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“Who are ‘You’? – 101”…Blog.

“Who are ‘You’? – 101”…Blog.

If I had… a dollar for every time I saw someone posting a Quiz about… “Are you like XYZ”… I could retire! Facebook is famous for these kind of Polls and Questions. What is wrong with people lately? Has everyone lost their identity trying to be… “like someone they are not?”

What is wrong… with just being yourself? Next you will tell me it is none of my business… just because I look like… “Elvis Pressley!” Did you catch that? I purposely spelled “Presley” wrong! And no, I do not look like Elvis when I have my Elvis Wig off! …LOL!

The Look Alike… craze seems to have… ‘Affected’ & ‘Afflicted’… Many! Are you so insecure that you need to look like someone famous? What has happened to our society that we need to identify with someone else, instead of being secure in ourselves? Self Esteem has all but Evaporated!

Thanks to the Media… we are fed a constant diet of… ‘What to Believe & How to Think!’ Anyone falling outside of their parameters… is lacking! Yes, I am lacking, but what? The ability to conform to whatever they tell me! …LOL! Sorry, I am not stupid and will not pretend to be either!

I have some… shits that were expensive. I simply shopped the sales and have some $35 shirts that I paid… $7 for on clearance. Simply shopping the… 'high end stores'… and looking for "bargains". Does that make me a ‘non-conformist’ or just… ‘wise’? Remember the advice you heard in this song? You were told too… but chose your own way!

Yes the song says… “Shop Around!” It does not say… “Sleep Around or Hook Up!” Perhaps if society would adhere to some moral standards there would not be so much… advertizing of products for vaginal infection product or herpes anti-viral products on… TV! Remember the saying… “An Ounce of Prevention… is worth A Pound of Cure!”?

Recently the missing… 'Air France Plane' seems to have overtaken the News. Do you know that your death… could happen just that quick, without any warning? Say it isn’t so? ONE cannot Live… till they are Prepared to Die!

IF you were… to be told that you had moments to live, what would you do? Those passengers on that flight were given no warning of their impending death. Living every day in the same patterns of life makes one complacent about… ‘Eternity!’ Who you are now… will be who you are for… Eternity!

You will take… with you all the wrong and loose all the right for… Eternity. Just being good is not good enough. There are no… ‘Divine Scales’… weighing the good and the bad. Most do not think about… Eternity… till they are confronted with death. There are many and women that still have not resolved the death of either or both of their parents.

Are you prepared… for Eternity? How about it, have you even thought about… ‘Eternity?’ In not doing so… are you prepared to spend Eternity with your deceased parent or parents? Do you know where they are now? There are no second chances in the Grave.

Who will you… identify with now? Do you enjoy looking or believing you look like some celebrity? Will that get you a free cup of coffee or a free soft drink? Perhaps it will in this life, but what about Eternity? Who is it you really need to identify with…?

As we are… all sinners, than it is logical and of common sense, that we all need a Savior. Well I don’t need your religion… you may say. Sorry, I do not have a religion, but a relationship with God the Father… by the finished work of His Son… “Christ Jesus!” I am found in Him and will be with Him throughout… Eternity!

That same hope… may be with you, only if you will confess that you are a sinner and need a Savior. Simply take today and the opportunity to think about your… Eternity. Where will you spend it…?

· (Matthew 28:17-to-20) And when they saw Him, = they worshiped Him. = = But some = doubted.
· (Matt 28:18) And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, = All authority is given to Me = in Heaven and in earth.
· (Matt 28:19) Therefore go = and teach = all nations, = baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
· (Matt 28:20) Teaching them = to observe all things, = whatever I commanded you. = And, behold, = I am with you = all the days = until the end of the world. Amen.

“But… ‘Some’… Doubted”? …How could that be, after having seen the “Risen Christ?” Are you… one of those that doubt… what He has said in His Word? Perhaps you should confess that to Him and ask Him to be your Savior and Lord. Just talk to Him in your own words… He will hear you!

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