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“The Virgin Mary – 101”…Blog.

“The Virgin Mary – 101”…Blog.

Are you “Open”… to a ‘discussion’ about this subject? Perhaps you have ‘just’ your religion and do not want to even examine this subject. On the other hand some… “You”… may be as I once was. I was raised in American, the third generation of a ‘Polish Catholic’ family. We attended Church every Sunday and there were a few statues and of course a ‘cross’… with Christ… still there. My grandmother’s house had quite a few more. I attended Catholic School… through the sixth grade where Catholic nuns taught us. Oh my knuckles were… sore from the ruler smacking! …LOL!

As a teenager… we attended Church most Sundays. When I left for service, in the “USAF”, I no longer attended Church. It was not until I was in my late ‘20’s’… till I looked for God. I once again looked for Him… in the Catholic Church and did not find Him there. Of course, all the trappings of the Catholic Church were still there, the Statutes, the Rosaries and Jesus… “Still on the Cross”. I went to search for Him… on my own.

(Jeremiah 29:11) For = I = know the purposes = which = I = am purposing for you, says = Jehovah [God]; = purposes of peace = and = not of evil, = to give you a future = and = a hope.
(Jer 29:12) Then = you = shall call = on Me, = and = you shall go = and = pray to = Me, = and = I = will listen = to you.
(Jer 29:13) And = you shall seek = Me = and find = Me, = when you = search = for Me = with all = your heart.

When one seriously… searches for “God”… ‘With their Heart’… they will find “Him” just as He has promised! It will be not in a religion… but in His Word. Each of us has a… ‘Point of Reference’. Without that we would just wander through life… ‘Aimlessly’. One cannot plan a trip, take a vacation or attend a family gathering without some… ‘definite plans.’ So to God, the God of the Bible… has some definite standards called… “His Word!” Perhaps I may share with you this example… from His Word?

(Romans 15:4) For = whatever things = were written before = were written for = our ‘learning’, = so that we = through patience and comfort = of the Scriptures = might have hope.

Up to that point… I had been searching for God… with my… “Former ‘Religious’ Training!” I was doing what I was taught. Was what I was taught… “Correctly = or ‘Not’?” Later on I realized that ‘ALL’ learning… includes… “Un-Learning!” This can be applied to almost every of ‘Life!’ Good financial decision… ‘Are’ often learned… by making bad ones… and suffering the consequences. Some adults learn from their mistakes… correcting them to make good ones. Still ‘others’ continue to make ‘the same bad ones’… “Over and Over again!” Still ‘Others’… learn from the mistakes of… ‘Others!’

(Leviticus 10:1-2) And Nadab and Abihu, = the sons of Aaron, = each = took his censer = and = put fire in it, = and = put incense on it, = and = offered ‘strange fire’ = before = Jehovah [God], = which = He = ‘had not’ = commanded = them.
(Lev 10:2) And = there went out = fire = from Jehovah = and = devoured them, = and = they died = before Jehovah.

God had given ‘Explicit Instructions”… in the previous “Ten Chapters”… on what exact procedure to follow in the worship of Him. This is one of those examples for… ‘Our Learning’… so that we would not… Make the same mistakes. Do you think the rest of ‘the worshipers’ there… learned a lesson of… “What to Do” and “What Not to Do?” But of course…! Only those of the priestly tribe of the Levites… were to be involved in such matters. So it is ‘not’ like that today, many pastors serve in churches… ‘Without the Heart knowledge of God’… and do not die.

(1Peter 1:22) Purifying your souls = in the obedience = of The Truth = through the [Holy] Spirit = to unfeigned love of the brothers, = love one another fervently = out of a pure heart,
(1Pe 1:23) having been = ‘born again’, = “not” of corruptible seed [religion], = but of ‘incorruptible’, = through = the living = Word of God, = and = abiding forever.

Not by ‘Religion’… but by the “Spirit of God”… is one ‘Born Again!’ When that happens, the Word of God… becomes alive only to those… in whom the Holy Spirit of God… ‘Dwells!’ He is the one that give us… “Understanding & Enlightenment”… of the Truth… found in God’s Holy Word… The Bible. Without “Him”… we ‘only’ have religion and a mental assent… towards the things of God. Without the Spirit of God… in our hearts… we have ‘only’ religion and “No Promise of Heaven!”

(John 17:17) Sanctify them = through = Your Truth. = Your Word = is Truth.

(Acts 17:11)
These people = were more receptive = than those in Thessalonica. = They were = very willing = to receive the message, = and = every day = they carefully = examined = the Scriptures = to see if those things = were so.

Perhaps now that… “The Truth”… has been established as “The Scriptures” we can go to them for Truth = “God’s Truth!” Sorry, No, I am not speaking about that ‘Religion’… that “Any” Churches teaches but… “Only” that Truth… from what God says in His Word. If you have come to this point and disagree… may I simply suggest that… “You are putting Your Thoughts and Your Learning”… above that of the ‘What’ God says in His… “Word of God = The Bible”…?

(Matthew 1:22-to-25) Now all this happened = so that might be fulfilled = that which was spoken = of the LORD = by the prophet, = saying,
(Matt 1:23) "Behold, = the virgin = shall conceive in her womb, = and = will bear a Son. = And they will call = His Name = “Emmanuel”, = " which being interpreted is, = God with us.
(Matt 1:24) And Joseph, = being roused from sleep, = did = as the angel of the Lord = commanded him = and = took his wife,
(Matt 1:25) and = did not = know her = until she bore her son, = the First-born. = And he [Joseph] = called = His Name = JESUS.

Who is “Mary”, the Mother of Jesus…? If you will read all four of the Gospels, you will find that Mary is the Mother of Jesus. She was conceived of the “Holy Spirit of God”… while yet being a ‘Virgin’. Yet in these verses… the Scripture says that… Joseph = ‘Knew’ = [Carnal Knowledge = Sexual Relations] = his wife = Mary = After she born her ‘Firstborn’… “Christ Jesus.” Those that preach and teach that… “Mary is still a Virgin”… are proved wrong… by the Scriptures.

(Mark 6:3-4) Is not this = the carpenter, = the son of Mary, = the brother of James = and = Joses = and = Judas = and = Simon? = And are not = His sisters = here with us? = And they were offended = at Him.
(Mark 6:4) But = Jesus = said to them, = A prophet is = not without honor, = except in his native-place, = and = among his own kin, = and = in his own house.

Did you ‘Notice’… “Jesus” had… “Four Brothers” and “Two Sisters”... mentioned in these Scriptures? How than can someone call… “Mary = A Virgin”… after having “Six Other Children?” Will you tell us… that all the other children, were ‘immaculately’ conceived? Absolutely Not! Joseph, her husband… fathered those brothers and sisters. Once a woman has had sexual relations, she is no longer a Virgin.

(1Timothy 2:5) For God = is One, = and = there is = “One” = Mediator of God = and = of men, = the Man Christ Jesus,

(Matthew 16:20) Then = He = warned = His disciples = that they should = tell no one = that He = was Jesus = the Christ [Messiah].

How about praying the “Rosary to Mary”…? Can she make any intercession to God, through her Son, Jesus… for any ‘that’ pray… ‘The Rosary?’ What does the above Scripture say…? “There is “ONLY One Mediator” = between Man = and GOD = ‘Christ’ Jesus!” When I was a child… I knew my heart was not right… and I prayed… ‘More Rosary’s’… than any of my Catholic classmates. It did me… absolutely no good. It only gave me a… ‘False sense of Religion’… because I prayed the Rosary.

(Matthew 12:47-to-50) Then one = said to Him [Jesus], = Behold, = Your “mother” = and = Your brothers = stand outside, = desiring = to speak with You.
(Matt 12:48) And = He = answered and said = to him who told Him, = Who is My “mother?” = And = who are = My brothers?
(Matt 12:49) And = He = stretched out = His hand = toward His disciples = and said, = Behold, = My mother = and = My brothers!
(Matt 12:50) For = “whoever” = shall do = the will of = My Father [God] in Heaven, = the “same” = is My brother = and = sister = and = mother.

1. Someone told Jesus that his mother and brothers were outside.
2. Jesus ‘did not’ tell them to make room and usher her to the front.
3. Jesus asked, ‘Who is my mother and my brothers?’
4. Jesus stretched out His hand and pointed it towards His other disciples.
5. He did not stretch out His hand… towards Mary, His mother or even His blood kin.
6. Jesus emphatically asked… ‘Who is “My Mother” and My brothers?’
7. Jesus emphatically Answered… “Those that do the will of =My Father God!’
8. Jesus emphatically Declared… the “Same” is My…. ‘Brother’ – First!
9. Jesus emphatically Declared… the “Same” is My…. ‘Sister’ – Second!
10. Jesus emphatically Declared… the “Same” is My…. ‘’ – “LAST!”

Let’s look at the ‘Order of Personage’… in these passages of Scripture? IF… “Mary”… was given any place of Honor as the Catholics Honor Her… wouldn’t Christ Jesus… “Have done the Same?” Absolutely Yes! But… He did “NOT”… give ‘Her’ any special ‘place of honor.’ If Christ Jesus didn’t… why do “You”… as I once did… in my ignorance. “Ignorance is only being Un-Informed!” It is not a sin. Yet when presented with the Truth… from the Word of God… we ‘must choose’… who we believe? “God and His Word?… or… ‘our religion’…?

You may open the "Word"… and search through all the ‘Four Gospels’ = Matthew, Mark, Luke and John… and you will see “No Special Place”… given to Mary the Mother of Christ Jesus as to her position of intercession and pray to Heaven. She was given a “Special Position and Place”… as the Human Mother of Christ Jesus. She was no longer a “Virgin” after the birth of her firstborn. Jesus’ brothers and sisters testify of those facts. Why then would any religion… call her… “The Virgin Mary”… when she is No Longer a Virgin…? ? ?

(Matthew 11:27-to-30) All things = are delivered to Me = by My Father. = And “no one” = knows the Son = except the Father. = Nor does = “anyone” = know the Father = except the Son, = and = “the one to whom” = the Son = will reveal =Him.
(Matt 11:28) Come to Me = “all you” = who labor = and = are heavy laden, = and = I = will give = you rest.
(Matt 11:29) Take = My yoke = on you = and “learn” = of Me, = for I am meek = and = lowly in heart, = and = “you” = shall find rest = to your souls.
(Matt 11:30) For = My = yoke is easy, = and = My = burden is light.

During this discussion… I made the statement that… “One has to ‘Un-Learn’ in order to Learn? Are you ready to… “Learn of GOD”… through “Christ Jesus”… and ‘to whom’.. He will reveal Him… through His Word…? How about now simply praying this simple prayer…?

Prayer: “Father God”… I have so much I do not understand… ‘Because I have had Religion… and not the “Truth of Your Word”. I am helpless to save myself from… My “Sin/Sins”. I know that YOU died on the Cross for me… and that YOU rose again on the third day. I do not understand it all, but as much as I understand… I now give up on my religion… and trust in Your Perfect Sacrifice for my salvation. The best that I know how… I trust You and Your Word. Thank You for giving me Your Truth from Your Word. Make me to behave as Your child as I obey Your Word… I ask this in Jesus Name and for Your Glory! Amen & Amen…!

(2Peter 3:18) But = grow in [God’s] grace = and = in knowledge of our Lord = and = Savior = Jesus Christ. = To Him = be the glory, = both now = and = to the day of eternity. = Amen.

(Romans 8:34) Who can condemn them? = Christ Jesus, = Who died = and = more importantly, = Who has been raised = and = is seated = at the right hand of God = is the One = Who is also = interceding for us!

IF you have prayed this prayer… please feel free to ‘email me’, for help in… “Growing in Grace and in the Knowledge of God”.

Thank you for Your EAR! Roger //Email//

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