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“Evangelism – 10.01” [10-of-?]…Blog.

“Evangelism – 10.01” [10-of-?]…Blog.

If you have not… read the previous blogs on Evangelism and have come to this one, please go back to the beginning… ‘Evangelism – 101’… and start reading at the beginning. I have built this ‘foundation of evangelism’… based on the Word of God… to get to this point. God’s Word, is not meant to contain “Total Truth”… in just one or two verses. It a “Contiguous Ongoing” thought process that is revealed in the Bible… to the heart of the True Believe… by the Holy Spirit that indwells that person who is truly… Born Again… by Gods’ Holy Spirit.

(Isaiah 28:13) But = the Word = of Jehovah [God] = was to them = precept on precept, = precept on precept; = line on line, = line on line; = here a little, = there a little; = that = they might go, = and = fall backward, = and = be broken = and = snared = and = taken.

(Deuteronomy 29:29) The = Secret = things = belong to = Jehovah our God, = but = the Revealed things = belong to us = and = to our sons = forever, = so that we = may do = all = the words = of this Law.

Most Christians who… “Love the Lord”… also Love ‘His’ Word. There are ‘those’ that really ‘do not’… do not Love His Word, The Bible! The ‘fruit’ of their lives… does not reflect “Obedience”… to God and to His Word. The opposite… “Disobedience”… is practiced by them. When confronted with “Sin/Sins”… they often… ‘Grace Away Sin/Sins’…! They often remark… we are “Under Grace and Not under the Law!” That is nothing new, as there have often been those that were… “Gnostics”… who falsely claimed that they… Knew more than God!

In closing the last blog… I restated… “Luke 24:44-to-48”… as stated by Christ Jesus. This morning, during my Quiet Time, I asked Christ, ‘Where do I go from here?’ I had a thought about a question someone asked me recently, “What religion are You?” To that I had to reply, ‘Religion’ is an attempt to bind on back to God, through human effort. I do not have a religion… but a Relationship with God! Did you know that there are… “Only Two Religions”… on this Earth?

“The One”… is that by…‘Mankind’… through his own effort, with a set of precepts, either from God [or what that person calls God] or made up on his own. They can somehow please what he or she calls God by themselves being what they call… ‘being good’. They include… ‘All’ heathen religions and some… ‘Pseudo Christian’ religions. The earn favor with God, in keeping their manmade commandments [outwardly, but not with the heart] and in practicing those mandates, prescribed by that ‘Denomination’ or ‘Church’ or ‘Religious Sect!’

Here are two examples…
of those spiritually blind people being duped by someone preaching a “Pseudo Christian Gospel”. Eight hundred people committed suicide, following a person wrongly using the religion. Seventy six, in the second died, at the hands of the… “ATF”…! “Americans killing Americans”… those with whom, they had no right to murder, in the Violation of their Constitutional rights. It was covered up by political correctness and by… “Obfuscation = Lies!”

The Second and True One… is the ‘understanding & acceptance’… of the “Grace of God!” This simply states that… ‘Mankind’ is born in sin, practices sin and has not power of ‘his or her’ own … “To Quit Sin/Sins!” ‘He or she’ is… helplessly lost… in ‘his or her’ own works for ‘salvation!’ ‘He and she’ have… ‘Not’… kept the “Law of God”… and… continually ‘violates’ the “Word of God!” ‘He and she’ are offered the... “Grace of God” = the Unmerited Pardon by God! That person understands this “Truth by Faith”… and realizes that ‘he or she’ cannot “Do Anything”… to be acceptable to God. Salvation is by God’s Grace… ‘Alone!’

(Hebrews 10:10) By this will = we = are sanctified = through = the offering = of the body = of Jesus Christ [Messiah] = Once = for all.

(Titus 3:4-5-6) But = when = the kindness = and = love of God = our Savior = toward mankind = appeared,
(Tit 3:5) NOT = by = works of righteousness = which = ‘we’ = have done, = BUT = according to = His mercy = He = saved us, = through = the washing of regeneration = and = renewal = of the Holy Spirit,
(Tit 3:6) Whom = He [God] = poured out = on us = abundantly = through = Jesus Christ = our Savior,

All this Truth… is taken in and by the… “Faith of Truth”… as they are drawn, to God… by ‘His Holy Spirit!’ “His Truth” is based on the Nature of God, the God of the Bible, in that… He, “GOD”… ‘Cannot Lie!’ All ‘other’ heathen gods, which are not gods, lead their followers with… “Lies!” All other religions, require of their followers… ‘some requirements’… to find acceptance by their deity. You… ‘have to’… “Earn”- their acceptance

(Ephesians 2:8-9-10) For = by [God’s] grace = you = are saved = through faith, = and = that = not of yourselves, = it is = the gift of God,
(Eph 2:9) NOT = of Works = LEST = ANYONE = Should Boast [BRAG…!]
(Eph 2:10) For = we are = His [God’s] workmanship, = created in = Christ Jesus = to [do] = good works, = which = God = has before ordained = that = we = should walk = in them.

Did you notice… “Not of Works…?” Every other religion has some requirement to earn salvation. Salvation from the God of the Bible… has been paid for… “In Christ Jesus”… by His… Death, Burial! And… “His”… power ‘over’ death… “Resurrection from the Dead!” “Nothing more… Nothing Less…!” That is what is called the… “Finished Work of Christ Jesus”… for ‘All’ “Sin/Sins”… Once… for ‘All’ Time and Eternity…!!

(Hebrews 9:11-to-15) But = when = Christ = had become = a high priest = of good things to come, = by a greater = and = more perfect tabernacle [Himself], =not made with hands, = that is to say, = not of this building
(Heb 9:12) Nor = by the blood of goats and calves, = but by = His own blood = He [Christ = The Messiah Redeemer] = entered = Once for All = into = the Holies, = having obtained = Eternal Redemption = for us.
(Heb 9:13) For if = the blood of bulls and of goats = and = the ashes of a heifer = sprinkling = the unclean sanctifies = to the purifying of the flesh,
(Heb 9:14) How Much More = shall = the blood of Christ = Who = through the Eternal Spirit = offered = Himself = without spot [sin] = to God = purge your conscience = from dead works = to serve = the living [Only] God?
(Heb 9:15) And = for this cause = He [Christ] = is the Mediator = of the new covenant, = so that = by means of [His] death, = for the redemption of the transgressions [Sin/Sins] = that were under = the first covenant [The Law], = those = who are called = might receive = the promise = of = Eternal Inheritance.

These verses… simply sum of the facts that the Old Testament = the Law and its sacrifices = for “Sin/Sins”… were temporary at best! For and by… ‘the faith’ of those, that trusted in God’s Sacrificial system. They were all simply… word pictures… of that future…“One Sacrifice”… for All Time… for All Sin/Sins! Surely… ‘No’ human priest or even the practices of the temple and its requirements could… ever bring about… a Permanent ‘Eternal’ Salvation. The OT Passover sacrifice, was a word picture for… “Christ Jesus”… ‘Our Passover’… “1Corinthians 5:7”

About now Someone… is thinking, “What was that you said about ‘Repentance’, in the last couple of Blogs?” Isn’t ‘Repentance’ really works… because we have to repent of our sin…? How did you know you had sin…? Of course, when you read the Word of God, the Holy Spirit of God… ‘Convicts’ you of your… ‘Violation of the Word of God.’ “Is a ‘white lie’… Still - A Lie - before God?”And you, simply responded to that conviction… by ‘Repentance’. You simply take… “God’s Word as Truth”… by ‘Faith’! It is that same ‘Grace’ by which we are made aware… of Sin… of Salvation and… of Forgiveness…! [1John 1:5-to-10]

… “Repentance is the… ‘Siamese Twin’… of Believing Faith”…!

(Numbers 23:19) God = is not = a man that = He = should lie, = neither = the son of man = that = He = should repent. = Has He said, = and = shall He = not do it? = Or has = He spoken, = and = shall = He = not make = it good?

Many a time… I have found myself ‘convicted’ by the Word of God. [2Chronicles 12:14] When that happens I have … only two choices…! I can agree with God, ‘confess & forsake’ those thoughts and actions! Or… I can… “Excuse away”… my sin! Do I… the “Disobey the Word of God”… and call it… “God’s Grace!” Which of those ‘two choices’… do you believe is the… “Right One”…? Of course… Confession and Forsaking… that or those… “Sin/Sins!”

(Hebrews 3:6-7-8) but = Christ [Jesus] = was faithful = as the Son [of God] = in charge of = God's household, = and = we are = His household = if = we hold on to = our confidence = and = the hope steadfast = till the end.
(Heb 3:7) Therefore, = as the Holy Spirit = says, = "Today, = if = you hear His Voice [His Word],
(Heb 3:8) “Do NOT” = harden your hearts = as they did = when = they provoked Me [God] = during the time of testing [Exodus] = in the wilderness.

A ‘Hardened’ Heart simply… comes from… “Known Disobedience”… To God’s Holy Word! That is why ‘today’… so many that say, they are… ‘Christians’… “Do Not” want to… “Read & Study”… the Word of God, The Bible! We, myself included… want to do what “I want”… and ‘not’ what God wants! I can satisfy myself… or… I can obey… “God!” The real question is… Just “Who”… do I love More… “Myself or God”…? May I share a simple explanation…?

I have never smoked…! No I am not bragging, but stating a fact. Way back in junior high school many tried smoking. Most of the Media has people smoking. We are told that it causes many diseases… yet people still continually… ‘Smoke!’ You know that it is bad for you, health wise and yet ‘Most’ continue to do so! You can ‘choose’ to quit… anytime you want! Yet the bottom line… “You do “Not”… want to!” So it is with… ‘Sin/Sins!’ You love Sin… more than that… “Price”, which “Christ Jesus”… paid for your ‘Redemption’! You simply…love yourself… more than… Christ…!

(1Samuel 15:22-23) And = Samuel said, = Does Jehovah [God] = delight in burnt offerings = and = sacrifices = as in Obeying = the voice [Word] = of Jehovah? = Behold, = to Obey = is better than sacrifice! = To listen = is better than = the fat of rams [sacrificed]!
(1Sam 15:23) For = Rebellion = is as the = Sin of witchcraft, = and = Stubbornness = is as iniquity = and = idol-worship. = Because = you [King Saul] = have rejected = the Word of Jehovah, = He = has also rejected = you = from being king!

(Nehemiah 9:16-17) But they = and = our fathers = acted proudly = and = hardened their necks [hearts and actions], = and = did not listen to = Your commandments.
(Nehemiah 9:17) And = they = refused to obey, = neither = were they mindful of = Your wonders = which You [God] = did among them. = But = they hardened their necks, = and = in their rebellion = appointed a captain = to return to = their bondage. = But = You are a God = ready to pardon, = gracious = and = merciful, = slow to anger, = and = of great kindness, = and = [God] did not = forsake them.

How can, ‘Anyone’…
that ‘Knows & Loves’… this God of the Bible… Not want to… ‘Obey’ Him and His Word…? That is the ‘Love’ that God has for us… and… that is the ‘Love’ we share about Him! His Love for us… in our… ‘Un-Lovable Condition’… is what God’s Grace does for us. In this… “Salvation by Grace Alone”… is that which… ‘Christ Jesus’… paid for…! That is Evangelism…!

Mankind cannot keep the Law of God… and so… Salvation is by Grace Alone = God’s Un-Merited Pardon = and that is salvation and how we come to Him… in response to… His Love for Us…!

(John 15:9-to-12) As = the Father [God] = has loved Me [Jesus], = so = I = have loved you; = continue = in My love.
(John 15:10) If = you keep = My commandments, = you shall = abide in = My love, = even as = I [Jesus] = have kept = My Father's [God] commandments = and = abide = in His love.
(John 15:11) I = have spoken = these things = to you = so that = My joy = might = remain in you = and = your joy = might be full.
(John 15:12) This is = My commandment, = that you = love one another = as = I [Jesus] have = loved you.

Continued in the next… [11-of-?]

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