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“Ownership – 101? ...Blog

“Ownership – 101? ...Blog

This is a touchy subject… but I will try and do it justice. The absurdity of ‘Bart Simpson’ saying… “Not ME!”… will tell you that people do not want ‘Ownership’ of wrongs. They do want recognition of rights… that they have done or accomplished… but not wrongs. They did them so they should take the responsibility… for their actions.

“Repo-Man” is a… TV Program I like to watch. It is about a company that Repossesses property, that people have stopped making payments on. Most of the cars are 4-t0-6 payments behind. The owners come out yelling and screaming… that they… just made the payment. The Repo team hooks up the car or truck and hauls it away… back to the finance company. The owner wants to drive the car… but did not make the payments!

They have even Repo’ed… Planes, Limos, Semi Tractor Trailer rigs and even Boats. The owner all the time… moaning that they have made the payments! What a sad story of Ownership that has become… “Entitlement”. You owe it to me… to keep the vehicle… even though I cannot make the payments! What has America come to?

‘Ownership’ is dismissed… in almost every aspect of everyday life. Here in Florida some of the Schools do not allow… ‘Cell Phones’… to be used in school. Cheating on tests with texting answers has become an out of control issue. The Ownership of Student Responsibility… has become a thing of the past. It’s not my fault the tests are too hard! …LOL!

Our jails are filled… to overflowing with criminals that refused the… ‘Ownership’ of their ‘Illegal Actions!’ Lawlessness is a lifestyle of the career criminal. Society is not getting better, nor are the crimes getting fewer. Unless one is willing to claim… ‘Ownership’… of their actions, we will continue to build more jails.

Our Government too… with these… “Bail Outs”… is sending a ‘clear-mixed-message’ about ‘Ownership!’ You too can run a multi-billion dollar enterprise, pay million dollar bonuses, and not take ‘Ownership’ for your actions. How ‘few’ criminal charges have been filed for the ‘Financial Irresponsibility’ that has crippled our economy?

Today on the news… I heard a story about ‘Facebook and Twitter’. People are going on vacations out of state and country… and posting same day pictures on their pages. Just an invitation for robbers to come to their homes. I wonder if… ‘Ownership’… of that information will be claimed by the owners of the… “Robbed Properties!”

How many Divorces… were filed under the ‘No Fault’ Statutes? It takes two to make a marriage work… but only ‘one’… to end it! Will the filer take… ‘Ownership’… for their actions? Will that parent take… ‘Ownership’… when their children have ‘emotional and trust issue’ problems? Probably not!

How about your workplace…? Do you have a cubicle that you work in or a desk you work at? You decorate it and thus take… ‘Ownership!’ I remember working for a government agency and having a sign… “The ‘Beatings’ will Continue… Till ‘Moral’ Improves!” I was asked to remove it from the office by one of the Managers. I explained it was a… Joke! Apparently it was too much of the “Truth”… to be a ‘Joke’.

I replaced the sign… with a quote from a “US President”. Being a government office building I thought it only right that I switch over to a Presidential Saying. I was willing to take… ‘Ownership’… of that one too… but was denied. It lasted 3-days on my desk and I was asked to remove it too! This is what it said…!

"I never give them Hell." I just tell the Truth and… they think it's Hell. --Harry S. Truman, President 1945-1953

Have you ever… made a mistake? Did you take… ‘Ownership’… for that mistake. How long did they… remind you of it? Some people would call that a… “Roast!” That is only a roast if it is done in context and in jest. Everyone wants to take… ‘Ownership’… of a job well done. Especially when there is a ‘Bonus’… attached to that performance.

How about you…? When was the last time you took… ‘Ownership’… for something you did wrong. “Hey I Apologize… I was Wrong”… are words seldom heard in today’s society. Did you ever think… ‘Why?’ To err is human… is it not? Well why then is it so hard for someone to take… ‘Ownership’… for something wrong?

It is because… we are a nation with… “Hardened Hearts!” We have “Excuses”, for everything in the book but for… ‘Personal Responsibility’ = “Ownership!” No one is perfect! And people that live in glass houses… shouldn’t throw stones! Do we think that we become Unbreakable… by shirking ‘our’ responsibility of… ‘Ownership?’

(Ecclesiastes 12:13-14) Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.
(Eccl 12:14) For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

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