Friday, June 5, 2009

“Multitasking 101”…Blog.

“Multitasking 101”…Blog.

Benjamin Franklyn said… “A Jack of all trades, a master of ‘ONE’! As most of us… are computer literate and so we simply multitask. But what is multitasking? We may have two or three internet links open at one time. We may have multiple programs open… word, bookshelf, E-Sword, or many others at the same time. All dependant on the amount of “RAM” that we have on our computers. Over ‘multitasking’ may cause your computer to run slow or freeze up.

While surfing… I often open several different browser tabs, and listen to something, while on my Yahoo Blog. This is only possible with enough RAM. This technology, is like a ‘table top.’ You cannot sit 12-people at a table, only designed for ‘4-people.’ You cannot open numerous books, on that table top, if there is not enough room, unless you double stack those books, limiting your view.

“RAM”… Random Access Memory, is the best investment you can make for your computer. It is on sale and as prices come down, it is worth the small investment for the ‘peace of mind’ while using your computer. It aids tremendously while ‘Multitasking’! I have ‘2-Gig’ on my old one [8-years old], but ‘4-Gig’ on my new one that run at over twice the speed of my old ram.

Before computers… we all multitasked, but called it something different. We had ‘multiple projects’ going at the same time. I love to cook, and often start a recipe that has some extended cooking time, like my ‘Homemade Chicken Soup’ which I am making today. When I clean the house, I wash the kitchen floor and while it is drying, I clean the bathroom, and I call that multitasking. [Domestic Engineering!] …LOL!

At our workplaces… our bosses may have ‘Piled us up with Others Work’… as our workplace… ‘Downsizes’… people have an increasing work load. This additional stress has become… ‘normal’… as the attitude of management is… ‘Do IT… or look for another job!’ Yes, multitasking has become part and parcel of our daily lives.

Do any of us… Excel in ‘One Specific Area’? Some professions require extended schooling and advanced degrees. That one you have now, you will bring into eternity. I am not speaking about what we do or who we are to everyone else, but the one that is… ‘Inside You’!

Do you Excel… in your relationship… “With GOD”? Are You studying His Word daily? Do you keep your heart… solely in obedience to Him and His Word? Do you even make an effort to… Put Him First? With what He has done for your through Salvation, what you do for Him, is only your… “Reasonable Service!”

(Luke 16:13) "No servant can serve two masters. = For either he will hate one = and love the other, = or be loyal to one = and despise the other. You cannot = serve God = and riches!"

Thank you for Your EAR! Roger //Email//

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