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“Dryness – 101”…Blog.

"Dryness – 101”…Blog.

Has the press of life… caused a ‘dryness’ in your soul. Perhaps if you will see it as… common to mankind… even that will not help. It is too soon to give up. To many, the press of life, has left them lifeless, without purpose or hope or even the… ‘love of life.’ All is not lost as we can see some of the issues that may have entered into your life. Has the busyness of life with all its things… left a ‘dryness’ in your mind, heart and soul…?

Have you ever had a really long, ‘dry spell’…? Most of us have life pressures, that sometimes cause us to have ‘Dry Spells’. Occasionally professional authors suffer from this malady. They often have to take a break and do something else… to get themselves recharged. Mothers with a toddler and a newborn often have the same kind of dry spells. Recently I read a post where one stated that the … ‘Word of God’… did not seem fresh anymore. So too, the frequent traveler has this also… and simply needs, to take a break, from traveling.

When I used to travel extensively… I always kept my watch on ‘Home Time’… and adjusted my ‘mental processes’… to accommodate the time shift domestically. When I traveled overseas I switched my automatic watch to the local time and slept on ‘the plane’ to that country. It seemed to help and I did ‘not’ have to change my diet… nor refrain from coffee and other caffeine containing beverages. Some tolerate it better than others and some are worse off for the traveling. It is all a state of mind, sometimes complicated by the body.

(Colossians 3:23) And = whatever = you do, = do it heartily, = as to the Lord = and = not = to men;

A lot of our dryness… comes from our lifestyle. Is your position at work, no longer enjoyable? Do you, have work place stresses, caused by the company downsizing? How about sports and entertainment… do you still find them as entertaining as once you did? Even your ‘favorite vehicle’ seems to not bring you, the enjoyment it once did. To test this… when was the last time you… washed and waxed your vehicle…? Does that special dinner you enjoyed, at that special restaurant, with that someone special… still bring you, pleasure?

(Proverbs 4:23) Keep = your heart = with = all diligence; = for = out of it = are = the issues of life.

If you answered honestly… you may now realize, that you are having a period of ‘dryness.’ Most ‘relationships’ go through this ‘dryness’. Do you love your wife or your husband with that ‘fresh love’ you once had? Do your children, bring you enjoyment as they did when they were young children? Or have they, as adolescents, bringing a battlefield into your home and life? How about your grandchildren, do you see them as much as you like to, or because they live in another state or country, seldom see them at all? Do those happenings… bring a ‘dryness’, into your emotional makeup and your well being?

What used to thrill… you, as a child, bring you ‘no enjoyment’ as an adult. I remember loving with all my heart, mind and soul… “Chocolate Pudding!” That was when the pudding was made with whole milk and cooked on the stove. My parents once provided me with… my own 2-quart bowl of chocolate pudding… to try and cure my cravings. Nope, it did not work… for as an adult, I still love chocolate pudding, but Not… that ‘Instant Pudding!’ …LOL!

There are more than… half of the marriages, end in divorce. There are several reasons and many not good. The laws in most states provide for a… “A No-Fault Divorce.” This has “Destroyed” the ‘Family Unit’… and the forthcoming generations. Our nation… “One Nation Under God”… as it says on our money, “No longer”… believes God and His Word, the Bible. The marriage enjoyment, that has gone through a… ‘dryness’ period… is often, dissolved in divorce.

(Matthew 19:6) Therefore = they = are no longer two, = but one flesh. = Therefore what = God = has joined together, = let = not = man = separate.

This is due in part… to ether ‘one or both’… of the ‘Committed Partners’, purposely denying their Wedding Vows… before God and Witnesses. When one gets sick, one goes to the doctor. Yet when marriages are ‘sick’… they will ‘not’ go for spiritual counseling. One becomes a “Quitter”… and excuses away ‘their’ responsibility and commitment before God. This kind of Mindset… “The Intent to Defraud”… can readily be seen… in the “Massive Debt” of the “Credit Card and House Loans”. People used to be… willing to ‘tough it out’… and… ‘do what is right’… and… ‘pay off the balance’! Now a bail out through a… ‘Bankruptcy Filing’… and then… the “Cycle of Debt”… begins again.

Perhaps ‘one’ thinks… that there is no other option? Well if you watch any TV, read any Magazines… you will hear the drug companies… Pushing their “Drug” products… to fix ‘most any situation’. The right medication, will simply take you out of the doldrums… “That time of ‘dryness’… and somehow Magically Restore… Your zest for life and enjoyment. “Not So!” You sell out your mental and emotional processes… to the ‘bondage of medication’.

Is there a “Magic Something”… that I can do or take, to eliminate this… ‘Dryness’… that I am experiencing in a few, some or many areas of life…? Well would you want me… “To Lie”… to you and tell you… ‘Yes?’ Ok, if you do… please send me a check for… “$49.95”… and I will send you some… ‘Phony Magic!’ And if you order now… I will send you a second one… ‘Free’… just pay shipping and handling. Does that sound familiar? That is where the problem is… you and I and millions of Americans… have been Duped into… “A False Sense of Entitlement!”

Nothing comes easy…! ‘They’, would have you believe that it does! ‘They’ couldn’t sell lotto ticket to the public, if you didn’t believe that… You are the ONE… entitled to win those millions. ‘They’ get you to believe… that you need that new car… for only $299 a month [Lease]… not a purchase. You lease that car and have nothing to show for that money… at the end of that lease. ‘They’ tell you to ‘invest’ with them and they will get you to believe… that you will get a 10% return on your investments. Suppose tomorrow there is another “9-11”… what would happen to our Economy and that of the entire world…?

(1John 2:15-16-17) Do not = love the world, = nor = the things in the world. = If = anyone = loves the world, = the love = of the Father = is not in him,

(1John 2:16) Because = ALL = that is in the world, = the lust of the flesh, = and = the lust of the eyes, = and = the pride of life, = is not = of the Father, = but is of = the world.

(1John 2:17) And = the world = passes away, = and = the lust of it, = but = he who = does = the will [Word] of God = abides forever.

May I simply suggest… “More is Less?” Cash out your investments now… “pay the penalty”… “And Pay Off”… all your debt… keep the cash! You will not have that psychological weight of debt… in your psyche. Yes, stop spending ‘all you spend’… so that ‘You’ have bragging rights… about what you have… and where you go… and what you do.

(James 1:27) Pure religion = and = undefiled = before God = and = the Father = is this, = = to visit orphans = and = widows = in their afflictions, = and = to keep oneself = unspotted = from the world.

Spend some of that… and help someone out. Do some good for someone ‘else’… who is unable to help themselves. How about that… “Widow”… who cannot help herself. Have you helped her in her house and chores that she cannot do? How about the girl… that wants to keep her baby, and not abort the child? Have you had one in your home… and helped her, through her trials of life…?

(Philippians 2:14-15) Do everything = without = complaining = or = arguing.

(Philippians 2:15) so that = you = may be blameless = and = innocent, = God's children = without = any faults = among = a crooked = and = perverse generation, = among whom = you = shine like lights = in the world

Perhaps you have… put your life… before God and His Word? You have made… “Self”… your priority and your wants and your desires… ‘The driving force of your life’… only to realize the ‘dryness’ that has come upon you. “Things”… can never satisfy! Solomon had all the riches and possessions and wisdom that anyone could want… and still, he was ‘not’ satisfied. His heathen wives… caused him… to leave the Lord and His Word… and ruin Israel and its people.

(Mark 1:35) And = in the morning, = rising up = a great while = before day, = He [Jesus] = went out, = and = departed into = a solitary place, = and = there prayed [Worshipped].

“Begin Again”… is the Key…! Perhaps when you ‘first’ came to Christ, you were deeply in love with Him and His Word. The press of life and… all its self imposed requirements… have caused your Love for Him… to become ‘dryness’…? Even in my life, through times of… ‘dryness’ and trials… I have to… ‘begin to begin again’. Maturation is a process… it does not happen overnight. That so called …‘mid life crisis’… can simply be a… “Begin Again!”

(Colossians 1:27) to whom = God = wanted = to make known = the glorious riches = of this secret = among the gentiles = which is = Christ in you [Romans 8:9], = the hope of glory.

… AND…

(Jude 1:20-to-25) But you, = beloved, = building yourselves = up = in your most holy faith, = praying in the Holy Spirit,

(Jude 1:21) keep yourselves = in the love of God, = eagerly awaiting = the mercy = of our Lord Jesus Christ = to everlasting life.

(Jude 1:22) But = pity some, = making distinction.

(Jude 1:23) But = save others = with fear [of God], = snatching them = out of the fire [of judgment]; = hating even = the garment [soul] = having been stained = from the flesh.

(Jude 1:24) Now = to Him = being able = to keep you = without stumbling, = and = to set you = before = His glory = without blemish, = with = unspeakable joy;

(Jude 1:25) to = the only = wise God, = our Savior, = be glory = and = majesty = and might = and = authority, = even now = and = forever. = Amen.

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