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“Economics – 101 [Babylon]” …Blog.

“Economics – 101 [Babylon]” …Blog.

Today a simple… lesson in ‘Economics’. Right now… how much money do you have in your purse or wallet? How much can ‘You’ take out and count? How about the… ‘CASH’… that you have stashed in the cookie jar or in some other… ‘Hidden Place?’ That is ‘the money’ that you can spend… “Now”… without adding to your Debt!

Now, you may tell me… that you have ‘other monies’ in the Bank or in Investments. But you cannot spend that money… ‘till you withdraw it!’ I often hear people say, “The Stock Market is so bad, I have lost $10,000 already!” That is a “LIE!” You, “Do Not Lose”… ‘The Money’… Till you “Cash In”… the stock by selling it. Your investments were planned for… ‘Long Term Gain’… not a ‘day by day’… evaluation.

Just how much… do you “Think”… you are worth? Well perhaps you should take a piece of paper and figure it out? Simply take what ‘You’ have in… “Real Cash on hand”… and then Subtract… Your Debt! “Oops…!” That figure is a… ‘Negative Number!’ Well, that is what you “Net Worth” is in… Dollars, PBS [British Pounds Sterling], German Marks or… in any other currency.

As the international currencies… ‘fluctuate hourly’… on the “World Markets”… so does your worth! So ‘TOO’… your ‘Debt Fluctuates’… as the Currencies do. How did this all start? Simple answer… ‘Nations’… removed themselves from the “Gold Standard!” Today your monies are simply… “Ones & Zeros”… in a computer database. When you go to your bank, they may give you ‘printed money’ that you may use but today… but many may use a… “Debit or Credit”… card instead.

But what about… your ‘Debt?’ Your personal debt, whether it be ‘Credit Cards’, ‘Personal Loans’ or ‘Mortgages’ and the Like! It is “What” you owe to someone… usually a bank or other lending institution. Credit Cards and their interest rates have ‘crippled’ many Americans and others worldwide… by their “Miss-USE!” Those companies make their monies on the… “Interest” Paid… on the “Outstanding Balance!” Bankruptcy filings are at an… ‘All time high’… for all types of Debt!

The fluctuating property prices… which were “Over Inflated” to begin with, have resulted in people… “Owing More”… than their ‘properties’ are worth! Remember the… “True Price”… of the property you own… is what you can sell it for ‘Today!’ …“Not Tomorrow… but Today!” This problem has come about because Congress has changed the ‘finance rules’ so that… “Economically Un-Qualified People”… have purchased ‘Properties’… they could… “Economically ‘Not’ Afford!”

This is ‘Only’… an indicator of our National Debt. Sorry but the ‘National Debt Clock’ is out of order ad… “MORE DIGITS”… have to be added to it! Our government spending is… “Out of Balance”… in relation to our GDP [Gross Domestic Product]. In simple English… we ‘Spend’ more than we ‘Make!’ This means that the Debt we are accruing with these… “Socialistic Bail Outs”… will simply… ‘Cripple’… our nation in the Future. How about our… “Foreign Debt”… which we “OWE”… Other Countries? The “Current Interest”… on our National Debt is… “One Trillion Dollars” a year… without repayment of the… “Owed Principle!” It is Mind Staggering!

Realistically we owe… Over… “$3 – Trillion Dollars”… To other ‘Nations!’ Here is the List in order of the ‘Debt’… Japan, China, UK, OPEC Nations, and Caribbean Banking centers and Others. How can we pay off our “Domestic Debt”… when we owe so much to Foreign Countries? We cannot! Our ‘foreign aid’ is still going to countries… that are enemies of the USA. Why is that…?

What would happen… “IF”… the ‘USA’… were to… “Go Bankrupt”… and could not pay… ‘ANY’ of our Foreign and Domestic Debt? You saw the Worldwide Ripple in the Money Markets already this past year! Just think about it? We as a Nation… “Immediately Stop”… All Foreign Aid and Subsidies to all others… including those we ‘Owe Monies’ to! We as a Nation declare… “Bankruptcy!” What would this do to our… “World Economic System”…?

(Revelation 14:7-8) He said in a loud voice, = "Fear God = and = give Him glory, = because the hour of = His judgment = has come. = Worship the One [God] = Who made heaven = and = earth, = the sea = and = springs of water."
(Rev 14:8) Then another angel, = a second one, = followed him, = saying, = "Fallen! = Babylon the Great = has fallen! = She has made = all the nations = drink the wine = of the wrath = of her sexual sins."

Now I am not saying… that the USA is ‘Babylon’. But whatever “The System” it is… is the World Leader in the Economies of the Nations! God Himself will… “Judge in Righteousness”… those things that Babylon did… with their economic system.

Do you know that the USA is the… worldwide exporter of… “Pornography”… throughout the ‘World?’

What if our Economic… system were based on Gold or some other precious metal or jewels? What would happen if those commodities… flood the World Markets? Then the World Economic System would be… “Bust!” About now one may say, “How could that be…?” Perhaps I may share another verse from the Bible?

(Revelation 16:21) Huge hailstones, = each weighing = about 100 pounds, = fell from the sky = on people. = They = cursed God = because = the plague of hail = was such a terrible plague.

What IF… Jewel encrusted Gold stones… fell from the heavens… not only killing mankind but destroying properties. IF those stones were of precious metals & jewels… what would happen to the… “World Wide Economic System”…? It would simply be… “Busted – Broke – and – Non Existent!

How then could Anyone… ‘Buy and Sell?” Our currencies would be worthless! Nations would have no ability to transfer wealth. The jewelry we own… would be worthless! There is nothing that could be used as… Currency! Could it be that there would be Someone… who would come on the scene to rescue this worldwide… ‘Catastrophe?’

(Revelation 13:16-17-18) The second beast = forces = all people-important and unimportant, = rich and poor, = free and slaves = to be marked on their right hands = or = on their foreheads,
(Rev 13:17) so that = no one = may = buy or sell = unless = he has the mark, = which is the beast's name = or = the number of its name.
(Rev 13:18) This calls for wisdom: = Let the person who has understanding = figure out the number of the beast, = because = it is the number of a person. = Its number is 666.

There will be… a person with “Satanic Power - Called the Anti Christ”… who will control… “All”… ‘The Worlds Economic Power!’ That person ‘may’ even be here today. There will be… ‘No Redemption”… for ‘Anyone’ that takes that …“Mark of the Beast!” Simply look at the nations and the world wide… “Economic Conditions!” It appears that our ‘current’ system of… “Borrowings & Lendings”… is simply setting the Stage… for worldwide these actions.

Is there “Anything”… that ‘You’ can do about this advancing problem? Well, you may tell me that you ‘do not believe’… “The Bible!” You may even tell that you are sick of… ‘Religion!’ I am not here to tell you about religion… but about a relationship… With God… through the “Finished Work”… of His Son, Christ Jesus! It is “HE”… Who died and rose again… as payment for ‘Your’… “Sin/Sins!”

(Romans 10:9-to-13) If you = declare with your mouth = that Jesus is Lord [Savior], = and = believe in your heart = that God = raised Him = from the dead, = you will be saved.
(Rom 10:10) For = a person believes = with his heart = and = is justified, = and = a person declares = with his mouth = and = is saved.
(Rom 10:11) For = the Scripture says, = "Everyone = who = believes in Him [Christ Jesus] = will = not be ashamed."
(Rom 10:12) For = there is no difference = between Jew = and = Gentile, = because = they all = have = the same Lord, = Who = gives richly = to all = who = call on Him.
(Rom 10:13) For = "everyone = who calls on = the name of the Lord = will be saved."

Do you Know… that You are a sinner unable to save yourself from your “Sin/Sins”…? IF you do know that… then now is the time to Call Upon… God… for His Mercy! Simply tell… “Him”… what is in your heart… and that you Need Him as your… “Savior & Lord!” If you need more, please feel free to email me.

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