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“How do I know that the Bible”…? – 101 Blog.

“How do I know that the Bible”…? – 101 Blog.

…Was inspired by God…? There is no concrete proof anywhere! It was written and inspired by men. How do I know that Jesus is really the Messiah? Have you seen God before? I sure haven't. Where's the real proof? = Recently a ‘friend’ of mine; sent me these questions. ‘Many’ before him, through history; have asked the same “Questions!” Perhaps these answers may help you and others, understand about God, the God of the Bible…?

*** (Jeremiah 29:11-12-13) For I know the purposes = which I am purposing for you, = says Jehovah [God]; = purposes of peace = and not of evil, = to give you = a future = and a hope.
(Jer 29:12) Then you shall call on Me, = and you shall go = and pray to Me, = and I will listen to you.
(Jer 29:13) And you shall seek Me = and find Me, = when you search for Me = with all your heart.

GOD will ‘Not’… reveal Himself to those; that are… “Purposely ‘NOT’ Looking for Him!” The “True Searcher”… has this ‘Promise’ from God Himself: “Seek Me and you will find me… when you search for me… with all your heart!” God has used the complexity of design… to display His workings ‘in and through’ “Creation!” Your computer has a creator… it just did ‘not’ evolve… over the years. With ‘all’ design… there is also a ‘designer’. We have both a “Macro Universe” and a “Micro Universe’. A ‘Telescope’ and a ‘Microscope’… will reveal these ‘both’ to anyone who is ‘Really’ searching!

*** (Psalms 19:1-2-3) To the Chief Musician. A Psalm of David. = The heavens declare = the glory of God; = and the expanse = proclaims His handiwork.
(Psalms 19:2) Day to day = pours forth speech, = and night to night = reveals knowledge.
(Psalms 19:3) There is no speech = nor are there words; = their voice [witness] is not heard.

Perhaps, if you will… provide me the liberty; I will ‘play’ the other side of the coin…? Do you hate… “Pink Elephants?” Of course not; because there are “NO”, such things! The Bible, God’s book is… “Hated”… by more people… than ‘Any’ other book. “IF”… God were ‘not’ real… and “His words ‘not’ Truth”… “THEN”… ‘Why’ then all the… “Animosity & Hate” = “Towards”… just ‘Another’ –“Book”…? Most of the people that… “Hate the Bible”… are ‘violating’ one or more of the precepts; found in its pages. Some will even go so far as… to ‘negate’ it and; say there is “NO Truth”… in its pages! Those ‘same’ people… will say that “Hitler”… belongs in Hell: But ‘they’ don’t!

*** (2Peter 1:19-20-21) We also = have a more sure Word of prophecy, = to which = you do well to take heed, = as to a light = that shines in a dark place, = until the day dawns = and the Daystar [Holy Spirit] = arises in your hearts,
(2Pet 1:20) knowing this first, = that no prophecy = of the Scripture = came into being = of its own private interpretation.
(2Pet 1:21) For prophecy = was not borne at any time = by the will of man, = but holy men of God = spoke = being borne along = by the Holy Spirit.

*** (John 8:12) Then Jesus = spoke again to them, = saying, = I am the Light of the world. = He who follows Me = shall not walk in darkness, = but shall have = the light of life.

*** (Matthew 24:35) The heaven and the earth = shall pass away, = but My Words = shall ‘not’ = pass away.

In these Verses… and others; God is validating; ‘His’ responsibility for “His Holy Word!” He says holy men… spoke as they were ‘inspired’ by the Holy Spirit. There are some ‘technical’ aspects of the Bible’s original languages. “Hebrew”, for the Old Testament; and “Greek” for the New Testament. Our ‘English Language’ translations were made from those texts. The Bible texts… are more ‘validated’… than any of ‘other’ antiquated writings. The “Codex’s” of the manuscripts are still available and even the “Dead Sea Scrolls… validate these ‘Codex’s”. Below are two internet links; one my blog on some of the ‘technical’ aspects of the Bible and the other a Codex link. You may Google more!



*** (Titus 1:15) To the pure all = things are pure. = But to those = who are defiled = and unbelieving = ‘nothing’ is pure, = but even their mind = and conscience = is defiled.

*** (Jude 1:17-18-19) But you, beloved, = remember the words spoken before = by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ,
(Jude 1:18) because they told you = that at the last time = there will be = mockers = according to their lusts, = leading ungodly lives.
(Jude 1:19) These are those = setting themselves apart, = animal-like ones, = not having the [Holy] Spirit.

There are “Two Types” of ‘Skeptics’…! ‘One’, will ‘Not’ believe… even though they are shown; ‘more’ than enough “Evidence!” They are the ‘biggest’ mockers of the Bible. The ‘Other’ is an ‘Honest’ seeker… who will do a search on his own. Such as, was the Civil war Military “Agnostic”; Lewis ‘Lew’ Wallace, 1827-to-1905. Perhaps you heard of his novel, made into a movie… “Ben Hur”…? He went forth to… “Disprove” Jesus and the Bible. After an “Honest Search”… he came to Faith in Christ!


*** (Isaiah 28:13) But the Word of Jehovah [God] = was to them = precept on precept, = precept on precept; = line on line, = line on line; = here a little, = there a little; = that they might go, = and fall backward, = and be broken = and snared = and taken.

*** (Numbers 23:19) God = is not a man = that He should lie, = neither = the son of man = that He should repent. = Has He said, = and shall He not do it? = Or has He spoken, = and shall He not make it good?

Just who, are “YOU”…? Did you just ‘happen’ to be here, and in a particular family” How about your health or your wealth, or the absence of them? What country do you live in, and how is it you live there? Did you relatives come here; from another continent…? How is it… that you have come… “Not to Believe in God…?” That is a far more ‘pressing’ question! Something has happened; to either draw you ‘to’ God… or ‘away’ from Him? Just to “WHOM”… do you really belong to…? Do you have a 'real' puropose in Life?

*** (Romans 1:16-to-22) For I am not ashamed of = the gospel of Christ, = for it is the power of God = unto salvation = to everyone who believes, = to the Jew first = and also to the Gentile.
(Rom 1:17) For in it = the righteousness of God = is revealed = from faith to faith, = as it is written, = "The just shall live by faith."
(Rom 1:18) For the wrath of God = is revealed from Heaven = against ‘all’ ungodliness = and unrighteousness of men, = who ‘suppress’ = the Truth = in unrighteousness,
(Rom 1:19) because the thing = which may be known of God = is ‘clearly’ revealed within them, = for God revealed it = to them.
(Rom 1:20) For = the unseen things of Him = from the creation of the world = are clearly seen, = being realized = by the things that are made, = even His eternal power and Godhead, = for them to be = without excuse.
(Rom 1:21) Because, = knowing God, = they did not glorify Him as God, = neither were thankful. = But they became vain = in their imaginations, = and their foolish heart = was darkened.
(Rom 1:22) Professing to be wise, = they = became fools

“Whose” am I… or “Who”… am I

I can do ‘no’ more… for you. You must make the ‘choice’… to either; seek “Honestly”… and find God or continue in your ‘unbelief’. That choice comes from your “Free Will!” Without that ‘free will’… mankind would just be a puppet on a string. But with “Free Will”… comes the ability either to “Love God”… or to turn away from God. He loves you, as His creation, ‘just’ that much… to ‘give’ you… that “Choice!” And yet now… you want to “Blame Him”… for your free will?

*** (1John 4:19) We = love Him = because = He = first loved us.

*** (John 1:9) He [Jesus] was the true Light; = He enlightens = every man = coming into the world.

*** (John 3:16-to-21) For God = so loved the world = that He = gave His only-begotten Son [Christ Jesus], = that whoever believes in Him = should not perish = but = have everlasting life.
(John 3:17) For God did not = send His Son into the world [this time] = to condemn the world, = but so that the world = might be saved = through Him.
(John 3:18) He who believes on Him = is not condemned, = but he who ‘does not’ = believe = is condemned already, = because = he has not believed in the name = of the only-begotten Son of God.
(John 3:19) And this is the condemnation, = that the Light has come into the world, = and men loved darkness = rather than the Light, = because their deeds were evil.
(John 3:20) For everyone who does evil = hates the Light, = and = does not come to the Light, = lest his deeds = should be exposed.
(John 3:21) But he who practices Truth = comes to the Light = so that his works = may be revealed, = that they exist, = having been worked in God.

Oh yes… one more thing? You questioned if Christ Jesus was the Messiah of God? There are hundreds OT Biblical prophecies… that were fulfilled by Christ; as the Messiah. Others will be fulfilled before, the end of the Age. Here are just a few… the rest you may find on your own… “If” … you will only, honestly do your Biblical research…? Have you ever read the Bible for yourself, or have you only taken what ‘others’ have said?  Oh yes, the word “Christ”, means "Messiah", the Anointed One. It is the “Title” of Jesus, demonstrating both His Position and His Name!

*** (Isaiah 9:6-7) For to us a Child is born, = to us a Son is given; = and the government shall be on His shoulder; = and His name shall be called = Wonderful, = Counselor, = The mighty God, = The everlasting Father, = The Prince of Peace.
(Isa 9:7) There is no end = of the increase of His government = and peace on the throne of David, = and on His kingdom, = to order it = and to establish it = with judgment = and with justice from now on, = even forever. = The zeal of Jehovah [God] of Hosts will do this.

*** (Zechariah 12:10) And I will pour = on the house of David, = and on the people of Jerusalem, = the spirit of grace and of prayers. = And they shall look on Me = Whom they have pierced, = and they shall mourn for Him, = as one mourns for his only son, = and shall be bitter over Him, = as the bitterness over the first-born.

*** (Isaiah 7:14) So, = the Lord Himself = shall give you a sign. = Behold, = the virgin = will conceive = and shall bring forth a son, = and they shall call His name = Immanuel.

*** (Matthew 1:20-to-25) And as he thought upon these things, = behold, = the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, = saying, Joseph, = son of David, = do not fear to take to you Mary as your wife. = For that in her is fathered of the Holy Spirit.
(Matt 1:21) And she shall bear a son, = and you shall call His name = JESUS: = for He shall save His people = from their sins.
(Matt 1:22) Now all this happened = so that might be fulfilled = that which was spoken of the LORD = by the prophet, saying,
(Matt 1:23) "Behold, = the virgin shall conceive in her womb, = and will bear a son. = And they will call His name Emmanuel," = which being interpreted is, = God with us.
(Matt 1:24) And Joseph, = being roused from sleep, = did = as the angel of the Lord = commanded him and took his wife,
(Matt 1:25) and = did not = know her [carnal knowledge] = until she bore her son, = the First-born. = And he called His name = JESUS.

Thanks, In Christ, Roger / Jeremiah 33:3.