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“Isn’t it about ‘Time’ – 101”

“Isn’t it about ‘Time’ – 101”

Perhaps now is ‘The Time’… to ask you? In these blogs… I do not personally… “Accuse nor Approve”… your actions or/and practices of life preferences. I am simply presenting what I read as… “The Truth”… in the Word of God, ‘The Bible’. If you are convicted… by something I say… it is ‘not me’ that is convicting you. It is the Holy Spirit of God! I only speak what I have been led to speak. As a human being I ‘do not’ have that power… to convict your thoughts or your heart.

(John 16:7-to-11) But = I [Jesus] = tell you = The Truth, = it is expedient for you = that I go away; = for if I do not go away, = the Comforter [Holy Spirit] = will not come to you. = But if I depart, = I will send Him = to you.
(John 16:8) And when = that One comes, = He will convict the world = concerning sin, = and = concerning righteousness, = and = concerning judgment.
(John 16:9) Concerning sin, = because they do not believe = on Me;
(John 16:10) Concerning righteousness, = because = I go to My Father = and = you see Me no more;
(John 16:11) Concerning judgment, = because = the ruler [Satan] = of this world = is judged.

This is a ‘Special Blog’… just for “Christians!” I have been seeing a lot of… ‘On Line’… sites that put forth some ‘teaching & preaching’. Some seem to have a number of subscribers and others very few. Most take what is taught… is done so with the same… ‘Implied Authority’ of the Bible. And yet the readers… “Never” say anything… when error is taught. They just keep reading and listening.

(Proverbs 9:9) Give = to a wise one, = and = he will be still wiser; = teach a just one, = and = he will increase in learning.

Before the advent… of modern production of baby food… often times the mother or grandmother would… ‘Pre-Chew’… the solid food for the baby. This practice is still done in many ‘third world countries.’ Pre-processed baby and toddler foodstuffs are a big business here in America some of which is exported overseas.

Not unlike that… today many Christians do not… ‘Read & Study’… their ‘Bibles’ for themselves. Some attend mega churches where there is a ‘multimedia presentation’ with videos and CD’s available to ‘take home.’ Much of it… is never challenged by the attendees. Much of it is… “Entertainment”… and not… “True Worship”.

After attending several… of those types of churches I felt like I had been to a “Professional Football Game”. The staging and presentations were done so professional that the attendees… did not blink an eye… when ‘Error’ was taught. I am sorry to say that most have expected a… ‘Hollywood Type’… presentations and were not disappointed.

(Luke 4:25-to-30) In Truth = I [Jesus] = tell you = that there were many widows = in Israel = in Elijah's time, = when the heaven was closed = for three years and six months = and there was a severe famine = everywhere in the land.
(Luke 4:26) Yet Elijah = wasn't sent to a single one of them = except to a widow = at Zarephath = in Sidon.
(Luke 4:27) There were also = many lepers in Israel = in the Prophet Elisha's time, = yet not one of them = was cleansed = except Naaman = the Syrian."
(Luke 4:28) All the people = in the synagogue = became furious = when they heard = this.
(Luke 4:29) They got up, = forced Jesus = out of the city, = and = led Him = to the edge of the hill = on which their city was built, = intending to = throw Him = off of it.
(Luke 4:30) But = He = walked right through = the middle of them = and = went away.

This morning I… was having my “Quiet Time”… with Christ Jesus in His Word, the Bible. As I was reading, through the Gospel of Luke… I read the above verses. The religious of His day became ‘incensed’ at Him… for simply speaking “The Truth”… of the Scriptures they knew and believed. Yet when confronted with… “The Truth”… they were ready to… kill Him.

Why does “The Truth”… affect the religious more than the non-religious? The sinners in the days of Christ Jesus… readily came and heard Him and what He had to say. That made the ‘religious’ not only jealous but ‘angry’. “The Truth”… will either turn you to ‘God’… or… will ‘harden your heart’… against Him and His Word, The Bible.

Just how long… have you been saying that ‘You’… know Christ Jesus? Please answer yourself and not me… for ‘your’… point of reference? It has been… “___-years!”… [Please fill in the blank]. This is for you to know so that you may have a starting point. If you will… simply continue to read this… I will explain.

(Luke 13:6-to-9) Then = Jesus = told them this parable: = "A man had a fig tree = that had been planted = in his vineyard. = He went = to look for fruit on it = but didn't find any.
(Luke 13:7) So he said = to the gardener, = 'Look here! = For three years = I have been coming = to look for fruit = on this tree = but haven't = found any. = Cut it down! = Why should it waste the soil?'
(Luke 13:8) But the gardener replied, = 'Sir, leave it alone = for one more year, = until I dig around it = and fertilize it.
(Luke 13:9) Maybe = next year = it'll bear fruit. = If not, = then cut it down.'"

If you have been… a Born Again Christian… for over ‘Four Years’… and do not know the Word of God… something is wrong! Would you expect a… ‘Four year old child’… to still be drinking milk from a… ‘baby bottle?’ Of course not! By that time a child should be feeding themselves. So to with the… ‘Child of God!’ You should be… ‘Feeding yourself’… on God’s Word… “Daily!”

(2Corinthians 4:16) For this cause = we do not faint; = but = though our = outward man = perishes, = yet = the inward man = is being renewed = day by day.

You would not… think of missing a meal, would You? Why then would you miss a… ‘Spiritual Meal of the Word of God’… to feed the inward you? How about desert or even a bowl of ice cream? So too we shouldn’t miss the… desert of the Word of God! Again I am not… approving nor condemning… your past actions. You may begin again… even today, yes even right now!

(Mark 1:35) In the morning, = while it was still very dark, = Jesus = got up = and = went to a deserted place = and = prayed there.

This is a ‘word picture’… of True Worship of God His Father. He took time before His day started and met with God. He likely had 16-plus hour days of ministry and preaching the Kingdom of God. His example should be our example! The children of Israel had to get up early before light… to collect the Manna… that God had provided for them in the wilderness. IF they waited till the sun came up… it evaporated. See Exodus chapter 16.

(John 6:35) Jesus = said to them, = "I am = the bread of life. = The one = who comes to Me = will never become hungry, = and = the one who believes = in Me = will never become thirsty.

It is often said… “Breakfast is the most important meal of the Day!” Christ Jesus the God Man… thought it important to meet with His Father! If God is your Father… isn’t it important that you… meet with Him… “First”… before you start your day? “Well you know… I am not a morning person!” I couldn’t tell you how many times I have heard that… “Excuse!” Yet I have never heard anyone say that… while on… ‘Vacation!’

Remember when… I asked you… how long had you known “Christ Jesus?” I did this ‘to preempt’ your thinking for theses verses. If you have been a Christian for over ‘4-years’ and cannot fulfill this mandate… perhaps it is time to… start again?

(Hebrews 5:11-to-14) We have = much to say = about this, = but it is difficult = to explain = because = you = have become too lazy = to understand.
(Heb 5:12) In fact, = though by now = you = should be teachers, = you = still need = someone to teach you = the basic truths = of God's word. = You have become people = who need milk = instead of solid food.
(Heb 5:13) For everyone = who lives on milk = is still a baby = and = is inexperienced = in the message = of righteousness.
(Heb 5:14) But = solid food = is for = mature people, = whose minds = are trained by practice = to distinguish = good = from evil.

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