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“Santa Clause – 101”…Blog.

“Santa Clause – 101”…Blog.

A late ‘Internet’ report… revealed that “NONE” of any of the TV networks will reveal the information that… “Santa Clause is Dead!” The ongoing ‘cover up’ by the major networks has left many still believing in him. Many ‘fakes’ have been reported seen in the major stores and shopping malls. Even some of the younger children know that… ‘the fakes’… are not real. Their “screams and cries”… reveal that, as the parents place them on ‘his lap’… is a sure sign! …LOL!

This picture is enough proof… for ‘anyone’ of a sound mind. I ‘never’ believed that song, “Santa Clause is coming to town!” I had just turned 5 that year and my parents had closed off the spare play room, telling we children that there was ‘no heat’ in there. Before I left for school, I climbed up and got the door handle and ‘Peeked’… into the room. Some time the next year, I spoke this to my mother, “I will not tell my brother and sister, but please don’t try and tell me that there is a Santa!” Then I revealed the… “National Parental Lie”… there is No Santa.

"Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town"
You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I'm telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town
Santa Claus is coming to town
Santa Claus is coming to town
He's making a list,
Checking it twice;
Gonna find out who's naughty or nice.
Santa Claus is coming to town

Santa Claus is coming to town
Santa Claus is coming to town

He sees you when you're sleeping
He knows when you're awake
He knows if you've been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake

Can you imagine… Someone that has the… “Same ‘Omniscient Ability’ of God, the God of the Bible”… to tell IF you have been good or bad; or if you have been sleeping or awake? Wow…! I never believed such things, nor did I believe in the Easter Bunny. When I was older… I never even believed in the ‘Cleveland Indians’! I only knew about the ‘American Indians’… whose property we stole, even though our government took their land without payment. Yes even Manhattan island was stolen for about $24 in trinkets.

(Matthew 7:13-14) Go in = through = the ‘narrow’ gate, = for wide = is the gate = and = broad is the way = that leads = to ‘destruction’, = and = “MANY” = there are = ‘who’ = go in = through it.
(Matt 7:14) Because = ‘narrow’ = is the gate = and = constricted is = the way = which leads = to [Eternal] life, =and = there are = “FEW” = who = find it.

Do you realize… that implying to someone… that they could ‘win’ God’s favor, by being ‘Only Partially’, ‘Sometimes Only’… “Being Partially Good”… and still be “Rewarded in the End?” “Absolute Hogwash!” You see… every song… is a sermon. This early brainwashing of ‘Children’… to try and get them to behave… will not work. “Just say NO” and “Say No to Drugs”… has not stopped the ‘Four-Trillion-Dollar’… “Illegal drug trade”… going on in this United States of America.

(Matthew 7:21-22-23) "NOT" = ‘everyone’ = who says to Me [Jesus], = Lord! = Lord! shall enter = the kingdom of Heaven, = but = he who does = the will [Word] = of My Father = in Heaven.
(Matt 7:22) “MANY” = will say to Me = in that day, = Lord! = Lord! = Did ‘we’ not = prophesy in = Your name, = and = through = Your name = throw out demons, = and = through = Your name = “DO” = ‘Many’ = Wonderful Works?
(Matt 7:23) And then = I [Jesus] = will say = to them = I [Jesus] = “NEVER” = knew = ‘you’! = Depart from Me [Jesus], = those working = lawlessness!
Most Celebrate Christmas… even a few of my Jewish friends. That way they, ‘double dip’… celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas. So too some other celebrations have be begun by some ‘minority’ splinter groups… who “Demand equal rights”… with the Christians. Have you noticed… the “Anti God”… mentality that has slowly creped in? I always wish some a Merry Christmas, and yet a friend who works at “Wal-Mart”… was told by management… “ONLY to wish the customers a Happy or Merry Holiday!”

(Amos 8:11) Behold, = the days come, = says the Lord Jehovah, = that = I = will send = “A FAMINE” = in the land; = ‘not’ = a famine of bread = nor = a thirst for water, = but = of hearing = the Words = of Jehovah.

When I went to Public School… everyone celebrated Christmas. We even had Bible Reading each morning over the loud speaker. God was accepted in almost every area of academia in the classroom. But Now… our nation has departed from Christmas… and seldom does one hear the Real Christmas Story! Bibles are not to be found in public schools, no not even in the Library. Textbooks have been changed to be ‘politically correct’… which is really socially wrong.

Say it isn’t so…? When did you last hear, ‘Merry Christmas’ from a sales clerk? They even have a “Santa Clause”… on the top of a ‘manger scene’… depicting the birth place of Christ. Yes right on top of the Manger with His bag of Tricks…! Even so… China now has a “Christ-Less Christmas” as it there too, has become a big, Economic Sales Season. What has become of… The Christ of Christmas. No longer do… ‘wise men’… seek Him!

(Luke 2:8-to-12) And = in the same country = there were shepherds = living in the field, = keeping watch over = their flock by night.
(Luke 2:9) And lo, = the angel of the Lord = came on them, = and = the glory of the Lord = shone around them. = And = they were grievously afraid.
(Luke 2:10) And the angel = said to them, = Do not fear. = For behold, I give to you = good tidings of great joy, = which shall be = to all people.
(Luke 2:11) For to you = is born today, = in the city of David, = a “Savior”, = ‘Who’ is = “Christ the Lord”.
(Luke 2:12) And = this is a sign to you. = You will find = the babe = wrapped, = lying in a manger.

Sorry No… ‘Christ Jesus’… was ‘not’ born on December 25. It is too cold in December to be living in the field with sheep. It even ‘snows’ in December with an average temperature of 47-to-56 degrees. But the day… is not the ‘issue’… it is “WHO” was born… Promised by the Word of God? What did He come to earth for? What do “you” have to do with Him?

(Isaiah 9:6-7) For to us = a Child is born, = to us = a Son is given; = and = the [world] government = shall be on = His shoulder; = and = His name = shall be called = Wonderful, = Counselor, = The mighty God, = The everlasting Father, = The Prince of Peace.
(Isaiah 9:7) There is no end = of the increase = of His government = and = peace on = the throne of David, = and = on His kingdom, = to order it = and = to establish it = with judgment = and = with justice = from now on, = even forever. = The zeal = of Jehovah of Hosts = will do this.

(John 12:27-to-33) And = My soul is troubled, = and = what shall I [Jesus] = say? = Father, = save Me = from this hour? = But for this cause = I [Jesus] = came to = this hour.
(John 12:28) Father, = glorify Your name! = Then there came = a voice = from the heaven saying, = I have both glorified it = and = will glorify it again.
(John 12:29) Then the crowd = who stood by = and heard = said = that it thundered. = Others said, = an angel = spoke to Him.
(John 12:30) Jesus answered = and said, = This voice = did not come = because of Me, = but = for your sakes.
(John 12:31) Now is = the judgment of this world. = Now = shall the prince [Satan] of this world = be cast out.
(John 12:32) And = I, = if = I am lifted up = from the earth, = I = will draw = all = to Myself.
(John 12:33) But He [Jesus] = said this, = signifying = what kind of = death [Crucifixion] = He was = about to die.

(John 1:11-to-14) He came = to His own, = and = His own = received Him = not.
(John 1:12) But = as many as = received Him, = He = gave to them authority = to become = the children of God, = to those = who believe = on His name,
(John 1:13) who were born, = not of bloods, = nor of the will of the flesh, = nor of the will of man, = but were born of God [Born Again by the Holy Spirit].
(John 1:14) And = the Word [Jesus] = became flesh, = and = tabernacled = among us. = And = we beheld = His glory, = the glory = as of = the only begotten = of the Father, = full of grace = and = of truth.

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