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“False ‘Teachers’ – 101”…Blog. [1/?]

“False ‘Teachers’ – 101”…Blog. [1/?]

“IF”, you will permit me… may I present the ‘Scriptural’ position; of those Truly Born Again, by the Holy Spirit of God. When that is established… then look at what the “Scriptures” says about… ‘False Teachers’. Those that are Truly Born Again and have God’s Holy Spirit to “Teach” them… right from… the Holy Word of God…! When you have a True hunger from God; to know “Him & His ways”… that can ‘only’ be fulfilled… with the Holy Word of God!

*** (John 14:26) But the Comforter, = the Holy Spirit = Whom the Father [God] = will send in My [Jesus] Name, = He shall teach you all things = and = bring all things to your remembrance, = whatever I [Jesus] = have said to you.

*** (John 16:13-14-15) However, = when He, = the Spirit of Truth, = has come, = He will guide you into = All Truth. = For He shall ‘not speak’ of Himself, = but ‘whatever’ He hears, = He shall speak. = And He will announce to you = things to come.
(John 16:14) He will glorify Me [Jesus], = for He will receive of Mine = and will announce it to you.
(John 16:15) All things that the Father [God] = has are Mine. = Therefore I [Jesus] = said that He will take of Mine = and will announce it to you.

*** (1Corinthians 2:12-13-14) But we = have not received = the spirit of the world, = but the Spirit from God, = so that we might know = the things = that are freely given to us = by God.
(1Cor 2:13) These things we also speak, = not in words which man's wisdom teaches, = but which the Holy Spirit teaches, = comparing spiritual things = with spiritual.
(1Cor 2:14) But the = natural man = does not receive = the things of the Spirit of God, = for they are = foolishness = to him; = neither can he = know them, = because they are spiritually discerned.

*** (Acts 17:11) And these were = more noble = than those of Thessalonica, = in that they received the Word = with all readiness of mind = and = searched the Scriptures = daily = to see if those things = were so. [See Luke 16:31]

In these four verses… one can see that Jesus said; that the Holy Spirit would teach… “His!” Because the Father had given it to Jesus first, and the Holy Spirit will teach… “His Real Children!” Because they ‘do not’ have the spirit of this world… but instead the Holy Spirit… they can then; “Understand & Know”… those things of God; found in His Word. They… compare Spiritual things with Spiritual things… ‘unlike’ the natural man; who thinks all is foolishness and does ‘not’ understand the Word of God. The True Believer… checks the “Scripture–Daily”… to see IF those things were so… or ‘Not!’

*** (Ephesians 1:7-to-14) In Him [Jesus] = we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our offenses, = according to the riches of God's grace
(Eph 1:8) that He [Jesus] lavished on us, = along with ‘all’ = wisdom and understanding,
(Eph 1:9) when He [God] made known to us = the secret of His will. = This was according to His [God’s] plan = that He = set forth in Christ [Jesus]
(Eph 1:10) to usher in = the fullness of the times = and = to gather up all things = in Christ, = both things in heaven = and = things on earth.
(Eph 1:11) In Christ [Jesus] = we were also chosen when we were predestined = according to the purpose of the One [God] = Who does everything according to = the intention of His will,
(Eph 1:12) so that we = who had already fixed our hope on Christ = might live for His praise and glory.
(Eph 1:13) You, too, = have heard = the Word of Truth, = the gospel of your salvation. = When you believed = in Him [Jesus] = you were sealed = with the promised Holy Spirit, [John 7:38-39]
(Eph 1:14) Who is the guarantee of our inheritance = until the redemption = of God's own possession, = to His praise and glory.

*** (Matthew 7:21-22-23) Not Everyone = who keeps saying to Me [Jesus], = 'Lord, = Lord,' = will get into the kingdom of heaven, = but ‘only’ the person = who keeps doing = the will [Word] = of My [Jesus] = Father [God] in heaven.
(Matt 7:22) “MANY” = will say to Me [Jesus] = on that day, = 'Lord, = Lord, = we prophesied = in Your Name, = drove out demons = in Your Name, = and = performed many miracles = in Your Name, = didn't we?'
(Matt 7:23) Then = I [Jesus] = will tell them plainly, = “I [Jesus] = ‘Never’ = knew you. Get away from Me, = you who practice Lawlessness!”

*** (Romans 8:9) You, however, = are not of the flesh = but of the Spirit, = since God's [Holy] Spirit lives in you. = And if = ‘anyone’ = does not have = the Spirit of Christ, = he does ‘not’ belong to Him.

Herein is the Difference…! Those that are ‘Truly Born Again’… by the “Holy Spirit” of God: “KNOW”… the Truth of the Holy Word of God! Those that “DO NOT”… simply use… ‘God Talk’ and parade around… “FOOLING”… ‘Most’.. That they are ‘Really’ Christians! Christ Jesus said… “I Never Knew YOU!” Yes they “Fooled” many others… but “Did NOT”; fool Christ… Who sees the hearts! Today, “The MANY”… are religious and use the words… “Amen!” “Hallelujah!” “Praise the Lord!” And much “Other–God Talk”… with such words and phrases! In reality… they “Do NOT” have the Holy Spirit of God… and are “Not”… HIS [Jesus]!

*** (Jude 1:19-20-21) These = are those setting themselves apart, = animal-like ones, = not having the [Holy] Spirit.
(Jude 1:20) But you, beloved, = building yourselves up = in your most holy faith, = praying in the Holy Spirit,
(Jude 1:21) keep yourselves in the love of God, = eagerly awaiting = the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ = to everlasting life.

*** (2Timothy 2:15-16) Study earnestly = to present yourself = approved to God, = a workman = that does ‘not’ need to be ashamed, = rightly dividing = the Word of Truth [God].
(2Tim 2:16) But shun profane, = vain babblings, = for they will increase to more ungodliness.

*** (John 17:17) Sanctify them = through Your = Truth. = Your Word = is Truth.

*** (Isaiah 8:20) To the Law and to the testimony! = If = they do not speak = according to this Word, = it is because = no light is in them.

*** (1Thessalonians 5:21) Prove = all things, = hold fast = to the good.

The True Believer… “Knows & Obeys”… the Holy Word of God. Their focus is ‘not’ on the things of this world… but on those things that are “Eternal & Unshakable.” They ‘Believe’… the “Holy Word of God”… and they ‘make sure’… that it is used… Correctly! Each & Every one of US… Shop! We check prices and read Sale Adds… and may even cut coupons. We get the best deal we can… to be Good Stewards… of the funds Christ has… entrusted us with! But do we in our Spiritual Lives… simply use the Same Criteria? “MOST”… do Not! They will simply believe… anything… without going to the Scriptures… and check it out! [1/2]

*** (Luke 18:8) I say to you that He [God] = will avenge them speedily. = Yet when the Son of Man = comes [again], = shall He find = [True Biblical] faith = on the earth?

*** (Matthew 24:37) But as = the days of Noah were, = so shall be = the coming of the Son of Man.

*** (Genesis 6:5) And Jehovah = saw that the wickedness of man = was great in the earth, = and every imagination = of the thoughts of his heart = was only evil = continually.

*** (Jude 1:3-4) Dear friends, = although I was eager to write to you = about the salvation we share, = I found it necessary = to write to you = and urge you = to continue your vigorous defense of the Faith = that was passed down to the saints = once and for all.
(Jude 1:4) For some people = have slipped in = among you unnoticed. = They were written about long ago as being deserving of this condemnation = because they are ungodly. = They turn the grace of our God into uncontrollable lust = and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.

About now… “You” can readily see from the ‘Scriptures’… that there is an “Unseen Spiritual Deception”… going on in the background. ‘Many’ do not want to know about it… and wrongly think that… “Just Loving Jesus”… is enough? That is ‘not’ what He intended us to do… to sit back on the premises… and… wait for His return. They ‘do not’ understand that there is a “Battle for the Souls, Hearts and Minds”… of sinful, lost mankind! These types of ‘Christians’… “Never Study the Holy Word of God”… to see what… “Christ has for them to do!” To them… singing and praising God and church… is just enough! They are the ONES… Christ calls… “Lukewarm!”

*** (Luke 24:44-to-48) Then He [Jesus] = said to them, = "These are My words that I spoke to you = while I was still with you = that ‘everything’ = written about Me [Jesus] = in the law of Moses, = the Prophets, = and the Psalms = had to be fulfilled."
(Luke 24:45) Then He [Jesus] = opened their minds = so that they might = come to understand = the Scriptures.
(Luke 24:46) He [Jesus] = said to them, = “Thus it is written, = that the Christ = was to suffer = and to rise from the dead = on the third day,
(Luke 24:47) and that = repentance = and = forgiveness of sins = is ‘to be’ proclaimed = in His Name = to ‘all’ the nations, = beginning at Jerusalem.
(Luke 24:48) You = are witnesses = of these things.

*** (2Timothy 4:1-to-5) Therefore I [Paul] = solemnly ‘witness’ before God = and the Lord Jesus Christ, = Who is going to judge = the living and the dead = according to His appearance = and = His kingdom,
(2Tim 4:2) “PREACH” = the Word, = be instant in season = and = out of season, = reprove, rebuke, = exhort = with all long-suffering = and doctrine.
(2Tim 4:3) For a time will be = when they ‘will not’ = endure sound doctrine, = but they will heap up teachers = to themselves = according to their own lusts, = tickling the ear.
(2Tim 4:4) And they will = ‘turn away’ = their ears = from the Truth = and = will be ‘turned’ to myths.
(2Tim 4:5) But you = watch [guard] in ‘all’ things, = endure afflictions, = do the work of an evangelist, = fully carry out = your ministry.

*** (2Peter 2:1-2) But = there were ‘also’ = false prophets among the people, = even as = there ‘will be’ = “False Teachers” = among you, = who secretly = will bring in = destructive heresies, = even denying the Master = Who bought them, = bringing on themselves = swift destruction.
(2Pet 2:2) And = “MANY” = will follow their pernicious ways, = and because of them = the way of Truth = will be ‘evil’ spoken of.

What do you “Believe”…? Well, I believe what my Church Teaches! What does your Church Teach? Well, my Pastor teaches Us. What does your Pastor Teach? He teaches us… what our Church Believes! And so, the story goes on and on… in a ‘circular’ reasoning… that says “Absolutely Nothing!” “Many”… act out of this ‘Conundrum’… and think ‘nothing’ about it. They have that ‘party spirit’ and if anyone ‘questions’ them… they ‘cannot’ present a “Scriptural Answer!” This is the same ‘mindset’ of those; that ‘Follow’… “MOST OF”… those “FALSE”… TV and Radio preachers!” But “Yes”… there are some “Good Biblical Teachers?... there too!

*** (2Timothy 3:6-7) For of these = are those = who creep into houses = and = lead captive = silly women loaded with sins, = led away = with different kinds of lusts,
(2Tim 3:7) ‘ever’ learning = and = ‘never able’ = to come to the full knowledge = of the Truth.

*** (2Corinthians 11:4) For = ‘if’ someone = comes along = and = preaches ‘another’ Jesus = than the one we preached, = or should you receive = a different spirit = from the one you received = or a different gospel = from the one you accepted, = you are all too willing to listen.

*** (Luke 4:5-to-8) The devil = also took Him [Jesus] = to a high place = and showed Him = ‘all’ the kingdoms of the world = in an instant.
(Luke 4:6) He [Satan] said to Jesus, = “I will give You = ‘all; this authority = and = the glory of these kingdoms. = For it = has ‘been given’ to me [Satan], = and = I [Satan] = give it = to ‘anyone’ = I [Satan] = please”.
(Luke 4:7) So if = You will worship me, = all this = will be Yours."
(Luke 4:8) But Jesus = answered him, = “It is written, = You must worship = the Lord your God = and serve ‘only’ = Him [God].”

*** (2Corinthians 11:13-14-15) Such people = are ‘false’ apostles, = dishonest workers = who are ‘masquerading’ as = apostles of Christ.
(2Cor 11:14) And no wonder, = since Satan himself = ‘masquerades’ as = an angel of light.
(2Cor 11:15) So = it ‘is not’ surprising = if = his servants = also ‘masquerade’ = as servants of righteousness. = Their doom = will match their deeds!

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*** (Galatians 4:16) So have I now = become your enemy = for telling you = the Truth?

Continued next blog… [2/?]
Thanks In Christ, Roger / Jeremiah 33:3.