Sunday, June 14, 2009

“Communication – 101”…Blog.

“Communication – 101”…Blog.

Many of us speak… but ‘some’ hide behind their speech. What exactly do I mean? Yesterday I sent some communication to another and was responded to, ‘in less than kind words’. You see the problem is not what I said or how I said it… but simply put… they disagreed with The Facts that I presented to them.

Most do not… know history nor care to. Like all of us, we are content to remain in our little world, believing what we believe… ‘Because it is Comfortable to Us!’ When I say that our government is putting us so far in debt, that we will never recover… how does that make you feel about the future? Sort of like when the doctor tells you that… you have Cancer?

“Truth is still Truth”… no matter How you ‘feel’… about IT!

‘Lie to Me’… appears to be the agenda of most. It must be right because it… ‘feels right!’ How can that be? Do feelings validate Truth? Absolutely not! “How can it be wrong… when it feels so right?” Simply put… because God says So! Oh yes, I know, you will tell me that ‘religion’ is ok for you… but not for me.

"I never give them Hell."= I just tell the Truth = and = they think it's Hell.
--Harry S. Truman, President 1945-1953

“Dictionary or Vocabulary”… which one do you choose? You may say ‘both’, but in practice we all have our own private dictionary. Think about all the words that we are fed by the media ‘each and every day and night’. They are often ‘twisted’ to bring about a political agenda. Say it isn’t so?

Dave Letterman… in a slanderous remark about ‘Governor Sarah Palin’, he tried to 'back pedal' and make light of what he said. Would you like a celebrity making fun of… ‘One of your children?’ Would you laugh it off… or would you have to respond? We have mistakenly given the media… “Carte Blanch”… in almost every area of life. “Shame on you… Dave!”

You choose your… ‘dictionary’ to protect your 'vocabulary'… to protect, what you hold to be True. I recently received a communication from a believer in Islam. I had simply presented to that person… ‘Just the Historical Facts!’ I was immediately labeled as… ‘Unkind and Contentious’. How can presenting ‘history’ be so defined? Because they use a different dictionary… for Truth.

Islamic Scholars… deny the Holocaust. Even today with so very much documented history, they still refuse… ‘The Truth!’ Hate can do a lot to damage a person’s ‘cognitive’ skills. The agenda to destroy Israel can be seen in their public literature. Like many, they claim to have Abraham as the father of their race… but deny… ‘The God of Abraham’… “Jehovah!”

· (Matthew 22:31-32) As for the resurrection from the dead, = haven't you read = what was spoken to you = by God = when He said,
· (Matt 22:32) 'I am the God of Abraham, = the God of Isaac, = and = the God of Jacob'? = He = is not = the God of the dead, = but of the living."

And yet they say… ‘Allah Akbar, only Allah is God!’ How can that be when Islam did not start till… “Circa 700 AD?” You see they simply use their own ‘dictionary’ to explain what they mean when they say… “Islam is a Religion of Peace!” History says it is… “NOT!” They have simply “Plagiarized Facts”… from other Religions. Say it isn’t so…” Check out these references for yourself!

But didn’t Abraham… already say that He believed in “Jehovah” and that “Jehovah” was his God? But of course! Alright… how then… could a religion such as ‘Islam’… “Claim that Abraham was a Muslim?” Simply by using their private ‘dictionary’… to define what they believe. And not on the… “Actual Testimony from Abraham!”

I will quote from their own… "Quran.""

Abraham was not a Jew nor Christian; but an upright Muslim."

(HOLY QURAN, Soorah Aal'imraan 3:67)

Someone is ‘NOT’… “Telling The Truth!” So, am I to be labeled… “Unkind and Mean and Divisive”… simply by presenting… The Truth? Absolutely Not! The problem is not with me sharing The Truth… but with those who… “Believe The Lie!”

Does our own American history lie about… “Benedict Arnold?” … Absolutely ‘NOT!’

Want more…? Simply go back to my Blog… “Islam – 101” …Blog …03-18-2009. You will NEVER… hear about this in the News Media! You will either ‘learn and speak’… “The Truth”… or you will cow down to the Media and continue to be spoon fed… “Minutia!”

· (Galatians 4:16) So then = did I = become your enemy = speaking to you = The Truth?

Thank you for Your EAR! Roger //Email//