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“The Bethlehem Star – 101”

“The Bethlehem Star – 101”

During this Christmas season… many of us remember the story of the ‘Star’ that led the wise men to Christ Jesus the Messiah. There has been a lot of ‘conjecture and speculation’ about the date of Christs’ birth and if the star was a real star or was it something else. The Bible is non- specific about these issues. Some religions’ worship the heavens and still others hold certain days or months… ‘Holy.’ I will only address what I believe was that thing which came to be called… ‘The Bethlehem Star’.

(Matthew 2:1-2) Now = when Jesus was born = in Bethlehem of Judea = in the days of Herod the king, = behold, = wise men came = from the east = to Jerusalem,
(Matt 2:2) saying, = Where is He = Who is born = king of the Jews? For = we have seen = “His Star” = in the east = and = have come = to worship Him.

Some of the options… are that it was really a star. What happens is that with the ‘Celestial Navigation’ that a particular point on earth, would have to certain views different from another point some distance away. Alignment of those celestial bodies could in fact provide a ‘light reference point’… “But how did it move”…? Why then could it be seen by the ‘wise men’ and not others…? The shepherds who spend their lives in the field, did they not see the same star? If so, why then did the Angel of the Lord, announce to them the birth of the Messiah…?

(2Kings 6:16-17) And = he answered, = Do not fear, = for those = with us = are more = than those = with them.
(2Ki 6:17) And = Elisha prayed = and said, = I pray You, = Jehovah [God], = open his eyes = so that he = may “see”. = And Jehovah = opened the “eyes” = of the young man, = and = he ‘saw’. = And behold, = the mountain = was full of horses = and = chariots of fire = round about Elisha.

Our human sight… is limited to the “Visible Light Spectrum”. Only after God opened the eyes of his servant, was he able to see… “Angels” and “Chariots of Fire.” When was the last time you saw these…? My point is that God allows… ‘some to see’ and… ‘some not to see’. It was the same way after Christ Jesus was raised from the dead. Some of the disciples spoke with Him, not knowing who he was. Yes even the Pharisees and Scribes did not know that Christ Jesus was the messiah. Spiritual Blindness is upon all of mankind till they come to Christ…!

(Luke 24:15-16) And = while they talked = and = reasoned, = it happened that = Jesus Himself = drew near = and = went with them.
(Luke 24:16) But = their ‘eyes’ = were held = so that they = could ‘not’ = know Him.

Both of these… experiences could someone refer to, as a miracle. These miraculous actions were to keep some things secret and some things revealed… ‘only to those to whom’… they were … “to be revealed to”. Almost like the analogy of… ‘money’… some can handle it responsibly, but most cannot. The ‘Special Truth’… that comes from God’s Word, will be obeyed by some, but most will not. They have ‘no’ intention of following the commands of Scripture. They are only interested… in their own wants and desires... only to their own personal gain.

(Luke 16:10-11-12) He = who is faithful = in the least = is also faithful = in much. = And = he who = is unjust = in the least = is also unjust = in much.
(Luke 16:11) Therefore = if you = have not been faithful = in the unrighteous mammon, = who will entrust = the true riches = to you?
(Luke 16:12) And = if you = have ‘not’ = been faithful = in that which = is another's, = who shall give = you = that which is your own?

About now… someone is wondering what do, these principles have to do with the Truth about the ‘Bethlehem Star?’ God’s Holy Spirit indwells each “True” believer. But there are many that just celebrate Christmas without wanting to understand the Truth… about the Promised Messiah! He was born to die and rise again… for the “Sin/Sins”… of ungrateful mankind. That Savior came from the line of Gods’ chosen people, the Jews. So today, the hatred for the Jew comes from those... that do not want the “Jesus the Messiah”… to rule over them.

(Judges 17:8) And the man = went out of the city from = “Bethlehem-Judah” = to live = where he could find a place. = And he came to Mount Ephraim = to the house of Micah, as he journeyed.

(Micah 5:2) And you, = “Bethlehem Ephratah”, = you being least = among the thousands of Judah, = out of you = He shall come forth = to Me, = to become = Ruler in Israel, = He = whose goings forth = have been from of old, = from the days = of eternity.

There were TWO… Bethlehem’s in Israel. Of course the Scriptures differentiated which of the two that Christ Jesus would be born in. But just how long did the… ‘Bethlehem Star’… remain visible, there over Mary & Joseph…? Did no one else see this ‘Star?’ If it was a heavenly star, did it just disappear after leading the ‘wise men’ to… Christ Jesus the Messiah…? Did no one else, see this star…? Something this “bright and moving”, surely would have been seen… by others? Yet the Scriptures are silent about this information.

(Isaiah 9:6-7) For = to us = a Child is born, = to us = a Son is given; = and the government = shall be = on His shoulder; = and His name = shall be called = Wonderful, = Counselor, = The mighty God, = The everlasting Father, = The Prince of Peace.
(Isaiah 9:7) There is = no end of the increase = of His government = and = peace = on the throne of David, = and on His kingdom, = to order it = and to establish it = with judgment = and with justice = from now on, = even forever. = The zeal of Jehovah of Hosts = will do this.

May I simply say… that it is my belief, that the ‘Bethlehem Star’ was not a Star at all…? Have you ever thought about what it may be…? If it was not a heavenly body, what then has that “Light” in order to direct men, to find the Messiah…? Sorry no, I am not claiming to have any special revelation from God or from the Bible. But perhaps, you will listen to what I think about this… ‘Bethlehem Star?’ I do not believe that it was a star, but it was the… “Shekhina Glory of God…!

(Exodus 34:35) And the sons of Israel = saw the face of Moses, = that the skin of Moses' face = had become = ‘luminous’. = And Moses = put the veil upon his face again, = until he went in = to speak with Him [God].

(Acts 22:6-to-9) And it happened to me [Saul], = traveling and drawing near to Damascus: = suddenly, about midday, = “a great light” = out of the heaven = shone around me.
(Acts 22:7) And I fell to the ground = and heard a voice saying to me, = Saul, Saul, = why do you = persecute Me?
(Acts 22:8) And I answered, = Who are you, lord? = And He = said to me, = I am Jesus of Nazareth, = whom you persecute.
(Acts 22:9) And they = who were with me = indeed saw = ‘the light’ = and were afraid. = But they = “did not hear” = the voice of Him = Who spoke to me.

(Exodus 33:18-to-23) And he [Moses] said, = I beseech You [God], = let me see = Your glory.
(Exo 33:19) And He said, = I will make all My goodness = pass before you, = and I will proclaim = the name of Jehovah = before you. = And I will be gracious = to whom = I will be gracious, = and will have mercy = on whom I = will have mercy.
(Exo 33:20) And He said, = You ‘cannot’ = see My face. = For there no man = can see Me and live.
(Exo 33:21) And Jehovah said, = Behold! = There is a place by Me, = and you shall stand upon a rock.
(Exo 33:22) And it will be, = while My glory = passes by, = I will put you in = a cleft of the rock, = and will cover you = with My hand = while I pass by.
(Exo 33:23) And I will take away = My hand, = and you shall see My back parts. = But My face shall not be seen.

In all these Instances… it is the “Glory of God”… that Moses and Saul [Paul] saw. Moses had to in fact keep his face covered till that ‘Glory’ went away. The “Fear of God” was in that ‘Glory’ that shone. So too, it is my belief that the ‘Bethlehem Star’ was in fact… the “Glory of God”. Some could not see it, just as Elisha servant could not see the angels and chariots of fire. Just as those disciples of Jesus did not recognize Him as He talked with them on the way. Even Mary thought Jesus to be the Gardener. [John 20:13-to-18] Perhaps some more of the Glory of God…?

(Isaiah 6:1-2-3) In the year = that King Uzziah died = I then saw the Lord = sitting on a throne, = high and lifted up, = and His train filled the temple.
(Isa 6:2) Above it = stood the seraphs; = each one had six wings; = with two he covered his face, = and with two he covered his feet, = and with two he flew.
(Isa 6:3) And one cried to another, = and said, = Holy, Holy, Holy, is Jehovah of Hosts; = the whole earth full of His glory.

Why did these Angelic Beings… cover their Faces? Was it because of the Glory of God that shone…? Yes, God does let some see Him but some cannot. The Glory of God cannot be seen by mortal man except by His divine appointment. But in the New Heaven and the New Earth there will be… “No Sun!” So where will the Light come from…? Could this light… be the “Glory of God”…? I do not believe that it was a star, but it was the… “Shekhina Glory of God…!

(Revelation 21:23) And = the city had = “no need” of the sun, = neither of the moon, = to shine in it: = for the = “Glory of God” = did lighten it, = and = the Lamb = is the “Light” thereof.

(Revelation 22:5) And = there will be = ‘no night’ there. = And they need = ‘no lamp’, = or ‘light of the sun’; = for = the Lord God = gives them ‘light’. = And they will reign = forever and ever.

Now what do you think…? Was it really a star or was it something else…? Simply allow the Scriptures to speak to you and not the ‘traditions’ that you have been taught. Oh yes, nowhere in the Bible do you ever read about… ‘angels singing.’ Remember the Christmas song, “Hark the herald angels sing…?” Perhaps it is about time that we… return to the Word of God…? If you want to continue with your traditions, that is your choice. But I simply seriously ask you to consider… IF the Bethlehem Star…. Was in Fact… “The SHEKHINA Glory of God”…?

Thank you for Your EAR! [Job 12:11] Roger //Email//

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