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“The ‘Next’ Blog – 101”…Blog.

“The ‘Next’ Blog – 101”…Blog.

Do you have something to ‘Say’…? No, I don’t mean babble, but something of importance, to say? Or perhaps you have a ‘strong opinion’ on a particular subject or ‘subjects’. If you, have been reading my blogs, you know that I do. ‘Some’ that read them, “complain” that they are too long. Just perhaps, they have discarded their ‘mental skills’ and replace them with… the hour ‘TV’ program or even a longer ‘Video’? ‘Some’ simply disagree with them… without any… ‘Cognitive or Logical’… “Response”. Still, ‘Some’ just believe ‘anything’ at all. You know like… ‘Santa Clause’, the ‘Easter Bunny’ or… even… the “Cleveland Indians”…! …LOL!

(1Thessalonians 5:21) Prove = ‘all’ = things, = hold fast = to the good.

So just why… did I choose this topic? Today, one of my ‘good friends’ sent message on Face Book and asked when… was my ‘next’ blog? I remarked that I try to post when I have something responsible or pertinent to say. I try not to be… ‘Vain or Self Diluted’… in thinking that I have… ‘all’ the answers. I simply present, what I write… simply to get others… “To Think ‘Things’ Through!” IF you text [which I do not]… that would be… “TTTT” or “4T”…! …LOL!

(John 17:17) Sanctify them = through Your = Truth. = Your = Word = is Truth.

You may have seen me… use the term, “God, the God of the Bible!” That is because ‘Many’ speak about God, but it is the God of their Religion. This does not necessarily mean, “The God of the Bible”… even their religion is called, “Christian?” Many of the Christian Sects or Denominations are just… “Man’s Opinion”… about the God of the Bible. The do “NOT”… hold to the “Complete Authority” of the Scriptures, The Bible. Islam speaks about God and Jesus… and yet… it is NOT the God of the Bible. [1/ Four]

(1Corinthains 2:12-to-16) But we = have ‘not’ = received the spirit = of the world, = but = the Spirit from God [Holy Spirit], = so that = ‘we’ might = “know the things” = that are = freely given = to us = by God. [John 16:13-14-15]
(1Cor 2:13) These things = we also speak, = not in words = which man's wisdom teaches, = but = which = the Holy Spirit teaches, = ‘comparing’ spiritual things = with spiritual. [Acts 17:11 & Isaiah 8:20]
(1Cor 2:14) But the = natural man [Not Born Again] = does ‘not’ receive = the things = of the Spirit of God, = for = they are “foolishness” = to him; = neither = can he = ‘know’ them, = because = they are = spiritually discerned.
(1Cor 2:15) But he = who is spiritual = judges = all things, = yet = he himself = is judged = by = no one.
(1Cor 2:16) For = who = has known = the mind = of the Lord, = that he may instruct Him? = But we have = the mind of Christ.

When I write Blogs… I am in reality ‘teaching’ or ‘sharing’… what I have learned by life and by the Word of God. Sorry no, I am not a pastor or a teacher, but one that… “Loves Christ Jesus, the Messiah”… and want you to know Him too. No one can ‘really’ love Him without trying, by His Grace, to point Others to Him, for the Eternal Salvation of their souls. Do you know what Jesus said about this issue…? If you Jesus is not called…Jesus the Messiah… he is ‘NOT’ the Jesus of the Bible! That is why ‘Christ’… means “Messiah – the promised Redeemer of God!”

(1Corinthians 5:7) Therefore = purge out = the old leaven [life] = so that = you = may be = a new lump [creations], = as you are unleavened. = For also = “Christ our Passover” = is sacrificed = for us.

(John 10:15-16-17) Even as = the Father [God – Jehovah] = knows Me [Christ Jesus], = I also = know = the Father. = And = I lay down = My life = for the ‘sheep’.
(John 10:16) And = I have = “OTHER - SHEEP” = who = are ‘not’ = of this fold. = I must also = lead those, = and = they shall ‘hear’ = My voice [Word], = and = there shall be = [only] one flock, = one Shepherd.
(John 10:17) Therefore = My Father = loves Me, = because = I lay down = “My life” = so that = I = might take it again.

Before I came to “Christ Jesus”… I was one of those… ‘Other Sheep’. I did 'not' belong to Him, for I had exercised my ‘Free Will’ and chose ‘to go’, my own way. So too it is and has been for all of ‘Mankind’. This salvation through the… “Finished Work of Christ Jesus the Messiah”… is presented “To All”… peoples, kindred’s and nations. God, Who is faithful and just and righteous could ‘NOT’ provide this… “To just ‘some’ and ‘not’ to Others.” He has revealed Himself in many ways but first and foremost by… “His Holy Spirit”.

(Romans 2:14-15) For when the nations, = who do ‘not’ = have the Law, = do by nature = the things of the Law, = these, = not having = “the Law”, = are a law = unto themselves;
(Rom 2:15) who show = the work of = “the Law” = ‘written’ = in their hearts, = their conscience = also bearing witness, = and = the thoughts = between = one another = ‘accusing’ = or = even ‘excusing’ = one another,

Ever wonder “Why”… Lying, Stealing, Cheating or Adultery… is wrong in every nation on earth? Then there is the ‘Creation’ and it is… marvelous and slanderously grandeur…? Anyone claiming to be an ‘atheist’ will disagree with the “Designer Concept” of creation. His or her excuse is that it just evolved. Yet they will not deny… the “Fact of Gravity”… when flying in a plane or standing atop a very tall building. Yet they readily use their… “Designed Computer”… without second though about how it came about, by design.

Think Outside the Box…! I like Blogs and have developed a taste for them. I am an adult and like to have interactions with other ‘Adults’. But some are adult only in Body… and still a ‘Child’ in mine and emotions. Theses… “exchange of ideas”… is part and parcel of “Maturation into that Adult Mindset!” Yes, this even means sometimes… ‘to agree to disagree.’ Still other chose ‘not to’ develop these skills. They are what some would call… ‘Close Minded!’ But you too, may even call me close minded… to those ideas and concepts that would stand against… the Word of God, the Bible.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing.” British Statesman, Edmund Burke.

Political Correctness… has so “Permeated & Corrupted”… our American society. “Right is Wrong and Wrong is Right!” So ‘whose’ right and wrong… do You accept? If it affects You… directly… then you have an opinion. Our… “Constitution & Bill of Rights”…provides certain “Privileges & Responsibilities”. Yet when Congress and the Senate try and… Force on we USA Citizens… the “European Socialistic System”…! Will ‘You’ just sit by and allow those “Privileges & Responsibilities”… to be taken away with your… “Silence?”

Again, whose “Truth”… are you willing to accept? Unless you are like the ‘Sloth’… you will have to take some action against the… “Lie/Lies!” To say nothing… is worse than the ‘Wrong’ they are trying to shove down our throats. There are so many areas in which this has happened, which one do I choose to defend? Many a time, our media will produce a… ‘red herring’… to get us off track. Since when is… “Health Care”… a right and not a privilege? If the government could not get Medicare to work… what makes anyone think… that a ‘replacement’ will work…? And yes, who will pay for the health care of the… “14-to-25-million Illegal Aliens?” We will with Higher Taxes…!

(Matthew 4:4) But = He = answered and said, = It is written, = "Man shall ‘not’ = live by bread = alone, = but by every = Word = that proceeds out of = the mouth of God."

(Luke 4:3-4) And the Devil [Satan] = said to Him [Jesus], = If you are = the Son of God, = speak to this stone = that it might = become bread.
(Luke 4:4) And = Jesus = answered him, = saying, = It is written that = "man shall not = live by bread = alone, = but by every Word of God."

To me… there are ‘many’ issues of importance. You will 'not' often read my blogs without reference to the Real Issue. It is simply… “God’s Truth… found in His Word, the Bible”. “IF”… we believe in God and hold His Word to be Truth… “THEN”… He must have provided His Answer to the… “Problems of Life!” Simply finding that answer… can and will… provide a solution. But mankind in his or her life… wants things their way… and not God’s Way. Hence… we have problems without… solutions.

(Exodus 20:19-20) And = they = said to Moses, = You speak with us, = and = we will ‘hear’. = But = let ‘not’ = God = speak with us, = lest we die.
(Exodus 20:20) And = Moses = said to the people, = Do not fear, = for God = has come to = ‘test’ you, = and = so that = His fear = may be before your faces, = so that = you = may not sin.

How many times… have you slowed down driving when a ‘cop’ has pulled someone over? Was it because you were being ‘safe’… or was it because you were… ‘speeding?’ So too, as the Israelites did not want to… ‘Hear God’… today “MOST”… never open their Bibles to see what God has to say to you. Their reasoning goes something like this… “Perhaps I can get away with ‘XYZ’… is I do not know about it.” … Not So! Ignorance is no excuse with the IRS – Internal Revenue Service! So too… do you ‘really believe’ that God… is less stringent than they about “Hiding Wrong?”

(Hebrews 4:7) He again = marks out a certain day, = saying in [by] David [in the Psalms], = Today = after = so long a time, = according as = He [God] = has said, = "Today, = if you hear = His voice [Word], = do ‘not’ = harden your hearts." [MT-Psalm 95:7, 8]

Ok, so where do I begin…? May I simply suggest, ‘Open your Bible’… to the Gospel of Luke? Simply tell God, the best way you can... “Lord God, I have been negligent reading & studying Your Word, Please open my heart, mind and soul to You… through your Word. I ask this in Jesus’ Name and for Your Glory!” Amen & Amen.

(1Corinthians 9:27) but I buffet = my body = and = lead it captive, = lest = proclaiming to others = I myself = might be = disapproved.

You will ‘suddenly’ find… all sorts of distractions and a plethora of excuses… to keep you ‘out of’ God’s Word… the Bible. Phone calls, job responsibilities, family cares and all… simply to keep you from… the Word. Even when I was working… ‘8-10-12- hour days’… I got up… one hour early… to spend time in the Word. I find that it sets my… ‘mindset’… for that day and I easily order the day’s responsibilities. It will not happen overnight. But simply ask God… to help you!

(Exodus 16:21) And = they gathered it [manna] = every morning, = each man = according to = his eating. = And = when the sun = became hot, = it [remaining on the ground – not gathered] = melted [evaporated].

(Deuteronomy 8:16) Who = fed you = in the wilderness = with manna = which your fathers [in Egypt] = did not know, = so that = He [God] = might humble = you = and = so that He = might ‘prove’ [test] you, = to do you = good = in your latter end,

(John 6:48-to-51) I [Jesus] = am = the Bread of life.
(John 6:49) Your fathers = ate the manna = in the wilderness, = and = died.
(John 6:50) This is = the Bread = which comes down = from Heaven, = so that a man = may eat of it [by faith] = and = not die.
(John 6:51) I [Jesus] = am = the Living Bread = which came down = from Heaven. = If anyone = eats of = this Bread, = he = shall live forever. = And = truly = the bread = that = I = will give = is My flesh, = which = I will give = for = the life = of the world.

Thank you for Your “EAR!” Roger //Email//

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