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“Evangelism – 501” [-of-?]… Blog.

“Evangelism – 501” [-of-?]… Blog.

(Matthew 9:37-38) Then He [Jesus] = said to = His disciples, = The harvest = truly = is plenteous, = but = the laborers = are few.
(Matt 9:38) Therefore = pray to = the Lord [God] = of the harvest = that He = will send out laborers = into = His harvest.

Again, continuing this… ‘Ongoing’ discussion of “Evangelism”, we need to use the above Bible verse as our ‘Agenda’… in all that we ‘say and do’… for Christ Jesus and The Kingdom of God the Father. We can do nothing for Evangelism without the ‘Grace of God’ working in our obedient lives. If you are not obedient to the Word of God… how then can you… point others to God and to His Word…?

In the last blog ‘Evangelism - 401’… I started on the topic of… “Repentance”. Just saying you are sorry, “When You = Get Caught”… Is ‘NOT’: “True Biblical Repentance!” Have you read the books of ‘Isaiah or Jeremiah’ this year? One of the remarkable things, that always jumps out to me when I… ‘read & study’… those books is the “Mercy of God!” ‘Over’ and ‘over’ and ‘over again’… He spoke to His People Israel… and told them to… “Turn from Your Wicked Ways”… and “Return unto Me… Says Jehovah God!” Yet they would ‘not’ turn from their ways and… “Repent!”

(Psalms 66:18) If = I = regard iniquity = in my heart, = Jehovah = will not hear [me];

Today, many “Do Not”…
even obey a simple… ‘Speed Limit Law!’ How much more, is their ‘Disobedience – to the Word of God?’ Oh you that say you are… ‘Born Again’… and… ‘Love Jesus’… ‘Why’ then do you Not… “Obey the Speed Laws?” This is All part of our ‘Spiritual Life’. You that want to bring others to… ‘Christ Jesus’… are you not an example… of God’s Grace and Obedience… working in your own life? Perhaps once again, may I share what Jesus said…?

(Luke 16:10-11) He = who is faithful = in the least = is also = faithful = in much. = And = he = who is unjust = in the least = is also = unjust = in much.
(Luke16:11) Therefore = if you = have not = been faithful = in the unrighteous mammon, [things of this life] = Who = will entrust = the True riches = to you?

This principle deals… with All aspects of Evangelism or put in plain words… “Your Witness for Christ Jesus!” Those “True Riches”… are the ‘Spiritual Truths’ opened to you by the Holy Spirit of God… in a direct response to your… ‘Obedience to Him’. Say it isn’t So? IF it is not; Then please provide… ‘Chapter & Verse’… from the Bible; where it tells us… “To be Sloppy in our Lord’s Work?” There are… ‘None!’ but rather the opposite! Faithfulness to the Word of God… is the Key!

When I speak about ‘Obedience’…
Many shut their ears and hearts. They somehow believe that they are their… ‘Own Boss!’ Who then can tell them that they… “Must Repent?” Surely, they wrongly believe that… “Not even God… can tell them that!” “Repent of What…?” How many ‘internet & media’ advertisements have you seen… “Be Your OWN Boss…?” Our society is ‘replete’ with that kind of… ‘convoluted thinking!’ “Christ Jesus” gave an example of… ‘Being under Authority’… as an example for us… ‘To live by!’

(Philippians 2:6-to-11) Who, = being in the form of God, = thought it not robbery = to be equal = with God,
(Phil 2:7) But = made = Himself = of no reputation, = and = took upon = Himself = the form = of a slave, = and = was made in = the likeness of men.
(Phil 2:8) And = being found = in fashion as a man, = He [Jesus] = humbled Himself = and = became Obedient = unto death, = even = the [torturous] death = of the cross.
(Phil 2:9) Therefore = God = has highly exalted = Him [Jesus], = and = has given = Him = a name = which is = Above = every name,
(Phil 2:10) that at = the Name of Jesus = every knee = should bow, = of heavenly ones, = and = of earthly ones, = and = of ones = under the earth;
(Phil 2:11) And = that every tongue = should confess = that = Jesus Christ is Lord, = to the glory = of God = the Father.

As our example, “Christ Jesus”… set before us our mandate. HE… out of “Love & Obedience” to the Father… gave His Sinless Life…as the ‘Payment’… for the “Sin/Sin’s”… for our ‘Human Race’. If He obeyed God, His Father… why is it ‘so strange, to say… “We too must obey Him?” So very ‘many’ have the… “Under Grace Mindset”… that simple ‘obedience’ to God and His Word is almost… ‘non-existent!’ But, did you know that… ‘Christ Jesus’… showed that being “Under Authority”… Demonstrated – ‘Great’ Biblical Faith…? “Being… ‘Under Authority’ is just = Simple Obedience!”

(Luke 7:6-to-9) Then Jesus = went with them. = But He = being yet = not far off from the house, = the centurion sent friends to Him, = saying to Him, = Lord, = do not trouble Yourself. = For I am not worthy = that You = should enter under my roof.
(Luke 7:7) Therefore = neither did I think myself worthy = to come to You; = but = say a word, = and = my servant = will be healed.
(Luke 7:8) For I also = am a man = set = under authority, = having under me = soldiers. = And I say to one, = Go, = and = he goes; = and = to another, = Come, = and = he comes; = and = to my servant, = Do this, = and = he = does it.
(Luke 7:9) And = hearing these things, = Jesus = marveled at him. = And = turning to the crowd = following Him, = He [Jesus] =said, = I = say to you, = I = have not found = such Faith, = No, = Not in Israel.

Imagine that…! A Roman Centurion, a gentile, had More “FAITH”… demonstrated by being “Under Authority”… than that in ‘Israel’ – Gods chosen people. Our faithfulness in obedience to ‘Him and His Word’… simply demonstrate what He, Jesus… did in His obedience to His Father! We demonstrate our ‘position of sons of God’… in the midst of this corrupt and debauched society! So does the Scripture say…!

(Matthew 5:16) Let = your light = so shine = before men, = that = they may see = your good works, = and = glorify your Father = which is in heaven.

“Repentance” is what is required… for ‘Forgiveness!’ Many say, just confess your sin [1John 1:9] and then ‘do better!’ That is “NOT – Biblical Confession and Repentance! “True Repentance is a change of Heart, Mind and Life”. IF I am a thief, and come to Christ for Salvation… and I continue to Steal… would you then believe that… ‘Jesus was ‘Really’ my Savior?’ “Absolutely Not!” Many have made… “License of the Grace of God”… and repeatedly sin and say… ‘I am forgiven!’ …NOT!

(Proverbs 28:13) He = who = covers his sins = shall not = be blessed; = but = whoever = confesses = and = leaves them = shall = have mercy.

(Romans 6:1-2) What shall we = say then? = Shall we = continue in sin, = that [God’s] grace = may abound?
(Rom 6:2) God forbid! = How = shall we, = that are dead to sin, = live any longer = in them?

Please answer this Question…? Do these verses indicate that we can… ‘continue’ to live in… “Sin/Sins” = Disobedience to God’s Word = If we say that we are His…? Absolutely Not! This is what “Repentance” is all about. Turning away from our… “Sin/Sins”… and Forsaking them. Have you ever heard an… ‘alcoholic’ or a ‘pot smoker’ Say… “I can quit anytime I want!” That is not True! They cannot quit… because that is what they Want! They justify their actions… and will not have ‘Anyone’… Be the ‘Boss’ of Them! Even man’s law…!

(Luke 6:46) And = why do = you [believer] = call = Me [Jesus] = Lord [Savior], = Lord [Boss], = and = do not do = what I [Jesus] say?

“Repentance” is ‘Simply Letting’… “GOD be GOD”… in your life! That is perhaps why so many that say they are Christians do not… “Read & Study”… the Word of God! Satan uses this to give them a… “False Sense = of the Grace of God!” So many times I have heard Christians say to me… “You are just a Legalist!” “We are Under Grace and Not, Under Law!” We live like we want because… You aren’t the Boss of Me [and neither is God]…! They fall right into “Satan’s Trap!”

(2Timothy 2:25-26) in meekness = instructing those = that oppose themselves, = if = God = perhaps = may give them = Repentance, = to a full knowledge = of the = Truth,
(2Tim 2:26) and = that they = may regain = their senses = and = escape = out of the snare = of the Devil, = having been captured = alive = by him = to do = his will.

Did you know… That God has to give… “Repentance?” That is ‘only one facet’ of… The Grace of God… that brings Salvation to Sinners! That is why it is so important, to put forth the Word of God… as our only point of reference… to God’s Will! In the temptation of ‘Christ Jesus’ written about in… “Matthew 4:4 & Luke 4:4”… Satan offered Christ Jesus an… “Alternative Thinking”… to what God had already Said…! Satan hates God’s Word and will do all he can to keep its ‘preaching and teaching’… out of and away from… ‘Mankind!’

(2Chonicles 12:14) And = he = did the evil = because = he = did not = prepare = his heart = to seek Jehovah.

(Ezra 7:10) For Ezra = had prepared = his heart = to seek = the Law of Jehovah, = and = to do it, = and = to teach statutes = and = judgments = in Israel.

When was the last time… you heard a sermon on “Repentance…?” Did you know that “Repentance” is also, for those that are Born Again…? These verses show us two examples. One, did not prepare his heart to seek God… and… the other, Did! When I first read… “2Chronicles 12:14”… I went to the first page of my Bible… and copied it there. I ‘confessed’ [1John 1:5-to-1] to God, my sin and then ‘each & every’ time I open the Word… “I ask God to prepare ‘my heart’ to His Word!” Any “Spiritual Activity”… needs a prepared heart for… “God!”

“Repentance” has to be an… “Active Ongoing Practice” for those that are Born Again. As we ‘read & study’ God’s Word… the Holy Spirit shows us… “Sin/Sins – in our lives!” We will fall short of God’s Will… which is simply, His Word. ‘Confessing & Forsaking’ that particular violation… shows to God… that we are His obedient child. If you are His child… and you continue to… ‘Speed’… are you really His child…? If you still Steal or Commit… ‘Sexual Sins of the Heart, Mind and Body’… are you, really His child? If you tell what Satan calls… ‘white lies’… are you really His child? If you continue to “________________” [fill in the blank – you already know what it is]… are you really His child…?

(Proverbs 28:13) He = who = covers his sins = shall not be blessed; = but = whoever = confesses = and = leaves them = shall have mercy.

(1John 1:5-to-10) This is = the message = that we have heard = from Him = and = declare to you: = God is Light, = and = in Him = there is = no darkness = none at all!
(1Jn 1:6) If = we claim = that we = have fellowship with Him = but = keep living = in the darkness, = we are Lying = and = the Truth [Word] = is not = in us.
(1Jn 1:7) But = if = we keep living = in the Light = as He = Himself = is in the Light, = we have fellowship = with one another, = and = the Blood of Jesus = His Son = cleanses [Keeps on Cleansing] us = from = all sin.
(1Jn 1:8) If = we say = that we = do not have any Sin, = we are = deceiving ourselves = and = the Truth [Word] = is not = in us.
(1Jn 1:9) If = we make it = our habit = to confess our sins, = He = is faithful = and righteous = to forgive us = those sins = and = cleanse us = from = All Unrighteousness.
(1Jn 1:10) If = we say = that we have = never sinned, = we = make Him [God] = a Liar = and =His Word = is not = in us.

How about those Verses… does they, sound like… “Repentance…?

Continued in next part… [6-of ?]…!

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