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“Specificity – 101”…Blog.

“Specificity – 101”…Blog.

For some time… I have been thinking about… “Specificity!” Perhaps first, a definition of this word. “Specificity”. For diagnostic tests, the ability of a probe to react precisely with a specific target molecule. Wow, that is a mouthful. Just how is that ‘applicable’ to us in the real world…? I have been mulling over in my mind this concept. What exactly does it mean, in reference to the Word of God, for those that are Born Again Christians…?

Ever have a Headache…? Well, most have and perhaps take one of the ‘over-the-counter’ medications for that ailment. Aspirin used to be the do all / fix all… but in the last 40-years we soon see a plethora of substitutes, Advil, Tylenol, Bufferin, and many other. They all compete for your money with a varying display of advertizing to make you believe… ‘Theirs is the best for your problem.’ I have found by ‘trial & error’… what to take for a severe headache… “A Nap!” …LOL!

Surely we have all heard… “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” Of course medically it is, because it starts our metabolism after a nights rest or sleep. One time years ago, I read about a Harvard professor that slept only ‘2-hours every 12.’ I tried the same thing and after about 30-days my body and mind had a new lease on life. What I did not realize was that action also caused some problems with my other body functions. As quickly as I had started, I stopped it after about 3 months. But it took some time, another 3 months, till I once felt ‘normal’ again.

(1Corinthians 2:14) But the = natural man = does = “NOT” = receive the things = of the Spirit of God, = for they are = “Foolishness” = to him; = neither = can he = “know” = them, = because = they are = spiritually discerned.
“Specificity”… is a very good example to describe what happens in this Bible verse. Only those that are Born Again [born from above] by the Holy Spirit of God… can ‘know & understand’… the things that are of God and His Word, the Bible. The Word of God is… “Specific” to them… because of the Holy Spirit, living inside them. “The Holy Spirit”… is the only validation that one belongs to God, the God of the Bible. No Church membership or Denomination can make one… ‘A Child of God!’

(Romans 8:9-10-11) But = you are = ‘not’ = in the flesh, = but = ‘in’ the Spirit, = “IF” = the Spirit of God = dwells in you. = But = “IF” anyone = has ‘not’ = the Spirit of Christ, = he is “none” = of His.
(Rom 8:10) And = “IF” = Christ is in you, = indeed = the body is dead = because of sin, = but = the Spirit = is life = because of righteousness.
(Rom 8:11) But = “IF” = the Spirit of the One = Who = raised up Jesus = from the dead = dwells in you, = the One = who raised up Christ from the dead = shall ‘also’ = make your mortal bodies = ‘alive’ = by His Spirit = Who = dwells =in you.

Many times have I heard someone say… “Well I used to be a Christian but no longer!” Reading posts on the many “Religion BB’s” on the internet, this is a common mock of Christianity. But these above verses say something different. The Power to live for God, in Obedience to His Word… can only be accomplished by His Holy Spirit… giving us that power to live for God! What we could not do… because of our sinful nature… we can ‘now do’ in the Power of His Holy Spirit. If you are not living for God and His Word and you say you belong to Him… perhaps… you should re-examine your life…?

(1John 2:19) They = went out = from us, = but = they were not = of us; = for = if they were of us, = they would have continued with us. = But = they went out = so that = it might be revealed = that they were = ‘not’ all = of us.

People defend… their “Denominations & Churches” for this very reason. The do not have the Holy Spirit… and because of this… the Word of God means ‘nothing’ to them. The simply take the path of least resistance, and believe ‘everything & anything’, from the pulpit or their teachers. Say it isn’t so…? When was the last time you said something about a sermon or a song… that it went against what the Bible taught…? Many do not know, read & study, their Bibles even to know if something was wrong.

(Isaiah 8:20) To the Law = and = to the testimony! = “IF” = they ‘do not’ = speak = according to = this Word, = it is because = no light = is in them.

(Luke 16:31) And he said to him, = “IF” = they do not hear = Moses = and the Prophets, = they will = ‘not’ be persuaded, = even though = one = rose from the dead.

Today I saw a post… about Rick Warren. You probably remember him during the election, with his interaction, with Senator Obama. Let me first say, that RW is a False Prophet, in sheep’s clothing. His book, the Purpose Driven Church… is the modern day… “Heresy!”

About now… some that like him will leave off reading this blog. If you have not left… perhaps I may then ask you… what is the Purpose of the Church…? Do you even know…? Is it like RW say, to meet the needs of the community? Or is it what God says in His Word, the Bible. There are many more such Videos there, see them for yourself.

(Matthew 6:33) [Christ Jesus said] = But = first = be concerned about = God's Kingdom = and = His Righteousness, = and = all of these things = will be provided for you as well.

(1Peter 1:14-15-16) as obedient children, = ‘not’ = fashioning yourselves = according to the former lusts = in your ignorance,
(1Pet 1:15) but = according to = the Holy One [God] = Who = has called you, = you also = become holy = in = “all” = conduct,
(1Pet 1:16) because = it is written, = "Be Holy, = for = I [God] = am Holy."

When was the last time… you heard about Holiness? Sure we all have heard sermons about… winning the lost to Christ! We have all heard about… the promises of God! Surely we have all heard… about what God expects of us! But when was the last time you heard about God’s Righteousness and Gods’ Holiness…? Many of us know about how God took Israel out of Egypt and judged that nation. But what about the land… where God moved them too…?

(Deuteronomy 18:12-13-14) For = “ALL” = that do these things [18:9-10-11] = are an abomination = to Jehovah. = And = “because of these abominations” = Jehovah your God = drives them out = from before you.
(Deut 18:13) You = shall be = perfect = with Jehovah = your God.
(Deut 18:14) For = these nations = whom you shall possess = listened to observers of clouds = and = to diviners. = But = as for “you”, = Jehovah your God = has “not” = allowed you = to do so.

How many of you… have read the “Harry Potter” books or see the movies? I know several Christians that… just love those books & movies. When I told them about what the Bible says about that topic… they no longer… considered me, their… ‘Brother in Christ!’ How can one say they Love Jesus… and then follow after demons and witch craft…? The television programs are abundant. Ghost Whisperer, Medium and the list goes on and on. Well just why will some that call the “Blessed Name of Christ Jesus” and say, that they “Know God”… continue with and in those things call… “Abominations”… by the Word of God…?

(Isaiah 28:13) But = the Word = of Jehovah [God] = was to them = precept on precept, = precept on precept; = line on line, = line on line; = here a little, = there a little; = that they = might go, = and = fall backward [backslide], = and = be Broken = and = Snared = and = Taken.

(2Peter 2:21-22) For = it would have = been better = for them = not to have fully known = the way of righteousness, = than fully knowing it, = to turn away from = the Holy Commandment = delivered to them.
(2Pet 2:22) But the word of the true proverb has happened to them: The dog turning to his own vomit; and, The washed sow to wallowing in the mire.

(Luke 16:13) No servant = can serve = ‘two’ masters. = For either = he will hate the one = and = love the other, = or else = he will = hold to the one = and = despise the other. = You = “cannot” = serve God = and mammon.

“Specificity”… is what the Word of God is. It is “Specific” for every area and aspect of Life. The Word of God is Complete to address by Principle or by direct Command… what is Holiness and what is Not! One cannot serve God… and… “Not Be Holy!” One friend of mine worked in a ‘topless bar’ in California, to witness to the people about Jesus? Needless to say he shortly divorced his wife and child. Surely that is NOT what the Bible had in mind in… Seeking the Kingdom of God!”

(Luke 4:4) And = Jesus answered = him [Satan], = saying, = It is written that = "man shall not = live by = bread alone, = but by = ‘every’ = Word of God."

(James 1:22) Keep on being = Doers of the Word, = and = “not” = merely hearers = who = “deceive themselves”.

(John 15:10) If you = keep = My commandments, = you shall = abide in My love, = even as = I [Jesus] = have kept = My Father's commandments = and = abide in = His love.

The New Year… will come upon us this very week! Many make ‘New Yeas Resolutions’ only to break them sometime in January. But by the Grace of God… you can dedicate some time with God to meet with Him in His Word… “Each & Every Day!” You and you alone have to dedicate that time and then… meet with Him [Jesus]… as He met with His Father, each morning. That choice is yours. Well what if I miss that time…? Well then… Immediately… Begin Again…! Don’t give up to ‘lean and practice’… “God’s Holiness”… in every aspect of your life.

(1Samuel 3:21) And = Jehovah = appeared again = in Shiloh. = For Jehovah = “revealed” Himself = to Samuel = in Shiloh = “BY” = the Word of Jehovah.

(Mark 1:35) And = in the morning, = rising up = a great while = before day, = He [Jesus] = went out, = and = departed into = a solitary place, = and = there prayed.

(Deuteronomy 29:29) The “secret” things = belong to Jehovah = our God, = but = the “revealed” things = belong to us = and to our sons forever, = so that = we may do = all the words = of this Law.

Plan to make your News Year… a year wherein you will find… the Mind of the Lord… in His Word, the Bible. It will take discipline that you may not have. Anything worth having is worth living for. Live for the Word of God… as you make your life conform with His Word, The Bible.

(2Corinthians 4:16) For = this cause = we = do ‘not’ faint; = but though = our outward man = perishes, = yet = the “inward” man = is being renewed = day by day.

(John 15:3) = Now = you are clean = through the Word = which = I [Jesus] = have spoken = to you.

Thank you for Your EAR! [Job 12:11] Roger //Email//

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