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“Tiger Woods – 101”…Blog.

“Tiger Woods – 101”…Blog.

This blog is about “Idolatry”… ‘S.J.D.L.R!’ This acronym is simply, “Something Just Doesn’t Look Right”. This week the renowned golf player… “Tiger Woods”… was thrust into infamy, by his secret actions, being made ‘public’. This gifted, once in a century, Golf pro, had his name “exposed” for exactly what he is… “an adulterer”. Imagine the pain his ‘wife’ is paying… for “his” indiscretions? Before you shut me off, please listen to what can happen to… “US ALL”, when… “We”… are held up as an ‘Idol’ and assume the position of God, the God of the Bible.

(Exodus 20:14) You = shall ‘not’ = commit = “Adultery”.

(Numbers 32:23) But = if you = will not do so, = behold, = you have sinned = against Jehovah [God]. = And = be sure = “your sin” = will find = you out.

For this time… it was my intent to address this issue of Idolatry, especially here in our American society. We all know about the program, “American Idol.” Most of the time, we choose our own Idols, especially the ones… Hollywood has portrayed in the movies. Someone once said… “Break any ‘Five’ of the… 10 – Commandments of God… and you will have a ‘Hit’ Movie”. How many times have you seen a movie, glorifying Stealing, Murder, Adultery, Greed and the Like? All the time, as it is the… “Agenda of Hollywood”… to show how anyone can break the Law of God… and make it… ‘Entertainment!’

(Romans 1:21-22-23) For although = they knew [about] God, = they neither glorified = Him as God = nor = gave thanks to Him. = Instead, = their thoughts turned to = worthless things, = and = their ignorant hearts = were darkened.
(Rom 1:22) Though = claiming = to be wise, = they became fools
(Rom 1:23) and = exchanged = the glory = of the immortal God = for images = that looked like = “mortal human beings”, = birds, = four-footed animals, = and reptiles.

Did you notice… that ‘Looked Like’…. “Mortal Human Beings?” Our society is so filled with “Hero Worship”, that we have long time left off of… “Any Realistic Thinking”. Not too long ago, we had the scandal about… “Baseball Athletes… taking Steroids and Growth Hormones”. The baseball commission… swept it all under the rug and gave a… “No Contest” to the fact. They then instituted… random drug testing! Another, “Cover UP”… to keep the Idols, bringing in the revenue… to all the ball clubs. Football is no different as are all the sports. Simply… “Cheat to Win!”

(1Timothy 5:24) Some = men's sins = are open = beforehand, = going before = to judgment; = and = some men = they follow after.

Of course… we all remember our illustrious president and… “Monica Lewinsky!” I was traveling overseas at the time for work. The topic in their news media, was the ‘immoral and shameless’ actions… of our “Great American President… Bill Clinton!” I said at the time, that his wife, Hillary would do… “Nothing about It”… because she had… “Political Aspirations for the Presidency”. Well, that wasn’t a hard call, was it? All those things she said about, Senator Obama... were soon ‘evaporated’… when she put her support behind him… for president.

(Romans 1:25) They = exchanged = “God's Truth” [His Word] = for = a ‘Lie’ = and worshipped = and = served = the creation [mankind] = rather than the Creator [God], = Who = is blessed forever. Amen.

Our, “One Nation ‘Under’ GOD”… seems to be only in ‘word’ and… “Not in Practice!” God, the God of the Bible… is only a Social Religion, spoken about during Christmas and Easter. The rest of the year… He is relegated to the… ‘Back of the bus’. Ever wonder why the cosmetic counters sell… “Blush?” It is to cover up the… “Lack of Shame”… that has come to our “Once Great” country. The outside person, seems to be the only care of all… ‘both old and young’. We have long left off… ‘following and obeying’… any of the Words… of The God of the Bible

(John 3:19-20) And = this is = the condemnation, = that = the Light [Jesus] = has come = into the world, = and = men loved = darkness = rather than = the Light, = because = their deeds = were evil.
(John 3:20) For = “everyone” = who does evil = hates the Light, = and = does not come = to the Light, = lest his deeds = should be exposed.

Before someone says… “Sorry I don’t believe in Religion!”… I will tell you, that I don’t either. I am speaking about a relationship with the God of the Universe, the Almighty God of the Bible. This can be done… only through the “Finished Work of Christ Jesus”. Yes Jesus, the God Man, the Passover sacrifice… “IS ‘Only’ for Those”… that will come to Him… “On His Terms!” That is ‘not’ a religion! That which is called… “True Christianity”… is a relationship as a child of God… and… “NOT” that of some Denomination.

(John 7:37-38-39) On the last = and = most important day = of the festival, = Jesus = stood up and shouted, = "If anyone = is [Spiritually] thirsty, = let him [her] = come to Me = and drink!
(John 7:38) The one = who believes = in Me [Jesus], = as the “Scripture” = has said, = will have rivers = of living water = flowing from = his [her] heart."
(John 7:39) Now He = said this about = the [Holy] Spirit, = whom those = who were = believing in Him = were to receive. = For = the [Holy] Spirit = was not yet present, = because = Jesus had not yet = been glorified [Acts 2:1-to-4].

Only by the “Holy Spirit”… can anyone… live the life, required by the Word of God. Our human flesh is ‘not’ powerful enough to overcome… the “Power of Sin”. When we replace God… with ourselves, we become an “Idol”… that replaces God, the God of the Bible. Neither “Tiger Woods nor Bill Clinton”… has the power or even the will… to live for God. They simply did as was natural… to their fallen nature. They chose Sin… and then could ‘not control’… the power that sin, had overtaken them with.

(John 3:16-17-18) For = God = so loved the world = that He = gave His only-begotten Son [Jesus], = that whoever = believes = in Him = should not perish = but = have everlasting life.
(John 3:17) For = God = did not send = His Son = into the world = to condemn the world [not this time – But the Next], = but = so that = the world “might” = be saved = through Him.
(John 3:18) He who = believes on Him = is ‘not’ condemned, = but = he who “does not believe” = is ‘condemned already’, = because = he has not believed = in the name = of the only-begotten = Son of God.

Most this season… will give mental homage, to the Baby Jesus in the manger. Yes, at least a ‘token’ acknowledgement. Yet they miss the ‘above verse’ that say… “Is Condemned Already”…! Your “Rejection of the Atonement”… will be judged the “Next Time”… when Christ Jesus comes as your Judge. No one, no not “Tiger Woods or Bill Clinton”… will escape. Mankind will be… “Without Excuse”… when they stand before Christ Jesus… as He judges you… with His Word.

(Acts 17:30-31) Truly, then, = God = overlooking the times of ignorance, = now = He strictly commands = “All Men” = “Everywhere” = “To Repent”,
(Acts 17:31) because = He = has appointed a day = in which = He = is going to judge = the world in righteousness = by a Man = Whom He appointed, = having given proof = ‘to all’ = by raising Him [Jesus] = from the dead.

(Ecclesiastes 12:13-14) Let us hear = the ‘conclusion’ = of the whole matter. = “Fear God”, = and = keep “His commandments”. = For this is = the ‘whole duty’ = of man.
(Eccl 12:14) For = God = shall bring = ‘every work’ [deed] = into judgment, = with every = “secret thing”, = whether it is good, = or = whether evil.

(Romans 10:9-to-13) Because = if ‘you’ = confess the Lord Jesus, = and = believe in your heart = that God = has raised Him [Jesus] = from the dead, = you = shall be saved.
(Rom 10:10) For = with the “heart” = one = believes unto righteousness, = and = with the ‘mouth’ = one = confesses unto salvation.
(Rom 10:11) For = the Scripture says, = "Everyone = believing on Him = shall not be = put to shame."
(Rom 10:12) For there is = no difference = both of Jew = and = of Gentile, = for = the same “Lord” = over all = is rich = to all = who call = on Him.
(Rom 10:13) For everyone, = "whoever shall call = on the name = of the Lord = will be saved."

Prayer: Father God, I have heard what You have done for me, through what Christ Jesus did in His Resurrection. The best I know how… I take Your Word… as Truth. I am helpless to save myself, and the best I know how… ask You to be my Lord, in Jesus Name and for your Glory! Amen & Amen!

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