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“The Test – 101”…Blog.

“The Test – 101”…Blog.

We are ‘All’... Put to the ‘TEST’. But it ‘Never Comes’… in the ‘Form’ or at the ‘Point’ we would Prefer… “Does It?”

This is the... ‘theme’ of one of my favorite movies, called “The Edge”. You will not hear this line… till the end of the Movie. Produced in 1997, it never really won any awards nor any acclaims’. The story line is not only very intriguing, but revealing!

First allow me... say that I do not like ‘profanity’ in movies and this one has some. Most movies have shooting, sex and car races for their theme… But lack ‘Character’ and the human dynamic. I do not care for this type, for they are almost always lacking… ‘A good story line’.

This story is... about a trip to Alaska for a photo shoot. This profiles the ‘intrigue and terror’ of a “Man Eating Kodiak Bear”… hunting isolated humans. The test is the interaction of a man… ‘Without integrity’… and a man... ‘With integrity’. They were ‘Both Tested’… at the “Same Point”… and with the “Same Test”. Different responses… simply revealed the character… of each one!

If you want… to see about being really tested in character, this movie will take you there. Anyone can fake ‘character’, but only when tested… ‘Is it Really = Revealed!’ Anthony Hopkins plays a Millionaire, who with Alex Baldwin and others is stranded in the wild Alaska territory, without any hope of rescue. I have watched this video about 10-times over the years. It is well worth owing for a study of… “The Test!”

· Why is the Rabbit Unafraid? Because… he is smarter than the Panther.

We too are… “All Tested”… ‘In and with Life’. How we respond to said Test… will reveal our real character. Some of those negative qualities we all have… are often covered up by the hurriedness’ of life. Others may not see us, for who we really are! We busy ourselves, in things and with entertainment… so that we make it ‘easy’, to hide our real character. We are tested in the little decisions we make daily, but there are always several… ‘Big Tests’.

When a parent or parents… loose ‘a child or children’ that becomes a real test of Life. Sometimes it is through their death. Worse is, when the child is missing and never found. Worse than that is when the child has moved on and decides… ‘You are dead to them’. A fractured family unit will certainly cause this and multiple, other problems. It happens every day… worldwide and has become a ‘Pandemic’… through divorce.

But there is… “A Big Test”, which will take us all. It has to do with our life now… and where we will spend eternity. Most, prefer not to speak about this or even, think about it. Life adds up and God does NOT have a ‘Balance Scale’ to weigh our… Life Choices! Nor does He… grade on the Curve! This is Your… ‘TEST!’

If you're living… like there is No God and Accountability… “You'd Better… Be Right!”

Perhaps you may… take some time today and think about your character and where it come from. Did you get it from your parents or your family or did you develop it, on your own? Or did you even get it from Religion? The real question is… “What will your character do for you… in Eternity?” Just being good… may not be good enough…!

· (John 3:16-to-21) For God = so loved the world = that He gave = His only-begotten Son, = that whoever = believes in Him = should not perish = but have = everlasting life.
· (John 3:17) For God = did not send His Son = into the world = to condemn the world, = but so that = the world might be saved = through Him.
· (John 3:18) He who believes = on Him = is not condemned, = but he = who does not believe = = is condemned already, = because he = has not believed = in the name = of the only-begotten Son of God.
· (John 3:19) And this is = the condemnation, = that the Light = has come into the world, = and men loved darkness = rather than the Light, = because their deeds = were evil.
· (John 3:20) For everyone = who does evil = hates the Light, = and = does not come = to the Light, = lest his deeds = should be exposed.
· (John 3:21) But he = who practices Truth = comes to the Light = so that his works = may be revealed, = that they exist, = having been worked in God.

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