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“Water Baptism & Salvation – 101”

“Water Baptism & Salvation – 101”

Today, as in history… there have been many discussions as to what roll does… ‘Water Baptism’… plays in salvation of the sinner. Most churches differ on this subject, so I must take the Word of God as my… ‘Only Point of Spiritual Truth!’ Because, “God cannot Lie”… His Word… is the “Absolute Truth”. Simple question: Who do you trust… “God and His Word”… or some Denomination, made by mankind…?

(1Corinthians 1:17) For = Christ = Did ‘Not’ = send me = “TO BAPTIZE”, = but = to preach the gospel; = not in wisdom of words, = lest the cross of Christ = should be made = of no effect.

Perhaps with this single verse… the argument that ‘Water Baptism’ saves anyone, is simply made… “Null & Void!” IF… water baptism were a requirement, the Holy Spirit through Paul, would have added it… to the above verse. Most, that attend Church… ‘Seldom read & study’… their Bibles to know any difference. They simply take for Truth… what they are ‘taught’ by their… ‘Man made denomination’. Sorry, but only… ‘God’s Word’… is the “Absolute Truth!”

(1Corinthians 2:11-to-14) For = who = among men = knows the things of a man = except the spirit of man = within him? = So = also = no one knows = the things = of God = except = the Spirit of God.
(1Cor 2:12) But = we = have Not received = the spirit of the world, = But = the [Holy] Spirit = from God, = so = that we might know = the things = that are Freely given = to us = by God.
(1Cor 2:13) These things = we also speak, = not in words = which man's wisdom teaches, = but = which = the Holy Spirit = teaches, = comparing = spiritual things = with = spiritual.
(1Cor 2:14) But = the ‘NATURAL’ man = does not = receive = the things of = the Spirit of God, = for they are = “FOOLISHNESS” = to him; = Neither = can he = know them, = because = they are = spiritually discerned [encoded].

We go to ‘One’ place for “Truth”…! Either man’s wisdom = Or = God’s Wisdom based on God’s Word! There cannot be a mix… to bring about “Absolute Truth”. It comes from God’s Word… Alone! The Holy Spirit is the teacher of God’s Truth… and not that of man’s wisdom. Natural wisdom cannot compare to that of God’s Holy Spirit! Those that ‘do not’ have God’s Holy Spirit… simply count the Word of God = Foolishness! Now a question: “Who do you trust, God’s Word or the human wisdom of a denomination…?

(John 17:17) Sanctify them = through = Your Truth. = Your Word = is Truth.

(Numbers 23:19) God = is not a man = that He = should Lie, = neither = the son of man [Christ Jesus] = that He = should repent. = Has = He said, = and = shall He = not do it? = Or has He spoken, = and = shall He not = make it good?

The Holy Spirit… is ‘only’ given to those who… believe by Faith… in the Word of God as the Truth… in response to the “Finished Work of Christ Jesus!” Christ Jesus even revealed this Truth… with the Promise of the Holy Spirit… as evidence of the believers’ acceptance of Truth! God the Father sees the sinners’ response to Christ Jesus payment for sin… and gives that person the Holy Spirit… thus making that person… His Child [of God]!

(John 7:37-38-39) And = in the last day = of the great feast, = Jesus stood and cried out, = saying, = If anyone thirsts, = let him come = to Me and drink.
(John 7:38) He who = believes on Me [Christ], = as the Scripture = has said, = "Out of his belly = shall flow = rivers of living water."
(John 7:39) But = He [Jesus] = spoke this about = the Spirit, = which they = who believed = on Him = should receive; = for the Holy Spirit = was not yet given, = because = Jesus = was not yet glorified.

This Saving Belief [Faith]… is only as… “The Scripture has Said”… and Not as some Denomination has said. Remember ‘All’ denominations are manmade! There are “No Divine Denominations”… no matter what they ‘Falsely Claim!’ The choice is Yours… Believe God and His Word [God’s Truth]… Or believe the teaching of mankind [man’s wisdom]! The Holy Spirit was promised by Christ Jesus… to all those… that believe on HIM… as the Scripture has said…!

(Ephesians 1:12-13-14) for us = to be to the praise = of His glory, = who = previously had trusted = in Christ;
(Eph 1:13) in Whom = also you, = hearing the Word of Truth, = the gospel of our salvation, = in Whom = also believing, = YOU = were sealed = with = the Holy Spirit of promise,
(Eph 1:14) Who = is the earnest [down payment] = of our inheritance, = to the redemption = of the purchased possession [us], = to the praise = of His glory.

(2Corinthians 1:20-21-22) For all = the promises of God = in Him [Jesus] = are yes, = and = in Him = Amen [it is so], = to the glory of God = by us.
(2Cor 1:21) But = He = confirming us = and = anointing us = with you = in Christ = is God.
(2Cor 1:22) And = He = has sealed us = and = having given = the earnest = of the [Holy] Spirit = in our hearts.

(Galatians 4:6-7) And = BECAUSE = you are sons, = God = has sent forth = the [Holy] Spirit = of His Son [Jesus] = into your hearts, = crying, = Abba [Daddy], Father.
(Gal 4:7) So that = you = are no longer a slave [to Sin], = but a son [of God]; = and if a son, = also = an heir of God = through Christ.

All of this… the Holy Spirit… eternally sealing the True Believer… is God’s Proof to mankind that they are His Children by Faith! No work or keeping of any ordinance… that one can do will bring about the Holy Spirit! The Scriptures have spoken… to ‘All’ that will hear… what God says in His Word! So many times, people hold onto what they have been told is Truth… only to find out later, that they have been duped.

(Galatians 3:1-2-3) O foolish Galatians, = who = bewitched you = not = to obey = the Truth, = to whom = before your eyes = Jesus Christ = was written = among you crucified?
(Gal 3:2) This only = I would learn = from you: = Did you = receive = the [Holy] Spirit = by works of the law, = or = by hearing of Faith?
(Gal 3:3) Are you = so foolish? = Having begun = in the Spirit, = do you now = perfect yourself = in the flesh?

How is Salvation given to Mankind…? Was it by the keeping of the Law of God, the precepts of God, the ordinances of God…? Absolutely Not! Mankind cannot keep the Law of God and that is why the ordinances of sacrifices was given for Sin. Throughout the Old Testament… an offering for “Sin/Sins” was required. Yes even a difference in sacrifices for the common people and the priests. Perfection cannot be attained by keeping the Law of God!

(Galatians 3:10-to-13) Certainly = all = who depend = on the works of the law = are under = a curse. = For it is written, = "A curse on everyone = who does Not Obey = Everything = that is written = in the book of the law!"
(Gal 3:11) Now = it is Obvious = that = No One = is justified = in the sight of God = by the Law, = because = "The righteous = will live = by Faith."
(Gal 3:12) But = the law = has nothing to do = with Faith. = Instead, = "The person = who keeps = the commandments = will have life = in them."
(Gal 3:13) Christ [Jesus the Messiah] = redeemed us = from = the curse = of the Law = by becoming = a curse = for us. = For = it is written, = "A curse on everyone = who is hung on a tree!"

This Obvious Point… that the keeping of the Law of God… cannot save us, is validated not only in the above Scripture… but throughout the entire Bible. If ‘Keeping’ the ordinances of the Law could not save us… How then is Water Baptism to save Us…? It cannot and Never was intended to! It was and is… “Only a Word Picture”… of the Death, Burial and Victorious Resurrection of Christ Jesus from the Dead!

(Revelation 1:17-18) And = when I saw Him [Jesus], = I = fell at His feet = as dead. = And = He laid His right hand = upon me, = saying to me, = Do not fear, = I am the First = and = the Last, [See Isaiah 44:6]
(Rev 1:18) = and = the Living One, = and = I = became dead, = and = behold, = I = am alive = forever = and = ever, = Amen. = And = I [Jesus] = have the keys = of hell = and = of death.

(Hebrews 5:9) And = being perfected, = He [Jesus] = became = the Author = of Eternal Salvation = to all those = who = obey Him,

“Christ Jesus”… having fulfilled the ‘Total Requirements’ of the Law of God… became the Sin Sacrifice… to All those that would believe on Him… “As the Scripture has Said!” This Finished Work of Christ is totally complete. Nothing we can do… by good works… can add to this ‘Finished Work!’ Salvation is “Solely” by the Grace of God… “Nothing More… Nothing Less!”

(John 19:30) Then when = Jesus = had received the sour wine, = He said, = It is finished! = And = He bowed = His head = and = gave up = the spirit [died].

“Water Baptism”… simply ‘cannot’ add to this… “Finished Work of Christ!” IF it could… the it would not be Finished… because Baptism… would be required! The term… “It is Finished”… in the ‘Greek New Testament’… is an accounting term. It simply means… “Eternally Paid in Full!” Now how can water baptism add to this Fact? It cannot!

(Ephesians 4:4) There is = “ONE” body = and = “ONE” Spirit, = even as you = are called in = “ONE” hope = of your calling,
(Eph 4:5) “ONE” Lord, = “ONE” faith, = “ONE” baptism, [1Corinthians 12:13]
(Eph 4:6) ONE God = and = Father of all, = Who = is above all = and = through all = and = in you all.
(Eph 4:7) But = to = every one = of us = is given = Grace = according to = the measure = of the gift = of Christ.

(1Corinthians 12:13) For = also by = “ONE” Spirit = we are all = baptized = into “ONE” body, = whether Jews = or Greeks, = whether bond = or free, = even all = were made = to drink = into = “ONE” Spirit.

After reading these Scriptures… will you still say that ‘Water Baptism’… is necessary for Salvation in Christ Jesus…? If you still do… it is because ‘You’… do “NOT”… believe God and His Word for your Truth! Mankind will always… want to take some credit for his belief in God! Say it isn’t so…? It is called… good works for salvation… so that you can try and take credit away from God! Making yourself… like God! It is the “Same Lie”… that Satan told we humans in Genesis 3:5… and it still continued today!

(Titus 3:3-to-7) For = we ourselves = also = were once foolish, = disobedient, = deceived, = slaving for various lusts = and = pleasures, = living in malice = and = envy, = hateful, = hating one another.
(Tit 3:4) But = when = the kindness = and = love of God = our Savior = toward man = appeared,
(Tit 3:5) = NOT = by works = of righteousness = which we have done, = but = according to = His mercy = He = saved us, = through = the washing of regeneration = and = renewal = of = the Holy Spirit,
(Tit 3:6) Whom = He = poured out = on us = abundantly = through = Jesus Christ = our Savior,
(Tit 3:7) =that = being justified = by = His grace, = we = should become heirs = according to = the hope = of eternal life.

(Ephesians 2:8-9-10) For = by Grace [of God] = you = are saved = through faith, = and = that = Not = of yourselves, = it is = the Gift = of God,
(Eph 2:9) NOT = of works, = lest = anyone = should = Boast.
(Eph 2:10) For = we are = His workmanship, = created = in Christ Jesus = to good works, = which God = has before ordained = that we = should walk in them.

(Romans 8:8-to-11) So then = they = who are = in the flesh = Cannot = please God.
(Rom 8:9) But = you = are not = in the flesh, = but = in the Spirit, = IF = the Spirit of God = dwells in you. = But = IF = anyone = has Not = the Spirit of Christ, = he is = None = of His.
(Rom 8:10) And = if = Christ is in you, = indeed = the body is dead = because of sin, = but = the Spirit = is life = because of = righteousness.
(Rom 8:11) But = IF = the Spirit = of the One = Who = raised up Jesus = from the dead = dwells in you, = the One = Who = raised up Christ = from the dead = shall Also = make your = mortal bodies Alive = by = His Spirit = Who dwells in you.

By these verses… we may see that Salvation by Grace Alone… and ‘Not’ by any works, including Water Baptism… that we are Born Again… by God’s Holy Spirit… Who is our Salvation! Those that do not have God’s Holy Spirit… ‘Do Not’… belong to Him! They then falsely trust their works of water baptism for salvation… thus rejecting… God’s Grace, Love and Mercy… that He provided for Sinners Salvation in Christ Jesus!

Special Note: There is an ‘Eleven-Part’, series on… “Evangelism – 101”… that goes into a deeper explanation of the Gospel Truth. Perhaps read it after this to understand what “The Gospel” really means…?

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