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“National Stupidity – 101”…Blog.

“National Stupidity – 101”…Blog.

Is the USA… Stupid or do they just Act that way? Please allow me to take you on a historical trip on our Oil Usage. The last term of President Clinton, congress sent him a bill to double the production on the North Slope of Alaska. He vetoed the bill. Where does that leave us now?

France Uses NUCLEAR… energy to produce over… “80%”… of their Electricity. I worked for Westinghouse Nuclear during the “Three Mile Island” incident. There were ‘neither deaths nor radiation’ spillage. Yet the public was previously terrified by the Movie… ‘The China Syndrome”… starring ‘Jane Fonda’. Their Hollywood Fear Obliterated… ‘Common Sense!’

It is my belief… that the… “Oil Companies”… have exploited this… “National Stupidity”… to their security and profit. Overrated Environmentalism has been used to keep us for doing what is ‘Economically Beneficent’… for our nation and its GNP [Gross National Profit]. Instead, the Paranoia of the ‘Anti Nuclear’ has kept us from… “The Simple Common Sense”… that France has used and bound us to… “Foreign Oil!”

Each year… on Americas highways over ‘40,000 people are killed’ and hundreds of thousands more crippled for life. Yet we still drive cars and continue to do so. And still… “More have been “Killed” in Senator Ted Kennedys CAR… “Mary Jo Kopechne” at Chappaquiddick … than have died in… “Nuclear Accidents!” Ever think about that one?

And now… our government wants us to use… “Wind Power?” We have all seen the videos of the “Hurricanes and their Devastation”. So we should trust our Electric Power Generation in hopes of… “No Wind Disasters?” Check out these costs as they are nearly equal to Oil.

What about… all the Oil in the Gulf of Mexico and California? All the “Hoopla Scare” about spills on the beaches have not taken place. And yet our government has “Stifled the Drilling” in the Gulf of Mexico… as “TEN OTHER NATIONS”… have started to drill there! Are we the… ONLY… Stupid Ones…?

Like the Ostrich… ‘Americans’ have buried their heads in the Sand! Instead of us writing our congressman and speaking out… we have simply… “Paid the Price”… ‘At the Pump’… and in our ‘Utility Costs!’ What could you do with an extra… “$100 or More”… each Month? When we conserve… they simply ‘raise the rate’ to insure their… Profit Margins!

When will it Stop…? Perhaps ‘Forest Gump’ had it right! “Stupid IS… As Stupid… Does!” We as Americans have not spoken out. We have become… “Compliant and Complacent”… and all the costs associated with Energy… “Will Continue to Rise!” From groceries… to gas for our cars, we will be soon buried by theses costs!

What more may… or could, I say to get you motivated? Or will you just roll with the punches? You asked for and got… “Change!” But Change to ‘What?’ The growing Deficit of… “15,000,000,000 – Trillion Dollars”, and the Interest is over… “1,000,000,000 – Trillion Dollars” a Year, we are burring ourselves in… “Un-Repayable Debt!” What nation, can sustain such a drain on its Economic Resources and Survive…? Absolutely None!

You are scaring me… you may say! Well what then would it take to get you motivated? Will you allow the News Media continue to feed you the… “Minutia of Lies”… and you, continue to say nothing? It is up to you to… ‘Demand Accountability!’ Remember, it is too late to close the barn door… when the horses are gone!

· (1Thessalonians 5:3) When people say, = "There is peace and security," = destruction will strike them = as suddenly as labor pains come to a pregnant woman, = and = they will not be able to escape.

· (Jeremiah 8:10-11) Therefore I will give their wives to others, = and their fields to those who shall inherit them, = for everyone from the least even to the greatest = cuts off a profit. = From the prophet = even to the priest = everyone deals = falsely.
· (Jeremiah 8:11) For they have healed the hurt of the daughter of My people slightly, = saying, = Peace, peace; = when there is no peace.

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