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“Obedience – 101”…Blog.

“Obedience – 101”…Blog.

As a child… we are taught and try to learn the concept of… ‘Obedience!’ Something simple as… ‘Don’t Touch That’… for a little child is a lesson that we all have learned. Some learned quickly and some only after trial and error. Yes, I still remember the burns on my fingers for touching that… ‘Hot burner’. Curiosity got the best of me and… ‘Obedience’… took a back seat. I soon immediately learned the reward of… ‘Obedience!’ …Not getting burned!

In school… most of us learned obedience from the Teachers instructions. Those that did not do soon… failed the tests. College courses and Technical School also had the same requirements… in order to pass and get certification. Again, all areas of ‘instruction and learning’ are all based on ‘Obedience’. Without that obedience… “2 + 2 would Not = 4” …LOL!

During any employment… many further requirements were linked to ‘Obedience’. A bonus for production and a monitory reward for constructive suggestions was simply an extension of that ‘Obedience’. There were always, those that seemed to be complaining about what they did not get and why. Of course their… production output… was always the ‘least & last’. They never seemed to get the concept of ‘Obedience’.

So it is too… in a “Marriage or Dating relationship”. ‘I will pick you up at 7!’ Were you ready at ‘7’… or were you purposely late, as your way of… controlling the relationship? Someone always has to be in charge. There cannot be… ‘Two Bosses!’ …LOL! It is always easier to follow, than to lead! The leader can only do so… when they too, have learned… ‘Obedience!’

In the surgical suite… it is the Doctor that leads the team. I used to do “Medical Gas Analysis” during surgery. In almost every case, I always interfaced with the Surgeon and his charge nurse to inform them what the Hospital was having me do, in and during the surgery. In all cases, after appealing and explaining to the… “Authority having Jurisdiction – i.e. – The Doctor”… I was given permission. ‘Obedience’ to him was paramount as he was in complete charge of the Surgery.

I could go… on and on with stories upon stories. But I think you get the point. Most of us at sometimes… ‘balk’ at the authority and their decisions. I too have been there! Of course the option to leave is always there. But at what cost? Leaving means starting over and over and over. A simple learning of ‘Obedience’ will alleviate the constant… repetitive behavior.

Do you drive…? Most of us do and we are required to ‘Obey’ the traffic and safety rules of the road. That is why you have to get a Drivers License. You then have no excuse for… ‘not obeying’… the Traffic Laws! The penalty is a fine, points and even a loss of driving privileges. Simple ‘Obedience’ is the key. Most companies double your ‘Insurance rate’ for speeding violations.

All of these… life experiences are simply to teach us… ‘Obedience’. A friend of mine and his brother were swimming in a lake where… “No Swimming”… signs were posted. It was a drainage lake and was attached to the storm water drainage system. During a storm, his brother was sucked down a drain and drowned! Simple ‘Obedience’ would have saved his life and his older brother from a lifetime of lost memories.

This morning… like each and every morning I start out my day by reading. Reading what? The funny paper or one of the magazines that come in the mail? Absolutely not! I have dedicated the first of my day to… ‘Hearing God’… through His Word, the Bible. For many years I have followed the example of Christ Jesus… as He met with His Father… each and every… morning.

· (Mark 1:35) In the morning, while it was still very dark, Jesus got up and went to a deserted place and prayed there.

I like to… learn and enjoy doing so as I am constantly learning, ‘Obedience’. Many times the Bible will show you the mistakes and wrong decisions were made by a person and the consequences of those decisions. I find no other literature, either modern or ancient… that is so very candid about… ‘Obedience’. It is so much easier to learn from the mistakes of others.

Did you ever… make a bad financial or emotional decision? Only afterwards wished you could have… taken that decision and actions back? We all have, as it is part and parcel of Life! Some learn by their own mistakes and others… learn by the mistakes of others. Which one causes you… less stress? The ‘mistakes of others’ is my choice to learn. 'Obedience' is the simple key.

How does Obedience… affect your life? Do you have a teen who wants to have his or her own way? Do you have a demanding Boss, who gives you grief because he or she… cannot handle the stress of their position? How about a Mate… who wants something… you do not want to give? Remember none of us… is free from Obedience… till we Die!

If you have ever… read the Bible, you know about all the Laws, Statutes and Precepts God gave to His chosen people, The Jews. These words from God were to keep the nation on the right track. Something as simple as the… “10 Commandments”… were given by God. All these were to show everyone else… that they were His chosen… kept and protected by God.

They had contained… in them a “Promise from God”. Obedience was required, not suggested. Nowhere are they called the… “10-Suggestions.” God promised blessings for Obedience and… Cursing for Disobedience. Simply, “Do Good… and I, God… will bless you”. “Disobey… and I, God… will Cures you”. How easy is that!

Who is the… greatest example of ‘Obedience?’ Christ Jesus is, as He was “Always Obedient” to the will of God the Father. He Christ, being God in the flesh, became willingly ‘Obedient’ to God the Father. So you think you have it tough in Obedience to someone over you? Try being asked to die for those that will hate you, as Christ Jesus did! The Key to Obedience… is Love!

· (1John 5:3) For this is the love of God: that we keep his commandments; and his commandments are not difficult,

· (John 10:17-18) This is why the Father loves me, because I lay down my life in order to take it back again.
· (John 10:18) No one is taking it from me; I lay it down of my own free will. I have the authority to lay it down, and I have the authority to take it back again. This is a command that I have received from my Father."

· (John 12:49-50) For I have not spoken on my own authority. Instead, the Father who sent me has himself given me a commandment about what to say and how to speak.
· (John 12:50) And I know that his commandment is eternal life. What I speak, therefore, I speak just as the Father has told me."

Think about… ‘Obedience’… today! Remember… “Love is the Key to Obedience!”

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