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“Profanity – 101”…Blog.

“Profanity – 101”…Blog.

One alien leaving the earth… to return to outer space was asked, “Why are you Leaving?” His response was… “I found ‘No’ Intelligent Life!” In case you did not get that one, it was a joke. In reality, most that use it, resort to the use of profanity for several reasons. May I take the liberty to look at this act of… “Desperation?” Why would an adult, with cognitive and communication skills… react to information with a… “Profane Response?”

(Luke 6:45) A good man = out of the good treasure = of his heart = brings forth the good. = And = an evil man = out of the evil treasure = of his heart = brings forth the evil. = For out of the abundance = of the heart = his mouth speaks.

Sometimes it is… the family or culture, that one is brought up in. I know of two adults who grew up in two similar families. Both of their parents used ‘profanity’ in speaking with their children and with other adults. One of the children grew up to use ‘profanity’ freely. The other grew up and did not use it at all, not even in front of their young children, as he had been exposed to as a child.

(Matthew 12:37) For =by = your words = you shall be justified, = and = by your words = you = shall be condemned.

Some time ago… I was in California on a business trip. I had seen the movie ‘Trading Places’ on regular TV when it first came out. This time it was on HBO. I had to… “Immediately”… turn the channel, due to the profanity. The first time on TV all the ‘profanity’ words were ‘edited out’. This time on HBO, they were not. Hollywood adds in the ‘profanity’ to get a particular rating on a movie. Why they need to poison our minds with ‘profanity’… is a mystery to me. Perhaps they want me to be… “As ‘Profane’ as they Are?”


A Lack of Respect… for ones’ self and for others is another reason for ‘profanity.’ IF one does not even respect themselves… how then can they respect… Others? The use of ‘profanity’ is a sure indicator of their… “Lack of ‘self’ respect!” It should have been taught in their home and their school. Surely as an adult… they should have some… even if they were not taught it at home. The immediate response of their ‘profanity’ to this blog… will validate this fact.


“Missing ‘Adult’ Maturation”… may be another reason for their, ‘profanity.’ Just because the body is that of an adult, the mind and emotions ‘may be missing’ that maturation. Just as the smoker chooses to smoke or to quit that harmful habit… so to can the ‘profanity user’… quit if they choose to. Most do not, because that takes an ‘adult’ decision. They have made so many wrong choices in their communication skills, they feel now… ‘No need to change’.

(Proverbs 29:11) A fool = speaks = all = his mind; = but = a wise one = keeps it in = until afterwards.

When posting on Blogs… one can surely tell ‘which one’, has lost the discussion. The one that uses ‘profanity’ has lost in the ‘adult discussion’ and reverts to their adolescent insecurities to spew out their only resource… ‘profanity.’ This lack of self respect, improper social training, and a plethora of other “Excuses”… will allow themselves to speak what they really know… ‘profanity’… and nothing else.


Sometime in the late… 70’s a Chicago professor wrote about America’s sinking educational system. She wrote a book… “Johnny Can’t Read.” Only 8 years later she wrote another, “Johnny Still Can’t Read!” The school systems have reverted from the Stanford Achievement tests and the California Achievement tests to less credible “CTBS and FCAT” tests. Still high school scores continue to decline. “The Party Mentality” has replace our educational prowess. Dumb & Dumber have taken the lead in the Academic leadership of our country. Profanity has replaces, “Yes Sir and Yes Mam” … “No Sir and No Man”.

Everything we do in life is a Choice…! You now are an adult, at least in body. How about your mind and emotions. It still amazes me when people get upset at National Sporting events, like the World Series or the Super Bowl. There are ONLY two teams… and Someone has to Lose… and Someone has to Win! Is rooting for your team and cursing at the other team… going to produce… ‘The outcome you desire?’ Surely ‘profanity’ can neither help or cause loss, so why use it…?

(Matthew 12:36) But = I [Jesus] = say = to you = that = ‘every idle word’, = whatever men may speak, = they = shall give = account of it = in the day of judgment.

Maybe you are 'not' Ready… for an adult discussion. Perhaps you should just play your WI or your Sony Play-station…? If you are ready for an adult discussion… the you will “Not resort to any Profanity!” If you feel you must… then perhaps you should begin again. Most High Schools, Technical Schools, have remedial training in the English language. There are technical writing courses that you as an Adult… can take. You can them write like this…!

“I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

It seems Apparent from the Complex Syntax of your Interrogatory that you are Oblivious to your Own Pontification.

How about you…? Are you ready to leave your ‘profanity?’ Or will you continue to use it as you must to cover yourself?


We are All... Put to the TEST. But it Never Comes in the Form or at the Point, or in the Form... we would prefer, Does It?

(Ecclesiastes 12:13-14) Let us hear = the ‘conclusion’ = of the whole matter. = “Fear God”, = and = keep “His commandments”. = For this is = the ‘whole duty’ = of man.
(Eccl 12:14) For = God = shall bring = ‘every work’ [deed] = into judgment, = with every = “secret thing”, = whether it is good, = or = whether evil.

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