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“Good or Not? – 101”…Blog.

“Good or Not? – 101”…Blog.

Can you believe… that anyone would tell ‘You’ that… “You’re No Good?” Each and every one of us believes that there is… ‘Some Good In Us!’ Well there are even songs to tell us that we are no good. They are written to express the ‘Betrayal’ and how we have ‘Treated One Another’. Most of them came out of the “60’s” music. They speak about… ‘Cheating with Another!’

Much of that music… was from an ‘Era’… where people simply believe that when someone told you… “I love You”… it was for Real. Many soon found out that ‘people’ are… “Users & Posers!” Too many… ‘Young girls’… are attracted to Boys and older men… looking to them to fulfill a “Fantasy of Romance.” Too soon did they realize that ‘SEX’… is not really… “True Love!”

Too often this… has lead to… an unwanted pregnancy which often leads to Abortion and the death of an “Innocent Child!” Relatively speaking both men and women… without morals or any goodness within themselves… will capitulate to those… “Desires of SEX!” Those were to be fulfilled only after marriage. The media tell us many times every day… “It’s OK - Just Do It!”

How about Valtrex… that anti viral drug for “Herpes?” They state in their advertisements that Over… “40% of those Sexually Active”… will pass Herpes, on to their partner. “Wow”… what ‘a gift’ to give to your… “Future Mate?” Most of the News Media… mocks the “Abstinence Programs”… but does nothing about the spread of… “STD’S.” [Sexually Transmitted Diseases]. You do not know where your partner… “Last had in their… Mouth?”

We are ‘All’... Put to the Test! But it ‘Never Comes’… in the Form or… at the Point or… in the form, that we would prefer… “Does It?” This is the theme from a movie called… ‘The Edge [1979]. Let me warn you that there is some profanity that I do not like… but the story line is Great! When tried… and the tests will come… they only reveal our “Inner Character’.

We need a source… greater than ourselves! We are only playing out life… with our human nature, which is ‘Fallen!’ Perhaps you have seen the “The Maury or Jerry Springer Programs?” Those people on that program… “Are No Different”… than those of Hollywood! There are two differences, “One” is their… “Finances or Economic Status!”… The “Other”… is that they don’t have the… “Paparazzi”… chase them about so that they can ‘sell their pictures’ to the media who in turn sells them to… “The Idol Dummies!”

Wow… that is pretty Tough! Not really… those are “The Facts!” Most simply watch TV and Videos as… ‘Entertainment!’ They seldom if ever… examine… “The Message!” Ever Song is a Sermon and changes your Thinking whether you realize it or not. So too the media has their Agenda… ‘To Change Your ‘Moral Base’ Thinking… to Theirs = Political Correctness!”

So just how Good… are You? On a scale of… “One-to-Ten”… How Good are YOU? About now you are comparing yourself to… ‘Some Others’… you know. Last night Senator Kennedy died. How good was He…? If you are old enough… perhaps you remember… “Mary Jo Kopechne”… and the incident at… Chappaquiddick? She died because he was ‘under the infulence’ and did not report the incident till he was sober.

(Romans 7:18) For = I know = that = nothing good = lives in me, = that is, = in my flesh. = For I have the desire = to do what is right, = but = I cannot carry it out.

So Who is ‘Good’… and Who is ‘Not?’ Would you believe that God in His Word… says that there are… “None Good… No Not One?” Each & Every… one of us are looking out for… “Number One – Ourselves!” Say it isn’t so… to that person in … “Your Mirror!” Really we care about ourselves before Others. Why else would ONE… ‘pretend to be’… Someone they are Not?

(Romans 3:10-11-12) as it is written: = "There is none righteous, = no = not one;
(Rom 3:11) there is = none = that understands, = there is = none = that seeks after God."
(Rom 3:12) "They are = all = gone out of the way, = they have together become = unprofitable, = there is = none = that does good, = no, = not one."

Well it Appears… that “God” looks at us quite differently… than we see ourselves? Well once again… So just how ‘Good’ are You? On a scale of… “One-to-Ten”… How ‘Good’ are YOU? When we simply compare ourselves with “God and His Word”… we will Always… fall short! Before I was ‘Born Again’… I was ‘religious’ when I need to be. In conversation I could defend myself as ‘good’ simply because I compared myself to “Others!”

(2Corinthians 10:12) We = would not dare = put ourselves = in the same class with = or = compare ourselves = to those who = recommend themselves. = When they measure themselves = by themselves = and = compare themselves = to themselves, = they show how = foolish = they are.

See how very simple… this whole concept is? We are all Nothing… but we are motivated by “Self and Sin”… in rebellion against God! But, He has so much love for us… that He sent His only Son… ‘Christ Jesus’… to be the… “Total & Eternal”… payment for all our ‘Sin/Sins’… “Past, Present & Future!” Remember Christ Jesus died and rose again… ‘Over 2,000-years ago’… our Future!

(Romans 5:8) But = God = demonstrates His love = for us = by the fact that = Christ = died for us = while = we were = still sinners.

(John 1:12) But = as many = as received = Him, = He gave = to them = authority = to become = the children of God, = to those = who believe on = His name,

Amazing that He [God]… could love mankind so ‘very’ much. Did you notice the word… “While”…? He did not tell us to… ‘Clean up our lives and live Right!’ That is what Salvation is all about. As a child learns from their parents… so a new child of God… you will learn from “His Word the Bible”. It is God’s Instruction Book… for Salvation and Life! “Yes… ‘All’ aspects of Life!”

Perhaps you have… only casually thought about God? Many people… “Put Off”… making a decision while they still can. Every time You… “Reject the Knowledge of God”… your heart will become that much “Harder against Him”. I have a friend with whom I share this Truth. I have been told… “Keep it to Yourself!” I see what ‘they’ are going through and can only now… pray for them. God has sent Christ Jesus… “For Your = Ultimate Good! Why then do you… keep saying… ‘NO’… To God …?

What more can I say…? ‘You will be the One’… Who has to make that ‘Life Determining Decision!’ I cannot force you to… come to God… but will simply point you to Him… and His Word! Once you die… it will be too late. There will be… ‘No Second Chances!’ No one will be able to help you. Remember the question… So just how Good… are You? On a scale of… “One-to-Ten”… How Good are YOU?

For the answer… those that have… “Chosen Salvation and to Obey the Word of God”… this is their Answer…!

(2Corinthains 4:5-to-10) For we = do not preach ourselves = but = Jesus Christ as Lord, = and ourselves = as merely your servants = for Jesus' sake.
(2Co 4:6) For God, = Who said, = "Let light shine out of darkness," = has shined in our hearts = to give us the light = of the knowledge of = God's glory = in the face of = Jesus Christ.
(2Co 4:7) But we = have this treasure = in clay jars [our human bodies] = to show that its = extraordinary power = comes from God = and = not from us.
(2Co 4:8) In every way = we're troubled = but not crushed, = frustrated = but not in despair,
(2Co 4:9) persecuted = but not abandoned, = struck down = but not destroyed.
(2Co 4:10) We are always = carrying around = the death of Jesus = in our bodies, = so that = the life of Jesus = may be clearly shown = in our bodies [lives].

(Colossians 1:27) to whom = God = wanted to make known = the glorious riches = of this secret = among the gentiles = which is = Christ in you, = the hope of glory.

The Choice is Yours…! “Not to ‘Decide’… is ‘to’ Decide!”

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