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“Who is Your GOD – 101”…Blog.

“Who is Your GOD – 101”…Blog.

This morning I… was sitting at my computer thinking about my next Blog. What an interesting topic as each of us, has what we call “GOD!” I have friends in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. When I speak about GOD, I qualify my term God, by stating… “The God of the Bible.” Most have a God that is not the same God, as I believe in.

When I share… about what He has taught me from His Word, The Bible, I get some funny responses. No, I do not mean… “Ha Ha Funny’… but instead, ‘That’s Wrong’ & ‘You are Wrong, God is not like that!’ When I present what God has said in His Word… “I am shut out from any further communication”… with them. Why is that?

(Galatians 4:16) Am I = therefore become = your enemy, = because = I tell you = “The Truth?”

(John 17:17) Sanctify them = through Your Truth: = Your Word = is Truth.

How can so many…
say they believe in God… and then reject what God calls… “His Truth?” Could it simply be that most have only a cursory religious view of God? Could it be, that so most have never read and studied, “His Word?” “No… I am not being ‘judgmental’ or critical!” Surely if you bought an… “IPOD”… you have ‘Read the Instructions!’ Why not then, read God’s Instructions in the Bible to lead a better life… with Peace and Love?

Many of those… that say that “God is Love”… are less than “Loving” when I ask such questions. If truly you are His child, then you have nothing to fear from hearing… “His Word, The Bible”. Some tell me that they believe, the Preacher, Priest or Church they go to. One question… “Are they as Trustworthy as God Himself?”

(Numbers 23:19) God = is not a man, = that he should lie; = neither the son of man, = that he should repent: = has He said, = and shall He not do it? = Or has He spoken, = and shall He = not make it good?

Most who say… that they are “Christian”, do not make it a practice to… ‘read and study’… His Word, “The Bible” = “Daily!” No, I am not speaking about listening to a radio or TV broadcast or even reading a devotional book. I am speaking about “Daily”… ‘reading and studying’… His Truth! Why daily? Simply because, you eat daily food and drink, don’t you? So you, must do so with the Word of God… to feed your Soul!

(2Corinthians 4:16) For which cause = we faint not; = but though = our outward man is perishing, = yet = the inward man = is renewed = day by day.

(John 15:3) Now = you are clean = through the Word = which I [Jesus] = have spoken = unto you.

Do those verses… sound like that you only need the Word when you think you do or… “Daily?” Surely you wash your face or take a shower to cleanse yourself. How much more then… do you need the Word of God… to clean your Soul? Simply put, “Is God’s Grace for today only… or does He give it to you today… for tomorrow?” …Only for Today is Today’s Grace! Surely you don’t miss desert, why then would you miss the Word of God… “Daily?”

(2Chronicles 12:14) And he did evil, = because = he prepared not = his heart = to seek the LORD.

How about dishes…? Surely you do your dishes to be able to eat on ‘clean plates!’ It is the same with your “Heart!” You need to prepare your heart… in order to Hear God… from His Word. Christ Jesus spoke about this in all four of the Gospels. The religious of His day, had only an outward religion and… not that of the heart.

(Matthew 15:8-9) This people = draw near = unto Me = with their mouth, = and honors Me = with their lips; = but their heart = is far from Me.
(Matt 15:9) But in vain = they do = worship Me, = teaching for doctrines = the commandments of men.

I was raised… in a particular church. I was taught about God in school and in church. But it was only a ‘head belief’ and an ‘outward religion’. Only as an adult I knew something was missing even thought I had left that religion as a teenager. It used to make me mad when people spoke about God and His Word. I did not know why then… but now I know… why!

(1Corinthians 2:14) But = the natural man = does not receive = the things = of the Spirit of God: = for they are = foolishness = unto him: = neither can he = know them, = because they are = spiritually discerned.

Simply Put… “Until you are ‘Born Again’ by the ‘Holy Spirit of God’… You ‘cannot’ understand, the Word of God!” I do not know how many of you speak more than one language. When one learns another language than their “mother tongue”… they have a new world opened to them. To be able to communicate with others in their languages is simply a word picture of… “Understanding God and His Word, The Bible!”

(1Corinthians 2:9-10) But as it is written, = Eye has not seen, = nor ear heard, = neither have entered = into the heart of man, = the things = which God has prepared = for them = that love Him.
(1Cor 2:10) But God = has revealed them = unto us = by his Spirit: = for the Spirit = searches all things, = yes, = the deep things of God.

Perhaps today is… the day you tell GOD that you are a helpless sinner. I did that very thing some 35-years ago! Tell Him that YOU want to know Him… and His Word. Ask Him to teach YOU out of His Word! He already knows what you desire! How about it? What have you to lose? Rather than the loss of nothing… is the gain of God’s Truth in His Word, The Bible!

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