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“Sex – 801”…Blog.

“Sex – 801”…Blog.

Disclaimer: I post this blog in hopes that if you are “under 18”, = That you will not read this without parents or legal guardian’s… ‘Permission’. I will discuss some issues, that are of an Adult nature. Thank you for your compliance and consideration.

First please allow… me to have you note the… ‘801’… instead of my normal format… ‘101’. I did this to have you realize… the moving moral shift… to the left… in even proposing such legislation as “Prop – 8” voted on, by the California voters.

Can anyone simply… turn on the… TV, the News or even a Video… without viewing a… “Perverted Sexuality”… is being portrayed as, “Normal?” Since when, in past American History… did we extend to one… any special protection or ‘Elite Status’… based on ‘Personal Sexual Status or Preference?’ Never before… and yet the media wants to change our thinking to do so. “Not Me…!”

Perhaps a demonstration… of what exactly I mean. Today a… ‘Legal minority status’… is extended to those choosing… “Any sexual identity”… even to the exclusion of… gender identification, via DNA Certification. Even such things as a surgical operation to… change gender status… does not change the… “DNA Facts”… as to your real physical gender.

Our late president Clinton… escaped any legal impeachment because in his brief to congress he took it upon himself… “To define his understanding of the term, Sex.” In doing so, millions worldwide heard him say… “I did not have Sex with that woman!” He redefined Sex to save his Presidential position.

Often Lawyers… use a term called, “The Slippery Slope!” In allowing something as fact even though it is conjecture… you may open the door to… even more conjecture. But what MOST do not realize is that this is the very issue behind… “Gender Norm-ing” based on Sexual Preference.

“A slippery slope argument states that a relatively small first step inevitably leads to a chain of related events culminating in some significant impact.”

Ok for those… who ‘do not’ know history or ‘want to’ know history… worldwide… “MARRIAGE... is defined as the union between “A Man and A Woman!” Only in recent history has the “Homosexual Agenda” put forth their pressure on society to change this definition.

In a sweep… of any legislature in any state can… “One who has a ‘same-sex’ agenda”… be given status as married. You may approve… or disapprove of such actions as I do. Based on what God says in the Bible, especially… “Romans Chapter One”…He will ultimately judge us all in His time…! If you have never read it… please do so and see what God says about why they are what they are.

IF you have ever… studied the History of Rome its “Rise & Fall”, you will know that… One of the Caesars… even choose… “A Horse”… as a ‘Domestic Partner’. Here is the… Slippery Slope! IF… we allow the definition of Marriage to be changed based on “Sexual Preference”… THEN… are we ‘then to allow’, that same status to a… “Non Human Animal?”… as the Caesars?

Just imagine the… employee health insurance for a domestic partner. If one chooses a dog as their… ‘domestic partner’… is the employer to pay the… “Veterinary Health Bills”… for that animal? Just where does that stop? Oh you say, ‘that could never happen’. Oh yes, that is what they said about… “Same Sex Marriages”… just 50-years ago.

Do I have… ‘Your Attention?’ What will you do about it or do you just think that this thing will …just blow over? Every type of evil… “does not just go away”. As it gets worse… and it will affect society in ways you cannot imagine. “Rape” has been changed to be sexual battery. Murder is simply called, ‘man-1 or 2’. Spoiled meat never gets… “Unspoiled!”

How about you… take some time and think this through? Then decide what you will do when you have the opportunity to… “Speak Out!” Mankind will not evolve into a better man or woman. Each and every one of us… “Need The Savior… ‘Christ Jesus!”

· (Romans 1:19-to-32) For what can be known = about God = is plain to them, = because = God Himself = has made it plain to them.
· (Rom 1:20) For since the creation of the world = His invisible attributes-His eternal power = and divine nature-have been = understood and observed = by what He made, = so that people = are without excuse.
· (Rom 1:21) For although = they knew God, = they neither = glorified Him as God = nor gave thanks = to Him. = Instead, = their thoughts = turned to worthless things, = and = their ignorant hearts = were darkened.
· (Rom 1:22) Though claiming = to be wise, = they became fools
· (Rom 1:23) and exchanged = the glory of the immortal God = for images = that looked like mortal human beings, = birds, = four-footed animals, = and reptiles.
· (Rom 1:24) For this reason, = God = gave them over = to impurity = to follow = the lusts of their hearts = and to dishonor = their bodies = with one another.
· (Rom 1:25) They exchanged = God's Truth = for a Lie = and = worshipped and served = the creation = rather than = the Creator, = Who is blessed forever. Amen.
· (Rom 1:26) For this reason, = God = gave them over = to degrading passions. = Even their females = exchanged = their natural sexual function = for one = that is unnatural.
· (Rom 1:27) In the same way, = their males = also abandoned = the natural sexual function of females = and = burned with lust = for one another. = Males committed = indecent acts = with males, = and = received in themselves = the appropriate penalty = for their perversion.
· (Rom 1:28) Furthermore, = because = they did not think it worthwhile = to retain = the full knowledge of God, = God = gave them over = to degraded minds = to perform acts = that should not be done.
· (Rom 1:29) They = have become filled = with every kind of wickedness, = evil, = greed, = and depravity. = They are full of envy, = murder, = quarreling, = deceit, = and viciousness. = They are gossips,
· (Rom 1:30) slanderers, = God-haters, = haughty, = arrogant, = boastful, = inventors of evil, = disobedient to their parents,
· (Rom 1:31) foolish, = faithless, = heartless, = ruthless.
· (Rom 1:32) Although = they know = God's just requirement-that those = who practice = such things = deserve to die-they not only do = these things = but even applaud = others = who practice them.

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