”… and read Jesus’ prayer; for those that are truly His…?

*** (John 14:26-27) But the Comforter, = the Holy Spirit = Whom the Father will send in My name, = He shall teach you ‘all’ things = and = bring ‘all’ things to your remembrance, = whatever I have said to you.
(John 14:27) Peace = I leave with you, = My peace = I give to you. = Not as the world gives = do I give to you. = Let not your heart be troubled, = neither let it be afraid.

*** (Ephesians 1:11-to-14) in whom also we have been chosen to an inheritance, = being predestinated according to the purpose of Him = Who works ‘all’ things according to the counsel = of His own will,
(Eph 1:12) for us to be = to the praise of His glory, = who ‘previously’ had trusted in Christ;
(Eph 1:13) in whom also you, = ‘hearing’ the Word of Truth, = the gospel of our salvation, = in Whom also believing, = you were ‘sealed’ = with the Holy Spirit of promise,
(Eph 1:14) Who is ‘the earnest’ = of our inheritance, = to the redemption = of the purchased possession, = to the praise of His glory.

*** (Romans 8:9) But you = are ‘not’ = in the flesh, = but = ‘in’ = the Spirit, = ‘if’ = the Spirit of God = dwells in you. = But = if anyone = has ‘not’ = the Spirit of Christ, = he is = ‘none’ = of His.

Reason “One”…! God, Jehovah God of the Bible, the Only God… has given us His Name, so that we may see His Character and Attributes… through His Names in the Word of God. I chose only to list… ‘some’… of His Names here. It is up to you, while reading through His Word, to find more and add them to your List. The many facets of a diamond reflect light as do the many Names of God, reflect His Glory and Truth.

1. Elohim… “God” His power and might… Genesis 1:1 & Psalms 19:1.

2. El-Elyon… “Most High God... Gen 14:17-20, Isaiah 14:13-14.

3. El Olam… “The Everlasting God”… Isaiah 40:28-31.

4. El Roi… “The Strong One that sees”… Genesis 16:13.

5. El Shaddi… “God Almighty”… Genesis 17:1 & Psalms 91:3.

6. Adonai… “Lord”, the Lordship of God… Malachi 1:16.

7. Jehovah… “(Yahweh) The Lord, God’s Eternal Nature… Genesis 2”4.

8. Jehovah-Jireh… “The Lord will provide”… Genesis 22:13-14.

9. Jehovah-Maccaddeshem… “The Lord your sanctifier”… Exodus 31:13.

10. Jehovah-Nissi… ‘The Lord our banner”… Exodus 17:15.

11. Jehovah-Rapha… “The Lord our healer”… Exodus 15:26.

12. Jehovah-Rohi… “The Lord my shepherd”… Psalms 23:1.

13. Jehovah-Sabboah… “The Lord of Hosts”… Isaiah 6:1-to-3.

14. Jehovah-Shalom… “The Lord is peace”… Judges 6:24.

15. Jehovah-Shammah… “The Lord Who is present”… Ezekiel 48:35.

16. Jehovay-Tsidkenu… “The Lord our righteousness… Jeremiah 23:6

17. I AM… “The Lord Eternal”… Exodus 3:12-15.

*** (Psalms 138:2) I will worship = toward Your holy temple, = and = praise Your Name = for Your loving-kindness = and = for “Your Truth's” sake; = for You [God] = have magnified = Your Word = “ABOVE – ALL” = Your Name. = [Psalms 119:18 & 1Samuel 3:21 & Deuteronomy 29:29]

After reading some of these Names of God… what does He say about… “His Word”…? He says, in His Word that… He has… ‘MAGNIFIED’ = “His Word”… “Above”… All His Name! Have you read and understood what that Means…? God, Jehovah God, says His “Word”… is above His Name! Think about that… for ‘several’ minutes; before reading on. Are you saying that God has spoken to you, “Yes YOU”… through ‘dreams & visions’… that are ‘above’… “His Word”…? Greater… ‘dreams & visions’… that are ‘above’… “His Name”…? Just think of those implications…? Can you honestly say that; about what you have… “Substituted”… for God’s Holy Word?

Reason “TWO”…! God, Jehovah God of the Bible, the Only God… has provided “His Word”; to Test what some ‘call’… “Truth!” How else would we know… “IF”… it came from God… or from a “Lying Spirit?” You can test counterfeit money with a black light or infrared scanner or even those simple pens. But how do you test what God has said… “IF”… you do not have something to validate or test; those supposed… “Dreams & Visions”…? ? ?

*** (1Thessalonians 5:21) “Prove” = ‘all’ things; = hold fast = that which is good.

*** (Acts 17:11) And these = were more noble = than those of Thessalonica, = in that they received the Word = with all readiness of mind = and = ‘searched’ the Scriptures = daily = to see if those things = were so.

*** (Isaiah 8:20) To the Law = and to the testimony! = If = they do NOT speak according TO this Word, = it is because NO light = is in them.

*** (Luke 16:31) And he said to him, If they = do NOT = hear Moses and the Prophets, = they will NOT = be persuaded, = even though one rose from the dead.

*** (2Chronicles 18:19-to-22) And Jehovah said, = Who shall tempt Ahab king of Israel = so that he may go up = and = ‘fall’ at Ramoth-gilead? = And one spoke saying in one way, = and = another saying in another way.
(2Ch 18:20) And = a spirit came out = and = stood before Jehovah = and said, = “I will tempt him”. = And Jehovah said, = With what?
(2Ch 18:21) And he said, = I will go out = and = be a “lying spirit” = in the mouth = of ‘all’ his [King Ahab’s] prophets. = And Jehovah said, = You shall tempt him, = and = you are able. = Go out = and do so.
(2Ch 18:22) And = now behold, = Jehovah has put = a ‘lying’ spirit = in the mouth of these ‘your’ [King Ahab’s] prophets, = and = Jehovah has spoken evil = against you.

You say you have… “Dreams & Visions”… from God, the God of the Bible? But with what do you… “TEST”… then with? Many say they have… ‘such & such’… from the Lord. When I show them a Bible Verse… that disagrees with their… ‘dreams & visions’… they get mad with me. IF it is really from God, then they should… “Agree 100%”… with His Word, which is Above His Blessed Name…
“Psalms 138:2.” Once again, in the Bible, God did use dreams and visions… but now… “His Completed Word”… has all the validity anyone needs!

*** (Ephesians 5:9) for the = ‘fruit’ of the Spirit = is in ‘all’ = goodness = and = righteousness = and = “Truth”,
(Eph 5:10) “Proving” = what is ‘acceptable’ = to the Lord.

*** (1John 2:20-21) But you have = an anointing [Holy Spirit] = from the Holy One [Christ Jesus], = and you know all things.
(1John 2:21) I have = ‘not’ written to you = because you = ‘do not know’ = The Truth, = but because = you “know it”, = and “know” = that ‘no lie’ = is of The Truth.

*** (John 17:17) Sanctify them = through = Your Truth. = Your Word = is Truth.
*** (Psalms 119:159-160) See how I love Your Commandments; = O Jehovah, = according to Your loving-kindness = give me life.
(Psalms 119:160) Your Word = is True = from the beginning; = and = ‘every one’ of Your righteous judgments = endures forever.

*** (1John 4:1) Beloved, = ‘do not’ believe = every spirit, = but = “Try the spirits” = to see = ‘if’ = they are of God, = because = ‘many false prophets’ = have gone out = into the world.

*** (Numbers 23:19) God [Jehovah] = is ‘not’ a man = that = He should lie, = neither = the son of man = that He should repent. = Has He said, = and = shall He not do it? = Or has He spoken, = and = shall He not = make it good?

End part ‘ONE of Three’…!

*** (Psalms 138:2) I will worship = toward Your holy temple, = and = praise Your Name = for Your loving-kindness = and = for “Your Truth's” sake; = for You [God] = have magnified = Your Word = “ABOVE – ALL” = Your Name. = [Psalms 119:18 & 1Samuel 3:21 & Deuteronomy 29:29]
"NO”… Real Christian... ‘Fears’, = “The Truth” = of the Word of God... “Unless”… ‘they are’… Out of … “Obedience & Fellowship” …with ‘GOD’… and with “His Word”...!"
*** (Micah 2:7) House of Jacob, it is said, The Spirit of Jehovah is limited, if these are His doings. = Do not = My Words = do good = to him = who = walks uprightly?

Thank you for Your EAR! [Job 12:11] Roger //Email//  

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